Africa’s leading Fashion icon, MUDI takes a ride with asabeafrika inside Nigeria’s oldest car!

The GDA Drives with MUDI inside antique 504 L 1957 edition

On Business Expansion in Africa

 “Let me tell you one secret today and I have
not told anybody this; you know when I opened my first shop outside Nigeria in Accra,
I took a risk, I withdrew all the money I had in my account, I changed it into
dollars and moved into the country. When I came back I was broke. The same
thing in Kenya, when I opened Kenya outlet I was broke.

Each time I open any
outlet outside Nigeria, I go broke because I have to take all I have in my
account to open a shop across the boarder; so, no godfather, no capital, no
structure except God the father”

MUDI’s Lagos Office interior
On the usage of Antique Car
got that car from Germany through a friend of mine who said I should furnish
him with my email details and when I sent it to him he forwarded the photograph
to me. A white man who wanted to sell the car as an antique was approached. And
we talked over it and the money was paid and the car was shipped down to Nigeria.
The car was almost going into a museum as an antique but we made the purchase
and today it amuses everyone that we can still be driving such a car in this
age and season”.

MUDI’s Awards from far & near
The Encouragement of an African
former Ghanaian president John Kuffor told me something. He said “Mudi, what
you have done is great, you have done well. You came into this country as a
Nigerian and you opened an outlet here, it takes high level of risk”. He said
we all have twenty four hours but it is how you manage your twenty four hours
that matters”.
The GDA meets MUDI over Lemon Yellow Giant Piano