How last minute efforts to save Peace Anyiam Osigwe’s brother’s life failed | “They have burnt down an entire Library of wisdom and compassion”—Lardner | “He rejected several countries’ citizenship for Nigeria”—Carter

Peace Anyiam Osigwe 

the news broke last night (Sunday 30th) that one of the famous Osigwe brothers, Michael Anyiam Osigwe has
passed away after blood loss as a result of bullet wound he sustained from
armed robbery attack on Saturday November 29th on the Okada-Benin express way on his way to the East nobody believed.  

is one of the sons of late Igbo billionaire Chief Anyiam Osigwe and elder producer to African Movie Academy
Awards founder, Peace Anyiam-Osigwe.

 One of Michael’s protégés Tunji Lardner on his
twitter page linked the killing of Michael
Anyima Osigwe
by robbers to “the burning down of an entire library filled
with love, wisdom and compassion”

“Oh, no, I am devastated. Michael is
one of the great men of our time; my thoughts go out to the Anyiam-Osigwe
family, may they find strength in this terrible time”

the information first broke on the face book account of another protégé and
friend of the deceased, Ajayi Temitope
with a narration of the sudden demise which went thus:
 “We begged God to spare
your life after the vicious attack on you by armed robbers yesterday (November
29th). We cried to God to give you more time to live. It has pleased
God to take you. In all, He is still God and He knows better. Michael Anyiam
Osigwe, my elder brother, friend, mentor, humanist, man of great intellect and
erudition, goodbye from this side of eternity. May God comfort Mama, your wife,
children, brothers, sisters and the larger Anyiam Osigwe family; painful you
are gone my dear uncle Michael. Painful and so painful, I cherish every moment
we had together. Such moments were rewarding and enriching. I will forever miss
your brotherly love and friendship”
minutes after the post a deluge of condolences started hitting Carter’s face
book account with words of pacification and commendation dominating. While some
Nigerians and foreigner alike were asking if the news was true and if the
identity of the person Carter was referring to was the same great Michael Anyiam Osigwe, some went
philosophical with their comments.

“The country continues to waste the
good ones, while the evil ones are growing in numbers. Lost to armed robbery
again? A country where security only exist in Aso Rock, what do you expect? My prayers are with the bereaved
family, another needless loss”

