Ebenezer Obey reveals darkest side of 50 Yrs in music in new Biography +Mum’s Photo Unveiled

Evangelist (Professor) Ebenezer Obey with late Mum, Mama Abigail Oyindamola Fabiyi of Blessed Memory

Evang. (Prof.) Ebenezer
Obey Fabiyi
born precisely on the 3rd of April, 1942 at Massey Street Hospital, Lagos,
into the family of late Chief Nathaniel Olasewo Fabiyi,
an accomplished carpenter at Idogo
town who hailed from Keesi quarters of Abeokuta, and late Mrs. Abigail Oyindamola Fabiyi,
a cloth merchant at Idogo, who hailed from Lupooye family of Owu also in Abeokuta. He was named Ebenezer
Remilekun Olasupo Aremu Fabiyi
—names thoughtfully and preferentially

Early Life

Evangelist (Prof.) Ebenezer Obey…’The Young Shall Grow’

He started
his formal education at Methodist Primary
, Idogo and later moved to Odoye Elementary School, Mushin, Lagos to complete his primary education. Thereafter, he was
enrolled at the Methodist Secondary
School, Asero, Abeokuta,
to further his education. After the completion of his schooling at Abeokuta in 1958. He moved to Lagos in search of livelihood. His
legendary musical feat started at Idogo.
Obey & Music

Evangelist (Prof.) Ebenezer Obey….’The Juju Miliki King’

As a young
boy he would compose short songs while on errands or while engaged in domestic
activities. He was very much involved with the local social and musical groups
which included the Boys and
Girls Club
, Ifelodun Mambo Orchestra and of course the Royal Mambo Orchestra which he
pioneered. At school in Idogo, Mushin and Abeokuta, he was a musical young star. Again, the name ‘Obey’—a
name blessed by God: a name that has become a global reference; a name that has
become a mascot and an icon of legendary proportion—was also given to him at Idogo
by his school mates. ‘Everything started at Idogo’. Obey himself said.
How Obey got into full time Music

OBEY & his first Boss, Late Fatai Rolling Dollar (Upper Pics)

On getting
to Lagos, he started a new life with
odd jobs as a vendor, labourer and so on. He worked as a clerical assistant as
well. On the ticket of fate, he came across two gentle men musicians by the
names of Bamgbose and Akinbomi Savage who hired him for
their band. Through them, he came across Fatai Rolling Dollars. Obey and Fatai became very close. When Fatai
decided to start his own band, it was natural for Obey to be part of it. So, they started Niger Rhytm Brothers, a
five member band which Obey was the
second in command (Captain) and the composer. After five years of working with Fatai, Obey formed his own group, the International Brothers and this
became a milestone in his journey to stardom.
Obey & Women/Marriage

Obey & the Only Women that tolerated him, Late Madam Juliana Obey-Fabiyi (Nee Olaide)

It is a
common place with young stars all over the world to be largely involved with
women, wine and weed. Obey was a
different young star. He has learnt to put enough measure of moderation in
everything he does right from the onset. He never broke the composure but
rather he was thinking of settling down early enough. He singled out a cool
headed personality like himself whose parents raised objection on the ground
that their daughter would not marry a ‘musician’. Obey had to let go of her but as the Lord would have it, he met
another well behaved and decent young lady by the name of Juliana Olaide right in
his ‘face me I face you’ house at Amu Street, Mushin. The relationship grew deeper and they tied it up in holy
matrimony in 1963. The union is blessed with children, grand children and great
grand children today.
His first deal with Decca

Obey…The Super Star

As a
determined young man, Obey approached
West Africa Ltd
, a Record Company to solicit for a recording contract
and this was initially not yielding any favorable response. But with an
unprecedented favor from the then MD of Decca, Mr. C.K. Cress, Obey was able to secure a recording
contract which came out with single hits such as “Ewa wo ohun Oju mi ri”, “Oloomi”,
and so on. These brought him to limelight and his records traveled all over
the country and beyond. Everyone knew that a new musician was in town.
Obey became very successful, he sold more
records than anyone before him and perhaps made more money than all.
The Divine Call

Obey…The Man of God

 While he was waxing bigger in fame and
stardom, he started sensing a divine call of God in the inner most recess of
his heart. To ‘appease’ the burden of
this call, he got involved in various evangelistic works, he built churches, he
sponsored missionary works and much more, but with specific messages delivered
to him from God by great men and women of God, coupled with his personal
experiences, it became obvious that the Lord wanted him personally in his
vineyard. In obedience to the call, he willfully yielded himself and was
ordained into the work of ministry in 1992 by late Archbishop Benson Idahosa,
during his 50th birthday celebration.
We can say
God has blessed Obey in every way and he has lived a fulfilled and great life.
Everything he touches turns to gold. He is a man favored by God and men.
The Dark Moments of Life

Obey…The Philosopher

However, he
never had it all smooth. He had rough edges, tough moments and dark moments. Is
it the loss of one of his lieutenant, Oke Aminu, in his prime, or the
remarkable fire incidence in London
and the one in Nigeria, or is it the
bitter pills of false rumors, misrepresentation, betrayals and envy that Obey had to swallow again and again, or
is it business downturn that greeted his investments, or is it the devastating
demise of his wife of almost half a century?. In all Obey recorded as a musician, so also he became a successful Evangelist and Pastor to the glory of God. Ebenezer Obey Evangelistic Ministries
became a big ministry with the church arm of the ministry, Decross Gospel Mission,
growing in leaps and bounds with many branches all over, apart from great
outreaches, crusades and praise meetings are being conducted in and out of the
The Badges of Honor

Obey @ 75…The Man of Honor

Obey has received so many awards which
include Most Distinguished Citizen (Ogun State Government), Africa’s
Best Performer
(Canada) Evergreen Award (Nigeria Music
Award), Member of the Federal Republic (Federal Government of Nigeria),
of Peace
(Ogun State Government) and so on. As an accomplished
businessman and entrepreneur, he has established a number of companies and he
has been in the leadership and on board of many organized professional and
regulatory bodies, including the Nigeria
Copyrights Commission
(NCC) and Copyright
Society of Nigeria
New Title of Honor

Obey….The Professor Emeritus of Music

Now a
Professor Emeritus of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State and a fulfilled septuagenerian, Obey is spending the rest of his life in the service of God and
humanity. He is still very much involved in Evangelistic works and in
conclusion, we celebrate a living legend who turned 75 on April 3rd,
2017 and we thank God for a true African, a human dynamo, a man that has left
an imprint and impression on the sand of time, a statesman, a respected
clergyman, a foremost musician, a family man, a classical model, a beloved of
the Lord, Evangelist (Prof.) Ebenezer Obey-Fabiyi (MFR), JP. 

Obey….The Family Man


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