36 sins of Oluwo of Iwo + Why Royal Houses are angry with him

Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Oluwo of Iwo) with Olori Chanel Akanbi

It appears that the personality
clash between elder statesman and former National Publicity Secretary of the
defunct National Party of Nigeria
(NPN), High Chief Abiola Ogundokun  and the Oluwo
of Iwo
, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye—Telu 1)
is getting messier by the hours as more dirty secrets of the Oba is being thrown to the public
domain. According to a press release obtained by Asabeafrika from the
Chief’s lawyers early today in Osogbo
the capital city of Osun state (South
West Nigeria), Ogundokun, who is the Obanla
of Iwo kingdom
and the Balogun Musulumi of Iwo land vowed
to dethrone Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi
, just as he challenged him to issue him a letter for the revocation
of his titles if the monarch has the authority to do so.

This blog equally obtained a
petition by Chief Ogundokun to high
authorities in the state of Osun,
detailing some 36 inordinate behaviours of the embattled Oluwo.

Oba Akanbi listening to High Chief Abiola Ogundokun at an event

The action of the former PDP
chieftain followed a pronouncement made by Oba Adewale in his palace on Sunday, April 30,
announcing the revocation of chieftaincy title of Basorun  Musulumi of Iwo Land, a membership of Board of
Trustees of Iwo Central Mosque,  and other traditional titles accorded Ogundokun in the land, due to what he
termed “unruly behaviours of Chief
Ogundokun, which portrays Iwo negatively”

Oluwo & his Olori (Two crowned)

Meanwhile, Chief Ogundokun in his
reaction to the pronouncement described Oluwo
as traditional deviant, instead of a harbinger of tradition and cultural norms,
saying the king has totally lost touch with reality and Yoruba etiquettes.
explained that the remote cause of his disagreement with Oluwo was his forbidden habits that portend serious danger to Iwo land and its people, coupled with
the inflammatory comments, and false claim of superiority over Ooni
of Ife
and Alaafin of Oyo and also claimed to be God.
“Oluwo drinks too much”Ogundokun

Oluwo….A jiving Royal Father… 

my robust financial and moral support for Oluwo since inception of his
emergence, Oluwo turned against me when I started complaining of his drinking
habit, in which he drinks to stupor in most cases, coupled with his abominable
act of  (alleged) sodomy and
commercialisation of Iwo chieftaincy titles, with intent to defraud”.
have convincing evidence of how he made attempt to defy a young man by the name
Rondorondo, who he blackmailed when the fellow refused to join him in
his dirty act, aside millions of naira he collected from people with a promise
to give them chieftaincy titles”.
Katakata of Oluwo with Islamic Clerics…

The Oluwo of Iwo on Saturday April 29th, the day he allegedly misbehaved at Iwo Central mosque

course, the immediate cause of his bad blood against me was what happened
at a wedding in Iwo on Saturday (April 29) where he disgraced Iwo land in the
presence of many prominent Nigerians and revered Islamic clerics”.
in the presence of President -general of leagues of Imams and Alfas, Alhaji Jamiu Kewulere, and Imams from
Ekiti, Oyo, Osun, and Ondo, to the extent that he wrestled microphone from them
when they cautioned him against inflammatory comment he was making at the
event. The Oyo State D.S.S Director was equally there and witnessed the
shameless behaviour of Oba Rasheed Akanbi Adewale”.

High Chief Abiola Ogundokun with Oba Akanbi, Oluwo of Iwo

“I am not surprise he lied
thereafter that I marched him where he was sitting, Oluwo has been a blatant
liar, and unstable character, that was exactly how he deceived Iwo people that
he practised Islam, meanwhile he is a
certified pagan,”
pronouncement without authority…

The Man, Oba Abdul Rasheed Adewale Akanbi (Telu 1)

The front line politician added
that the pronouncement of Oba Adewale
was laughable, arguing that it is only the Imam of Iwo that has the requisite power to strip him of his Title
as Basorun
for over Eighteen years, while his title of Otun
conferred on him about Forty years ago for his good works and
development of Iwo land remains sacrosanct through a letter of conferment.

