Ayo Fayose might die before General Buhari – Prophet who predicted Obasanjo’s return to power | Reveals how he charmed IBB in 1999 + How he prayed for GEJ in 2006 | Says “Gaddafi Brought Boko Haram to Nigeria”

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’The day IBB went to tell General Abdulsalami to release OBJ, he even forgot to wear his pant because we charmed him’

Hate him or like him, Dublin, Republic of Ireland based Nigerian Prophet, Dr. Marcus Korede Oluwatosin
is a gifted prophet who dishes out his prophecies without fear or
favor. If he were to be of the olden times, Tibetan would either be in the fearless category of the Isaiah or Elijah/Elisha of yore.  

2002, the man of God has been publishing a yearly prediction literature which
is always launched with pomp and fanfare in Nigeria and his Dublin community.
Last year December 20th, Prophet
as fondly addressed launched his Prediction 2015 book which came up with his 54th
birthday celebration in Lagos with the presence of very important dignitaries
who stormed his Celestial Church of
, Elisha Parish, by
Ajegunle Bus stop off Lagos-Abeokuta Express way church auditorium.

In the book, he gave various
prophecies on local and international events; some of which are already coming
to pass. Fondly called “The Nostradamus
of our Time”
Prophet Tibetan who
predicted the return of General Olusegun
to power in 1998 and equally predicted late First lady Stella Obasanjo’s untimely death in
2005 left Nigeria on Tuesday March 3rd 2015 after spending three
solid months with his Nigerian congregation. 5 days before his departure to
Dublin, his Private Secretary, Honorable
Ola Fasanya
on our request organized an encounter between this blog and the
man of God. The man of God who has given several spiritual lectures in New York, London, Canada and Germany to mention a few gave us 60 minutes of his precious time. He
spoke on the recent death wishes of Ekiti state Governor, Mr. Peter Ayodele Fayose to
APC Presidential candidate, General
Muhammad Buhari
and gave a verdict that the young Fayose is likely to die before the elderly General Buhari. The prophet, for the first time, also revealed the
biggest secret between him, General
and President Jonathan
to this blog amidst many other local and international issues. Enjoy the
Sir, today you are on your way back
to Dublin and this blog has decided to reach out to you on some of the prophecies
you gave on Saturday December 20th while launching your book Prediction 2015. For instance you said
ex-minister of State for Defense, Musiliu
and Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele
will go to jail. And in February, the Ekiti election rigging tape
came out. It seems your prediction is coming home ripe that those two Nigerians
will go to jail. Will they still go to jail in 2015?
happened between Koro and Fayose is a thing we should not sweep
under the carpet. Two of them are both criminals. Koro burn down Lagos city hall and till date nobody can arrest him.
But Numbers 32 verse 23 says “Your sin will surely locate
you”. If you rape in Benin and you
ran away from the law in Benin and
go and live in Badagry and the Lord
help you to marry a wife and the lady now gave birth to four children. One is
blind and the other is deaf. And the other one is a thief while the last one is
a womanizer; you know you have received the reward of your bad work. And even
the blind one who is a female, armed robber came into the house and still rapes
her, just like what the Lord told (King) David,
he said “The Sword will never leave your house. I am not taking into cognizance
all the people you have killed in the war time but the death of Uriah is serious in my eyes and you
will surely be punished”. So, that is the reason why Koro and Fayose cannot
go scot free. The World Bank consultant, Daramola
that was assassinated during Fayose’s first
tenure in office, it is Fayose that
killed the man because he was threatened by the man’s pedigree. Fayose is a start illiterate. Fayose is a gangster, he is a tout. And
there is nothing he can do. I told you the other day that he (Fayose) will die
before  (General) Buhari.

“The Bible made it clear that we
should not use the deformity of anybody to abuse the person; even you are not
allowed to tell your son or your baby that he or she has a big mouth. You are
only trying to create pain in that child because he or she cannot correct it
again. That is what the Lord gave to that pers”


