Crisis hits Deinde Fernandez’s family 4 months after death | + The lesbianism angle

The Late Ambassador Chief Deinde Fernandez

Right now it
seems the center can no longer hold in the family of late African Business
Diplomat cum Ambassador Plenipotentiary, Chief
Anthonio Oladeinde
Fernandez who
died on September 1st, 2015 as an online war between one of his
daughters, Abimbola born by his
estranged wife Sandra Price aka Aduke and his last wife, Halima is brewing out of proportion.
spilling out from the comfort and luxury of the late chief’s family over his estate
shows that, the fabulously wealthy oil and diamond magnate may have died an
unhappy man and even in his grave, he might be nursing fears as to how his
family will maintain his esteem and estate after death.

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The war which
started as a personality clash between Abimbola
his 5th daughter who described herself as Heiress to the Deinde Fernandez’s
and his last wife, Halima
started weeks after the Chief’s burial in Brussels,
Belgium last October as Halima is alleged to have claimed that Abimbola is not a legitimate daughter
of the late African billionaire and even went to the extent of describing her
late mum, Aduke as a “whore”. Of
course, Abimbola has equally thrown
some tirades back in the direction of her step mum, Halima claiming that she is not legally married to her father and
therefore has no right to the benefits from his estate.

Pastor Tunde Bakare of Later Rain Assembly with Halima (R) and Mrs. Teju Philips (Fernandez’s first daughter) by his casket
Some of the late Chief’s children at the church

Abimbola equally claimed that Halima and her “gang” (Whatever she
meant by that) conspired to bury her dad in Belgium against his wish
to be buried in Lagos-Nigeria. She
claimed that her step mother didn’t deem it fit to invite her and some of her
siblings to the Brussels funeral but for providence which permitted them to
witness their father’s funeral. She also claimed that Halima made some demeaning statements about her and her late mother
during the church service in Brussels. For instance, Abimbola alleged that Halima said something like “And I know you are up there with the only
woman whom you really loved, Barbara Joyce”
(Fernandez’s late American wife
before Aduke) an act which Abimbola
considered as a purposeful dig by Halima
to denigrate the memory of her late mum.
mum the late Aduke
was the woman who sued the Chief with the biggest and most
expensive alimony case in Scotland in year 2003 which was
later settled out of court due to lack of legal material evidence. The chief
didn’t forgive her until she passed away in year 2013 after a cancer

Abimbola Fernandez sitting on her step mum, Halima’s lap when the going was good

The War before the war

However, in
a new revelation gathered by this blog, the late Onije-Onimu of Egba land must
died a heart broken man.  The new
allegation is that some of his children were after his money and not his
welfare during his last days on earth. The source hinted that the late Baron of Dudley tried very hard to
reach out to his children and put his house in order in his dying days but none
of them honored his invitation. Looking at it from the prism of Abimbola’s fight with Halima, it could not be ascertained if
the decision to abandon their father in his dying moment was as a result of the
bitter feud between them and their step mother Halima.
another source who is probably sympathetic to the Kano State-Northern Nigeria
born Halima said she spent the
better part of her entire marriage life with the African Chief trying to mend
fences between the man and his estranged kids so she could secure peace for
herself as well. “But with the recent break out of hostilities within the
family, it is very obvious that the love of money is beclouding all senses of
reasoning” echoed  the family source who
is very disturbed with the turn out of events just four months after the demise
of the billionaire diplomat.

Abimbola’s tweet on Gay runs
Abimbola & her female friend in a hug

Is Abimbola a Lesbian?

court of sources close to the late billionaire’s family are alleging that there
was a feud between Abimbola and her
late rich dad over her choice of sex mate during his life time. The sources who
backed their allegation with series of tweets purportedly exchanged between Abimbola and one of her friends over
the matter of her deep relationship with a female lover and her father’s frown
against the odious relationship alleged that the chief in his life time was in
strong denial of his daughter’s alleged weird love life. They equally alleged
that Abimbola broke her dad’s heart
because she was allegedly daring to marry a woman friend; a proposal her dad
vehemently opposed in his life time and this according to our source made her
become so cruel to her dad and was never friendly with him till he passed away.
Of course,
this blog is not confirming to our readers that the highly respected Heiress to the late Deinde Fernandez’s
is a lesbian. But the allegation and series of tweets published with
this report are the only bankable evidence to ascertain the allegation.
In some
other tweets, Halima was alleged to
have described Abimbola as a
“bastard” but Abimbola who is an
emerging singer and violin player has severally denied Halima’s allegation with counter tweets which are sometimes down
right insultive. She has also  been seen
on several blogs in compassionate postures with her late dad, Deinde Fernandez.  Her new battle, however, will be the need to
wash her image off the lesbianism allegation which seems to be daring her
integrity in the new face off with step mum.
Ovation Magazine Publisher, Basorun Dele Momodu (in Agbada) with other VIPs at Fernandez’s funeral
Mrs Halima Fernandez

