BABA’s WIFE, LADY FUNMILAYO OGUNORUNLAYEDE If I am to return to this world, I will marry Ogunorunalyede all over again – Wife + How he spent his very last moment on earth.

The Upper Pics is Madam Funmilayo Ogunorunlayede with her husband,
late Baba Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede in his life time

 Madam Funmilayo Ogunorunlayede, the
surviving wife of Pa (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede the Founding Shepherd
of the Celestial Church of Christ, Calvary Parish (1-6) with headquarters at
CCC, Calvary Parish 1, Ogba-Aguda behind County Hospital, Ogba-Lagos South West
Nigeria is one woman who keeps to herself with a modest character and humble

The Lanlate, Oyo state, South West Nigeria born mother of four who has spent over
two decade with the man of God took off time from her mourning schedule to
grant asabeafrika an exclusive
interview bordering on some of the memorable experiences she shared with her
legendary husband during his life time. She told us some of the things that interest
her husband and some major incidences that characterized his last moments on
earth.  The very beautiful woman of God
didn’t forget to share some of the last moment wishes of her husband with us. It
is quite a revealing interview which took place few days to his funeral rights
inside the church vicarage. Enjoy the excerpts.

We thank you for giving us this few
moments despite your mourning schedule. We are here to seek your opinion about
your husband, the great man, late Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande
Ogunorunlayede whose final moments is being celebrated this week. As his wife,
how will you define him?
Baba is a
great man like you said; I won’t like to describe him in the past tense because
I strongly believe that he is still around with us. He is one father that loves
his children and dots them well, I wish a lot of Christian fathers can emulate
his attitude. He is one man who loves to share anything he has with others. He
is generous even to a fault and for that; you will see that even his gospel as
a Celestian didn’t take much from people. He hates to put burden on people.

Lady Funmilayo Ogunorunlayede (M) with Her husband and first wife
wife (both late now) during a church program
As a husband, how would you describe him?
He is a very
loving man; a caring husband and he could be dotting as well. A lot of people
think because he is a shepherd then he wont have a life for his family. But
that is not Baba, he takes time to peruse what goes on in his family, he tries
to monitor the progress of his children’s education as well as my own progress
as his wife. He is such a loving husband and if I come back to this world I
will love to marry him all over again. I mean if there is something called
re-incarnation, Baba will remain my love.

“Baba doesn’t pamper his children but he will correct you. He will give you measures that you must not overshoot. My children know much about him; Baba loves education. At least on that, he tried for my children. He ensured they took their education really, really serious”

Apart from shepherding his flocks,
what other things does he love doing? What are his delightful activities?
Baba loves
reading; he can read anything good especially the Bible. He loves reading the
Bible. He loves Christian literatures; at times he will visit bookshops and
purchase large quantity of Christian literatures and other Christian magazines.
There was a time I followed him down to Challenge at Mushin, there is one big
book shop there and he purchased some very quality Christian books. He was so
passionate about the outing and anytime he buys a book, it is like he just won
a jackpot. He is a reader and I think that really helped him to become a
So, his basic passion is reading?
You can get
anything from him if you are a reader. He also likes to listen to Music
especially this Akin Adebayo, Imole Ayo song. Baba
loves his songs to bits.

A Big banner donated by Prophets and Prophetesses to honor
her late husband, Baba Ogunorunlayede

Which other artistes does he like
apart from Imole Ayo?
Oh, I have
forgotten the name of the artiste, he is a foreign artiste. I even bought the
CD for him recently before he passed away. (Someone in the room mentioned the
name to her) Yes, he is Jim Reeves.
I heard the song from him for the first time in 1986; he normally plays it
inside his Mazda Bus then. So, he has been listening to Jim Reeves for twenty eight years. I
can say that is his favorite British artiste. If you want his mood to fly, just
give him a Jim Reeves or Imole Ayo and you will see my husband
in the best of mood.
What about his fashion sense, how
would you define him when it comes to fashion?
Baba is
fashionable o. if not because of Sultana (White Garment) Baba would
love to dress Cooperate, he likes suits. You know he has a banking background.
Baba is a very fashionable person if not for Sultana and he is a very neat
person, very, very neat.  He is always
neat, he hates anything dirty.

