Amazingly beautiful Ghanaian Television host, Joselyn Canfor Dumas tells asabeafrika the amazing story of her grass-to-grace hit

Joselyn Dumas welcoming the GDA into her ambience

If you have the opportunity to ever
meet a great woman like Joselyn Canfor
the Ghanaian Television host, actress and model who is equally the
face of the exquisite car, Range Rover E-Vogue then you will get the drift
about how God can decide to build a woman to be very beautiful facially in a
match with a divine figure and a spontaneously energetic brain.

The story of Joselyn Dumas
is like one of those tales you read in tales by moonlight literatures or
story-telling adventures. The TV host and actress who is the current face of one of world’s famous cars, Range-Rover E-Vogue is an outspoken,
intellectually stimulating and really talented woman who will never keep her
interviewer dull by a minute stretch.

Meeting her didn’t come easy either as she was
invited to Lagos on a special weekend tour couple of months back by another
very beautiful and intellectually sound woman in the person of Ms. Kikelomo Iwajomo, the online editor
of leading Nigerian Soft Sell magazine City
for an encounter with her Nigerian fans at a premium club in
Victoria Island, Lagos, South West Nigeria. We had clarified from Kike on the possibility of meeting her
premium guest at her Lagos hotel suite and she promptly gave us a clearance
after arrangement was made with Joselyn’s image team who flew into Lagos from
Accra with her. The interview was initially meant for publication in a leading
international magazine but somehow due to some little infraction of leadership
on the part of the editor, it ended up as one of our archives’ hidden
Joselyn Canfor Dumas….’Mrs. Range Rover E-Vogue, Ghana

On the day of this incredible encounter which
was the last Saturday of the month when everyone living in Lagos, South West
Nigeria  is expected to carry out the
mandatory once in a month general environmental exercise  we had set out to meet this beautiful lady at
her guest house on the Island of Lagos (Victoria Island) but the traffic that
dotted the mainland of Lagos after the environmental sanitation exercise kept
us terribly late by two straight hours yet our premium guest managed to
overlook the pain of waiting endlessly for our team despite our obvious breaking
of her precious schedule which was designed 
to honor other appointments like the one with a famous radio station in
Victoria Island  before her evening
encounter with Nigerian fans which was specially organized by City People Media Group and facilitated
by Ms. Kikelomo Iwajomo. We
eventually got to her hotel room with our team and by the time the interview
session started, we discovered we were faced with a highly spirited woman who
is highly favored by GOD in so many ways. The young, daring and gorgeously
beautiful Ghallywood (Ghana) model, actress and TV host spoke about herself in
a very unique and most daring way she has never done to any news medium in the
world. Joselyn Canfor Dumas a former
Para-Legal expert gave us the full story of her grass-to-grace success in a
memoir like scenario that you will read in series on this blog from today. Get
your favorite snack and drink close to you as you enjoy the Part 1 of the story
of the RISE AND RISE OF JOSELYN CANFOR DUMAS OF GHANA on your Africa’s number 1
Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika.
Enjoy the story of a real woman of substance.    

“But what I will say is that I think my ex gave me a beautiful daughter but I think that he also gave me a nice experience in the sense that whatever happens then, now, when I go into a second marriage, I know how to be patient. I know how to be tolerant, I know how to compromise because then I was young, I didn’t understand what compromise was all about. But then, the experience really taught me a lot”.”

Joselyn Dumas….’I am a favored child’
This is Joselyn Dumas

Taking our seat at a very comfortable stage-like
designed section of the Victoria Island, Lagos based hotel and guest house which
was innovatively put in place by the celebrity photo wiz kid Sunmisola
who joined the actress’s photo team to shoot the photos of
the encounter, the actress cum Television host welcomed asabeafrika into her
ambience with an introduction of herself.  Joselyn Dumas is a very happy, Godly
and down to earth lady. She strives to be the best at whatever she finds
herself doing and that attitude was basically bestowed upon her by her own
mother. As a child she was told that you can be the best you can be wherever
you find yourself so that you will be so difficult to be replaced when the need
comes. I put God first; I am a very family oriented person. I was raised by a
single mother who has done her amazing best to make me who I am today. I owe
all to her”.

