Breaking News: 9ice breaks silence on new wife, Sunkanmi Ajala to asabeafrika | Says “Yes, I have a new baby, Michelle” | Talks on his 2015 Dream for Ogbomoso federal Constituency

9ICE making a strong point to Gbenga Dan Asabe of asabeafrika

hit maker and Afro-Fusion Hip-Pop icon, Abolore Agbolade Akande aka 9ice has opened up for the first time
on his rumored relationship with City Event management expert, Olasunkanmi
and why the mother of his new born baby girl, Michelle
means a lot to his life at this moment.
The widely travelled Music star who is
also rounding up a law degree program at a private university spoke to Africa’s
number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika during an exclusive
encounter at White House Hotel GRA Ikeja on Tuesday
September 30th. The very talented MOBO Award winner who arrived the
venue in company of his image maker Mr. Tony Anifite aka Don T of DicotyleDon Entertainment Ltd
was in company of some of his political aides.

9ice who just returned from a familiarization
tour to his Ogbomoso Federal
used the opportunity to reveal to this blog some of the issues
that drove him into politics and why his presence in politics of 2015 means a
lot to his people in Ogbomoso which is the largest
constituency in the whole of Oyo state. The famous artiste who is seeking
office as a federal representative of the people of Ogbomoso Federal
Constituency under All People’s Congress (APC) party come 2015 unveiled his
plans to this blog.  On why 9ice has been scarce in the last
couple of month, the MOBO Star who is working on a new album set to be released
in the first month January 2015 said “Well, I will say it is due to hard work
and so many other things. When you are cooking the meal nobody sees the pain of
the cooking but everyone will see and enjoy the physical meal when it is ready
but nobody dares to ask what went through the process of cooking. So, we are
cooking so many things behind the scene and people can always wait to see the
result of what we are cooking. I am sure that is the reason why I have been very
scarce. We are working on a new album that we will be released into the market
in January 2015 and we are equally working on all my songs that have not gotten
a video, we are shooting the videos and that is another project that is taking
much of our time right now.”

9ICE meets the GDA

9ice the politician
on why he took to politics, the award winning artiste and father of four put it
this way, “I think an average Nigerian is a politician; the only difference
lays in the fact that some are ‘practicing politicians while the majority are
observers or observing politician’ so it depends on the class you belong. The
reason is that so many things are wrong and if things are wrong, you want to
specifically know why things are wrong; so every Nigerian is a politician because
we are all passionate about things that are going on in our society. We have
seen societies that are not as blessed as our own being successful and we are
always asking ‘Ah, ah, so what is wrong with our own?” So, that consistency of
concern has turned every Nigerian to a politician. We all know everything that
is going wrong with us, it is just that it is only a few of us that can summon
the courage to come out and say “Ok, I want to challenge this thing, let me see
what I can do to make it right in my own way”, so, politics have always been
part of the life of every average Nigerian”.

what he found out during his recent familiarization tour to Ogbomosho, the
artiste turned politician exclaimed “I was shocked!” and continued “Because our
trip was mainly for awareness. And not even awareness per se, let’s go and
visit some people that are on ground and know what their mindset is like
towards us; maybe they even have a better candidate on ground already so that I
can just gather my entire strength and support the person. That was what I and
my team went for but on getting there the entire trip turned into a campaign
spree. It was like something they have been waiting for. We had to make do with
so many things that we didn’t plan for, they did banner, they did posters and
this were voluntary action by our ready made supporters and I was like ‘Ah, ah, sebi a kan ni kawa wo bi nkan seri ni?’ (We had only come
with the intention to view events and see what next) but to my surprise they
(Ogbomosho people) embraced us wholeheartedly because it was a change they were
waiting for, it was the change they were waiting for because in my own town,
nothing is in place. Nothing is in place; nothing is there in terms of
development. Over there it is the graduates that are driving Okada motor
cycles; until when you try to abuse them that they will react and say ‘don’t
talk to me like that o, I am a graduate’ and you wonder ‘ehen, a graduate on
Okada?’ Because that is what they will give them, when our politicians says
“Youth empowerment”, their own Youth empowerment is to give you Okada, no
single running company in the whole of Ogbomoso.
The GDA, 9ICE with MD & CEO, Dicotyledon Entertainment, Don T. Anifite

is fact, you can go check for yourself; no single company that we can say ‘Ok,
when we have our brand new graduates o, at least this company you are on our
own soil, kindly ensure you employ 40% of our people, nothing. So, our coming
was like the change people were already waiting for because they were already
tired. If I am talking, they will interrupt and say ‘9ice, eight years ago,
people have been telling us this same thing’. They know much about all these
agenda, manifestoes and everything, they even tell you while you are talking,
they can gage your intention, and they know who means well and who is lying.  That is how far the poverty has treated them,
they have been manipulated, they have been tricked, they have been caged they
have been maligned politically so they know all the tricks of a politician.
Before you even say it, they will say ‘We know this, we know it we know it’.
Apart from Ekiti and Ondo I have not seen any Yoruba race that is as educated
and sophisticated as the Ogbomoso people but as they finish from school, there
is no job for them to do. The whole town is just in shamble, it is in total
disarray because graduates are driving Okada and if they are not driving Okada,
they are touts or Ogogoro drinkers. They are being used as instrument of
9ICE and GDA shares a joke