Fayose is dying before Buhari…

(Cuts in) Actually, you said it
during one of your sermon two Sundays ago, are you officially confirming it to
this blog now that Ayo Fayose the present Governor of Ekiti who predicted that
General Buhari might die in office will die before the General?
Yes sir, yes
sir. Because when you look at the book of 1st
6:1-10, it said the first death is the death somebody died when he
is still walking everywhere as a walking corpse. You cannot tell me I am going
to die tomorrow, and because I have TB, you cannot tell me that I am going to
die four days to come. The Bible made it clear that we should not use the
deformity of anybody to abuse the person; even you are not allowed to tell your
son or your baby that he or she has a big mouth. You are only trying to create
pain in that child because he or she cannot correct it again. That is what the
Lord gave to that person. When you look at the female breast, some people will
carry four kilo, some people will carry two kilo, some people will carry half a
kilo and some people won’t even have a single kilo. But you cannot abuse them
for that because there are men outside there who like those things. Some men
said they love their wife because of big breast; so, for you to now insult, is
not the best. Fayose is more or less
a nuisance. I don’t know how Nigerians took him back there. He stole a lot of
money and kept it in Dublin. He circulated all the money
he looted. Now, watch out for what will happen. Immediately (General Buhari wins)
he will be pushed away and I can tell you that himself and Musiliu Obanikoro will come to the court on the same day and they
will receive their judgment the same day.

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’The day IBB went to tell General Abdulsalami to release OBJ, he even forgot to wear his pant because we charmed him’

Why Jonathan can’t win March 28th
People said the postponement of the
February 14 election was to buy time for President Goodluck Jonathan and that
it could also possibly make him find ways to make the outcome of the election
to favor him; sir, you are the one that said only stones of the soil, birds of
the air and Edika-Ikong soup can vote for Jonathan, are you still standing on
that prophecy? 
Yes, Goodluck cannot come back again.
Nigeria is too big to be called or be tagged a one party country.  When you look at America, after 8 years of
democrats, republicans will come in and there is even a third party called ‘The
Tea Party’ so that people can make their choice. Adjourning or not adjourning
the election, Goodluck has lost
this. God will never talk and reverse his word. When you look at the book of Isaiah 55, read it down, He said ‘you
should call me when I am close’ but it is late now. He can commission his
bedroom for Nigerians, he can commission his wife’s kitchen and he can even
commission her jewelries thinking that it is tax payer’s money. He can even
keep commissioning Olorunshogo plant, Egbin plant, Caterpillar plant;
it will never win votes for him. What can you say about Michelin Tires moving out
of Nigeria during his regime? What can you say about Dunlop moving out of
Nigeria in his regime?, what can you say about Naira going down to almost two
hundred naira to a dollar in his regime? What can you say about the oil drop?
What can you say about the theft in NNPC? So, he is goodluck to his father not
Nigerians. Obasanjo helped him, if
you listen to his campaign; he was campaigning like a school boy.  If he should campaign for the post of a
student union leader in the University of Lagos with that type of mood, he can’t

“When you look at the female breast,
some people will carry four kilo, some people will carry two kilo, some people
will carry half a kilo and some people won’t even have a single kilo. But you
cannot abuse them for that because there are men outside there who like those
things. Some men said they love their wife because of big breast; so, for you
to now insult, is not the best”
Goodluck Jonathan is the Saul of our
But sir, he has also embarked on a
massive church-to-church campaign strategy moving from Winners Chapel to the
Redeemed Camp down to Lord’s Chosen and many other churches in Abuja, don’t you
think this will help him win come March 28?
Goodluck Jonathan is the Saul of our time; when you
look at the book of 1st Samuel chapter 26 when Saul drove all the
bad prophets out of the city. That was when he was freshly anointed for
leadership but at a point in time during his kingly journey, his arrogance took
him so far and he lost touch with God. He went to consult the witchcraft
because he was desperate for recognition and relevance. So, Jonathan is equally going for
consultation with the witchcraft; there is no genuine church in Nigeria.  I told the British Press ten years ago, I
said all the church leaders in Nigeria including Adeboye and Oyedepo need
deliverance. Lord’s Chosen’s father
was a ritualist, they are not operating church. He is only trying to invoke and
put poverty as a ribbon on Nigerians.
Why do you think these men of God
need deliverance, we are talking about men who control millions of worshippers?
No, it is
not about millions of worshippers. Do you remember that (Pastor) Adeboye’s father was an herbalist? Do
you know that (Bishop) Oyedepo’s father
was an Imam? So, how many disciples did Jesus Christ have? Or are they as
powerful as Jesus Christ? Leave it to them; one day their fruit will germinate
either through stroke or by sudden death or by they burying their first son or
something. We are waiting, don’t be in a hurry. Didn’t you see the one of Jesus of Oyingbo? Is he not a Yoruba man like you? So, why are you in a
hurry? Even look at the Igbo guy who wanted to behave the way the Yoruba
pastors are behaving, Reverend King,
he is now on death row. You saw (Bishop) Idahosa,
after he got the power from Mammy Water Spirit very close to Ovia River;
he initiated all of them except this boy who refused to join them

Who sir?