Joselyn Dumas….’My first marriage gave me a beautiful daughter and a beautiful experience’

Mum’s best gift to me
philosophy of ‘Trying to be the best in
any position so that it will be hard to replace her when the
need arises’ first hit you like a
thunderbolt and you ask her to expatiate further which she did with a smiling
face “I think the whole philosophy evolves from my mother. When I was growing
up I watched my mum doing so well and not just for only me but she raised other
people’s children and to me, despite the little that she had, she was still
very strict and she also instilled the fear of God into our hearts and she made
us to understand that nothing comes easy in life, you have to work hard. And in
working hard and striving to be the best, you can be wherever you find
yourself. In doing what you love doing, showing inestimable passion for what
you enjoy doing lays the key to success and destiny discovery. Your own destiny
automatically affects other people and becomes an amplifier of their success.
Meaning that your destiny will radiate other people’s destiny, all this are the
results of hard work and passion. So, I believe with that doctrine from my mum,
you can never go wrong in life because you already know that nothing comes so
easy; so you work hard and with the backing of God, you can be anything you
want to be”.

Joselyn Dumas…’Even though dad never had time for me as a child but it helped to streghtened my resolve to succeed in life’

The Gold Coast girl who went round
the world only to come hit gold @ home

you asked Joselyn to explain the story of her early life in Accra and how
she left for London through the influence of an uncle as a young girl and how
she eventually crosses to the United States of America where she raised a family
before returning to Accra to hit success she exclaims “Oh, you have read a lot
about me?” gave you a hearty laugh before divulging the fact “That’s good.
Yeah, you are right, when I finished secondary school, my mum said to me ‘look,
I think I want you to go to school abroad’ but then an uncle of mine wanted me
to go to America but school wasn’t ready yet, so I stayed in London for a
while, just working and waiting for school. And I think after two years, I got
a call and school was ready. I went to America and I spent majority of my years
in the U.S. I schooled, I worked, I got married, and I got divorced. I had a
child and all that in America and after some years I decided to return home”.

The Beutiful Ghanaian Televsion Star hostess in a rare pose

Why I lost my first marriage
At this point the inquisitive reporter mode in
you turns red and you want her to tell you all about her London and America
experience; what the experiences did to her that has changed a thing or two
about her worldview especially the episode of her marriage life in the United
States of America. Joselyn adjust her sitting position as she replies you verbatim “Yeah,
absolutely the experience had an influence on my world view. You know, I think
I was young; yes I wanted to do everything, you know the normal things—you get
married, have your child, have your home, it is beautiful. But then, I guess I
was young I didn’t understand the essence and the extent of marriage. Oh, yes,
I mean whatever happened, if the reason why I walked out of it (Marriage) a few
years ago happened now, I may not have done that because I am older, I am
wiser, I am a bit more matured. So, yes, it taught me a lot of things. I
wouldn’t say I learnt it a hard way but I think it was bound to happen to make
me grounded because yes, I was very excited about being married and doing it
quickly and having my home and keeping a home and everything else. But that
really wasn’t where God wanted me to be. But what I will say is that I think my
ex gave me a beautiful daughter but I think that he also gave me a nice
experience in the sense that whatever happens then, now, when I go into a
second marriage, I know how to be patient. I know how to be tolerant, I know
how to compromise because then I was young, I didn’t understand what compromise
was all about. But then, the experience really taught me a lot”.

