Home Interview Church Leaders & Politicians destroyed our society – Kojo Williams | Says “We need to give Buhari military uniform”

Church Leaders & Politicians destroyed our society – Kojo Williams | Says “We need to give Buhari military uniform”

Church Leaders & Politicians destroyed our society – Kojo Williams | Says “We need to give Buhari military uniform”

Kojo Williams to Asabeafrika…’In a country where civil servants collects a paltry N18K as minimum wage and politicians collect millions it can only be apartheid in another form’

Anthony Kojo Williams (AKW) is a bold, forthright and daring Nigerian Leader and a reformer of
sort.  The former Nigerian Football Association
(Now NFF) Chairman and a former executive member of the world football
bodies CAF/FIFA is one individual who will never condone corruption or any act capable
of ruining the life of majority in the society.
Strict, amiable, humble and highly resourceful
are some of the best adjectives to describe this dandy football buff. The scion
of the late Chief SB Williams
(Founder of the Nigerian Sport Commission) dynasty is a bloggers’ delight any
day any time. With him there is no dull moment.

Two weeks ago, Kojo Williams a youth ambassador extra-ordinary was invited to the
maiden edition of Covenant Christian
Center Conference
, Abuja as a Special Guest with the likes of ex-education
minister, Oby Ezekwesili. The event
organized by debonair Pastor, Poju Oyemade
was attended by youths from across Nigeria amidst other very important
dignitaries who deliberated on the issue of youth development in a hostile
political environment like Nigeria. However, Kojo Williams took shine of the moment as he presented a paper
which reviewed  the several challenges
facing today’s community of young people  and equally proffered  solutions on how the Nigerian youth  system can be salvaged from a bleak future.
The former NFA chief put the blame for a failed youth system at the door step of
the political elites who seems to have lost focus on how to build a successive
Last Wednesday morning, this blogger
in company with the Publisher of Nigeria’s leading soft sell magazine, CITY
a courtesy visit at his Victoria
Lagos mansion where he opened up to your Africa’s number celebrity
encounter blog, Asabeafrika and
Nigeria’s leading soft sell magazine, CITY PEOPLE on several issues ranging
from politics, youth development down to religion. It was a vintage Kojo Williams who spoke to us like
never before. The 57 years old Sport guru equally advocated for a President Muhammad Buhari in military regalia so that Nigeria can experience
a fast-tracked anti-corruption reform devoid of judicial encumbrance. Enjoy the
excerpts in this first part of our exclusive encounter with KOJO WILLIAMS.  

The GDA with Anthony Kojo Williams

Last week you spoke at the Covenant
Christian Center Conference and the news item ran on Channels TV on the news
bulletin during the weekend. You gave some insights on how bad the state of our
youths has gone and you equally lambasted the political class for messing up a
promising youth society? You appeared very angry with the political class, why?
I beg your
pardon, please, never use that word ‘Angry’. Anger is not a good thing, I am
never ever angry. I have passion for things; so, I spoke passionately and
constructively on how to tap into the resources of our youths and make them
better. The potentials they have are untapped resources, untapped potentials
that can be used in Sports. There, I was able to go back to the papers I
presented 14 years ago and honestly when I looked at it, I was shocked to find
out that things that hunted our youth years ago were still much around with us.
My SA gave me those papers and when I looked at them, I was shocked. And I
asked him, ‘did I write these things?’
he said ‘Yes, you wrote them’ and I
said ‘We have not moved forward, we have not done anything’
and that got me on the edge and I had to express myself. I expressed my views.
It is for the future of our youth because I am someday going to leave this
world. If we don’t better our environment and we keep stealing money, some guys
collects two point something million dollars every year and some collect some
millions of Naira every month and they cant even put colleges and schools in
place, they cannot provide for the future of the youths of this nation and they
are destroying the values of this nation. I have a big problem about that. If
we cannot tell ourselves the truth, then, who will tell us the truth? So, it is
not about being angry, it is about speaking the facts as it were.  To let them (Politicians) know that they have
to come down from their high horses and lead the nation constructively. A
country where you call a minimum wage and you give people eighteen thousand naira
and some guys are collecting two point something millions dollars a year?
Excuse me, that is not fair; that is ridiculous. If you can’t say it, I will
say it. I don’t owe anybody an apology.

