Amosun @59: What People don’t know about Ogun State Governor—Dayo Adeneye (D1)

Senator Ibikunle Amosun (CON, FCA) Executive Governor of Ogun State with Honorable Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Otunba Dayo Adeneye

Today is the
59th birthday celebration of one of Nigeria’s most innovative
Governors, Senator Ibikunle Amosun (CON, FCA). Amosun, a  former World
Consultant and former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria took the reign of power after winning
in a landslide election in  year 2011
under the ruling All Progressive Party (APC). Since his
emergence as the Governor of Ogun
State (South Western Nigeria), peace and productivity has returned to the state
at full speed as the state’s investor index has shot up to an all time high.

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that is one of the characteristics of a man who has shuttled between the
private and public sector in the last four decades of his Accounting career.
Many People knows the Ogun State
Governor as one hell of a workaholic and straight-faced politician who hates
to lazy around but see to the development of his state until it grows  to become a city of choice to investors

However, not
many people  has an idea of who Senator
Ibikunle Amosun
(SIA) is at a close range. In a heart-to-heart
exclusive encounter with Ogun State
Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) early in
the week, the ex-TV guru turned politician revealed one of the best kept
secrets of  the Ogun State Governor that
you wont hear anywhere.
Asabeafrika had asked the Honorable Commissioner
to tell us who Senator Ibikunle Amosun
is away from the press razzmatazz. Hear him speak of his boss;
Senator Ibikunle Amosun, CON, FCA, The Executive Governor of Ogun State….turns 59 today
“His Excellency, Senator Ibikunle
Amosun that most people do not know is a family man to the core”
, D-One began “He is very dutiful” “Yes, we know him; he is a hard worker. He
barely sleeps as far as we know. He walks great distances and he work longer
hours. But beside that, he is a very compassionate human being. He is a very
funny, funny, funny individual. Most people don’t get to see the funny side of
him. But even in that Exco (During Executive Meetings) sometimes, when he sees
that we are looking tired, we will break out into a laughing session and he
will make us laugh hard, he will make us feel a bit relaxed. He is a good
leader. A good leader knows when to ease off tension and when to be tough.
Above all, he (Senator Amosun) is a very compassionate person. He is a family
man and he is one person that leads by example”
 Explaining what he meant by ‘leading by
example, the Grammy Awards Visitor of
over 15 years stated further “He doesn’t
say ‘you, one, two, three, go and do it’.

Chief Dayo Adeneye to Asabeafrika….’Governor Amosun is a leader who leads by example’

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He says ‘Let’s go and do it’. Weather
it is 12am, weather it is 1am, weather we are going to take a look at a bridge
in Sagamu or we are going to look at
one bad road in Lafenwa or we are
going to Aiyetoro to inspect an
infrastructure or we are going to a school where something just happened, he
leads. He is at the forefront. It is ‘follow me, let’s go’. And when you have a
leader like that, you can’t help but buy into his vision and follow it through.
I will rather follow a leader that says ‘do as a do’ not ‘do as I say’. And
that is a very, very important aspect of his leadership trait”.

Chief Dayo Adeneye, Ogun State Commissioner for Information & Strategy and his boss, Senator Ibikunle Amosun (CON, FCA)

On why his
boss seems to be in a haste to develop Ogun,
the Co-Founder of the famous Primetime Africa TV series gave more
insights “I will just tell you that the
man is very fastidious. Look, he has a vision of where he want to take Ogun
State to, and from 2011 he has shown that in terms of the delivery of the 5 Cardinal programs that I mentioned earlier. And he would continue to tell
you if you ever ask; that that is his main areas of concentration. It is to
develop Ogun State and to bring Ogun State to the forefront in the comity of
states across Nigeria. He wants Ogun not to just be the industrial hub of
Nigeria but of West Africa. He wants our products and our foods to be exported,
not just to put security for Ogun state but for Ogun to be developed. He wants Ogun
to be the next Dubai. He wants any of our cities in Abeokuta, Ijebu-Ode or Sagamu to be just like any city you
find in Europe. He remains committed to that and because he has gotten that
right, yes, his name has been mentioned in places outside the state which is a
plus for us. It is a plus for Ogun State which also helps to attract the right
people in terms of our partners and investors”.
D-One declared.
Chief Dayo Adeneye, Honorable Commissioner for Information & Strategy, Ogun State
On the brand
of legacy his boss is building for Ogun State, Chief Adeneye added “His Excellency will always say he wants to
leave a system driven government behind. A system driven environment where it
is not just the individual that matters but the system. He believes once the
system is in place, governance will sort it self out. I think most of the
things he has put in place, the structures, the system of government and his
great work will stand the test of time. I think it will be tough for any next
individual that comes in, to just come and up root anything. And of course, the
citizens themselves, now that they have tasted the good side of development, I
don’t think they are going to just go to sleep and let any next individual in
whatever form, deny them of what they are used to at the moment. That being said,
I think we will be okay in Ogun State. Senator
is presently building a dynamic system that will be too
sophisticated for anyone without his pedigree to untie”.
 He ended.
(Watch out for full interview on this
blog soon)


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