The GDA in the heart of the encounter with the Ghanaian TV star

My ex was a good man but….
this junction, we drove the sexy actress into telling us the story of how she
met and fell in love with her first husband and what was her worldview of love
at that age? “Oh yeah, it was through friends. You know we had common friends
and the attraction to me was his humility; he was very down to earth and he was
very cool and I have always been very hyper in a very good way. I have been
told that I am the fun of the party half the time (Laughter), so I needed a
wonderful balance. And for me, I am attracted to intellect and calmness and he
had that about him and that was what attracted me to him and we had a wonderful
combination. I think one thing about me is that you have to move me happier, if
you don’t move me happier you could be the most handsome guy on earth and I won’t
be moved. But if you move me happier, you don’t have to be the Prince of England
but to me the attraction is that I want to be able to afford a
conversation with you for ever and ever because when all is said and done and
the IQ is gone, what next? Exactly! so I wanted to be able to maintain that and
thought I had that in him (Ex-husband) But like I said I was young, I was
impatient, I was not tolerant, I was….you know I was young and it is too bad it
happened the way it did but we are still very good friends, we are civil for
the sake of my daughter”

Joselyn Dumas explaining a point to the GDA

Meet my daughter, Senia
next question is ‘who is responsible for the upkeep of the only issue of the
marriage, an eight year old (Now Ten years) girl and Joselyn explained to asabeafrika
“My daughter stays with me in Accra. I have her custody. Her name is Senia
On how she often feels seeing Senia and living with the memory of
her father now as a single mother? The actress puts up a strong face filled
with enthusiasm before she gave her response “I am so proud, I mean if I were
to go back and change anything about my past I wouldn’t change having my child because
she is my pride and joy. I think she is a gift from God and she is the goodness
I have in me. She epitomizes whatever good I have in me; I mean that is the
child that I have and I wouldn’t change her for anything. She is my inestimable
jewel. I even protect her, I don’t want people to know who she is. It is a rare
privilege I have to tell you about her today because I feel she didn’t ask for
this: I am the one in the spotlight not her. I try to hide her from the public
glare but she is an amazing daughter, very smart and full of potential. You know
I am always giving her incentives, I will say ‘you know if you do well this
time,  you will get one award, you will
get two awards , I am going to get you this, I am going to get you that ‘and I
always deliver. So, I think I always push her to the limit in order to make her
be the best in whatever she does”  Can we
say Joselyn
plays the double role of a mother and a father to Senia?
“Well, her father is very much in her life as well; he picks her up and takes
her out from time to time. They go on vacations together. He is a good guy but
we just don’t click anymore like we used to be and to save each other the pain
and heart-ache we are better off being separated but we are civil with each

“So, if I had a father that I can always lean on and go back and say ‘Dad I need forty-thousand dollars’ I will probably not be where I am today. So, I thank God for everything that has happened in my life because I know it is all in God’s plan to set me for greatness. Because my mum struggled hard to raise me and that is why till this moment I salute the courage of that woman”.

Joselyn Dumas reading her favorite magazine, OVATION

Why I don’t like talking about my

looks like this was the toughest question asabeaafrika asked the Ghanaian born
television host and model as she took a brief breath and a wryly smile before
the answer came. But when it came it was also another exclusive one for this
blog. We wanted Joselyn Dumas to tell us the story of her dad, the man who
sired such a beautiful daughter as she had already opened up with her mum but
her reply came almost immediately with a subtle spleen “My father is someone I
don’t really like talking about because he didn’t have a role in my life and I
don’t hate him for that I think his action made me an independent minded child.
He made me strong, nothing has been given to me freely in my entire life, I had
to work for everything that I have to myself. So, if I had a father that I can
always lean on and go back and say ‘Dad I need forty-thousand dollars’ I will
probably not be where I am today. So, I thank God for everything that has
happened in my life because I know it is all in God’s plan to set me for greatness.
Because my mum struggled hard to raise me and that is why till this moment I
salute the courage of that woman. With the little she had she will share with
everyone else around her. So, growing up I thought I had a lot of brothers and
sisters but they were all cousins and my mum looked after them all; she will
pay their fees, feed them and they will come and live in our house. It was a
full house all the time and there were times we didn’t have three square meal
but we were just happy, happy that we were living together, happy seeing each
other and like I said I don’t like talking about my dad because we didn’t have
a relationship. I would have loved to have a relationship with him, even now,
but I think it is a bit too late for that, whatever happened I think it is in
God’s hand. He made it happen for His own purpose”

