Christian Witches & how to identify the various groups in Church—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/G.O. Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries

Let me lay the
ground work. There are two distinct classes of witches. There is witchcraft by
evil power and there is also witchcraft as a work of the flesh. I am sure you
need more explanation.

You will take a closer look at the first
category of witchcraft which thrives on the use of evil powers. There are four
major sub divisions under this category.
Those who became
witches by inheritance
This category of people where
probably initiated by their parents or grandparents. Such people might have
been given food, gift items; drinks and so on by their parents as means of
initiating them into witchcraft. They discovered that witchcraft becomes
transferred to them from their parents.
Some people may even have a dream in
which they attend meeting in the company of their mother or grandmother. That
kind of dream has become the entry point of such people. They begin to find
themselves in strange action and behavior.
Witchcraft by
These categories of people
acquire witchcraft through personal decision. Maybe they were cheated in a deal
or they were punished unjustly for something they did not do. Then they made up
their mind to acquire witchcraft at all cost in order to use it as a weapon of defense
or pay-back. Such people think that they would only be able to fight back if
they acquire witchcraft powers.
Recently, I got a strange letter form a
fetish priest otherwise known as herbalist. He wrote asking me to forward
prayer points to him with a promise that should those prayer points work for
him, he would throw away all his charms and all his object of divination and
accept Christ. No doubt his charms
had failed him. He was looking for spiritual power. Thank God he turned to the
source of the true power.
Witchcraft by
force or coercion
These categories of people were
probably not interested in witchcraft at all. Someone just decided to conscript
them into witchcraft at all cost. Such people are generally overpowered by
those seeking to initiate them.
Some of these people will have dreams in
which they were grabbed by very powerful witches and injected with witchcraft
poison. From that moment, they became witches. Such people became victim of
abuse of power and illegitimate authority simply because they were not strong
enough to resist initiation.
 The blind witches
This is perhaps the worst group. Members
of this group are generally blind to the fact that they are members of
witchcraft society. They attend strange meetings in the night and do nothing
about it because they thought they were only dreaming. During such drill
meetings, things like meat, drinks and dark color or palm oil are shared among
participants. These people are witches but totally blind. They are unconscious
agents in the hand of the devil.
Others have also become blind witches by
having sex with witchcraft agents. If a lady mistakenly sleeps with a wizard,
she is in trouble. In the other hand, a man who decided to have sex with a
witch without knowing who she is will also find himself in complicated
It becomes clear therefore that it is possible
to be a witch without being conscious of it.
These four categories of witches are
even simpler to deal with than the witches which we find in the church today.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya wants the world to know more about Witches in the Church
Witchcraft as
works of the flesh
Witchcraft as a product of the
works of the flesh is much more complex than general witchcraft.
This second major category has claimed
countless numbers of victims; that is why we are devoting a whole of this
chapter to identify and expose Christian witches.
It is unfortunate that many Christians
are witches by reason of the work of the flesh. However, the problem there is that,
either you are a regular witch or you are one by virtue of the presence of the
work of the flesh in your life, you stand the risk of experiencing the terrible
consequences of belonging to the witchcraft society.
The same principles are in operation
whether it is the witchcraft by evil powers or witchcraft as a manifestation of
the work of the flesh. The same kinds of weapons are used in both ways. Satanic
instrument are applied in both ways.
We must therefore come to grips with the
fact that God’s judgment remains the same for any form of witchcraft
manifestation, be it minor or major. What is God’s judgment in this witchcraft?
Thou shall not
suffer a witch to live.
God’s verdict remains
unchanged for every category of witchcraft. The bible also states that a man or
woman that hath a familiar spirit or that is a wizard shall surely be put to
death. They shall stone them with stones. Their blood shall be upon them. (Lev.
God’s verdict is unmistakably clear.
Death sentences hangs over the head of every witch or wizard. It is very easy
for us to accept death sentence as normal for congenital or hard-core witches
and wizards. But do you know that the same sentence had been passed on all
those who are guilty of witchcraft as a work of the flesh?
This goes on to say that if you are
stubborn or rebellious, you are as good as a witch and if rebellion makes you a
witch then death sentence hang over your head. Either you are a witch by
regular definition or a witch as a result of rebellion, the rebellious man or
woman are the same.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, a Deliverance Minister Per Excellence
Strange enough, rebellion and
stubbornness are twin brothers. Rebellion makes a man to say I won’t do it.
While stubbornness makes a person to say I will do it my own way no matter what
anybody says. God puts a rebellious person in the same category with witches
and wizards. The moment you are rebellious, you will become a witch. You may be
a pastor a general overseer, a superintendent, a choir master, a worship
leader, a pastor’s wife, or an international Christian leader, you are a witch
if rebellion is a prominent feature of your character.
Unfortunately, a lot of people are in
this category. The problem here is that a man or a woman who claims that he has
a wonderful destiny with God will surely get nowhere if you happen to be a
witch. You have already lost your bearing. If you pray saying ‘Let
God arise and let his enemies be scattered’
you are in trouble
yourself. If God should decide to scatter his enemies, he will surely start
from you. The fact that you are religious not withstanding you are under God’s judgment
the moment you allow rebellion in your heart.
