Exclusive Wedding Photos from the Ogundokun & Olokun-Ola’s Nuptial in Lagos + What Their Parent told us…

Yinka Olokun-Ola & Oyindamola Ogundokun on their Wedding Day in Lagos

In this concluding Part of the
October 20th, 2016 traditional nuptial of one of the pretty
daughters of eminent Nigerian Publisher and Politician, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun  to Ikorodu-Lagos
State born legal expert, Barrister Azeez
Olokun-Ola, we bring
you the rare wedding photos of the groom and bride Oyindamola amidst many other things that happened at the event
which was attended by 22 royal fathers from Osun State—South West Nigeria. The Pictures tells more stories as
you read more stories from the octane event which took place at the Conscience
International Magazine’s Publisher’s FESTAC, Lagos home. Asabeafrika brings you more…

Yinka shows his Gold Ring to the World before endowing Oyindamola’s finger with it…

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The Ring, The Man & his love for her….
Yinka fixes Oyindamola with a Gold Ring as his Preferred One for life
Oyindamola kisses her brand new Wedding Ring…
‘Oyindamola, you are very dear to my heart’
‘Oyin dear, i give you my love’
‘Baby, you are my inestimable jewel’
‘Baby, i will always cater for your head’
‘Baby, i will always watch your back for you’
‘Baby, make we kiss joor. No mind the crowd’
‘Baby, you are cool, i value your presence in my life’
‘Baby, you are sweet. I love you’
‘Let us pray together’
Oyindamola caps her man amid-st silent prayers…
‘Omo yi mo ise sha?’ Yinka gives a look to his heartthrob, Oyindamola
‘So, you fit cap me?’ Yinka seems to be asking Oyindamola
‘I just love you, baby’ Yinka tells Oyin
‘This moment is sacred to us’
‘We are happy to be ONE’ Oyindamola says with her cheerful looks
‘She is now my own for real’ Yinka seems to be telling all the Alarenas…
‘Baby, i will cater for you forever’ Yinka tells his new bride, Oyindamola
‘I don marry her ooo’ Yinka winks at friends and Associates
‘We dey chop Knuckle ooo’ Yinka and Oyindamola posses for Asabeafrika
‘This is where i belong’ Yinka tells all as he picks Oyindamola
 Behold! The Photo Soiree…
If there was
one thing that characterized the Ogundokun/Olokun-Ola nuptial, it was
the creativity that came with every mood that followed the nuptial after it was
conducted in the glare of the royal fathers, guests and well-wishers. It was a
rare and splendid moment characterized with laughter, joy and sheer enthusiasm
of love between the bridegroom and his adorable bride. The couple gave our
creative team of wedding photographers some wow moments to play with as they
laughed, kissed, held each other affectionately, carried each other and dressed
each other before the public. Oyindamola, the only child of High
Chief Ogundokun
who studied mass communication among his many children
practically dressed her man in the glare of the public as she put his cap on
his head in a symbolic gesture which shows her profound love and affection for
him and which equally says a lot about her role in his life as wife. The
bridegroom later gave his beautiful bride a golden 6-Karat ring which is the
precious dream of every lucky bride. Oyindamola showed her gratitude with
a cheerful smile and a kiss to her finger that held the ring. It was such an
awesome moment for the couple. It was Oyindamola’s best moments. Asabeafrika
captured some of the moods here and we give it to you live.
One of the Royal fathers Onisara of Feesu-Iwo with his Wife, Olori Bolanle
Meet Obas who storm event with their
Some of the Kabiyesis
actually attended the event with their Oloris (Wives). Some of the
prominent ones who attended with their wives are His Royal Majesty, Oba
Folorunsho Agboade Makanju
(Osunsoko 1) the Aragberi of Iragberi land
who stormed the event with his Olori (Dr.) Omolola Makanju.
Others are Oba Moshood Alamu (Oparaoke 1); the Onisara of Feesu who came
with his wife, Olori Bolanle Alamu. The Ologburo
of Ogburo kingdom
also came with his wife, Olori Adenike.
Son of late Olu of Agege, Prince Olawale Ogunji (in white) with Mum, Olori Dorcas Ogunji in rare pose with the Oluwo of Iwo land, His Imperial Majesty Oba Abdulateef Adewale Akanbi (TELU 1)
The GDA with another daughter of High Chief Abiola Ogundokun, Titilayo
Late Olu of Agege’s son honors
The late Olu
of Agege
, Oba Rufus Omoyele Ogunji would have attended the event if he
was still alive, due to his cordial relationship with the Iwo born High
Chief Abiola Ogundokun
but his absence was adequately compensated with
the presence of his son, Prince Olawale Ogunji who stormed