Halima’s last minute stand with

It is
equally said that Halima has sent in
a friendly proposal to Abimbola
severally during her father’s life time but the heiress rejected it choosing to
be on a war path with her step mum, who she saw as usurping the role and
position of her late mum, Aduke.  Halima
ended up not succeeding with
friendship proposal, a situation that might have lead to the
present regime of war. On who did what with the late Chief during his dying
moment, a source said, Halima did a
lot to support her late husband.  “It was
Halima who stood with Chief all
through his dying days while the children stayed away. While Abimbola may lie that she didn’t attend
Dad’s funeral, pictures tell a different story. Even though most of his
children kept away from their father’s sick bed, they all came down to Brussels
(Belgium) to honor dad’s funeral with Halima
allegedly picking transportation and hotel bills for two of his sons and few
family members. She allegedly gave them clothes from their father’s wardrobe
and pocket money all through the funeral as well as arranging the funeral event
which was moderate but quite expensive.
Halima was said to have personally sent her
chauffer to pick Abimbola from the
airport to see her father’s body at the mortuary. An aide to Mrs. Halima Fernandez, who also joined
the chauffer to pick up Abimbola,
alleged that Abimbola’s conduct was
quite appalling to him to say the least. However, Abimbola in a recent tweet denied this new allegation, claiming
that they were not chauffeured in any of her father’s limousine and Rolls
cars but in a ‘common bus’ from the airport to the mortuary and
down to church.  
Some of Chief Fernandez’s Kids at the event

The event
which had high profile Nigerian celebrities like former Nigerian Vice
Presidential candidate and founder of Later Rain Assembly, Lagos, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Ovation International Magazine Publisher Bashorun Dele Momodu, Dr.
Ozolua Giwa Amu with a host of other
top notch Nigerians had the presence of late Chief Fernandez’s first child Chief Mrs. Teju Philips in attendance.

Teju Philips a former commissioner for Special
Duties under the tenure of Governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos State and who
is said to once upon a time have a misunderstanding with Dad, was equally there
to give her father a last minute honor.
A pained
family source and sympathizer to the embattled Halima Fernandez said “it is foolishness on the part of any family
member to at this point try to rubbish the late man’s wife after all the love
and support she showered on the man” “That is because the woman fought hard to
bring the family together, even at the high cost of her relationship to the
late Chief. The late Chief Fernandez
was said to be very angry with his children and the way they turned out at a
point in his dying days.

Abimbola Fernandez’s alleged gay friend
Fernandez’s eldest son and other kids at dad’s funeral

I will hunt my wife’s tormentors from
the grave
—Deinde Fernandez

close source, Mr. Chimazuru Oblong Nnamdi
who allegedly read the funeral oration at the burial, said he was saddened that
Abimbola had decided to battle her stepmother
on the social media. He revealed that he actually tried to set the record
straight and advise Abimbola on what
is expected of her.
Using his
twitter handle @grandiluminati, he
revealed how he was invited to have dinner and a drink of  fine Guatemalan Rum with the late Chief Fernandez one evening in Brussels,
months before his death, during the course of dinner and the privileged
encounter, Chief Fernandez was said
to have called his first daughter Chief
(Mrs.) Teju Philips
and one of the Lagos traditional chiefs and that he
vividly remembered the conversation between Chief and  his phone guests, because Chief Fernandez had her
(Teju Philips) on speaker and what he said to her towards the end was a bit
strange. He told Teju that if and
whenever he dies, if any of his children disturbs and troubles his wife
(Halima) he would hunt them down from the grave.
He said Teju Philips had assured the old man
that she will never go against his wish or allow any one to do same.
Surprisingly, Chief Fernandez died
few months later.
All attempts
to get Mrs. Halima Fernandez’s
reaction have not been successful. This blog gathered that the entire Olumegbon
family of Lagos has reached out to Mrs.
 on the matter but were
told that she will talk to them very soon in Lagos when she comes for her sixth
month prayers. That by then, she will submit to them audio and written
documents from the late Chief in front of the family elders. Until then, she is
restrained from commenting now.

Another of Abimbola Fernandez’s gay tweet
Abimbola’s Tweet 0n Gay runs

Another Abimbola’s tweet on Gay runs

Another Abimbola’s alleged tweet on gay runs


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