Let us take a
further look into the Scriptures…
Now the works of the flesh are manifest,
which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft,
hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, (Gal.
Here, the Bible categories witchcraft
as a work of the flesh. This goes on to establish the fact that many so called
Christians are excellent witchcraft practitioners. Such people cannot escape
the consequences of their actions whether they are ignorant or not. The judgment
of death hangs upon their head. The only difference, however is that although
they are under death sentence, their own death is slow. But like someone has
said the mill of God grinds slowly but surely. Such people would end up dying.
That is why such people are suffering from strange diseases. Some of these
people looses weight mysteriously and die away.
The only explanation is that they had a
sentence unto death upon their lives. When such people suddenly die, people
begin to wonder, we have sometimes wondered why some people whom we take as
fine Christians suddenly slum and die. What we have not considered is the fact
that some of these people might have been witches as a result of the works of
the flesh. What must have happened in that case is that such a person would
have disobeyed God or showed signs of rebellion in one way or the other. Such
people would have aligned themselves with Satan and become witches or wizards
through the works of the flesh. Then in that moment death came. Some people go
ahead to mourn the death of such people not knowing that they were only mourning
the death of witches.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya…’Many Christian homes has a witch as mother of the house and Wizards as Father of the house
The picture in most Christian homes is
completely unpleasant. The wives are witches while the husbands are wizards.
The wife may be a real witch while the husband may be a wizard as a result of
the works of the flesh.
When so called Christians disobey the
word of God, they go into witchcraft. Let a man decide to rebel against the
word of God, he becomes a wizard according to the standard of the Bible. Let a
woman decide to throw overboard the Biblical teaching concerning submission and
decided to go her own way, then, she is ready to become a witch “for
rebellion is as witchcraft”.
There are many husbands and wives who
possess these world’s goods in abundance but are dying installmentally because
of God’s judgment against witchcraft. These people are grossly dissatisfied
with life in spite of the fact that they have all the comfort that their heart
desired. They have cooks, gardeners, stewards, washer men, security guards,
drivers, nannies and so on. Yet, they are frustrated. They eat the best meals;
buy the most expensive clothes and lavish money on whatever they believe would
make life comfortable yet when you see them they look hazard, sickly and
malnourished. Why? The sentence of death had been passed against their lives.
This explains why there are Pentecostal
or evangelical witches today. Yes, the situation is absurd but it is real. Men
and women who live in rebellion and go about claiming that they are children of
God are simply religious witches. No doubt, they have submitted themselves for
water baptism yet, they are witches.
Rebellion is as witchcraft. I know that
some of these witches even speak in tongues. That does not mean that there are
no longer witches. Rebellion and witchcraft is one and the same thing. Everyone
who allows rebellion in his life has automatically opened the door for
witchcraft to come in.
We have examples of such religious
witches who are harboring witchcraft spirits right in the house of God. In the
same vein, there are pastor wizards. We also have many chorister-witches. The
children of Eli were practicing witchcraft right in the house of God. What
exactly were they doing? 1 Sam. 2:12.
12Now the sons of
Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD.
This brief statement shows us that it is
possible to be a minister without knowing the Lord. Putting on a collar, being
given a religious title, does not mean that someone knows the Lord. The most
tragic situation in religious circles today centre around the fact that many
people who are extremely religious do not know the God they claim to be
worshiping. It is unfortunate that a lot of people who have no relationship
with God are busy gallivanting up and down trying to run God’s business.
Let us examine verse 16: “And
if any man said unto him, Let them not fail to burn the fat presently, and then
take as much as thy soul desireth; then he would answer him, Nay; but thou
shalt give it me now: and if not, I will take it by force”.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya…’Many Pastors have mortgaged salvation for material wealth’
How today’s
Pastors mortgage the gospel to make fortunes…
The picture we have here centre around
the children of Eli. In a normal
situation, the fat of the animas slaughtered are generally burnt upon the
altar. What they generally do was to separate the meat from the fat. The
children of Eli were not ready to go
through the normal process. They were so impatient that they were not ready to
wait for the time when everything would be done according to the dictates of
the law of God. They took the laws on their hands and went ahead to device
special forks in which they were removing the meat from the altar contrary to
what was supposed to be done. That is exactly what many pastors are doing
today. They mortgage the gospel and make money out of their members.
A lot of victims of this kind of
manipulation have come to me in regret to narrate foolish stories concerning
how they sowed their cars, houses and properties to some smart prophets or
pastors. Such people ended up living in poverty while their pastors (Or
Prophets) are feeding fat and living in stupendous wealth and luxury.
What was Eli’s response to that kind of sacrilege and abomination in the
temple. Let us look at verse 22:
22”Now Eli was very
old, and heard all that his sons did unto all Israel; and how they lay with the
women that assembled at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation”.