Chris Okotie, he refused to join them. They are all
fake. All Nigerian general overseers are fake; so, don’t bother about them. Jonathan can go and sleep in The Lord’s Chosen, he can go to Mountain of Fire and even under the
fire, I don’t care. What I can tell Nigerians now is that it over. He is not
coming back.
How I prayed for Goodluck Jonathan in
What if the President decides to
visit your church today either in Dublin or Nigeria, if Mr. Goodluck Jonathan
just appeared for service what will you do?
Goodluck Jonathan passed through my table before, when
he was to be picked as a Vice President but the boy who was a youth leader who
helped Goodluck (Spiritually) to
even attain or grab the post of deputy governor and governor in those days,
immediately they got to Aso Rock, they dumped the boy and the boy
was killed. He died of frustration. Goodluck
cannot come before me again, I cannot pray for Goodluck again. I prayed for him before when Obasanjo wanted to change his mind, and Goodluck was hanging around Ota. The boy was here, he slept here
and we did everything. The picture of
and his wife is here I will show you everything and even the boy
who brought them here for prayer; I can search around and give it to you
because they were all here and I prayed for them. (Searches some documents in
his drawer for like ten minutes before he got us an old picture of Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience and that of the boy who helped
them with the spiritual work that brought them to power), this is one of the
boys that brought Patience’s and her husband’s matter here. Read his name here.
(Cuts in) The name here is Evans Bipi
Bipi is the boy who arranged how they
killed the boy that brought them here. So, let me bring the picture of Patience and Goodluck (Brought out a
very old passport photograph of Patience
and Goodluck from inside a bible).
So, my brother I am not a small boy in the city. I know what is going on in the
city and if you cannot be a ritualist or a knight in the catholic where they
are doing a lot of voodoo, you cannot be anything in Nigeria. So, automatically
even the Catholic (Church) and everybody in Nigeria are all fake; it is after
this election that we will know. Buhari
will come and tell them what they are to do because a lot of people will go to

How I charmed IBB to release OBJ…

It is also on good source that you
were the prophet who told President Obasanjo that he was going to be called to
rule after he left the prison and that you were the first man of God that
visited OBJ when he left jail in 1998, can you recall the experience for this
Obasanjo left prison from this place (His
Ajegunle off Ilo River, near Gateway Hotel, Ota Church). I am not saying this
for people to come to my church; I am a prophet of God. Our church here (CCC,
Elisha Parish) is more or less a university. If you don’t have a JAMB form or
write a JAMB you cannot come in here. For worshippers, anyone that has two
wives is not acceptable here; anybody who is a drug pusher is not acceptable
because like Isaiah 26 verse 10 noted there is no how you can convince a bad
person overnight. Look at the time Jesus has been warning Judas Iscariot if he wanted to change and repent he would have
changed. When you look at the book of Luke
from verse 51 to 53, he said ‘this is their time’. All
these Nigerian leaders parading themselves today, who are cultist today, it is
their time but they cannot have here and have heaven that is the fact. Yes, the
Lord used me for him (Obasanjo). We charmed Babangida and Babangida
drove even without putting on a pant to go and meet (General) Abdulsalami that he wants his boss
(OBJ) to go home and sleep today after the charm caught all of them.
How did you do the charm, with Goat
or Cow?
We used
Psalm. All the powers are in the Bible here (touched a big Bible before him) if
you don’t know how to combine the Psalms it will not work for you but if you
know how to combine the Psalms you will be as powerful as Peter in the Bible. So, automatically when he was released, I went
to Abeokuta to see him. He was
waiting for me at his Ita Eko house
and he personally opened the door for me. He even used his Dansiki (A Yoruba
traditional attire) to clean the mala type
of cushion chair that was in his bed room. Then I said to him, bring out your
exercise book and he brought out his exercise book. I said ‘Sir, you will be
invited again to power. A party is
coming to invite you because when you were inside the prison, a lot of water
has passed under the bridge. They have stolen a lot of money in Nigerian vault
but don’t bother finding out all these now. They are coming to give you 9 digit cheque and they are still
coming back to invite you that ‘you are the only person who can appease the
Yoruba nation because the Yorubas
are now wounded lions (After June 12) and that you are going to stay 8 years
there and it is going to be the hand of
, the voice of Jacob. But I
never collected a dime from him till today. That is what happened in the book
of Act of Apostle 8 from verse35
down, Philip caused the Eunuch to be baptized when he agreed to
have Jesus as his Lord and savior
but after that, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away and he went rejoicing without collecting a dime from
the rich Eunuch.

