Exclusive! Late Dagrin’s sister marries Jumia Big Boy | Asabeafrika gets bits-by-bits of the Lagos Event

Wale & Bukky looks into the future with great excitement

Sunday 13th of December,
2015 the Oretuga Community of Meiran under Agbado-Oke- Odo LGA-Lagos-South West Nigeria came alive as the
family house of late pioneer of Yoruba  indigenous Rap Music in Nigeria Oladapo Olaonipekun aka Dagrin came alive as his immediate
younger sister Mojisola  Oluwabukola Olaonipekun had her
traditional wedding engagement with Jumia
online marketing company big boy, Adewale

The event which had the presence of numerous members of the bride
and groom’s family including friends and well wishers in attendance was a one
under the supervision of only invited family and close friends of both families.
Your Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog Asabeafrika brings you scoops from the event. Enjoy!

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The GDA meets the Groom
The Family
By 4pm dot,
the groom’s family was already seated in equal proportion with bride’s family
inside Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji
family compound to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.
While the Olaonipekun family of Owu-Egba (Bride family) took the right
side of the compound, the Gbojuwo family
(Groom family) of Odogbolu-Ijebu,
all in Ogun state-South West Nigeria took the left side of the compound and the
process began earnestly.  Princess Folashade Adebisi aka Igbehindu
was the Alaga Iduro for the event.

Getting Up to a New Life with Dad & Mum

Arrival of the Bride
The next
item on the list of event was the introduction of the bride to the gathering.
This segment was ushered in by beating of drums and traditional songs
signifying that a marriage is taking place and in tandem with Yoruba culture
and tradition as the bride was led out of her fortress by the Obinrin
(Group of native household Women) and a team of younger women as well. Looking
radiant and happy on her day of joy, Olubukola
danced her legs to the gathering and stood in between the two families before
the next item beckoned.

The Couple with Groom’s Parents

So, where is the groom?
That was the
big question that followed as both family waited with sustained anxiety to see
where the groom will emerge from. To make matter worse, Adewale had stormed his in-law’s place with many of his elder
brothers like Olasunkanmi and Opeyemi Gbojuwo among many others. At
this junction, Olubukola was asked
to go handpick her man among the many handsome faces seated. She didn’t
disappoint in the task as she danced into the crowd of men from Gbojuwo family and touched Wale by his chin. A huge applause,
laughter and beating of drums and general appreciation followed her action as
she danced to the front with her new man.

Groom’s family set to beg Chief Olaonipekun for daughter’s hand in marriage

Dad & Daughter’s Comedy Show
If there is
one hidden talent Comrade Olaniyi
Abolaji Olaonipekun
has in proper abundance, it is the talent of comedy and
the ability to make his guests laugh at any given opportunity. He was at his
best when the bride led her groom to him and the family and knelt for
blessings. When the microphone was given to Comrade Olaonipekun to speak, he swiftly handed the microphone back
to his daughter, urging her to tell the family what and why the event is taking
place? At this junction, Bukola said
“I am here to introduce my Adewale
son of Gbojuwo to my
family to enable him have a proper advantage of me”…

Comrade Chief & Chief (Mrs.) Abolaji Olaonipekun

..And the Comrade became Chief
At hearing
his daughter calling her groom Wale’s name to the letter and adding “Akanji”, (Native appellation) the
comrade took the microphone from his daughter 
and applauded Bukola for such
ingenuity “You have just proven to the world that we gave you good training in
this house” Comrade Olaonipekun
retorted and continued “In today’s world, hardly would you find a woman who can
clearly call the Oriki  (Native appellation) of her husband”. It was
at this junction that Comrade
made his new
known to the public and his in-laws. The Comrade had asked Bukola to tell his family in clear
terms why she is bringing Wale to
them. Bukola while informing her
family of her decision said ‘I, the
daughter of Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji
and that was where dad objected to daughter as he swiftly retrieved the
microphone from her “You are not just a
daughter to the
comrade, you are a
daughter to Comrade Chief Olaniyi
Abolaji Olaonipekun
and the crowd of guest erupted with laughter and
applauses. Yes, nine days to that time, precisely Saturday December 5th,
Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji Olaonipekun
was installed as the Balogun of
Alabelapo land
in Itori, Ewekoro LGA of Ogun state by Baale Musibao Shobayo. Alabelapo is an Owu town in Itori
Kingdom and the title of Balogun is
the highest in the land. The import of the new information caught the attention
of everyone including the Gbojuwo family
who instantly knew that they were not just asking for the hand of an ordinary
comrade’s daughter in marriage but the hand of the daughter of a full fledge Chief or Comrade-Chief. The drift of the moment caught everyone’s attention
as the “Chief” nomenclature was from that moment added to “Comrade” to make any
statement that had to do with the Bride’s father. Even when Wale took Bukola to his own family side at the same event and he mistakenly
said ‘I am Presenting Mojisola
Abefe (Don’t forget
she also called him Akanji) daughter of Comrade Olaniyi Abolaji to my family….’
There was uproar of “Chief!!!” by the watching crowd and he quickly added the
“Chief” to “Comrade” for special effect. 

