How man who discovered TB Joshua, Dr. Wole Bamiduro died few hours after Predicting his own Death | Says “Don’t bury me in a casket and don’t take me to Ikare”

Prophet (Dr.) Wole Bamiduro to the World…’I am sure a day will come that i will no longer be in your midst again, hold yourselves’

The People
of Ahmaddiyya Community in Ojokoro LCDA area of Lagos state woke
up on Monday January 4, 2016 to the most disturbing and unbelievable news of
their life, “Prophet Wole Bamiduro is dead”. The news was not only shocking but
quite disturbing as no one ever believe the 62 years old man of God could die
so suddenly early in the year.

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Not only
members of Ahmaddiyya community who have benefitted so much from the
Prophetic gifts of Prophet Dr. Oluwole
Jacob Bamiduro
were shocked but the entire Christian Community in the area
and members of his church, Lion of Judah.  To start with, the very agile and always
happy-go-lucky Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State-South
West Nigeria born man of God who came from a family and linage of Prophets was
not sick and never showed any sign of illness before passing away on that very
first Monday of the year. In fact, the man of God was said to have woken up
very early in the morning of the day to offer his early morning prayers around
5 am and the prayer was almost for two hours, and he equally prayed for all the
people living in the church premises (Ayika) before he retired back into his
bedroom and slept. It was from his sleep that he passed away. A family source
who confided in this blog said ‘The Rosary he used to pray was still hanging on
his finger when we burst into his room after we discovered he is gone”.
A death foretold by the bearer… 
The biggest
irony of the entire death scenario of Prophet
(Dr.) Wole Bamiduro
aka Lion of Judah was the fact that
he himself has predicted his death severally and has always told his followers
and family that “I can go anytime and I think you people should get your acts
together and continue from where I stopped”. On three occasions before year
2015 wind up  Prophet Bamiduro  was alleged
to have warned  his congregation about
the possibility of his death anytime soon? One was in August 2015 during the
Wedding Ceremony of one of his daughters Dupe
and the second was on December 5, 2015 during his church anniversary and
launching of his last album “Special Message”. The man of God who is also a
gospel musician is said to have continued to warn his members, followers and
families that “You people don’t know these things. I can tell you that
something big will happen soon and if it happens, a lot of you will want to run
away. But I encourage you not to run away because there is nothing that will
happen without the knowledge of God Almighty. I am telling you that if I leave
today, don’t think any witch or wizard killed me, it is God Himself that took
me away. So, be prepared”. 

“You people must get yourself
together because anytime the call can come and you must not run. You must hold
yourself and do what is expected of you”

Dr. Wole  Bamiduro…’We all have a role to play before God’

“Don’t burry me in a Coffin and…”
Prophet (Dr.) Oluwole Jacob Bamiduro in his lifetime was said to have
given three separate warnings; one was that nobody should mourn over his death as
God knows much about it and it was just the appropriate time for him to go.
However, the most important warning he allegedly gave and which he attached
severe consequences in terms of placing a curse on whoever flouted it was the
one concerning the way he wanted to be buried. The great man of God who has
discovered and has equally raised over 1000 Men of God and Prophets including
the famous founder of Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua in his over 25 years of ministry work was
said to have warned members of his immediate family that on no account should
his corpse be buried in a casket as he cherished to be buried in the Muslim
fashion just with his clothes alone into the soil without any fanfare. Founder as he was famously addressed in
his lifetime was said to have warned both members of his immediate family and
the Christian community that on no account should that order be flouted or else
it will boomerang with dare consequences on any body or group of persons who
flouted it. The third all important warning he gave was the one concerning the
location of his burial site, the great man of God who would have clocked 62
this coming February 25 warned that on no account should his body be taken to Ikare-Akoko
his home town in Ondo state for
burial. He was said to have even laid a curse on any one that tries to change
that instruction and carry out another order, saying such a person will bear a
very terrible consequence in life. Dr.
Bamiduro was said to have enjoined
his family to burry him within the confines of his Lion of Judah Church on No
1-7 Wole Bamiduro Street
, by Ahmaddiya Bus stop along Lagos-Abeokuta
express road.
The veteran Prophet
was alleged to have ordered that his tomb should lie within the premises of his
own church and not any other place and that any family member who flouted his
instruction regarding the way he wants to be buried will face a very tough
spiritual consequence.