Oluwo sitting while other Obas stood on him…

According to him, “I remain myself, High Chief Abiola
Ogundokun, the Basorun Musulumi of Iwo land, the Otun Balogun of Iwo land, the
Aare-ago of Iwo-oke, the Seriki of Iba, the Apesin of Erin-osun, and the AJagun
pote of the source, Jagun of Ajagunla-ase among many others”

The January 8th, 2017 letter confirming High Chief Abiola Ogundokun as OBANLA of Iwo Kingdom

should go and face the moral burden of the criminal act levelled against
him by Oluwo-oke, which he vigorously begged me to intervene and beg Oluwo-oke
to withdraw, even with the help of former President Olusegun Obasanjo at my
Oba Akanbi’s father…

Oluwo with other Obas (Aragberi & Olufon) with High Chief Abiola Ogundokun

Chief Ogundokun
profiled Oba Abdulrasheed Adwale Akanbi,
“He has a rough and undignified
pedigree, with thuggery running in his family’s blood, his father, Kola Akanbi was the one who (allegedly)
led thugs to kill and maim opposition members in Iwo, during the second
republic in 1983 operation “WET E”, and you can see that trait in him”.

Oba Akanbi and his wife, Olori Chanel Akanbi with her royal crown

should be noted that below letter appointing me as Obanla of Iwo Land, written and signed by Oluwo speaks volume of
his deceptive and dishonest way of life, and a contradiction of sort”
 Chief Ogundokun
36 Sins of the
 A background
detailed information on the (alleged) misrule and unwholesome conduct of the Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed AdewaleAkanbi.

Oba Akanbi with his two friends, Aragberi and Olufon inside High Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s house

I am specifically
and comprehensively presenting the gross misdeeds and criminal conduct of Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale
, that constitute dangerous threat to peaceful coexistence in Osun, and Nigeria at large.
To put the record
straight, many prominent Iwo
indigenes, including my humble self, went out of our ways to support both
pre-coronation and post-coronation activities of Oluwo, as a fallout of our unalloyed love for our ancestral
home, which made the process a huge success and a glorious outing for Iwo indigenes at home and in diaspora.
However, the
attendant rude and un-courteous behavior of  Oba Akanbi and his style of rulership, invariably corroborated
earlier information about his antecedents and pedigree that make him unfit and
unworthy of the exalted throne, which many Iwo
indigenes discarded as antics of defamation by his opponents in the first
1.   Oba Akanbi made
Palace Chiefs take oath on burial ground!

Embattled Oba Akanbi with embattled Ex-Jigawa Governor Sule Lamido at an outing at the instance of chief Abiola Ogundokun

What initially shocked me, and many others in Iwo land was the revelation from a close ally of Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, that contrary
to what the monarch made us to believe that he is a practicing Muslim, Oluwo is an unrepentant pagan, with
series of ritual practices in the palace, to the extent of taking palace staff
to the tomb of late kings within the palace to take oath of allegiance.
2.   Oba Akanbi is rude to Islamic authorities
What even made the revelation dicier and catastrophic was the way Oluwo defied Islamic doctrine and broke
the rule by hijacking Eid-prayer at
praying ground. It has now become a serious discussion among many Islamic
clerics in Iwo, on how a pagan,
pretending to be a Muslim could lead prayer of that importance. More so, the
Chief Imam of the town traditionally saddled with the responsibility and
conferred with the right and authority to lead Eid-prayer, so, Oluwo’s
strange behavior is a total departure from Islamic doctrine and protocol, even if
he is a practicing Muslim.
3.   Oba Akanbi courts Esu deity…

Oba Akanbi with Olowo Eko, Oba Rilwan Akiolu at an outing by Chief Abiola Ogundokun

