AJ Vs Klitschko By Louis Odion, FNGE

Anthony Femi Joshua AJ

History beckons tomorrow (Friday 28th)
at the iconic Wembley Stadium, London when
Nigerian-born world heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Femi Joshua,
steps into the rope square against Ukrainian legend, Wladimir Klitschko, in a world titles unification fight.
Patriotism obliges me to root for my
countryman. But beyond that is the yearning for a redemption of the heavyweight
class. The last time we saw real excitement in that category was more than
fifteen years ago when Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield
and Lennon

Without taking anything from the
legend of the Klitschko brothers
(Wladimir and Vitali) who reigned for more than decade non-stop until
British-born Tyson Fury handed
“Dr. Iron Fist” a shock defeat in November 2015, the fact remains
that they are too mechanical in style, robbing the nights of fury we once saw.

The Author, Louis Odion FNGE acted as a Prophet and now his prophecy is fulfilled

More and more, we see
elephant-overweight guys who ought to be in rehab against obesity still panting
all over the ring, giving “the noble
art of self-defence”
a bad name. At another time, we saw a champ
suddenly break down in hot tears under fire in the ring. 
Undefeated in 18 fights since
turning pro in 2013, AJ has brought a fresh breath. 
In him, Muhammad Ali’s charisma, George Foreman’s animal brawn and Mike
menacing aura and Lennon Lewis’ charming chivalry
appear to converge. More, he is just 27!

AJ got the belt for the World

In a way, AJ also speaks to the
Nigerian condition: wasted opportunities. Early in his amateur career, he came
down to Nigeria, wanting to jab for Nigeria and possibly wear Nigeria’s colours at the 2012 Olympics.
But no one looked at him.

President Muhammadu Buhari….Can Nigeria lay claim to AJ?

In frustration, he returned to United Kingdom where his talent was
spotted. He crushed everyone lined up before him to give U.K. gold medal at the London
But a level-headed guy, AJ
never fails to give Nigeria a worthy mention in his inspiring story. 
AJ, go bring back the glory.

AJ! AJ!! AJ!!!