What my 2015 dream means to them
On what his entry into the race means to the
people, 9ice rates his acceptance as 80% confidence. He told asabeafrika
the truth “I will say 80% because when I was telling people how I am
going to bring about the desired change, they were asking if I was running for
governorship and I said to them that I don’t need to be a governor to do all
these things because your representatives are being given (Financial)
allocations to cater for all these things so that what the governor will do
will be minimal. I said to them, there is what we call “Constituency
allocation” and that constituency allocation is for you people, so if a
governor is even going to do anything it will be complimentary and mostly in
capital projects. But there are basic things that are expected from your
representatives in Abuja and that are why they are your representatives at the
center; things like providing transportation for schools, like giving of
exercise books to your students, like giving out text books and other
ameliorative supports. Those are minor things your governor is not expected to
do, you can’t expect your governor to leave the capital in Ibadan and start
jumping into communities in Iseyin, Shaki, Isale-Ora, Igbo-Ora, Ogbomoso and
going from one community to the other to distribute text books. That is why we
have senators, that is why we have representatives, that is why we have
counselors, that is why we have chairmen and chairpersons to take care of all
those small, small things. Bringing government and governance nearer to the
people let the people feel the presence of government through you so that when
the governor comes, it will be a complimentary effort in all. But I ask, where
are those constituency allowances going into?
9ICE explaining a political point to the GDA
when I was enlightening them about all these things they were like “Sir, are
you running for governor” and I said “No, I am not running for governor”. There
are provisions for all these things and even if there are no provisions I am
there to make laws on your behalf that will bring about those provisions in
this constituency; that is why I am there. Even if there are no laws already, I
am there to make laws that my people here will benefit from directly. Nothing
is wrong in me putting a bill forward to say ‘gentle men, in my constituency,
there is no single industry. We want just one industry situated there because
we have so many bills begging for endorsement from other constituencies and all
I need to do is say ‘ok for me to support your bill and make it become law,
make sure one of these industries is situated in my own town’. Is that too much
for me to ask? But when I said it to their hearing, it was like they have never
heard those things before and they don’t even believe that it is the brief of a
house of representative member”

On his new wife

When we put the question to him, he never
wanted to talk about it as the interview was to a a strictly political one but
we had advise the artiste on the need to make some good impression with his
fans all around the world so that certain perceptions will be laid to rest. He
took his time before breaking the news to us first “Let me just tell you this
and I pray it will be reported the way I said it to you. It is true that I have
a child; it is true that I am with someone named Olasunkanmi Ajala and she
is the mother of the child. That is the truth of the story; and if you check my
instagram page, you will see my daughter Michelle there. She is there, her
name is Michelle Abolanle Akande and she is there. So, it is not
something you can hide for long. How can you hide a good news like having a
child, it is one of the information you can never hide under the sun; it is a
joyful thing.

t & CEO, White House Hotel Group, Star Artiste, Abolore Agbolade Akande aka 9ICE and his 9ICE’s Image Maker & CEO of Dicotyledon Entertainment, Tony Anifite

What I found in Sunkanmi

have my peace of mind. Ti n ba mu gari ni si yi, gaari yen moju mi dan, ti nba
so fun yin pe garri ni mo mu, mo wa okay, afi tin ba bi abi tin ba po ni everybody
ma mo pe garri ni bobo yii mu. (If I drink Garri now, I am at peace with myself
and the Garri will make me look healty. If I don’t tell you that I drank Garri,
you wouldn’t know except I vomit and you see my vomit) But kin je salad
constantly, tin baa ru ke’egun , ee ti mope aah, bobo yi o gbadun life e, e woo
bo se ru. Beeni, te ba ti ri, ee ti mope aah, bobo yii o wa ok; pelu gbogbo owo
to ni. Se, kole jeun to da ni? (But if I eat salad constantly and I am not
happy in my heart, you will notice and you will blame me by saying, oh, this
guy is rich yet he is looking sick, does it mean he cannot enjoy his money
again?)  So, emi gigun, Alafia ati ifokan
bale ni eyan le fi lo ile aiye, kii se oye owo ta’a kojo. (It is peace and joy
that can give you a quality living not the amount of money you have in your
account) Eeri bawon politician was en ko owo joo to, won o ni Alafia, won oni
fokanbale. Owo ta’a ma ni, tao ni ni ifokanbale, Olorun maje ka’a ni. (Look at
the way our politicians are amassing wealth yet they are not at peace even with
their health. The money we will have that we will not be at peace with
ourselves, may God never give us)

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