the event with his mum, Iya Afin Dorcas Ogunji. They were well
received by bride’s dad High Chief Abiola Ogundokun.
Prince Ayoade Lawal, CEO, Lawizo Ranch and Farms (L) with Arole of Erin Osun land, Prince (Alhaji) Omoloye Adeola, scion of the Elerin of Erin Osun land
Ife Prince, Ayoade Lawal came
This very dynamic
Nigerian business man is a fully fledged royal blood with his gene connected to
several Yoruba kingdoms. Prince
Ayoade Lawal
who is the Chairman of Wizo Nigeria Ltd and Lawizo
Raunch and Farms Ltd
has a royal blood in Iwo, Ile-Ife and Ibadan.
His father is from the royal Ile-Ago in Iwo while mum has her
root in the royal Giesi ruling home of Ile-Ife.  His paternal grand mum is from the
prestigious Ogunmola royal family of Ibadan
and in fact, her own dad was the late Oba Ogunmola. His paternal grand dad
is from Ile-Opa in Oyo,
He was one of the most respected guests at the event as many of the royal
fathers related with him well.
Alhaji Lukman Azeez Ogunbamibi
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun kept the momentum of the event as he monitored everything
Ibadan big boy, Ogunbamibi storm
He is almost
like a son to bride’s dad, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun. His name
is Alhaji
Lukman Azeez
Ogunbamibi, a former Chairman of the
league of traditional circumcision doctors of Nigeria (Oloola) and now the 2nd
trustee of the organization. High Chief Ogundokun is the National
Patron of the association.  This Ibadan
big boy was seen coordinating events and didn’t leave Chief’s house until night
Bride’s sister, Opeyemi Olowo (R) with Couple and a guest
Couple with Bride’s mum and Groom’s Uncle
Funmi Olusunmade too…
The very
pretty author of ‘Before tomorrow Comes’ and ‘Bad Things of Life’ was one of the
auspicious guests who graced the occasion. Chief (Mrs.) Funmi Olusunmade is her
name. The fair complexioned lady was one of the guests who didn’t leave the
Chief’s house until night fall.
The Oluwo  of Iwo, His Imperial Majesty Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi storm the dancing stage
Over 20 Royal Fathers stood with High Chief Abiola Ogundokun at daughter’s nuptial
Iyalaje and Babaloja of Iwo came…
Chief (Mrs.) Funmilayo Jabaru is a famous personality in Iwo
land. She is the Iyalaje of Iwo Kingdom. She was at the wedding with
legion of other ladies from Iwo town. Also, the Babaloja
of Iwo land
, Alhaji Asiru Ogundokun was in full
gear at the event.  He is an elder
brother to the bride’s father, High Chief Abiola Ogundokun.
The two were also present at Uyioghosa Ogundokun’s traditional
nuptial with Osagie Elaiho in August.
The Alaga Iduro Mrs. Olusola Adekanla of Radio Lagos
Radio Lagos Presenter, Olusola
Adekanla is Alaga Eto
Gifted Radio
Lagos Presenter, Mrs. Olusola Adekanla, the presenter of the famous radio shows “Ojutaiye” coordinated the wedding
ceremony with her co-Alaga Iduros.
Her Company, Idana Koncept was very creative with the event as her team
which included Olukemi Akintola Samuel not only cracked jokes amidst singing,
dancing and welcoming of guests. But they also came with a two man traditional
drum team who used traditional rhythms to welcome or honor the presence of
royal guests and very important personalities who graced the occasion.
Over 50 Women from Olokun-Ola family in Ikorodu begs High Chief Abiola Ogundokun and wife Lady Bola Ogundokun for his daughter’s hand in marriage
The Over 50 Women from the Olokun-Ola family taking their pledge to give care to Chief Ogundokun’s daughter before the Royal Fathers
How over 50 Women ‘begged’ Chief Ogundokun
for daughter’s hand
The bride
family lead by Engineer W.O Olokunola  (Groom’s Uncle)and Alhaja Lateefat Ajoke Olokun-Ola
(Groom’s mum) in company of over 50 women and men later stood to meet Chief
Abiola Ogundokun
and his wife Bola who were seated in the middle
of the compound. They exchanged traditional pleasantries and greetings which
suggest they were ready to take Oluwafunlayo Oyindamola Ogundokun
as their daughter. The ceremony was characterized with fun, laughter and total
humility as the women went on their kneel to beg the bride’s dad for his pretty
daughter’s hand in marriage. They repeated same feat to the royal fathers after
taking a pledge to take care of Oyindamola as their own daughter.  Both families later stood up to embrace each
other before taking a final blessing from the array of Royal Fathers. 

Mr. & Mrs. Olokun-Ola

‘E be like say i don marry you o, abi?’ Yinka whispers to Oyindamola

Groom storm Ogundokun’s home with over
50 friends.