It will also astonish you to learn how Oluwo gave money to
traditionalists for atonement of a deity (Esu), aside his sponsorship
of propaganda and malicious campaign against those who refused to connive with
him in his bid to remove me as Otun Balogun and member of Board of Trustees of Iwo Central
, the position I have occupied over 18 years ago. This issue has
abysmally polarized the Muslim Community in the town, to the level where a case
was instituted in the law court, which we won convincingly.
4. Oba Akanbi
‘employs’ Nigeria’s minister of Communications…
The monarch thereafter
formed an alliance with those who instituted the failed legal battle against
us, in which the incumbent Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu is their legal counsel, to upturn the
legal triumph through the back door.
5. Oba Akanbi  rubbished top Muslim cleric for not sacking

Oba Akanbi with Representative of Emir of Sokoto at one of the chief Ogundokun’s sponsored outings

After Shittu’s visit, Oluwo invited various Islamic clerics in Iwo Land, Including Alhaji
Imran Adio
, through his official letter head to his palace on Sunday,
February 26, 2017 where he spoke and made destructive and damaging statements
against Alhaji Adio
,  who is a leading official member of the Board
of Trustees of the mosque.
6. Oba Akanbi takes
to hooliganism at Iwo Central Mosque…
As if that was not
enough, Oluwo, under the pretext of
worshipping at the Central Mosque for Friday Jumat Service, and at the end of
the service, he took over the microphone, and started to reign curses on Adio.
7. Oba Akanbi wants
Ogundokun out as Basorun Musulumi at
all cost…

Oba Akanbi presents a letter intention to Chief Ogundokun during Chief’s daughter’s wedding

It should be
recalled that Oluwo, before the
incident approached and ordered Imran
to remove me as a member of the board of Trustees of the Central
Mosque, as well as Basorun Musulumi
of Iwo Land, conferred on me 18 years
ago, which Adio advised against,
citing the inherent violence that could follow among Islamic Faithful in the
town. Oluwo, however ordered  Alhaji
to pass his instruction to  the
Chief Imam, who later met Oluwo in
person in company of  other officials of
the Central Mosque, on this desperate move to remove me, as all of them
cautioned him on the embedded danger and chaotic consequence, and offered to
make peace between us.
8. Evil elements
tried to implicate Alhaji Adio with
human head…

Oba Akanbi sprays Naira during Chief’s daughter’s wedding

 Instead of heeding the advice for peaceful
resolution, Oluwo in a further steps
to get rid of Alhaji Adio, continued
a campaign of calumny against him. It is interesting to note that just  few days after, attempt was made to drop a
human head in Adio’s family house,
who incidentally slept in the family house instead of his new house,  but unfortunately for the criminals, Adio woke up and on sighting him, they
took to their heels.
9. Oba Akanbi turns
ex-Osun pilgrim board chief to a bag of ‘talk-down’…
You will recall
that Alhaji Adio was a former member
of the Board of Trustees of Muslim Pilgrim Board in Osun, and a respected Islamic cleric in Iwo, Osun, and beyond. Regrettably, this respected religious leader has
become a subject of verbal attacks from Oluwo
on many occasions, and a threat to those who are aspiring to take over the
Central Mosque.
10. Oba Akanbi
threatens to beat up Chief Abiola Ogundokun in front of Gov. Aregbesola…