Adedayo Olayingbo in his post went
philosophical “Unquestionable you are the Lord. “A mu Olododo lo siwaju ojo
ibi” (The just is taken before the days of evil).
Eegunjobi Adetayo consoled friends and
family “Sorry to hear that he passed away. May his soul rest in peace” and Ebenezer Akazue’s post reads “May God
console the bereaved” (Referring to the Anyiam Osigwe family)
Michael Anyiam Osigwe 
Olumide Ademola, the death of Michael Anyiam Osigwe is sad “Hmmm! May
God keep those he left behind. Really sad”: Grace Taiwo was furious in her post which revealed that she might
be a family friend of the deceased “But we prayed…..well to God be the glory as
it has pleased Him to take him (Michael) away. May his soul rest in perfect peace;
the great comforter will console and comfort the entire family and friends. And
may God give everyone the fortitude to bear the loss”
Dayo Orolu another commentator
posted his condolence comment with a direct question to Carter “May his soul
rest in peace. A great loss indeed to humanity; a great man of knowledge, sad
his life was taken by one of the social vices he spent his life trying to
change through epistemology. May God comfort his family” Orolu’s comment
warranted an immediate response from Carter as he wondered aloud with Orolu and
gave him more details “Dayo Orolu, serious irony of life o, a man who committed
his life and resources to see that we have a good society that will work and
protect every citizen killed by criminals”.
post kept coming as Ayodele Olayinka
enthused “in everything and all things, let us give thanks to God for He is God
and would ever remain God: our prayer is that he rest and rest well”
Olufemi Ayodele a legal practitioner was
full of surprise in her post and wondered if the killing was an armed robbery
incidence? “Accept my condolence Tope. This country is bad but Tope come to
think of it; Okada to Benin is a very good road (Referring the road leading Okada
town to the east) how come? He must have been trailed. I don’t believe the
armed robbery tale. So many political killings in Nigeria today; May God save
Olujimi Jiboye regretted the inability
of Nigeria as a country to protect her brightest citizens “A country that
devours her young ones; God have mercy! Stay comforted Tope”
Adeshina Adewoyin said in his post “Sad he
eventually died but Almighty God knows best. Accept my condolence” Ruth Alade, a Lagos top girl posted “May
the Lord send His consolation, it’s very sad” and for Anuoluwayomi Ajayi “I am speechless. Yet to come to terms with his
exit, a bad dream I am wishing I can wake up from. May God console us all”
Afuye Sunday Elijah posted “May God bless and
comfort the family during this time of grief. My sincere condolence to the bereaved”
while Yemisi Komolafe-Lagunju posted
“Pele (Sorry) may his soul rest in peace and may God comfort the family he left
Osho Abiola lamented in her post “The
level of insecurity in this country is awful. Criminals have become totally
inhuman. Now, they kill for no just cause even after taking all they want. May
his soul R.I.P.”
foreigner Lilian Baksalevowicz was
full of shocks in her post to Carter’s account “Oh, no, I am devastated.
Michael is one of the great men of our time; my thoughts go out to the
Anyiam-Osigwe family, may they find strength in this terrible time”
More questions, hard answers!
face book commentators equally asked to verify how the great Osigwe brother
died and to ascertain the veracity of the armed robbery tale.  One of them is Dr. Omonowo Momoh who
asked took Carter on to find out more “Tope, was he attacked in his house or
was he attacked while he was driving on the road?” to which Ajayi Temitope Carter reacted “On the
road sir, on the express (road) going to the east between Okada and Benin”
Carter continued and gave an insight into how last minute efforts to save the
late Michael Anyiam Osigwe failed to
bring result due to the Nigerian factor “Needless death Dr. Omonowo Momoh, the
health care system failed him. No good hospital in Benin to handle him. It was
late for the helicopter to bring him to Lagos in the night. He was brought to
Lagos by road, we thought he would stabilize for him to be flown abroad later
this evening (Sunday 30th) The private jet to evacuate him abroad
was already on the tarmac  at the
(Murthala Muhammed International) airport. This was a man that rejected
citizenship from different countries because of his love for Nigeria. He
rejected citizenship offered outside Nigeria. He always said God had reason for
making him a Nigerian and he doesn’t want foreign citizenship. The country he
so much loved failed him in his hour of need”.
right activist Steve Aborisade in a
very short post exclaimed “Waoh! This is cruel” while Umar Sani another
activist posted “May his soul rest in peace”. Dr. Omonowo Momoh lamented further in a second post “The country
continues to waste the good ones, while the evil ones are growing in numbers.
Lost to armed robbery again? A country where security only exist in Aso Rock, what do you expect? My
prayers are with the bereaved family, another needless loss”
Oladeji Alao and Zadok Oluwadurotimi Emmanuel sounded more philosophical in their
submissions. For Oladeji Alao, he
posted “A leaf never drops from the tree without God knowing, though it is
painful. May God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss; RIP TO THE
post went thus “My condolence on your loss ore mi (My Friend). May his family
find comfort in Christ to bear the loss, Amen; but above this passing, I desire
that you will understand the parable of death. Let’s use our time preparing for
our departure”
His profile
Nze Michael Anyiam Osigwe in his life time was the
coordinator of the Anyiam Osigwe Group
and secretary to the supervisory board. He studied economics and went on to
obtain a master degree in social anthropology and ethnomusicology from Goldsmith College, University of London.
During his early work experience with Tsakos-Pedmacgrek
Shipping JV,
1986-1990 he acquired both training and experience in ship
management and operations. He was a member of IBIA (International Bunker
Industry Association) and benefitted from various international seminars and
workshops on shipping and marine operations. Nze Ayiam-Osigwe was the Director of Operations for former
Inspector General of Police, MD Yussuf’s presidential campaign in 1998.