Joelyn Dumas…..’I am a hyper active person
Yes, Dad is married to another woman

We sought to know if the
superstar actress’ anonymous dad still lives around in Accra and if he is
engaged with another woman? And the answer came verbatim “Ooh yes, Dad lives in
Accra and he is happily engaged with a woman” Joselyn declares with a sense of
relief on her face. She spoke further on her siblings and how they grew longing
to see their father around “I mean I have other siblings whom I am really close
with. I have two sisters and two brothers that I absolutely love, I mean we all
sort of talk among each other and say “oh, my God! We just wish dad is going to
come around” but knowing my dad, he belongs to the old school; he loves to do things
his own way. And I say “Its okay, I still love him, I don’t hate him at all,
and that is the funny thing. I have never hated him, I have always loved him. I
have forgiven him because I think everything that went through out a childhood
is meant to train the child in the right direction and to where God want that
child to be. That is the way I see it all, that is my summary of it all”. The
TV host told asabeafrika the name of her mum while she kept dad’s name
anonymous “My mum’s name is Bridget but I will like to keep my dad’s anonymous”

Joselyn Dumas storming out of her bedroom for asabeafrika

Mum was my dad and mum rolled into

Asabeafrika took the beautiful
actress on a memory lane for a nostalgic journey of how it all started and what
childhood looked like while growing in the city of Accra. She didn’t hide the
experience of her childhood from us as she reeled out everything in good lines
“I remember when I was a child, I used to say I will I will be a pilot when I
grow up (laughter) I had an uncle who was a pilot and he always tell me “look,
even my own children don’t have any ambition to be a pilot but you want to be a
pilot, why? But to me, that was it; I just had this idea of being in control of
some big machines in the air (laughter), yes, you would be surprised why a lady
should have such a big ambition but that was me. I absolutely wanted to be a
pilot and I don’t know why. But I kept admiring my uncle when I see him in his
uniform. I will say ‘Oh, God! What a great experience to fly in the air and
gaze through the clouds? But my mum had always been in support from day one
regardless of what I decide to do, my mum supports me with prayers,
encouragement and I can tell you this; that woman is an amazing woman.
Joselyn Canfor Dumas
growing up she always gave me incentives to study hard. Then I was always in
trouble for talking in town because I talk a lot” We reminded the former
presenter of Rhythm on GTV that she is still talking at the moment as a
television host and she laughed heartily before saying “Yes, I am now talking
to get paid, so I am not complaining”. She continued the discussion “I think
during my developmental years as a child, I had an amazing childhood, I waited
for nothing; if I wanted something and my mum doesn’t have the money right
there, she tells me to wait and I wait and she will surprise me because she
will give me whatever I ask her in the long run. I mean she played the role of
a mother and a father in my life. I did not really feel the void of not having
a father but sometimes I felt for mum because times were a bit hard and things
were a bit difficult and you have to watch a mother who gave all her might for
the best of her child. But like I said, it was all in God’s plan to steer me to
where He wants me to be and like my aunty always told us then ‘this child is
destined for greatness’ and God is just putting you guys through this in order
for you to appreciate it when she has it’ So, I am grateful, I am really
grateful to God for bringing me this far”
One-on-One with Joselyn Canfor Dumas
(Watch out for the part 2 of the Exclusive
encounter with
Joselyn Canfor Dumas titled “How I dumped the wig for
the tube”

on this blog in 24 hours time)


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