How Oshiomhole tried assassinating his deputy; the true story — Prophet MKO Tibetan | Says Aregbesola might be jailed”

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’God of heaven is ready to probe the high and mighty in Nigeria and the end of PDP has come’
In this second part of our recent
encounter with World Famous Prophet of God and leader of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha
(Europe & Africa), Prophet
(Dr.) Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan,
he revealed so many things the Lord showed him concerning some political
happenstances in Nigeria and other parts of the world.  For instance, the Prophet famously called “The
Nostradamus” because of his gift of accurate prophecy revealed the politics
behind the recent assassination attempt on the life of Dr. Pius Odubu, Deputy Governor of Edo State (Southern Nigeria) at Auchi on his way to a political
meeting. The Prophet and author of several prophetic literatures also have a
message for David Cameron, Rauf Aregbesola, Lai Mohammed and Ayodele Fayose.
 Every revelation or opinion celebrated here
are not of this blog but profoundly that of the Prophet of the Living God as
shown to him by God Almighty. Take a seat and enjoy the total revelation from The Nostradamus, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan.

The Nostradamos with the GDA

David Cameron will be disgraced in
Do you agree with British Prime
Minister, David Cameron that Nigeria is a fantastically corrupt nation? 
Yes, it is a
title. Your name can change any time. Let’s give kudos to David Cameron; you know
he is a gang star? No, problem. His own will come in June, he will be disgraced
in June. If he decides to pull Britain out of European Union, Britain will be
in the dungeon. He must not try it.
You mean next year June?
No, this
coming June, his downfall is approaching. The conservatives are going to
promulgate a law that will bring them out of their own end. David’s
father himself is a gang star. You know David Cameron’s father is one of
those who kept stolen wealth in the obnoxious tax haven? So, he was raised by a
thief father who has Nigerian blood running in him. So, automatically, what he
is saying is rubbish because he was born with silver spoon. Why can’t David
come and stay three days in Oshodi
(Popular Lagos market) in darkness? He should start to give kudos to Nigerians.
We are not the first people to have bad leaders in the world. There was
austerity in the time of Abraham. There was austerity in
times of Joseph. In the book of Genesis
12 verse 1 to 5
and Genesis 13 verse
1 to 8
and Genesis 14 from verse 16,
17, 18 and 19 God said to
‘Leave your father’s
abode to a place I want to show you’
because of what? Austerity, Then in Genesis 26 from verse 1 to 10, Isaac
wanted to move to Egypt, he said ‘don’t go
to Egypt like your father did, I know there is austerity here but I will do
something here for you’
. ‘Start
irrigation farming. All the wells blocked by those people who attack your
father, go and start opening the wells’ a
nd in Genesis 26 he was so rich
to the extent that people were looking for him to buy those ideas from him.

The Nostradamos to the GDA..’David Cameron will be disgraced in June’

‘IBB ‘killed’ MKO, Thomas Sankara
& Samuel Doe’
Recently two giant properties
belonging to DSP Alamieseigha and Audu Abubakar both late governors of Bayelsa
and Kogi State respectively were released by the UK authorities. What is your
opinion on these two political leaders?
Not only in
the UK, that our politicians have properties, they have properties in Maryland
up to Georgia in USA. You only need to ask yourself a
question, if this man (Buhari) says he is fighting corruption, Nigerians have
the highest number of good houses in Dubai. Are we going to re-sell those
properties and return the money to Nigeria? It is a lie.  Then, another question, are we going to sell
the house Julius Berger build for Obasanjo, the one built for Babangida and Abdulsalami and the one
they built for Jonathan. When you go to Abuja now, you see all the gigantic
houses empty from the gate to the boy’s quarter. Nobody is renting nobody is
buying because we have wasteful leaders. 
He should stop probing everybody, just tell Nigerians not to border, he
should ask us to all go back to our villages and start farming. Because if you
even look at the money in the hand of Patience Jonathan (Ex-Nigerian First
Lady)is he probing Patience or her husband? Is he probing Obasanjo? Is he probing Theophilous
? You remember the statement of Danjuma? He said ‘I have
enough money, why are you giving me oil wells again?’ All the oil wells in the Niger-Delta
are owned by whom? By the Hausas, a late Hausa politician once said ‘all the mineral resources in the
Niger-Delta are owned by the northerners’.
That means those living in the Niger-Delta
area are tenants. And that is true, that is why they are now taking jet bombers
to go and evacuate them so that the Kano people can be living there. Go
to the NNPC, from gardener to driver to cook, you will see the Yorubas,
you will see the Edo People, you will see the Delta people but for the
big positions, you will see the Malams and Hausa people, the same
thing at the CBN, don’t you know we are slaved in this land? You go round and
do the statistic.