How I gave Obasanjo Boko Haram

So, you didn’t collect a penny from
General Obasanjo even when you told him he was going to become the next
Nigerian leader?
No, no, no.
I even visited him in Aso Rock more
than five times. I was even the one that told him about Boko Haram, before he (Obasanjo) ever heard about something like
that I was the one who told him about it. I told him Boko Haram will come. Boko
came to Nigeria through Sani
(Former Zamfara State Governor) and Yussuf (the late leader of the sect who was killed in 2009). They
are the ones who invited Boko Haram
through the late Libyan President Marmar Gaddafi who gave them the first
installment fund to perpetrate the evil.
So, why will Gaddafi do that kind of
evil to Nigeria?
He hates
hearing that Nigeria is the giant of Africa so he decided to balkanize the
country so that the north will not know peace and Nigeria can separate. He, Gaddafi was the one that brought Boko Haram to Nigeria.

“Babangida lives a recycled life. He married the wife of Bongos Ikwe and he even made love to the wife of Buhari. He has even destroyed a lot of
people’s homes and they said they were doing MAMSER. Even his wife killed many
of his girl friends. Babangida was
slapped at the airport by his wife and all his aides were covering it up”.
Are you sure it was not former Borno
state Governor Ali Modu Sheriff that brought Boko Haram to Nigeria?
Those were
just puppets that were unconsciously used to launch the project. Project ‘Break
up Nigeria” and in Gaddafi’s junta
they said they don’t want to hear that Nigeria is a giant of Africa and that it
is a Christian state. Even Babangida
played into their hands when he helped Nigeria to join Organization of Islamic Countries (IOC); then you can not get a
promotion in either the custom or army if you are not a Muslim. That is why
till date, when you travel to some areas in South-South and even part of Benue
you will see some mosques that were built with Federal Government money.  So, some people changed from Kayode to Muhammed because they wanted to be good boys to Babangida and Babangida was the one that even employed all these fake soldiers
into the midst of the sovereign soldiers that are now used as members of Boko
Haram’s armed squad today. Where you have five good soldiers, you have fifteen
fake ones. And they are taking their salaries from tax payers’ money.
GEJ has no solution in sight for Boko
Sir, do you see Goodluck Jonathan
rooting out Boko Haram from the 14 LGAs they have taken over in North East
before March 28?
You know he
has siphoned some money before without even carrying along the minister of
finance. Goodluck is a thief and he
has even created his own mini junta. Why are you pushing Boko Haram away and you are helping Tompolo, Asari and the
rest to import ammunition? Why did he give Tompolo
license to import ammunition when you know it is a national aim to wipe out
rubbish in Nigeria? He was one of those who paid salaries to the Niger-Delta
boys in those days when he was a deputy governor and governor. And even he
(Goodluck Jonathan) was one of the people who pestered the life of Yar Adua to death. It is unfortunate
that Nigeria is lawless. The death of Yar
was so facilitated because of the hanky-panky, the double game Goodluck was playing with Yar ‘Adua because he wanted to be
president; you know he made a promise to General
that he wanted to be a one term president but he is changing it
now, he even said it at the time, that anything he cannot accomplish within
four years that even if he stays hundred years, he cannot achieve it. Was he
drunk then? Although he is a drunkard, many a time Nigeria as sovereignty is
drunk as early as 9 0’clock in the morning with Vodka. All half of the people living in Aso Rock are drunkard like him, he made them to like Ogogoro because his own father was a
palm wine tapper and he cooked Ogogoro
and if you live with a professor who normally send you to go and buy groundnut
and Banana every afternoon, before you stay ten years with the person, you will
be addicted to it. So, drinking is an addict for him.
There is also a lot of noise around
his wife, Mrs. Patience Jonathan. In recent time she has drew a lot of bad
press to her husband’s image?
(Cuts in)
The woman is a buka woman, a woman that sells rice and beans by the road side.
You know there is no how you can hide your past, it will still pursue you. I do
tell my church members that if the devil approach you and tell you about your
past, that ‘hey, you know you were TB patience before’, then try to tell the
devil his future, don’t stop. Just say ‘hey, Devil, you are going to hell’.
‘Daddy said in the Bible that you are going to hell fire’ and everybody will
separate.  The same devil approach Jesus Christ after his 40 days and
night with God and Jesus Christ told him his history. It is during Goodluck Jonathan’s regime that we
recorded a high level of casualties from the north because he didn’t want to
help them. In the book of Jeremiah 2 from 6 to 13, it said ‘the trouble will
start from the north’ and Goodluck was
used to perpetrate the evil.  Because the
north has equally killed a high number of Christian southerners and God has
decided to use Goodluck to repay
them. So, everyone should just take it in good fate and move on with life.
Do you think someone like General
Babangida can influence Jonathan’s success up north?
Babangida is finished. Do you know how many
lives Babangida wasted in Ekpoma
University? Why do you believe him? Every month he was telling us in 1991, 92,
93, 94 that he is stepping aside. I thank God that God in His infinite mercy never
gave him the opportunity to return. He refused to go to university or even add
to knowledge. He cannot even write a memoir but dictating for people to help
him write something, even he cannot sign a proper signature. Babangida lives a recycled life. He
married the wife of Bongos Ikwe and
he even made love to the wife of Buhari.
He has even destroyed a lot of people’s homes and they said they were doing
MAMSER. Even his wife killed many of his girl friends. Babangida was slapped at the airport by his wife and all his aides
were covering it up. I was to fly that day and I saw it. I was there, I was not
told. He was the one that was equally instrumental to Abacha’s death.
How do you mean, sir?
He is the Evil Genius. We only have one evil and
many demons. He is a demon incarnation. I don’t want to say much about him
because he is a walking corpse. What did he do for Nigeria? He moved half of Central Bank to his house and he was
the one that signed into law how Julius
Berger will be building mansions
with 50 bedrooms for ex-presidents. How many rooms will he sleep? We quote Luke
12 verse 1 to 7 for him which says, we should run away for covetousness. From
verse 4 to 5, it says ‘we should be not be afraid of those who kill body but
after that can do nothing else. But let us fear Him, who after he has killed,
has the power to cast into hell, fear Him. 

