Dirty drama rocks Lagos Celestial Church + How Evangelist led thugs to beat up church member …Oschoffa sets up disciplinary commitee

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S.B.J Oshoffa

now, parishioners at  Celestial
Church of Christ
, St SBJ Oschoffa Parish 1, Mosan in
Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos, South West Nigeria  are very embittered with the activities of one
of the leaders of the parish

, one Honorary Senior Evangelist Henry Oloyede
who is alleged to have become a thorn in the flesh of the parish
and whose activities has warranted  the
police at Moshalashi Police Station in Mosan area  to wade into the matter as a result of  a recent scandal that allegedly had H/S/E
Henry Oloyede Adelakun
  leading a
multitude of thugs and area boys  to the
house of a church member, Mother Celestial  Oyegoke to beat her up with her
entire family. The case was later reported to the Spiritual Head and Pastor of
the CCC Worldwide, Reverend EMF Oschoffa
on July 8th as some
district heads of the CCC Church in Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos in conjunction
with some of the troubled members of the St SBJ Oschoffa Parish allegedly
visited the Pastor at the Ketu International Headquarters to
table the matter before The Pastor-in-Council. 
Their visit is said to be as a result of an earlier petition sent to the
international headquarters of the church detailing the many crisis that is
rocking the Parish courtesy H/S/E Henry Oloyede Adelakun’s

Pastor’s Reaction
the Pastor who was on his way to France for a global ministration promised to
look into the matter and take a decision on his return from France; sources at
the meeting confided in this blog that although the very gifted head of the
CCC, World Wide Reverend Pastor Emmanuel Friday Mobiyina Oshoffa was not happy
with all the dirty allegations leveled against H/S/E Henry Oloyede Adelakun
in the petition but he instructed some higher authorities in his office to look
into the matter and ensure that discipline is ensured at the end of the matter.

Mobiyina Oshoffa

The birth of the crisis
to information at the disposal of this blog the whole crisis started some years
ago after H/S/E Adelakun finished his tenure as the
chairman of the church’s parochial committee. The seat which is often run
through appointment by the church’s council of elders is for tenure of 4 years before another person is
appointed to take over. But sources alleged that in Adelakun’s case, his
tenure was not only riddled with lack of accountability and transparency in terms
of church funds and finances but at the expiration of his tenure he refused to
hand over to the next appointed candidate, thereby choosing to stay on as the parochial
committee chairman which led to division among church members as some members
saw his effrontery as usurpation of the shepherd’s power.  

of the allegations in the letter against H/S/E Henry Oloyede Adelakun which
was made available to this blog are his constant fights and troubles with both
the high and ordinary member of the parish. One of such is a fight he had with
one Senior
Evangelist Olasanmiju
many years ago on the Mercy land of the church.
The said Evangelist Olasanmiju is said to be an in-law to Adelakun
as his wife, Prophetess Olasanmiju who is an elder sister to Adelakun
is alleged to be instrumental to Adelakun’s joining of the church in
1999. Olasanmiju allegedly drew Adelakun’s anger when he became
famous for his generosity to the development of the parish.  This allegedly drew Adelakun’s anger as he
had a misunderstanding with his in-law and later allegedly tried to break his Olasanmiju’s
head with a standing cross statue on a Sunday after church service. The show of
shame took place on the church’s mercy land, a very sacred part of the church
where prayers are being offered in silence.  But the quick intervention of one H/S/E
and S/M/S/E Fakeye who wrestled the cross from his hand was said to
have saved the situation.

More Dirty tales
2012, the same H/S/E Adelakun who is said to be a staff of the Defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria, Somolu branch in Lagos is
alleged to have fought with one Sister Tina Olasehinde over some
internal issues relating to the running of the affairs of the church. The
crisis which allegedly shook the entire church as one Mother Celestial Awoyemi
was said to have teamed up with him resulted in Adelakun who is not a
shepherd of the church suspending Tina Olasehinde for 3 months.  Although the parish has a shepherd in the
person of Venerable Most Senior Evangelist Julius Omoniyi but as it were,
it seems the shepherd has abdicated his ecclesiastical responsibility to
Adelakun as he is alleged to posses the power to hire and fire any member of
the parish. On one occasion Adelakun was alleged to have thrown
a lavish birthday party for the shepherd, Omoniyi where alcoholic drinks were
served in the presence of children who were on spiritual confinement in the
church premises.