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’I see Rauf Aregbesola being mobbed and i see him going to jail if care is not taken’

We are just Molue
drivers, we are gardeners, we are gate men in our father’s land and that was
why I told you in December that we should now liberate ourselves and make it
‘United States of Nigeria’ (USN). For instance, there are lots of states in the
north that are not viable but because of the national cake that is being shared
every month. If they refuse to share this monies again, within 9 months, there
will be nothing like Zamfara, there will be nothing like Kogi,
many states will just wipe off. Now, the northerners have two capitals; Kano
and Abuja.
State capitals grow through the dynamics of the economic activities of a
country but see what the funny Babangida did to us? State capitals
are not built by force but Babangida was rushing it because he
wanted to be life president, you see how the Lord disgraced him. You saw what
happened between him and MKO Abiola? See what he did to Thomas
in Burkina Faso? He was the one who arranged the death of that guy;
he did the same thing to Samuel Doe of Liberia. If Buhari
fails to jail Saraki, what happened to Samuel
could happen to him because 15 out of those senators are gang stars;
the ex-governor of Akwa Ibom is a gang star.

The Nostradamos to Asabeafrika…’Everything i am telling you now has been revealed in this book of prophecy’

How Nyesom Nwike messed up Nigeria’s
education curriculum
What of Governor of Rivers State?
Nwike is not a good person, as a minister
of education Goodluck was pushing him because of all these things and you
saw what happened to the last JAMB examination in Nigeria. Some people did not
even seat for the JAMB but they had 320
and those who sat for the JAMB, the computers were lodging them out. (Laughter)
that was the policy of Nwike, had it been in America,
someone like him will be in the wrong side of history. Till today, those who
advised George Bush to go to war with Iraq are still finding it
difficult to live happily in America, how can some like Godswill
become the Senate’s minority leader? Do you know the number of
bullion vans of hard currencies they removed from the state house in Akwa
when security agents stormed the place? Even after he became a
senator, he still has the key of the state’s vault inside his pocket. Saraki
is a senator but he still collects salary from Kwara State. What a
shame? Because Buhari knows nothing about our population, he believes he can
use that brain of 1983, the way he was pursuing Ajasin and all those people, he has started again. You know he
likes arresting and putting people to jail, he acts like a bull dog. We are not
saying ‘don’t arrest and prosecute’. You can be doing that in one way and still
let the good work you are doing for the people continue. Even when he was
campaigning, he kept saying ‘we will curb
corruption, we will curb corruption’
but the method he wanted to use for
better education, he didn’t give it to us, the formula he wanted to use on
transportation he didn’t give it to us. Look at what they tried to do with the Calabar rail project that ought to
benefit the Niger-Delta people the
other time? How can Rotimi Amaechi deliver? Someone who is more like an antagonist
to his people?  He was even disgraced the
other time when he wanted to install a candidate.

The GDA confirming one of the Prophecies of The Nostradamos which has come to pass inside his Prediction 2015 book

Oshiomhole didn’t send hire killers
after his Deputy…
Recently there was a threatening
attack on the life of the Deputy Governor of Edo State who wants to succeed his
principal in the coming November elections and this warranted the APC to send
in the Olagunsoye Oyinlola Peace Committee. Do you think Oshiomhole really want
his deputy out? h
Yes, the
attack on the deputy governor (Pius Odubu) was stage managed just to give Oshiomhole
a bad name because Oshiomhole never discussed his plans with the party any longer.
So, they want to blow the state open so that they can tell everybody to come
and see what is happening in Edo State. What Oshiomhole did in that
state, we ought to give him 80 percent mark over 100. He turned the state
around, he has tried. He is a good elder statesman but what happened to that
deputy governor was stage managed.

