10 funny things I did inside my hotel room in Abuja

The GDA in a bathing moment…

My four days visit to Abuja between
Monday 19th of December and Friday, 23rd December is
still very memorable. However, there were few things I did inside my hotel room
somewhere in Area 11, Garki—Abuja that nobody will tell you except I spill it
myself. The Hotel which is one of the most equipped in Abuja turned out to be
my pleasure spot and second home for the four days experience. However, let me
bore you with 10 funny things I did inside my Suite 306.
Yes, I have slept in several hotels
in few capitals of African Countries; I have made it to Hotel Ibis, Lome the capital of Togo years back; Hotel Apartmental-O, Accra, the capital
of Ghana and Hotel Bintumani,
Freetown the capital of Sierra Leone. If you love to travel like me, you will
love the allure of a hotel ambiance and the kind of comfort it gives to those
who stay in hotels on long journeys.
Someone actually taught me how to
enjoy the ambiance of a hotel and he is no other person than my role model and
mentor, Chief (Dr.) Dele Momodu, the publisher of Ovation International Magazine. However, join me as I invite you
into my memorable moments at Crystal Palace Hotel, Area 11—Abuja during my
sojourn to Abuja.


Sleeping Time

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I had a very cold AC experience: Since I checked into my Prince Suite 306 on Monday evening, I made the Air Condition work at 360 degree as I brought the entire room under
a wintry atmosphere. Not everyone loves this, though, but I think my skin is
thick enough to shake off the freezing weather with the help of my blanket.

Welcome to Prince Suite 306

Now, talking about sleeping in a wintry room, I used to be allergic to it until
recently. Many years back between 2001 and 2002, I remember we (I, Mr. Michael
Effiong and Mr. Ajayi Oyebo of Ovation
Magazine) used to take good advantage of sleeping in Chief Dele Momodu’s room
306 executive suites at Excellence Hotel,
Ogba Lagos. Those were the jolly days
when the Big Brother Africa show just
began. We took this advantage anytime the Ovation
publisher was out of town to London
or America. What was the rationale?

Opening my door from another angle

For me, my only goal was to wake very early in the morning to watch ladies
bathing on the Big Brother Show (Did I just say bathing?)
Yeah, you can stone me if you have not done that before. But in between those
nights, I will wake to switch off the cooling AC system and Mr. Effiong will always re-switch it.
That was then, but now, I love the AC experience and that I enjoyed to bits in Abuja.


A book per night makes the trip fun-filled

I read a book Every Night: For me, the book culture has always
been a part of me. Yeah, for every trip I make a book must accompany and that
has been a long standing culture. Until we had this recession, every trip I
made out of town was an opportunity to acquire a new book. After every trip and
on my way out of town, the last cash on me is for a new book. It could be one,
two or three books. But the remaining cash must fetch me a brand new book.

Inside Suite 306 (The Prince’s suite)

time around, I didn’t just bought three new books (Stay In Tune and The Death Knell called Depression by Dr.
Tobe Momah
, MD). But I practically fed on the book ‘Nigeria: Beyond Divorce’
by General Sam Momah (Father of Dr. Tobe Momah, MD). It was good I read those
books in my nightly hours.


The Interior of my room

Thinking about ladies: Yes, it is normal with journalists
to travel and think about ladies. To some of us in this trade, a beautiful
night in a beautiful hotel is incomplete without a beautiful woman beside you.
I used to have an uncle whose chemistry was wired to have a lady beside him
anytime he sleeps on a bed (Professor Pade Badru). However, I have also learnt
how to master the art of keeping the kinky thought dotting my mind but letting
other things dominate my action.

Making a time out to switch off the TV and read a book

I have slept in very lovely hotels in Accra, Lome, Cotonou, Freetown and Abuja yet I have not fallen for that need to keep a soft skin on
bed with me. However, I kept the thought ringing in my brain decided to let
other activities dominate me. I will tell you the secret of doing that next
time I write on issues like this.


CNN is permanent TV station for the duration of time spent

I kept my TV on CNN: Another thing that will dominate your mind for long in the
hotel-room-situation is the kind of television channels you watch. For me, I
had no qualms keeping it calm on CNN.