Oba Akanbi dances with High Chief Ogundokun’s daughter, Princess Uyi

Oluwo has not hid his gangsterist and
hooliganist tendencies and lack of cultural value and etiquettes. You will
remember sir, how Oluwo threatened to
descend on me in your presence, and even still  making frantic efforts not
only to attack me this time around but to assassinate me with the help of his
brother, Dauda, who is the head of
violent Tawun-sect in Iwo.
 11. Oba Akanbi uses Islamic sect to cause
trouble on Fridays…
The Tawun Islamic sect have the history of
violence and fanaticism in Iwo Land, Osun State, and Nigeria at large.  It is on record that in year 2015, the sect
violently removed a deity [Ogun] from the palace, and dumped it at Aiba River
near Bowen University. Strangely, the sect on the same day were held
responsible and alleged to have killed one Abdulraman
, the son of a prominent Iwo
indigene, known as Uncle Pele. The
sect is notorious for creating chaos in the town and impeding peaceful movement
of the residents, especially on Fridays.
12. Oba Akanbi
lacks temperament of a royal father…
It is obvious that
the character of Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi,
who is a family member of the leader of the violent sect, is a contradiction to
the requisite personality, habit, and temperament that are expected of a royal
13. Oba Akanbi, a
A particular Iwo palace staff, a man,  confessed to me, and even willing to testify
against him anytime on how Oluwo made
several attempts to have sexual intercourse with him, an abominable act of high
magnitude, aside his alleged involvement in Internet
Fraud, and Advanced Fee Fraud, including heavy drinking, in which I am living
witness of his drinking habit.
14. Oba Akanbi as
an internet fraud expert?
allegation of involvement of a royal father, who sits on the revered stool of Iwo land in Internet fraud became a
major headache for prominent Iwo
indigenes home and abroad, including myself, it automatically became a subject
of discussion in the town, and all over Nigeria, going by the strategic status
of the ancient town of Iwo, in the
primordial structure of Yoruba land. I personally became embittered by this
huge embarrassment of our revered stool, I wondered what could have made a
promising young man of that pedigree to have involved in such an heinous act,
even on the throne as a king. This prompted me to start helping him financially;
I have statements of account as evidence of transfer of money to his account,
and cash payment, to the extent of doling out $2000 to his wife at her delivery, when he (Oluwo) complained of
financial predicament.
15. Oba Akanbi
brings social ridicule to Iwo land…

Oba Akanbi with Kola Abiola in one of Chief Abiola Ogundokun’s sponsored outings

The external odium Oluwo has caused our respected town
globally is of no measure, to the level of making the name of the town a
subject of ridicule on different social media platforms and online media. The
criticism of the monarch by millions of people on the internet remains unprecedented
ever in any part of the world, a biggest embarrassment for the glorious land of
Iwo and its respected indigenes globally.
16. Oba Akanbi
bashed globally for wearing tattoo & ear ring…
To start with,
people around the world, especially people of African descent and origin
lampooned him for putting on hearings and lacing his body with tattoo.
17. Oba Akanbi wear
Oyinbo’s suit on the throne…
Also, over 3
million people criticized Oba
Abdulrasheed Akanbi
on internet for wearing a suit on the throne, claiming
that he was making mockery of the exalted stool of Iwo, and the royal institution in Yoruba land. According to the critics, Oluwo, being a custodian of tradition and culture was not upholding
the culture and norm of his people, the entire Yoruba race, and Black Africa in general by sitting on the throne
in clothes other than his royal robes.
18. Oba Akanbi
crowned Jamaican wife with Royal Crown…

Olori Chanel Akabi… crowned by her husband to the anger of ruling houses in Iwo

Again, the internet
was awashed with criticism of Oluwo when
the video and pictures of his Jamaican wife surfaced with crown on her head,
over 10 million people across the world condemned the act as total abomination
and unbecoming of a royal father in Africa. Many of the internet users who
criticized the act also opined that by that singular act, the king has
obviously desecrated the stool, and defied royal tradition and culture, and the
pride of the Yoruba race, calling for his quick dethronement to save the royal
19. Oba Akanbi fan
embers of disunity among Yoruba monarchs…

High Chief Abiola Ogundokun welcoming Oba Akanbi and his Olori Chanel (with her Royal crown) into his Lagos home