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika….’President Jonathan is the last President of a united PDP because PDP is already a dead party spiritually’
Obasanjo’s tearing of PDP card has
spiritual implications…
Sir, what is your interpretation of
former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s decision to tear off his PDP membership card
and even burn it?
It is very
symbolic. I don’t know what can happen between you and your wife now for you to
come out middle of the night and destroy the wedding certificate. If you
destroy the wedding certificate, the wedding is gone. So, automatically that
party is dead. I have predicted it before, that Goodluck will be the last president carrying the banner of a united
PDP. This is the last blow; the very day Audu
decided to step down as a chieftain of the party, that day the
righteous person, the truthful person left the boat. Audu Ogbe is a good man. We are still expecting a lot of good
things from him.
Why do you call Audu Ogbe a good man?
Audu Ogbe in PDP then, does tell them the
truth and nothing but the truth and he respect the people. His exit from PDP
was the first blow. The day they removed (Olagunsoye) Oyinlola from PDP was the day the party witnessed another blow.
That was the second blow. The Obasanjo
tearing of his membership card is the third one. So, end has come to PDP. We
should forget about PDP. Yes, it is an ordinary paper but it has a spiritual
undertone because when Elijah and Elisha in the book of 2nd King 2 from verse 5 to
15, when Elijah was taken up by
chariot of fire and Elisha tore his
garment into two pieces it was power for him but the one of PDP is for
downfall. That is the end of PDP. Even the man they are now using as their
spokesman in south west is more or less a harlot.