The Couple being blessed by the bride’s Parent

Both families prayed…
The next
item was a shower of prayers and blessings by both the Olaonipekun and Gbojuwo family
as both the groom and his bride first took a “Royal Blessing” (Courtesy Comrade
Chief Olaonipekun and his wife) from the bride’s family before moving to the
groom’s family side where the groom’s mum and elders of the family prayed for both
Wale and Bukola for a prosperous happy married life.

‘Please, sir, give us Bukky, we can take care of her’ Gbojuwo family begs Comrade Chief Olaonipekun

And Bride’s Ex appeared
The Yoruba
people of the South West of Nigeria are full of cultural norms, idiosyncrasies
and beliefs. It was during the introduction segment of representatives of both
families. The Bride’s families were first to introduce themselves as bride’s
brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties took turn to introduce themselves one
after the other. But one guy who stole the show was handsome Abiola Oluwaseyi Olaonipekun, he is the
next boy after late Dagrin. His
appearance at the introduction segment elicited applauses as he was welcomed
and introduced as ‘the bride’s ex-husband’ (Which simply means he was the
closest man to her in the family and as a result the coming of Wale the groom
into Bukola’s life must have slighted his esteem one way or the other), the Alaga
had asked him to speak and clear his conscience if he was sincere
with the marriage between Buki and Wale to which he said “Mo ti yanda pata-pata” (I give her
totally out to him) and to show how graceful he was to have given his ‘ex’ to
the Jumia big boy, he quickly
stepped to the podium to meet Wale and gave him a good  hug spiced with a good smile to the
admiration of  both families and guests
who responded with smiles and applauses.
The Bride’s Family 
On the
bride’s side were the bride’s family; they are Dr. and Mrs. Bayode Vincent Ayodele
(Dagrin’s mum’s elder brother), Mrs.
Fowoke Adonri
(Dagrin’s dad’s sister) Mrs.
Ibidunni Hassan
(Dad’s sister), Mrs.
Modupe Owoseni
(Dad’s sister), Mrs.
Olasunbo Lawrence
(Dad’s sister), Mrs.
Maryam Sohe
(Dad’s sister), Mr. Muyiwa Lawrence (Dad’s younger
brother), and Honorable Sunday Lawrence
aka Egun
from Edo State (Dad’s younger brother) among many others
too numerous to mention.  Two of Comrade Chief Olaniyi Abolaji Olaonipekun’s
wives were also at the event; they are Madam
Oluwakemi Olaonipekun
and Madam
Abimbola Olaonipekun.

The Couple with Bride’s friends

Brides’ sisters too
sisters were never in short supply at the even as they appear in shapes and
sizes giving the impression that Comrade
Chief Olaniyi Abolaji Olaonipekun
had more daughters to offer for good
intentioned suitors in the distance time apart from Oluwabukola. They are Oluwatoyin
Olawunmi Ogundinmu Nathaniel
(Married). She is daughter to one of the elder
wives as Dagrin and Bukola’s mum is wife No 3 for the Alabelapo
chief. Others are beautifully endowed Olabimpe
Olaonipekun. She described herself
as Bukola’s first daughter as she is
the next girl to her. Dasola Olaonipekun
is the next girl of the family and probably the last girl. It appears to us
that Comrade Chief Olaonipekun loves
giving his children covenant and prophetic names like “Ola” (Wealth) as all the
girls and boys in his family has “Ola” attached to their names in one way or
the other. Even the late Dagrin is
known as “Oladapo”. See why it is good to fetch a wife from Dagrin’s family?