Madam Funmilayo Akande Ogunorunlayede with Baba’s First son,
Apostle Kayode Ogunorunlayede

What about his favorite meal and do
you cook it for him?
Baba loves Amala
with Gbegiri. Baba is from this part of Egbado in Yewa area of
Ogun state where the art of cutlery is very high. They don’t joke with their Amala,
and Ojojo (Yam Porridge).
Those are Baba’s favorite meals and I do cook them for him anytime he feels
like having them. He likes eating Ojojo and Eko

What about his travel sense; I think
he only traveled to Israel once and the United Kingdom once, do you think it
was deliberate?
Baba likes
travelling to his Village (Idi-Eme), he loves going there. Baba doesn’t like
traveling far distances apart from his village. He doesn’t travel too far. He
believes in always being around for his flocks and sacrificing for their sake
through prayers and spiritual intercession. He was a home grown shepherd who
never leaves the domain of worship except on very, very rare occasions. He has
a cathedral in his village as well. So, anywhere he finds himself, the work
continues, the worship is never ending.

Was he a strict father to his
I can say
Baba is a disciplinarian, Baba is not strict but he will give you measures. He
has principles and if you are his child and you truly follow his principles you
will find them working for you. Baba doesn’t pamper his children but he will
correct you. He will give you measures that you must not overshoot. My children
know much about him; Baba loves education. At least on that, he tried for my
children. He ensured they took their education really, really serious. At least
I have two graduates and one undergraduate and the last one in secondary
school; in SS2. That I find very rewarding from a father who cherishes
education as a basic necessity of life. That shows his passion for education.

An Artistic illustration of the late Man of God, Superior Evangelist (Dr.)
Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede

What were his last wishes that he
couldn’t achieve before he was called home?
He told my
children during a recent journey, they were actually coming back from Idi-Eme
that by next year he would love to build my own house for me in my village if
the Lord permits.  He also said if the
Lord permits, he will buy a helicopter that will be taking him
down to his village for revivals. And that he will ensure that all the children
become graduates. He was even asking my last daughter  if she will like to attend Covenant
or Babcock; that he thinks she will
make a good lawyer. That is my last born. So, he had plans especially for the
education of his children, he had dreams but he was equally aware that all his
wishes could only be granted through the unlimited grace of God and when God
decided to call him, he was never ashamed to honor the last call. He was a man
of faith.
How many are the children and what
are their names?
They are
four; my first son is Omotayo while the second child a girl is Ayomide. We have
Gabriel and the last one is Pelumi.

Pa. Superior Evangelist (Dr.) Joshua Akande Ogunorunlayede in his
final sleep with his Baptism Certificate

Ok, ma, what is your word for his
fans around the world, people who loves and had benefitted from his spiritual
goodwill, how should they honor his memory?
It is simple;
continue to remember his good works. Never abuse his memory by making the work
of salvation expensive. Remember that salvation is free and that is one of the
cardinal principles of Baba. He ran a church where people were never forced to
do beyond their will and wishes. He believed that anybody that is troubled in a
way or the other must be given free lunch first before the assignment just like
Jesus gave Peter  a basketful  of fish by the river side before he was
called to work and like Jesus fed the multitude with few fish and bean cake. Baba is a giver of hope and the only
way to immortalize him is to continue to do what he does.

What about his legacy?
His legacy
is the big shoes he left behind and I strongly believe that we need prayers to
face the journey. I have started praying that the journey, where he stopped the
journey, I pray that the next shepherd that will come will continue from there
and God will strengthen the person.


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