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Soon, there will be a revolution against the rich’

How Buhari will burry PDP…
You mean Adams Oshiomhole didn’t have
a hand in the attempt on the life of his deputy?
He has no
hand in it; it is because they want PDP to take back that state. What they did
in Rivers
and Akwa Ibom, they want to repeat it there. It is the Niger-Delta
boys in PDP that orchestrated what happened there and the Lord will
expose them; the only appeal I am doing to the people of Edo state is that all the good things Oshiomhole did in that
state, they should not allow it to burn. They should appreciate them and pray
that the Lord gives them a good successor. They should go on their kneel and
beg God to give them a good person to rule the state. There is one thing the
PDP did not know, PDP is dead. In fact, the joker Buhari is going to give to them is superb.  By September 2017, they are going to
blacklist the name of people who cannot play politics in Nigeria; half of this
people you see today will be there. So, don’t bother about what PDP is going to
do.  There is nothing like PDP again.
After the dethronement of Audu Ogbe, the original PDP is dead.
It is in this prediction (Showed this blogger the page where he predicted the
death of PDP inside his Prediction 2015 book) the lord will help the Edo
people, Edo people no dey carry
, they will survive. All the cooked stories Raymond Dokpesi want to
plant there has been terminated by the Lord because Dokpesi was the one who
damaged his own car during the last election, because he wanted to die all
those monies that they are probing him for now. You know he failed with AIT.
He sold a lot of shares and duped many Nigerians with his Darsat deal. He was a
duper. He likes widows a lot, he moved to Abuja because of his concubines. He
cannot even sleep without making love to a woman like a dog; can you call those
ones elder statesmen? You know he stole money from Abiola (Ocean Line
Marine) although Abiola too was a gang star. You know for a gang star to attack
a gang star, that is something. There is nothing in AIT; can you compare the
standard of Channels TV with AIT? No. (Laughter)

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Lai Mohammed and his family should start Egungun business then the youth will join’

Lai Mohammed is out of touch…
Sir, recently, our minister of Information
and Culture advised Nigerian Youths to start dressing masquerades. He said
there are lots of fortunes in dressing masquerades. Do you agree with him?
Well, his
son can start the Egungun trade and his wife will be collecting the money for the
skill. Why didn’t you journalists ask him if he has already carried Egungun
before? You see, Lai Mohammed is out
of touch. He is aged, can you imagine, the budget has not been signed and he
went to Abeokuta for chieftaincy
title in a mosque. They made him Baba
that means he has no skill to perform that job; that was what is in
his mind before.  They are giving him
free money, who is Lai Mohammed before? The senate president put him there. Look
at the other boy Bayo Ajia that was killed, he was a hit man for Saraki’s
father. He was given a death sentence but Bukola Saraki gave him
parole. Now, he is dead. So, automatically, is there any good person from Kwara?
Because they do go there to eat Amala with their destinies in the
hand of Saraki’s father. Can anything good come out from Kwara?
senior was dethroned as a senate leader, what is happening to his son now, they
dethroned the father but the son is going to jail. Is there anything he can
take away from Kwara again? The man he kept there is a banker thinking he can
help him cover up his atrocities in Kwara. But the man warned him the
other day ‘Don’t come home for Ileya’
but he went there strong headedly, but on getting home he was pelted with stones
and pure water. So, automatically, my brother, Lai Mohammed is out of
touch. There is no single sensible person in this their cabinet, Fashola
was a lawyer, how many case has he won in court to become a SAN. Then, the
other man, Fayemi, he cannot defend his seat in Ekiti. He only became
Governor because Tinubu helped him the first time.  So, making him a minister is just to cover up
his weakness. Leave all these people; there is nothing good that can come out
from them. A goat cannot give birth to a cow and a cow cannot give birth to a

Dr. MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Oshiomhole never sent assassins after his deputy, it was a set up

Aregbesola might be jailed…
What about Aregbesola of Osun State?
You see Aregbesola
is a gang star. He is an orchestra; the day I saw him dancing in the public and
I remembered how he was a good boy to my friend then, Professor Agbalajobi,
those were the time we have good politicians, a professor. Go to Aregesola’s
place, I mean where he is living around Egbeda, they are not talking well of
him there. You can see him flying helicopter everywhere, he never knew it could
be worse like this, if care is not taken he will go to jail in this country
before he die.