One fight after another
Adelakun’s fight with L/S/S/E/S
Tina Olasehinde
was not the only alleged recorded rancor he had with a
church member; during the 2013 adult harvest anniversary, the church leadership
was said to have made one Honorary Senior Evangelist Ebunola Martins the Father of the Day for the harvest
ceremony, but on arriving the church premises in the morning with one of his
ally one Evangelist Anthony Irabor, H/S/E Adelakun who got a brochure of
event from one of the ushers was said to have immediately went into a heavy
rage when he saw that  Ebunola
was made the “Father of the Day” as he allegedly started shouting
on top of his voice saying “Who is Martins in this parish? Who is he? Etc” and
with that he brought lots of chaos to the service as the shepherd V/M/S/E
and one Superior Evangelist Okanlawon
looked on helplessly. The whole event escalated when one of Adelakun’s
allies Mother Celestial Awoyemi allegedly invited her son who is
equally alleged to be a tout to bring his boys and beat everyone out of the
church. The mater was later settled by a team of police officers inside the
shepherd’s office through Superior Evangelist Okanlawon’s
intervention.  And that particular
harvest ceremony was said to have turned a still-born event.  Honorary Senior Evangelist Ebunola Martins
was said to have stooped attending the church after the incident.

is alleged to have recorded another rancor with one Prophetess Fadekemi who
lost one of her twin child and couldn’t attend the church for a long time but
on the first Sunday she appeared in church in 2013 she was said to have greeted
Henry Oloyede Adelakun
but to her greatest surprise the man of God
turned and charged at her “Never in your life should you greet me again”.
Nobody knew what could have warranted such action from a supposed man of God to
a church member. Adelakun is also accused of dividing the fold by refusing to
greet those he considered not to be in his good book.

Allegations Unlimited
allegations ranging from fetish activities, arrogance, and envy, cultism,
breaking of Celestial Church tenets and rules by turning the church premises to
an alcohol drinking pub after church service; a serious offence in the entire
Celestial Church and several other atrocities are allegedly attached to his

the one that broke the camel back was the free-for-all fight of Sunday June 8th
2014 at the home of one the church members Mother Celestial Oyegoke. Eye
witness account described the fight as “very fatal and brutal”. The whole
crisis was alleged to have started after church service during a meeting with
the church’s council of elders. As usual the meeting was said to have
degenerated into a big argument as H/S/E
Henry Oloyede Adelakun
and one Mother
Celestial Oyegoke
engaged themselves in hot exchange of words bordering on Adelakun’s
alleged obnoxious activities in the church. But to the surprise of many, Adelakun
allegedly leaped from his seat and dashed a heavy blow across M/C
nose which led to serious commotion in the Shepherd’s office.
The crisis again was halted by Superior Evangelist Okanlawon and
the Shepherd Venerable Most Senior Evangelist Julius Omoniyi who immediately
ended the meeting. But unknown to them, the war was yet over as H/S/E
Henry Oloyede Adelakun
had more surprise package for Mother
Celestial Oyegoke

The blood sucker in white garment
in the evening some members of the Parish decided to visit Mother Celestial Oyegoke
at home and pacify her; and one of them was the new Parochial Chairman Senior
Leader Andrew Aghaowa
and his wife Lace Elder Sister Aghaowa in company
of H/S/E
Assistant Leader Sunday, Assistant Leader Olumide, Cape
Elder brother Kola,
Mother Celestial Solanke were some
of the members who were on their way to Mother Celestial Oyegoke’s home on
an appeasement mission. But while approaching M/C Oyegoke’s street, H/S/E
who was driving them in his car noticed a strange car trailing
theirs and he waited for the car to pass by. But to the surprise of many, the
occupant of the car turned out to be H/S/E Henry Oloyede Adelakun’s son, Michael.
When the elderly Adekanbi asked why he was trailing their car, the younger Adelakun
allegedly answered rudely by saying “it was none of his business etc”,
this made an elder in the group in the person of Mother Celestial Solanke
to caution him by slapping him and the boy engaged the elderly woman in a brawl
but he couldn’t go far with her as another member of the group Assistant
Leader Olumide
 was said to have held
him back and Michael angrily left the scene  due to the crowd who chastised him.