It was some
minutes past 1pm in the afternoon when Barrister Azeez Olayinka Olokun-Ola,
the Ikorodu born lawyer stormed his
father-in-laws’s FESTAC home with legion of friends who included politicians,
lawyers, business men and entrepreneurs; as if to intimidate his Royal in-laws,
teaming crowd of friends first greeted Chief
and his wife, Bola before extending their humble
gesture to the royal fathers who in turn blessed them. Among groom’s friends
are Akin-Omo
and Seni Oseni of Lagos Internal Revenue Services.  Others are Babatunde Kuti aka Visibility of Africa, Mayokun
Thomas Oluwatoyin, Gbolahan aka Iso of Yankee, Yinka Remit, Mastee Dollars, Wale
, Seun Iluyemi, Atiku (Gbogbo Ikere),
Jaiyeoba, Demola Demurin, Gbenga Oshodi aka Gbogbo Confab, Ojo Olalekan aka Lokosun, Wale Fagade Jelili, Kenny,
, Tolu Ogunsanya aka Toronto, Kayode Oseni, Doky
, Al-Amin aka Gbogbo Ikorodu and
Lanlehin among many other Lagos big boys too numerous to
mention. Barrister Sherif Adebayo was his best man.   
The Oluwo of Iwo land in rare pose with couple and both families
The Couple with Bride’s Parent and Groom’s parent
The Couple with some relatives
The Lagos & Ijebu comedy show…
& Olokun-Ola traditional nuptials were
filled with lots of fun and one of such was when the Groom and his men were to
offer their traditional greetings to the father and mother of the bride. Due to
the huge number of his friends, who followed him to offer prostrations to High
Chief Abiola Ogundokun
, the MC, Olukemi Akintola Samuel had asked
them to give their names and their place of birth. Every one abided until the
Alaga Iduros began a competition on which city is superior between Lagos (Eko) and Ijebu. The bride’s mum is from
while groom’s mum is from Lagos (Ikorodu) while a majority of
the crowd agreed that Lagos was superior to Ijebu
in terms of economic viability and social accommodation, another group disagreed
insisting that Ijebu is superior in
terms of affluence and conservative wealth. However, Olukemi Akintola Samuel the
Co-MC/Alaga Iduro knocked her boss, Mrs.
Olusola Adekanla
and the Lagos-aggressor group down when she raised a
copy of a hundred naira note and asked the crowd what is the tribe of the man
on the note? Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s name was chorused by the crowd of
guests (He is from Ijebu-Ikenne) and that sealed the argument. However, the
Lagos crowd continued to insist with a large voice that Lagos was bigger than Ijebu.
As for Iwo, where bride’s dad hail from, when Chief Ogundokun was asked ‘how
much is a land in Iwo’ he simply answered ‘Six Million’ and the crowd echoed
with laughter. So, between Iwo, Lagos & Ijebu, which city is the most expensive? Over to you readers!   
Yinka & Oyindamola….The journey down here was not easy….
Funny things Groom did for his father-in-law…
The Alaga
could be funny at times and on this occasion, they brought
laughter to so many jaws as they ordered the groom to do so many things just to
prove to everyone that he is capable of marrying the daughter of High
Abiola Ogundokun. One of such was when the groom was asked to
shake his buttocks to the High Chief and the Alaga Iduro said “Chief, you can see that your new son-in-law is not wearing pampers and
we pray he would not wear pampers after marrying your daughter”.
They later
asked the Lagos State University alumni to breathe in and breathe out, and once
he did to their satisfaction, the Alaga Iduro again said “You can see he does not have tuberculoses”
and everyone erupted in laughter. The groom and his men later turned to the
over 20 royal fathers for blessings.
Pretty Oyindamola Olokun-Ola (Nee Ogundokun)
The arrival of the Bride…
 The arrival of the bride was awesome as the
crowd of guest had over anticipated her arrival. The very charming, beautiful
and sexy Oyindamola out of courtesy first greeted the royal fathers
before facing family and in-laws. She was accompanied by beautiful friends and
maids who heralded her welcome with great jubilation.
‘Your Bom-Bom is mine forever’ Yinka seems to be saying to his Lady, Oyindamola
The funniest Prayer…
The Alaga
shocked the entire guests once again when they asked the bride
to stand and look at her groom inside the reception shed, she was to carry out
certain things before going to meet him and offer prayers with him. After
telling the bride to profess all the good things like buying of houses, buying
of cars, buying of this and that by her groom, for her. She was asked to pray
and shout ‘my bom-bom, my bom-bom, another woman will not take your place in his
life in Jesus name’
and it was both a chorus of ‘Amen’ and laughter
that greeted the action. It was the funniest prayer of the day. The bride later
finished her traditional gestures which include receiving traditional prayers
from the royal fathers, her parent, in-laws, family and well-wishers before
joining her man in the stead and they became one.
The Oluwo of Iwo joins the Ogundokuns of Iwo land to hand over Oyindamola’s hand to the Olokun-Olas of Ikorodu land
‘Mummy, mo ma spoil yin ga’an ni o’ Yinka seems to be telling his mother-in-law, Bola
Couple storm Band Stand
Bride’s Mum, Bola Akadiri Ogundokun shows her joy on the band stand
Mr. & Mrs. Olokun-Ola stepping into wedlock
Senator Anthony Adefuye showers newly wedded Mr. & Mrs. Olokun-Ola with wads of Naira notes
‘Make We dance Jare’
How Oluwo finally handed over
Oyindamola to the Olokun-Olas
It was the
last action before every one took to the dancing floor. The Paramount ruler of Iwo land, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi
(Ilufemiloye-TELU 1) had stood both the couple and their parent (Each family
facing each other) in a traditional prayer session that lasted about 15
minutes. The Oluwo who asked for good health, happiness, quality and healthy
children, wealth and long live for the couple in his prayer later joined hand
with High
Abiola Ogundokun as they handed over Oyindamola to the Olokun-Ola
family. Uncle to the Bridegroom, Engineer W.O. Olokun-Ola and his
mum, Alhaja
Lateefat Ajoke Olokun-Ola
received Oluwafunmilayo Oyindamola Ogundokun’s
hand as she became Mrs. Oluwafunmilayo Oyindamola Olokun-Ola.