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi aside his
embarrassing posture and attitudes that are unbecoming of a royal father
anywhere in the world by several comic dances on tapes and YouTube is also dangerously taking Yoruba land to the era of internal imbroglio of 19th century, by
his inflammatory comments and delicate manner in which he distorts history and
by implication fanning embers of discord among different ancient towns of
Yoruba land.
The Punch Newspaper of August 1, 2016 with
the headline: “Iwo indigenes can
become Ooni, says Oluwo”
had reported how Oluwo after visiting his
acclaimed ancestral lineage in Ile-ife,
an agreed cradle of Yoruba race, went
ahead rather garrulously and pronounced that Iwo indigenes have right to become Ooni of Ife, the statement that caused internal wrangling among the
two towns but for the maturity of Ooni of
Oba Enitan Ogunwusi and
his swift intervention. As if that is not enough, Oluwo granted interview to Punch Correspondent on January 1, 2017,
where he exploded and said Olubadan
was formerly appointed from Iwo,
claiming superiority over the stool of Olubadan
and by this elicited wide condemnation and bashing from many prominent Ibadan indigenes, who utterly called for
his head.
20. Oba Akanbi disowns
Nigeria’s legal system…

Oba Akanbi & High Chief Abiola Ogundokun when the going was smooth

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi has further
displayed paucity of knowledge and  understanding of the law of the land
and Nigerian legal system, in fact, his outbursts against the judiciary
curiously left many questions unanswered on the soundness of his mind, 
and his capacity to sustain his role as the custodian of decent tradition and
culture of Yoruba race as one of the
first class royal fathers in the region.
You will recall that
the Oluwo Oke, Oba Kadiri Adeoye initiated an action against Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi in the law court, and as what is already in
the public domain, accused him of internet
and array of criminal acts in Canada,
arguing that such a character is not fit to sit on any throne in Yoruba land, and Iwo in particular. The court therefore in its wisdom called on Oba
Akanbi, in line  with the stipulation of the law of the land, which makes
fair hearing a mandatory ethos, and practice.
To the chagrin of
many right thinking individuals, Oba
called the bluff of the law court and refused to show up, the action
that infuriated the Magistrate, and compelled him to issue a warrant of arrest
against him, another terrible and disgraceful experience of Iwo indigenes in the hands of their
supposedly royal father. Oluwo in his usual and unrepentant character strangely
ignored the court process and the instrument of Nigerian extant law.
21. Oba Akanbi
draws bad publicity to Iwo…

Oba Akanbi prostrating and thanking High Chief Abiola Ogundokun for a gesture done to him by the chief

A popular online
medium, Pulse.ng on December 26, 2016
quoted Oluwo saying that he is “bigger
than any court in Nigeria” In the same vein, a leading Television Station in
Nigeria, Channels TV, in its report of December 23, 2016
came up with a damming headline: “Oba
claims supremacy over court order, threatened to arrest magistrate”.
an exclusive report of a leading online Newspaper in Nigeria, Premium Times on the same day as above
reported the obscene statement of Oba
Abdulrasheed Akanbi
in this form: “Iwo
monarch fights back, threatens magistrate with traditional Warrant of
22. Oba Akanbi
incurs wrath of law officers in Osun State…
Expectedly, in
January 5, 2017, both electronics and print media, including virtually all the
online media in Nigeria reported the resolve of Magistrates in Osun to embark on strike over Oluwo comment, and the refusal of the
Commissioner of police to effect his arrest.
To put the record
straight, this development remained bizarre in any sane community of the world;
it was indeed a darkest period for Iwo
and its indigenes to say the least. Coming home, and strictly speaking, the
royal lineages of Iwo land have
become fragmented and disarrayed by the strange and undefined attitudes of Oluwo, the development that seriously
threatens the age-long cohesion in the domain of traditional power and authority.
23. Oba Akanbi
incurs wrath of Ruling families in Iwo…