The GDA meets an Elder of the Gbojuwo Family

Meet Groom’s family
The Gbojuwo family of Odogbolu is indeed
stylish and full of charisma. They came in convoys of cars and most of the men
appeared with their wives.  They were led
by Alhaji M.A. Adegbesan, head of
the family. They are Elder Olusegun
,  Mrs. Victoria Agejaife, Mrs.
Victoria Gbojuwo,
(Groom’s elder brother), Oloyede
Gbojuwo (Groom’s elder brother), Mrs. Awolusi and Mrs. Ajibade (All groom’s mum’s younger sisters) Alhaji Murithala Kareem, Princess Adunola Oladimeji, Opeyemi Gbojuwo (Groom’s sister) and Mrs. Omowunmi Kosoko, CEO, Jogland Investment among many others too numerous to mention.

‘My name is Adewale Gbojuwo and i am here to take away Bukola Olaonipekun’

Groom’s Men too
On a day
like this, you see them in droves-the groom’s friends or groom’s men as it
pleases you to call them.  They all came
to support the groom in their best dresses and best moods. They are Ismail Olawale, Emeka Ndabugwo, Bashiru
Suleiman Danbaba
and many other big boys who drove in at different
intervals of the event. They all made the day hippy and dapper for Wale and his bride Bukola.

Couple with Well-wishers

Meet the Stars of both families
Call them
stars of both families, you won’t miss it. But if you call them “The Big Men”
of the two Olaonipekun and Gbojuwo families, then you are very
close to it.  For both the Olaonipekun and Gbojuwo family there were men and women who can be termed men or women
of timber and caterpillar. But we will limit our reach to just these two men;
they are Dr. Bayode Vincent Ayodele,
he is the senior brother to bride’s mum. He is a medical expert of over two
decades and runs Phonix Hospitals in
Lagos and also the proprietor of T&T
Medical Center
in Lagos as well. He came with his pretty wife, Faith. The other big man on the Gbojuwo family side is Alhaji Murithala Kareem aka Muri
, junior brother to groom’s mother. He is the CEO of De Muri Africana Food, an indoor and outdoor food company with a major restaurant
off Wale
, Ikeja-Lagos. Once his name was mentioned, there was elation in
the air as the Alaga Iduros and every other guests on the groom’s family side
hailed him to high heaven with drums and song of K-1 De Ultimate. He also spent
a lot for the Alaga Iduros and selected guests.

Groom’s Mum, Madam Gbojuwo with Elder Olusegun Gbojuwo

And the Groom Wept…
It was
during the closing prayer session when the head of the Groom’s family Alhaji M.A. Adegbesan was conducting
the final prayer for the two hours event in Islamic way. He quickly urged the
guests and everybody to observe a minute silence for the father of the groom
who is said to have died recently. Alhaji
described the late Gbojuwo
as a man who worked so hard to secure the education of his children and a kind
and caring father, it was at the end of the one minute silence and prayer
session that it was discovered that Wale,
the groom and his two brothers Sunkanmi
and Oloyede had developed red
swollen eyes in total submission to the blessed memory of their late father.
The groom was seeing being consoled by his new bride, Bukola as he wiped away the tears with his white hanky. While his
two elder brothers wore their own pain into long moments, Wale soon wore a smile to his face courtesy Buki but still with a pinch of pain written on his face for late
dad. See why it is good to have a new bride?
The Lovebirds called Wale & Bukky

The gift from Gbojuwo family
The Event Venue
Newly Wedded Mr. & Mrs. Gbojuwo
Menu! Menu!! Menu!!!
Groom’s Mum with the Couple

‘Did i just cried for my late dad’ Wale seems to ask Bukky
Daughter, Dad & Hubby

Dagrin’s Younger sister, Mojisola Oluwabukola Olaonipekun now Mrs. Gbojuwo

Couple with more Groom’s Associates
Bukola Preparing to crown her Husband in her first Wardrobe Assignment
Alhaji M.A. Adegbesan offering final prayers and appreciation on behalf of Gbojuwo family

‘We are the only Olaonipekun family of Oretuga’
(Watch out
for exclusive interview from the bridegroom on this blog after this time out)


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