Dr. Wole Bamiduro…’I have ran my own race and i am ready for the rest’

His Very Last Moments revealed by
wife and aide
Speaking to Asabeafrika during his wake keep
service on Thursday January 7th, one of his aides who pleaded
anonymity as he was not authorized to speak by the family said “Founder became
so interesting with words in his last days on earth. He became so funny, always
casting jokes and talking in parables and he will dance and celebrate at any
given opportunity. Even his last Sunday Service on Sunday January 3rd,
he gave the sermon, gave prophetic messages to many people who came to worship
and he will always pause and say “You people must get yourself together because
anytime the call can come and you must not run. You must hold yourself and do
what is expected of you”
The aide who
is very close to Founder  gave a vivid illustration of how the
Akoko born renowned Prophet  hinted them about his exit from this world
“Last December 5, we just finished our annual anniversary and launching of his
sixth  album (Special Message) and we all
retired to his office. There were large number of visitors who came to see him
from all over; and some of them jokingly asked him “Founder, won’t you buy us
drinks to celebrate this occasion; you always buy us drinks in the past?” But
he replied and said “Ah, I can’t buy you drinks again. I can only serve you
water or wine, which one you chose” So, I teased him, I said “What about me? Won’t
you buy me a drink?” and he replied “You don’t drink, your brand is either
juice or malt and I can afford that for you now”. Then he paused and said “You
people, this might even be the last harvest I will be doing with you”. I
quickly rebuked him and said “Ah, ah, Founder, why should you be saying such
funny words? Who told you that and why are you scaring us?” But he just laughed
it off and responded “Look, I can go anytime. My advice is that you people
should always endeavor to do this anniversary every year. If you can afford a
cow buy one and do it. If you can’t afford a cow, just contribute among
yourself and make sure you celebrate the anniversary” That was his very last
warning to us on that Saturday December 5.

“We wouldn’t have known if not for a
male visitor who came to see him that early hour of the day and that was how we
knew he was not breathing again. In fact, the rosary he used in praying that
morning was still hanging on his fingers on the bed.”

Prophet (Dr.) Oluwole Jacob Bamiduro…’If i die, no witch or wizard killed me. It is God’s time’

Speaking further,
one of his elder wives Mama Femi who is now in her mourning period while
speaking to Asabeafrika during her
husband’s Christian Wake Keep Service and Lying-in State ceremony Yesterday
(Thursday January 7) gave her own version “I just discovered that in the last
one month or two, my husband’s skin started glowing and he was always looking
dashing in his dresses. And I will joke with him and say ‘What sort of cream
are you using Founder that your skin is now glowing? And he will say “nothing”
that, it is the glory of God on him. In fact a day before his death, I still
joked with him, I said you must tell me about the cream you use and he
responded by saying to me ‘I am not using any cream, I only apply oil on my
face” so, I said “Give me that oil” and he said “Come and have it tomorrow”.
Mama Femi spoke further on her husband’s last
moments on earth “On Sunday January 5, he was in his best mood, he was the one
that gave the sermon and he was also the choir master for the day. He raised
several thanks giving songs and danced so well. In fact I was happy within
myself, I said ‘thank God Founder is happy today ooo’; and then, he also gave
so many people prophetic messages, very strong ones, in fact, some people were
even moved to emotion. Then he gave general prophecies on the economy, politics
and the nation at large. He said one that really struck my attention, he said
“This year, many powerful people will die and pass away” he kept re-emphasizing
it. I didn’t realize the message was also for him. So, I said ‘this is a great
service today’ because we closed the service at 3pm. During the service he also
asked us if we saw the people passing by on the street and we said ‘no, the one
we saw are people, physical people hawking things’ Then, he shook his head
again  and said “If you people’s inner
eyes were opened and you see the thousands of angels passing by, you will fear.
I am seeing them in white and I can’t count them, they are in multitude. They
are passing through now, now, now”. That was how he handled his last Sunday on
earth. I think he ate and went to bed at 9pm”. As usual he always wakes up as
early as 5am to conduct early morning prayers for the church which he did on
that Monday morning. In fact, he did individual prayers for many people living
in the church premises and he went in to have his early morning rest and that
was it”

Prophet (Dr.) Oluwole Jacob Bamiduro…’All of you should hold yourself’