Bridegroom’s Mum, Alhaja Lateefat Ajoke Olokun-Ola

My son is a good CookGroom’s

In a close
encounter with Asabeafrika, mother of the Bridegroom, Alhaja Lateefat Ajoke
gave her prayers and wishes for the new couple “I am Alhaja Lateefat Ajoke Olokunola, the
groom’s mum. I am one of the happiest women today and I wish them happy married
and fruitful life”
When this blog asked if her son is skilled in kitchen
affairs, she reacted with an exclamation “Haa”
before giving her verdict  “My son is a (good) cook. He is not a lazy man;
he is not a lazy person. All of them always visit the kitchen, it doesn’t
matter their sex, weather you are a boy or a girl. Gbogbo won lon mo ounje n se.
Yinka is good at that. Yes, he is a
lawyer but that will not stop him from doing kitchen things if opportunity
She ended with more prayers
“I wish them a happy married life, a fruitful life. The advice I can give them
is to have tolerance and perseverance for each other. I pray they will be each
other’s friends. I wish them a successful marriage life”.
The GDA with Bride’s Mum Lady Bola Akadiri Ogundokun
I want Couple to communicate moreBride’s
Bride’s mum,
Bola Akadiri Ogundokun
spoke to Asabeafrika “Oh, I feel good for today’s event, I blessed the name of the Lord for
His grace and I wish they will do such a thing for their own children in the
mighty name of Jesus; I pray that the marriage shall be for signs and wonder in
the mighty name of Jesus. L’oruko Jesu, it shall be well with them o. Alekun
Ore lo ma je fun won, I am so happy. I blessed the name of the lord”.
Mrs. Ogundokun who thanked her husband, High
Chief Abiola Ogundokun
for being a great father to his children ended
with a golden advice to the couple “My
advice to the couple is that they should relate with each other like brothers
and sisters. They should not fight each other, if there is anything they need
to know, they should communicate. In marriage, communication is powerful.
Communication is of great essence. I pray that God will control the marriage
for them in the mighty name of Jesus I advice that whatever happens between the
two of them, they should just call themselves and correct themselves with love
and understanding. That is the golden advice I have for both of them”.
High Chief Abiola Ogundokun, Otunbalogun of Iwo Kingdom with the Olu of Iwo Land, HIM, Oba Abdulateef Adewale Akanbi (Ilufemiloye-TELU 1)
What Chief Ogundokun said to Asabeafrika
When Asabeafrika
asked the Octogenarian Chief Abiola Ogundokun to advise his daughter and her
husband, he reacted back in full Yoruba dialect. Hear him ‘Awon Omo mi o ni sori buruku. Won
o ni ku mon lowo. Iya won o ni sori buruku, won o ma bimo, won a ma ri nkan re
se. Olorun mi o s’ina fun won; Won a d’olowo. Won a dolokiki, won o ni se
aisan. Ibanuje o ni bawon. Owo aiye o ni t’ewon. Awon ni o ma s’egun ota o.
Ogundokun o se, o s’aseye, gbogbo won naa ni o s’asaye. Lagbara olorun’ amin!