“The Obasanjo tearing of his membership card is the third one. So, end
has come to PDP. We should forget about PDP. Yes, it is an ordinary paper but
it has a spiritual undertone because when
and Elisha in the book of
2nd King 2 from verse 5
to 15, when Elijah was taken up by
chariot of fire and Elisha tore his
garment into two pieces it was power for him but the one of PDP is for
You mean, Femi Fani Kayode?
No, that is Mimiko. He is a political harlot who
has toured the entire hotels in the land. He has gone through all the political
parties in Nigeria to attain his present position. Maybe he is looking for
presidency now, does he want to go to the senate? Oh, no, they are all going to
jail. That is why they are all afraid of Buhari.
There is going to be accountability in Nigeria before the end of this year. The
Lord should prolong the life of Buhari,
the Lord should prolong the life of Goodluck
so that he can stay in his next class. Because he will be promoted to another
class immediately he is out of power and the entire five presidents around him
which includes Okonjo Iweala, Alison Madueke and the rest of them
will all come and dance to new music. Even the emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido will also come and dance
to new music, what transpired between himself and Saraki and Erastus Akingbola.
Because they wanted to wipe out strong southerners out of the banking system
and even how the father of Bukola Saraki
killed Societte Generale Bank and used the money to drink Akamu and Koko in
Why Jimi Agbaje can’t rule Lagos!
What is your take on Jimi Agbaje and
Ambode in Lagos; you were the prophet who prophesized before the primaries last
year that the contest is going to be between Ambode and Jimi Agabje and not
Jimi Agbaje is a temperamental person, he has
anger problem. He could have become a hero in this country but he is now in a
bandwagon, if only he had good advisers. Although he is taking his national
cake from this people (PDP); they have allocated money for him to win the
election but he cannot win. Although he has set up some people who are going to
soil the clothes of Ambode which
they cannot do because if the Lord did not push you down, no human being can
push you down. Jimi Agabe has no
fortune in PDP; in fact what I am seeing is that he will go back to APC.
You mean Jimi Agbaje will decamp to
Oh, yes, he
will go back to APC before he can be anything in Lagos state.
Egypt’s President might be
You also predicted in your new book
that the foreign journalists locked up in Egypt would be released in January and
they were released on January 31st?
Yes, they
were released. And let me tell you this for free; there is going to be a lot of
pandemonium in Egypt except all the
Arab nations come together to appease the Muslim brotherhood because if care is
not taken before the end of July the
present president will be toppled.
You mean the new Egyptian President?
Yes, he will
be bombed. And that will be the beginning of the crisis but thank God they are
making the move, the Russian president has already gone there to set up
investment because the youths are jobless and there is high rate of inflation
in that country. The biggest problem Egypt
is having is not telling their problem the truth; if you are having a problem
you must endear to tell your problem nothing but the truth.
Yoruba has no genuine elders…
The other day some elderly ones like
Chief Olufale and the rest said they have endorsed Goodluck Jonathan in Ondo
during a conference organized by Governor Segun Mimiko. How d you see their
adoption of the president?
To start
with, how can you have a meeting of Yoruba leaders in Ondo? You either do the
meeting in Benin or you do the
meeting in Ile-Ife. They are doing
it in a wrong place that is to tell you all the people in that meeting are
wrong people; they are foolish people, foolish elder statesmen, they don’t have
sense. They don’t have common sense. That meeting supposed to take place either
in Benin or Ile-Ife that is where the Yorubas migrated from. If there is
crisis in Benin in those days, they go to Ife and if there is crisis in Ife too
they go to Benin. Afenifere of afeniku were all here
when MKO Abiola was killed. They are
the useless people who said they supported Abiola
the other day and they never attended his funeral. Falae collected his own (Financial) cut from the death of Agagu
You mean despite the fact that his
own son, equally died in the plane crash?
He collected
his cut (Voice raises up). They were looking for a cheaper airline; they are
not sincere elder statesmen, they are liars. Look at the economy blue print he
gave to Nigeria during Babangida’s
era, SAP to kill us. Are we the one that stole the money? It was Gowon who put us in this dilemma, he
said we have excess money but don’t now what to do with it because he lacks
common sense. Instead for him to start building houses for unborn Nigerians he
started sharing Udoji Awards. Who is
Udoji, who is Akpabi Asika, these are all fake people. Automatically, I don’t
have respect for all those people; even the Ooni of Ife has his own
candidate. His son works at the Nigerian
Railway Corporation
till today and they keep importing junk train for us.
So, where are the Yoruba leaders? They are all fake leaders.
What of Chief Segun Osoba?
Osoba is an Ogboni priest; he has done a
lot of havoc in the past. All his children should start praying not to face the
punishment of their father’s action because what their father did, the nemesis
will catch up with the children. Remember he suspended the wedding of his son
when he was dethroned in 2003 from Ogun as governor. They are not elder
statesmen. Even though they go and use Awolowo’s
cap. They go and use Pa Rewane’s
glasses and use Abiola’s shoes,
nobody will respect them. We don’t have good Obas, we don’t have elder


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