Ruling Houses signing against Oba Akanbi’s conduct

On March 21, 2017,
all the ruling families in Iwo land
wrote a protest letter to Oba Akanbi,
alerting him of his digression from the steps and norms of their forebears, and
cautioned him to thread softly. In the said letter, they questioned the
rationale behind the introduction of Sooko
title in Iwo land,
which has never been mentioned in the sequence of chieftaincy nomenclature of Iwo land.
24. Oba Akanbi
commercializes chieftaincy titles in Iwo…
It has been
established that the monarch has completely commercialize chieftaincy titles in
the land, and continues to defraud unsuspected indigenes of the land in the
name of chieftaincy titles.
25. Oba Akanbi duped
Oba Abudrasheed Akanbi extorts money from
many individuals that jostle for chieftaincy titles with impunity, of a
particular note is one of the members of the legal team that defended his
criminal case, Barister Bashiru Adewale
, who Oluwo invited to come
and take the chieftaincy  title of ‘’Aipate Oluwo-Ode’’, after collecting
over a million naira from him, but eventually gave the title to another person,
accusing  Quadri of being rude to him, 
the issue as at today has continued to generate bad blood within the
ruling houses of  Iwo.
26. Oba Akanbi
humiliates duped lawyer…
Despite this, I
still encouraged this gentle man to attend the installation of his opponent at
the palace of Oluwo, but to my utmost
surprise, Oluwo went ahead to
embarrass him in public, inviting him to the centre of the crowd and maligned
27. Oba Akanbi shun
Ruling Houses…

A letter by 4 Ruling Houses against Oba Akanbi’s new title creation

In the same vein,
the ruling houses also protested against Oluwo
misrule and disdain for royal families through a letter dated March 26, 2017
and titled: “Misuse of Office and Lack of
Respect for Princes, Royal Families, and Ruling Houses; A call for Immediate
All the ruling houses in the above mentioned letter complained and
condemned the uncultured and undignified disposition of Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi
towards the royal sons and daughters in Iwo,
where they bitterly frowned at the way the monarch has made rubbish of their
tradition and custom by crowning his wife.
According to them “Crowning your
wife is against the custom of Yoruba nation anywhere, and no one has ever done
that in our history. Your wife, Olori is always regarded as ours and we have no
grudge against her, but it needs be said that we want her to always appear in
befitting headgears and not crown”.
28. Oba Akanbi
arrests Royal Princes over wife’s crown…

The 2nd page of a protest letter by Royal Families against Oba Akanbi’s conducts

Instead of
listening to words of wisdom from his family and royal descendants of Iwo, Oluwo
went ahead to humiliate the royal men and women with arrest by police and DSS, which led to their interrogation by
the security agencies.
29. Oba Akanbi
ignores Chief Obasanjo over fight
with Oluwo Oke…
You will agree with
me that several efforts have been made by prominent Nigerians, including Former
President Olusegun Obasanjo, to settle the rift between him
and Oluwo-oke, in which Oluwo remained recalcitrant and
unbending, and as a matter of fact, after oluwo
admission to peaceful settlement, which resulted to withdrawal of case
he instituted from the court, all the royal families of Iwo also made frantic efforts to be bring about a peaceful end to
the feud, in which Oluwo failed to
attend the peace meeting.
30. Oba Akanbi
abused Oluwo on Oke on Radio…

Royal Families’ protest  letter over Oba Akanbi’s leadership style

Meanwhile, the day
of the last  peace meeting slated for
Iwo, which he also declined to attend, rather, he abandoned the meeting and
went to  Radio Station in Ibadan where he continued to malign and
rubbish the personality of Oluwo Oke,
while the people were still waiting for him at the venue in Iwo to no avail. And eventually when he returned to the palace and
emissary was sent to him to inform him of the long waiting, he simply
complained of being tired and shun the gathering, his usual modus operandi whenever
he has rift to settle with any individual, in which he always make peaceful
resolution practically impossible.
31. Oba Akanbi
threatened Olufon in Public…