minutes later when they were settled inside Mother Celestial Oyegoke’s
house, H/S/E Henry Oloyede Adelakun’s son, Michael
returned with one Elder brother Eti Philips who
allegedly stormed M/C Oyegoke’s apartment to beat up H/S/E Adekanbi for daring
to query his trailing of their car. The fight became free for all when H/S/E
Henry Oloyede Adelakun
with his wife reportedly joined their unruly
son, Michael
in the drama of the absurd to beat up H/S/E Adekanbi and other members of
the appeasement team inside Mother Celestial Oyegoke’s home.  Adelakun was said to have moved
swiftly to Andrew Aghaowa (His Rival and new Parochial Chairman) and tore
his Sultana garment from head to toe
while Elder brother Eti Philips got
a very big stone to hit H/S/E Adekanbi in the face. Michael
and his father H/S/E Henry Oloyede Adelakun was
alleged to have also pounced on H/S/E Adekanbi and beat the living
day out of him until he passed out. The father, mother and son also allegedly
got hold of Assistant Leader Olumide and beat him up before tearing up his
garment as well. A group of thugs on the behest of Michael Adelakun later
stormed the house and beat the hell out of the entire family, damaging
properties and other valuables in the living room, kitchen and other sections
of the apartment. What baffled many according to eye witness was the way H/S/E
Henry Oloyede Adelakun
despite wearin the revered Sultana dress was
shouting “Mo fe muje, mo fe muje” (I want to suck
blood 2x)  in the presence of the
Shepherd Venerable Most Senior
Evangelist Julius Omoniyi
 who had
rushed to the scene as a result of strident calls to his phone. Another thing that allegedly baffled
the people was the way and manner Adelakun’s wife was shouting on top
of her voice while her husband and son wrecked havoc saying “Leave my husband’s
church; anyone who is not happy should leave the church for him, it is my
husband’s church etc”.

of the victims of the mayhem later visited the Moshalasi Police station
where they documented the case before obtaining documents for medical treatment
of the wounded members at the General Hospital, Oke Odo as a result of their
severe injuries.  For instance H/S/E
mouth was allegedly stitched and since then his right
eyeball has refused to function perfectly. H/S/E Adelakun on the other hand was
not done as he put a call to another member of the appeasement team Cape
Elde Brother
Kola threatening him with death and
spiritual attack. The evangelist allegedly said to Brother Kola on four
occasions he called that “I will spend my last money to see that you are ruined

How the Church leaderships will handle
the crisis

the aggrieved church members want the CCC Authorities to suspend or rusticate Honorary
Evangelist Henry Oloyede Adelakun whom they alleged is also a
cultist and his cohorts who were named in the petition. They also accused the shepherd
in charge V/M/S/E Julius Omoniyi of colluding with Adelakun by not giving
the Youth of the church a chance to operate against the rule of the church
leadership which stipulates that the youth arm of every parish must conduct
service for a Sunday in the month. They alleged that the leaders have banned
all the church youths from operating and the church is likely to end as a
pariah parish without the influence of the youth in the nearest future.

this blog called to clarify the position of the Pastor on the St. SBJ Oschoffa
Parish, Mosan crisis last weekend, a high authority in the Media Department of
the International Headquarters, Ketu who pleaded anonymity as the Pastor has
not instructed him to speak to the media told this blog that The Pastor is already looking into
the matter and I don’t want you press men to pre-empt the position of the
Pastor. He heard about the matter before he travelled abroad last Tuesday and
he is billed to return at the end of this month”.
On weather the Pastor
is going to rusticate Adelakun and his cohorts, the source
said “You
know in the Celestial Church we don’t believe in sending people away because we
believe it is God that owns the church. But we can only discipline you and warn
you but if you refuse to tow the line of the spiritual authorities, we will
leave you to the act of God
Our source also advised us to speak with the shepherd of CCC Wonderland Parish,
Iyana Ipaja whom he described as the leader of all the parishes in the area “I
want you to talk to the Shepherd of Wonderland Parish before you do anything
because he was there when the whole thing happened and he is like the DPO of
the CCC parishes in Ipaja area; he will tell you more. The Police have also
stepped into this matter but I would have appreciated it if you will allow the
Pastor to return and take his decision so that the decision can be published
and your report will be total”