Eli’s children
disobeyed God fragrantly and attained the height of rebellion. They were so
rebellious that they took their fornication and adultery from their homes into
the temple.
They threw
caution to the winds. Their companions still abound today. Many churches are
peopled with clever and stubborn fornicators who think they can do whatever
they like and get away with it. That is witchcraft in action. In their
disobedience to God, Eli’s children
became wizards and priests and since witches and wizards should not be suffered
to live, God killed both of them in one day. Their father also died as a result
of becoming involved in witchcraft.
God did not
spare them. Neither would God spare all Christian leaders, pastors, ministers,
choir leaders who are sleeping with members of their groups. They are all
deliverance ministers who deceive themselves by saying that they are only
trying to set women free by anointing them naked are also wizards. It would be
unfortunate therefore, if pastors end up getting to the same hell with notorious
characters like Jezebel, Lot’s wife, King Saul, e.t.c. If such
persons should find themselves in hell, they might try to find out why they were
in hell. They would be told that witchcraft is the reason. They may go ahead to
demand the fact that they never knew anything about witchcraft then God will
tell them that for as much as they allowed rebellion in their lives, they
automatically qualified to be witches and wizards.
It is
unfortunate that the same people who passed the buck and recommended others for
deliverance are the same people who need deliverance from witchcraft. The
congregation in some churches can be described as a motley assembly of various
categories of witches and wizards. Such people are living in various levels of
disobedience and rebellion. If it ever happens that a woman comes to the church
with blood dripping from her mouth and shouting, “I am a vampire spirit”; I am sure that the ushers would bundle her
out immediately. But nobody would suspect anyone who is possessed by witchcraft
as a result of disobedience or rebellion.
witches are not easily identifiable. They generally come to church smartly
dressed in latest designer wears. They make use of exotic perfumes. They come
in elegant suits. They sound so religious that nobody would ever suspect them
but nonetheless, they are witches in disguise. Such people will be so quick to
respond with violent prayers whenever the word witchcraft is mentioned when
they themselves are witchcraft practitioners.
How can a man
who is rebellious, arrogant, incorrigible, insubordinate and over-sophisticated
honor or reverence those who are in authority?
Why must you go
to church only to belong to the same category with witches and wizards as a
result of rebellion and disobedience?
Why must you go
from the church to hell? Why do you want to pay an exorbitant gate fee instead
of humbling yourself and making up your mind to accept a free ticket from the
Lord to heaven?
Do you know that
one gram of disobedience is heavier than a million kilograms of obedience? How
then can you escape hell if God has concluded that you are a witch or wizard by
virtue of rebellion?
Dr. D.K. Olukoya, ‘You can never fulfill your destiny as a witch’
How can you
fulfill your destiny as a witch?
If you are a
serious Bible student, you would have discovered that God carried out a number
of executions in the Bible. Specifically, there are sixteen such cases in the scripture.
I must not fail
to point out this fact. A lot of people have embraced modern trends without
knowing the implication of what they are doing. The modern vogue these days is
to give churches very stylish, fashionable names. We have names like; Anointing chapel, Success Chapel, Miracle
, Chapel for Men and Women
of Distinction and so on. People who
come up with such names have not talked about finding out the origin of the
word Chapel.
“Chapel is a
word of Roman Catholic origin, taken over from Latin into English, Chapel is
from the Latin word ‘CAPELLA’, French ‘CHAPELLE’, Middle English ‘CHAPELE’. It
means ‘a cape or little cloak’. It refers to the ‘holy’ cloak (CAPA) of the
patron ‘saint’ of France, the Roman Catholic St. Martin, ‘Bishop’ of Tours
(330-396 A.D). He was the founder of monasticism in France, and acquire a reputation
for working ‘miracles. A legend states that as a soldier, he divided his
military cloak (CAPA) into two pieces and gave one half to a naked beggar at
the gate of Amiens. In a dream that night he saw Christ wearing the
half-cloak. Shortly afterwards he was ‘baptized.’ The half-cloak which he kept
he wrapped around his shoulders, thus making it a cape, or CAPELLA. This cape
was preserved as a ‘sacred’ relic, and accompanied the French king in their
wars. It was borne before them in battle and also used to give ‘sanctity’ to
“The tent or
shrine which sheltered this ‘St.’ Martin’s cape or CAPELLA became known as the
Capella, in which ‘Mass’ was celebrated by the military CAPELLANUS; hence the
words chapel. This peculiar use of CAPELLA or CHAPEL was soon transferred to
any ‘sanctuary’ containing ‘sacred’ relics; or to any ‘oratory’ where ‘Mass and
Divine service’ were celebrated. The word is first found used in this sense by Maralfus
in the 7th century.” (Authorities- The Encyclopedia Britannica, The
Catholic Encyclopedia, Protestant Dictionary).
chapel has Roman Catholic French origin but many people know nothing about it.
All they want is to be identified with what sounds modern or elitist
(Excerpts from the book, “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr. D.K. Olukoya, founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles)


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