“That was why I said in that
conference that what we practice in Nigeria today is worst than apartheid. The only difference is that,
it is black to black, Nigerians to Nigerians. You can work anywhere you want to
but the more you look the less you see”

Kojo Williams to Asabeadrika…’I am not an angry man but i only passionate for change’

How Politicians messed up the Youths
Since the era of your great dad the
Late Chief SB Williams, we have heard people saying ‘the youth are the leaders
of tomorrow’ but today those same youths seems to be frustrated. Do you really
see the youth leading tomorrow?
No, they do.
The youth owns the future but we have to give them an enabling environment.
That was why I said in that conference that what we practice in Nigeria today
is worst than apartheid. The only difference is that, it is black to black,
Nigerians to Nigerians. You can work anywhere you want to but the more you look
the less you see. And the other thing is that we have all of them (Politicians)
protected with their bullet proof cars and mobile police men or soldiers.
Soldier go, soldier come. That is the biggest problem we have here, a non
responsive ruling class. So, the youth have been bastardized. The youths have
been fed with negative things. The youths have been given songs like “Skelewu”
and other nonsense. They wear trousers and their bum-bum is hanging on the tip. They have launched the girls into
prostitution. It is this same people in government; and they want their useless
daughters for different things. So, we need to address all these issues. If you
as a man have conscience and the fear of God, you won’t treat God’s creators in
a very bad way. Because weather you like it or not, God is truly alive because
he is the creator of heaven and earth. If you decide that you will keep bastardizing
and deprive those generations to come; deprive them of what they deserve, what
is due to them, you, your children and your generation will suffer for it. It
is as simple as that. Yes, the youth have a future. We are endowed with the
best set of young people, Nigeria has the most intelligent and creative set of
young people. We can compete with anyone in any part of the world but we must
give them an enabling environment to realize their potentials. That is the key
thing, if the enabling environment is not there, the poor kids cannot progress
and that is why I will stand and say it as it is anytime.

Williams to Asabeafrika…’The Political class behaves like the greedy
dog who can only eat a bone at a time but growls over other bones

Churches that use offerings to build expensive
schools are inhumane
Being a Youth Development expert, I
find it convenient to ask you this question; you will notice that these days,
big churches that get their offerings and tithes from the poor of society uses
same to build educational facilities where they charge very expensive fees that
are not convenient for the poor worshippers who pay offerings and tithes. It
was never like this during the missionary days; do you think this is right?
Of course it
is not right. The bottom line is, when you look at those colleges or those
schools, they are far, far unaffordable to the common man in the church. And one
thing I always say ‘if somebody comes to you and say he has problem, before you
start praying for that person, if you are a true man of God or your are
genuine, you will be humane enough to ask for the man’s problem; if it is
money, give the man something and let the man go. Don’t say ‘oh, let me pray for you’ and when you
finish praying you say ‘you are blessed,
. And the man is going away with rubber slippers, he has got no food to
eat, his kids cannot eat and then, you set up colleges and schools and they
can’t go there. But you, when you were growing up, you were able to go to
missionary schools where you paid particularly nothing and those schools were
set up by missionaries who came from Europe. But now, we are taking our own
missionary job back to Europe but while we are doing that, we are colonizing
our people and bastardizing them back home. You cannot eat yet you have to
appear in the church. Number one, when the poor man goes to church, they tell
you, ‘empty all your pocket and walk back
that you will be blessed. A man that cannot eat, that cannot feed his
children, and you are saying the poor man should empty his entire pocket and
until he does that, he is not blessed. That is a sin, it is a big sin.   

General Muhammadu Buhari

“I started boarding school from age
six in Nigeria and I saw how my seniors broke lockers, steal your food and that
is what they are doing in government today. So, I am not surprised”
Williams to Asabeafrika…’If you keep deprieving the next generation
of what is due to them, your own offsprings will be cursed’

But the thing is that God is a very patient
God, He looks at everybody, they get away with all they do but there is always
a day of reckoning. But the bottom line is that those schools are meant to be
affordable for everyone. When we were in missionary schools, weather your
father was rich or poor, we were all going to the same school, it was the same
standard. I went to those schools, it was the same standard. I remember when we
wrote GCE, or O’ levels or Common Entrance, the standard of
those public schools and missionary schools were the same. The only difference
was that some of us were taught better dictions, how to speak in a proper
manner than the others but when it comes to reading and writing, the standards
were high. But now, we don’t give that standard and that is why they are taking
such exorbitant charges from people. That is oppression at the highest level
and the level of oppression here is just monumental. The other thing is that
we, as the citizens, we have been so bastardized that we cannot even raise our
voice again. We have been boxed to the corner, a lot of us just say ‘it is Ok, it is well’ when it is not
well you say ‘it is well’, what is well? You are boxed into a corner, you are
talking about ‘being well’? You are not well. So, the bottom
line is ‘if you have a church, you go to that church, the church has schools
but these schools, you as a member of the church cannot afford to put your
child there, and they don’t even make provisions for you, that is not a
church.  You see, if they even made
provision for you, they can structure it in a way that the kids of the very
rich ones could pay through their nose and you could use the part of that money
to offset the fees of the poor ones, fine. But don’t take money across them and
make it unaffordable to all of them, that is ungodly and I totally disagree
with such a rule.