How Bamiduro died…
morning, he woke up to organize the normal 5am early Morning Prayer for
worshipers living on the premises and after that he went back to bed. Normally
he will rest from that 6:30am till about 9am when he will resume in his office
for the day’s job. But this time around, he just went in and from his sleep he
passed away. We wouldn’t have known if not for a male visitor who came to see
him that early hour of the day and that was how we knew he was not breathing
again. In fact, the rosary he used in praying that morning was still hanging on
his fingers on the bed. I had escorted one of my daughters who were to travel
that morning to the bus stop and I only returned home to rest only for someone
to wake me with the bedlam. I was astonished when I rushed in and saw him in
that condition, I raised alarm and we rushed him into the car. Someone said we
should rush him to General Hospital but I directed the driver to Mofam, a private hospital near by. And
when the doctor checked him, he said ‘Madam, he is gone’ I said ‘Gone to where
sir?’ and the Doctor just bluntly told us that Founder is dead and that was
when reality dawned on us all. It was like a drama”
His No Hospital-Vistis History
On if her
husband was suffering from an undisclosed ailment that was not known to the
public, Mama Femi reacted this way
“Since I married Founder many years ago (Her daughter is also married with a
child) I have never seen him sick, ill to the extent of visiting any hospital.
He is so strong, so fitted and he always mocks us whenever we go to the
hospital. He will say ‘you people are just wasting your money because there are
traditional herbs that can heal you here and I don’t know why you like making
the Doctor richer. Yes, even if Baba is sick or tired, the worst he does is to
invite the Doctor home to test him and after few medications he is back to his
feet. Beyond that he was an agile person who never gives room for any kind of
illness. So, he never had any illness and even until death, he was hale and
hearty and was always in good spirit. I don’t think someone that is ill will
wake up in the morning and conduct two hours prayer” 

“My husband was a good man, a kind
man, a very generous and hospitable Nigerian. He has harbored uncountable
people in this compound and raised many great men of God and that alone was his
greatest achievement in life”.

The late Prophet (Dr.) Wole Bamiduro

I don’t want to be 70 before I dieWole Bamiduro
However, one
shocking reality this blog found out about the late Prophet of God who is
equally called Eyin Ejo in several quarters was his spiritual commitment not
to live beyond 70 years on earth. It was widely alleged and acknowledged by his
members that Dr. Wole Bamiduro has
said it on several occasions that he won’t like to clock 70 before his return
home. Asabeafrika asked Mama Femi to confirm this allegation
which she did “Yes, he actually said that and the day he said it, I was angry
with him and I said ‘stop giving bad prophecy unto yourself’ and he said to me
‘don’t interfere in my own supplications to God. You ask for your own grace and
leave me with my own grace. I don’t want to clock 70 before I die and that is
my deal with God. You just face your own life and tell Him what you want, and
since then we kept looking at him and we never knew he will go so soon”
Mama Femi who is also a prophetess regretted
that she didn’t see this death coming to her man “I used to dream and see
things before they come to pass and I will tell him, of course he is equally a
great prophet but when I see things and I tell him, he will quickly act on it.
But recently, I have been sleeking sound and I don’t have these dreams again. I
will just sleep off and that is it. I never knew death was lurking around the
corner and so fast to come in early January”
She spoke
further on the great man of God “My husband was a good man, a kind man, a very
generous and hospitable Nigerian. He has harbored uncountable people in this
compound and raised many great men of God and that alone was his greatest
achievement in life. He was a go getter and a man who was not materialistic.
There was a
time Armed Robbers stole his car on the other street and the driver rushed home
to tell him. The driver said “Daddy, we can chase them if you tell the church
boys to join me” but my husband said to him “No armed robber can steal my car
and moreover it is dangerous for you people to be chasing Armed Robbers, why
should you endanger your life by chasing armed robbers? Lo and behold, those
boys dropped the car at MICCOM and snatched another person’s car to escape. So,
the next day, the owner of the newly stolen car went to the station to report
that the robbers dropped their own car and snatched his own but before he got to
he station my husband had already alerted the Police that the car dropped at
MICCCOM belonged to him and that was how he got his car back”
Before his
death and between Friday January 1st and Sunday January 3rd
he called many friends, family members and long term relatives and greeted
them. In fact he spent a fortune on recharge cards, calling and greeting and
even making jests with some on phone, we didn’t know he was saying Good bye.
Prophet (Dr.) Oluwole Jacob Bamiduro is buried today January 8, 2016 at
his Ahmaddiyya,
Ojokoro LCDA Lion of Judah Church
cathedral at 10 am. He is survived by wives, children and grand children.
This blog
wish the kind and Great Prophet of God a peaceful rest in the bosom of Eternal
God of Creation. Amen.
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