Oba Akabi with Aragberi, Olufon and High Chief Abiola Ogundokun

Some traditional
rulers, including His Royal Majesty, Olufon
and Aragberi of Iragberi, who have been his good friend made frantic efforts to
make peaceful resolution of our disagreement in which he became angry at their
persistent pressure, to the extent that he met 
Olufon at a recent event
hosted by Prof. Olorode in UNILAG,
witnessed a shame serene and disrespectful and shameless behaviors of Oluwo, who verbally attacked  Olufon
of Ifon
-Osun, and threatened to deal with him.
32. Oba Akanbi in
show of shame before Ooni of Ife

A warning letter by Royal Houses on Oba Akanbi’s misconduct

Meanwhile, Olufon in his usual gentle manner
disregarded the public shame, and doused the tension. This is  exactly how Oluwo, at the palace of Ooni
of Ife
, and in the presence of several Obas
attempted to wrestle Oluwo of Iwo Oke,
which generated very serious violence, and his usual way of propagating
propaganda, he came back to Iwo with
false version of the incident at Ile-Ife.
The incitement of the people by Oluwo
eventually led to the destruction of Oluwo
properties at Odo-ori, Iwo, ending into criminal charges
against Oluwo, though, the case was
brought to an end through the spirited and laudable efforts of concerned elders
from Iwo, the state, and the
intervention of former President Olusegun Obasanjo at my instance, as the
greatest supporter and financier of Oluwo.
33. Oba Akanbi
leaves palace to welcome a Hip-Hop artiste, Badoo…

Aggrieved Royal Princes moves against Oba Akanbi

 And the most disgraceful and shameless display
of Oluwo in the recent time was when
he left his royal abode and massacred 
his dignity by going to wait for an Hip-hop Artiste, Olamide at Odo-Oba, an outskirt of Iwo,
as if he was awaiting the arrival of a President, and to add more odium to
that, Oluwo stood on top of the
vehicle with the Artiste, shouting Badoo!  Badoo! Badoo!
34. Oba Akanbi
denigrates Islamic Regalia…
Aside this, I have
a video evidence of Oluwo putting on
a revered Islamic regalia,[Alikinba]
which is a symbol of honor and dignity in Islam
for a royal figure, and  using it to
dance to a secular song as if he was under the influence of drug right inside
the palace and outside.
35. Oba Akanbi in
reckless driving scandal…

Oba Akanbi & Wife in his car

 And just last month, Oluwo, out of recklessness and care-free attitudes that are
unbecoming of a royal father involved in a ghastly auto crash around Ede with a petrol tanker, when his Pilot
vehicle was trying to overtake  the
petrol tanker abruptly. The driver later alleged Oluwo for reneging his promise to compensate him of his loss.
36. Oba Akanbi
bites finger that fed him…

Chief Abiola Ogundokun with Olori Chanel Akanbi

On a final note,
what really infuriated me and prompted me to write this petition, was the
unyielding an rigid disposition of Oluwo
towards advices and admonition, especially from me, who have contributed to the
development and sustainability of his rulership, to the extent of donating a
building for Iwo East Local Council Development Area, located at Olomo -wewe,
Oke-Odo, Iwo, and named after him.
One can go on and
on to dish out more of less royal and uncultured attitudes of Oluwo. This is
indeed a factional part of many atrocities perpetrated by him, which make him
absolutely unfit and not worthy of that exalted position, in which his
continuity as a monarch of that town remains a time bomb for the ancient town
of Iwo and State of Osun in general.
To say that Oluwo has lost every royal respect and dignity in parts of Iwo land, State of Osun, and Nigeria at large is an understatement, he
has  become a serious danger to the continuity and survival of Iwo town and its environs, hence the
urgent need to act fast and save the ugly trend before degenerating beyond
control and constitutes a threat to sustaining peace in the state.