Working dark into the nights…

I watched the breaking news as they broke from hours to hours and minutes upon
minutes. The most prominent news was the killing of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey
at a ceremony in Turkey. It was global
news and the next to it was the vehicle bombing at a German market that killed
12 people. That news engaged me like no man’s business.


The Hotel suite is an extension of the work life….

I used the Hotel Wi-Fi: I must confess, I never knew how to
subscribe to a hotel Wi-Fi until I
made this new trip. I was on the trip with my laptop and that aided my news filling
activities on Facebook and other
platforms. Well, Gbenga Olajobi (Gusman) who was with me on the trip and
domiciled in room 305 showed me how to subscribe to the Hotel Wi-Fi technology and I must confess that
it made things so, so, so easy as I browsed and did every other transaction on
the internet with ease.


Eating quality food is part of hotel life…

I visited the Hotel Restaurant
food is next on mind when you find yourself on such a time-full holiday. To
start with, Crystal Palace Hotel,
situated on Plot 29, Port Harcourt Crescent,
off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Garki has the best food economy policy
among all the hotels I have used in Abuja.
When I arrived on Monday, the Airport Taxi driver had taken me to another hotel
in Wuse area of Abuja but their food policy was worse off. I insisted he relocates
me to Crystal Palace. I don’t know
how the management of this rare hospitality facility broke the jinx of an
affordable food economy. With as low as N1, 500, you could eat a port-pouri of meals that will work
miracle in your body. I took advantage.


Bathing is fun….

I used the shower heavily: Yes, call me the ‘Shower-Lover’ and
you do be right. One of the good things I did on this trip was to bath, bath
and bath. The bath room which almost looked like a Jacuzzi gave me all the
opportunities in the world to turn myself into a mega-shower star. I enjoyed
the mix-water technology of my room 306 suite which allows you to mix your cold
water and hot water with a blend of soap. For me, it was sweet-sooty-witty. I
really had fun in the bath.


Picking a copy of a book at the book stead at the Hotel Lobby

I visited the book stand: It is quite rare for you to find a
hotel that has a book stand in Abuja
but once you found one, you could be sure that you do find quality books
hanging on those shelves. Crystal Palace Hotel has that in abundance
and the management ensures that the books are not too costly. I bought a
kiddies book for my daughter and two adult books from the hotel’s book stand.
The three books cost me N4500. If you are to hide anything for the black man,
keep it in a book and he won’t find it. I have found so many things inside


Enjoying moments at the Hotel Bar…

I visited the hotel Bar for drinks: Yes, I catch my evening fun by
visiting the hotel bar area to have a drink or two. There you find lovely staffs
who attend to you with all courtesy. At the lobby you also gauge the economy of
drinkers who come in to drink and go away.

Exchanging Pleasantries with a female staff of the Hotel

The hotel bar which is built closer to
the restaurant is a very beautiful place to be and offers drinks of
various brands from wine to beer, juice and softer drinks and water. The Prices
of drinks are equally friendly. Patrons to this place include expatriates and
members of the three tribes in Nigeria. The bar is quite interesting.

I visited the Loo, too: The next place that took my time was
the loo. Don’t ask me what I did in the loo? Ok, I read my newspapers from the

Communicating with my luggage…
Luggage Affairs…
Wardrobe affairs….
Opening the Door to my suit early in the day
Walking through the corridor to my suite…
The Longest Corridor to Pleasure…
Walking through the corridors into the room
Stepping into the room….
Taking a bath in the Bathroom
The Bathing Exercise….
In the bosom of the water falls…
Night shower….
Water is Life! Shower is expression….
Front Desk of the Hotel
At the front desk of the hotel
The Restaurant Area of the Hotel
Stepping out of the Restaurant after a meal
Stepping out of the Restaurant Area
Searching for a brand of meal for the day
Having a nice time at the lobby area
Making a Call in front of the Hotel
Dinner Time….
Having an Evening Meal of Eba & Variety Soup with Chicken
Making a call into the Night in front of the Hotel
…Reading a Newspaper in the loo…


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