Kojo Williams to Asabeafrika…’The Political elites launched our girls into prostitution and our young men into cultism’

We need the China Strategy to get our
educational system right…
Today our schools have turned to
courtyards of cultism, the graduates are no more employable and it just seems
the next generation is not prepared for leadership. What is the way out?
Well, it is
quite sad. It is very frightening. Well, if you say the next generation, the
generation is not there already. Because the standard of education has dropped
years down the line, and if you even look at some guys in some aspect of
government, you realize that they are half baked. And a half baked student is
the worst person you can ever, ever put in the system because when a student is
half baked, someone who believes he knows more, that kind of person would
destroy the system and that is exactly what is happening presently in Nigeria.
You have just put a missile, a time bomb in the system. That is what we are
going through now. It is time we start looking at quality. It is time we throw
away mediocrity. It is time we put in place the best practices in what we do,
in education. It is very, very important. Not all kids have to go to
university. You have technical colleges, you have vocational training centers.
It is only in a country like Nigeria that you see lawyers who graduated from a
university system setting up bakeries. They are not even practicing law. You
see them doing other things, things you ought to have trained young stars to
do; to go out there and compete to excel. How much would it cost us to put
these institutions in place? Not much, but those monies, in all fairness have
been stolen or frittered away. Now, the question is ‘how can we get our monies
Well, probably we have to do what China did. If you steal
money and you take it out of the country and we find out, they should execute
you; if you steal money and you invest the money in the country, you go to ten
imprisonment and the assets are stripped off you.

Williams to Asabeafrika…’It is total oppression for a church to use
people’s freewill offerings to build educational facilities such people
cant afford’

Our Musicians too are culprit…
That is the china style?
Yes, we will
have to stop our kleptomania politicians because these monies are meant for the
commonwealth of the people; education is the key.  When I was delivering my speech, I talked
about the sports center; I said ‘you
cannot divorce
education from
football or sports generally’.
Because when you look at top athletes in the
world, they are the ones running governments. They are trained to be leaders,
the discipline; everything comes together as a package. And that is what we
need to do here to take away cultism and all other unhealthy activities off our
university system. Here, we do not have proper censorship, even the music they
reel out are deceptive. It gives them a false impression about life, all those
songs are supposed to be banned; a lot of them should be banned with the video
clips of young people throwing dollars
and girls shaking their bum-bum, all
those things have to be banned. Nobody is saying you should not have a good
life but there are certain things you need to stop in the society so that the
society can grow. Those things are creating a lot of problems for the youths
apart from the fact that we are not giving them the environment to develop; we
have now bombarded them with those kind of music and those kinds of videos. It
is dangerous to the nation. It is a time bomb.

Kojo Williams to Asabeafrika…’The Political class have messed up a lot of things for the younger generation’

Nigerian Politicians are like
growling dogs…
You have consistently criticized the
political class in the last 20 years labeling them ‘corrupt lots’ even when
nobody took you serious. Today we are faced with a national revelation of
corruption being revealed in the papers daily courtesy the new regime, do you
feel disappointed with people of your age group for betraying the country?
I am
disheartened. When you talk about age group, I started boarding school from age
six in Nigeria and I saw how my seniors broke lockers, steal your food and that
is what they are doing in government today. So, I am not surprised. You see,
they have always done that right from school, then they oppress you and
threaten you that ‘if you do this or do that
we deal with you’
. Even when you get into the dinning room, before you get
there, they would have eaten the fish
you are supposed to eat or the beef
on your meal and you just eat the starchy stuff and go away. So, it is the
mentality that has been built, a system where we have allowed kleptomaniacs,
real kleptos
to survive because we ourselves do not search ourselves before we celebrate
those people; before we chose them and tell them ‘go ahead and be our leaders’.
A nation where we thrive on mediocrity at the highest level, we claim we have
the fear of God, from the so called man of God to the guy in the polity, the
one that carries money to the man of God and he says ‘I bless you, I bless you’
we have a problem. They are making mockery of God. So, the younger generation,
the so called ones they claimed are the new generation of power brokers,
politicians have failed the nation because they are greedy. They are greedy
dogs. You know a dog, if you have a dog and you put six bones in front of a
dog, the stupid dog can only eat one bone and you want to take part of the
other five, the stupid dog will start growling. It will get upset and that is
exactly how they (Politicians) are. They are greedy dogs, they can never have
enough. So, the question is ‘how long are
we going to accept these things?’
it is time for us as Nigerians, to
address these issues; from our constituencies to different part of governance,
we should be able to say ‘enough is
But because they have been able to give our people cheap education,
giving them arms and machetes and all that, those ones are busy practicing
cultism. The girls are turned to prostitutes in the universities. All they do
is to give them dollars to go and buy clothes and jewelries; they go to Dubai
and come back with this false ascent with their Brazilian hair, they have
bastardized the system. When you go to their parties, the so called governors
and whatever, they bring in girls in buses, they sleep with them, have orgies
with them; these are the so-called leaders and then, send them away and then
you come back and tell me you have a future, where is the future? What is your
future? Until those things are stopped in this country. So, for me, we have to
face the reality; and the reality is we ourselves have to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’

Kojo Williams to Asabeafrika…’What our Political class practiced today is worst than apartheid’

Nigeria need to give Buhari military
uniform, quick…
So, when you heard that General
Muhammad Buhari became President, how did you feel? 
No, I have a
lot of respect for General Buhari.
In all fairness to the man, the man is a man of integrity. He is not a thief.
But unfortunately he is surrounded by a lot of crooks. The poor man has been
overwhelmed with a lot of things but he has a few people that are genuine
around him. My prayer for him is that God will lead him and hopefully save him
from the hands of the shylocks around him. Because in all fairness, he is not a
he lived a very modest life. He means well, he wants the best for the masses.
That is what I know but the pain is that the system is so bastardized that it
is so tough to change a lot of things. I wish they could give him (President
Buhari) that military uniform for six months. Let him wear that uniform, give
him that military system and let him wipe the asses of these guys back in
shape. I think that is what we need to do with him; and then kill all this
judiciary system that is so corrupt; because it is really corrupt. The system
is stained. So, we need a Buhari. We need to probably give him
the uniform again and beg America and the other western
nations to ‘please stay off’ and let
him deal with all these people for a few month. So, when he is done that, it is
finish, without going to any nonsense judiciary system. Then, we can now think
of how to clean up and move on. But let him clean up.

“So, the bottom line is ‘if you have
a church, you go to that church, the church has schools but these schools, you
as a member of the church cannot afford to put your child there, and they don’t
even make provisions for you, that is not a church”.

The Ex-NFA Chair, Kojo Williams ready for the chat with the GDA

You are probably advocating for a
Jerry Rawlins revolution?
It doesn’t
have to be a Rawlings revolution but a Buhari’s
revolution. Let’s give him the uniform and let him go and sort that thing out
and then, when he is sorted it out, then, we call talk after. By then, he would
have put a lot of them in jail. Pick one from here and there and lock them up.
They will have to build a container for them. Put them in a special place and
then, lock them in there. Yes, that is how to go about it, give him military
uniform for six months and let the man go and do what he needs to do. We can
even make it better; let’s give him one year. 
Nigeria will be better for it.

The GDA engages Kojo Williams as the interview opens up

We have ALAMALAIZED our political system
When you look and see the drama of a sitting
Senate President in the Person of Bukola Saraki taking senators and senior
lawyers with him to the CCT, how does that make you feel as a Nigerian?
It is part
of the mediocrity which we practiced in this country, it is so obvious that a
man has tapped into different things, put his fingers into different things, I
mean, how will senators, you see how jobless they are, follow him to court? It
shows you how backward we are in this country, we are very backward. They are
jobless because if you truly have a job, you won’t be following an accused
person to the tribunal. So, we have alamalaized our country. You know
when I talk about alamala system, you know when you go to a Buka, you eat amala, you use your hand, you carry that amala
from the distance of the plate down to the mouth, you soil all your shirt,
soil your mouth, soil everything and then, when you finish, you wash your hand
and go away but if you go to Sheraton, or any high pedigree restaurant,
you use your cutleries, it will be properly done. What we have done is to alamalized
our system; you destroy yourself and everything. If the man truly knows he has
not done anything wrong, why go with 68 lawyers or 80 senior advocates? If you
know you have not done anything wrong, go there quietly, attend to the
judiciary and then it will be done and stop talking of going to hire people to
do a jamboree of ‘Oh, set this guy free’
we don’t need that. For me, out of integrity, there are certain things you do,
if you are accused of a crime, just leave the place and defend yourself. But
please, don’t create a bad antecedence for yourself. You are accused of certain
misdemeanors; the evidences are there, then go, leave the place and go, Simple.
The youth owns the future but we have to give them an enabling environment.

The GDA with Dr. Seye Kehinde of CITY PEOPLE during the encounter with Anthony Kojo Williams


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