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Ayo Fayose now uses Voodoo but his end will come’

You mean Rauf Aregbesola?
Yes.  If proper care is not taken, he is going to
die in the hands of his people because a mob will attack him before the end of
this year. They will run out of patience; all the contracts he gave out were
given to his friends, buying properties in London, GRA Ikeja and everywhere because all his friends are the only good
engineers who can do the job; and he is a fornicator. He wanted to take that
state to IOC, he is looking for all means but he cannot achieve it because his
end is very near, maybe he will want to be a Senator let’s wait and see. When
the head is rotten, the tail will definitely rot.

Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan of CCC, Elisha Parish (WW)

There will be a revolution against
the rich…
Recently, the people of Kano went to
burn down a senator’s house and his farm, claiming that he abandoned them. What
do you think this portend for Nigeria?   
But that is
what I told you, that this man will help us to bring up the list of people who
stole our money.  You saw Gbenga
the other day; he celebrated his 60th birthday with a
Royce Phantom
. He is a terrible thief. It is the Yoruba people that are
not active, they could have just gone to the hall there and mob him.  You know the legacy he laid down in Ogun State; he has made some people
fatherless.  And when you look at Olopade
the head of his killer gang, who normally help him to kill people in those
days, his life is also going dramatic. So, you now ask, what is he celebrating?
He tied voodoo on his body to make his own child turn to water melon. What is
he celebrating in 60? You know they don’t have an iota of shame. So, the Kano
incidence is what will be happening when the enlightenment come. If you hear
that someone stole N32 billion,
people will just reached for his house and cut up his head if they lay hands on

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Buhari will bury PDP by September next year’

That was what they were doing in the Old Rivers State, if they give you
contract you don’t do it or they send you to go and serve them in government
and you looted money, they will come and cut your head. They will come to your
house and burn everything down and kill everything that belongs to you. So, my
brother, let’s wait and see. My final advice is that we must have a United
State of Nigeria
, we are going to have state police, let the king
should organize the people of Okiti Pupa, let the King organize
the people that will guide Ore, let the people of Benin to organize those who will guide
them, and they know themselves. How do you expect a police man from Kano
to come and guide Oba of Benin’s Palace? It is not possible.

Prophet MKO Tibetan to Asabeafrika…’Ayo Fayose’s April debacle was prophesized in this book’

The president is
just putting a lot of things on his head, they should dissolve the center and
tell all the senators to go home, if there is something to deliberate you
should invite them, whenever they are coming to deliberate something we will
pay them for their hired hours. We will pay them per hour. So, what happened in
three weeks ago is an eye opener and a follow up to what happened in Aba
in those days. It will go round very soon, it will go to Fashola, it will go to
, it will go to all those people, it will go to Gbenga
, mark those people because he said in Julius Caesar, he said ‘mark well Metalum Simba, the death of
Butrus will do what? He said ‘bring them down for they are all conspirators’.
  What happened in Julius Caesar is what is
happening in Nigeria now, what happened in Animal Farm is what is happening
now; he said ‘we lay eggs but we cant hatch our eggs, where are the eggs going?’ and that was
why they started the revolution, he said ‘War
is war, no sentimentality’
. The only good human being is the dead one that
was Bursa
who led the animals.
About Fayose’s Voodoo…
Do you have something for Ayo Fayose?
But the
prediction book said there is going to be accident on Fayose by April then, he
now turned the accident on his people. Six doctors died in a day, it is there
now; it is in that book.

The Prophet Dr. MKO Tibetan relating with some journalists and bloggers early in the year

Oh! You mean he did Juju on those
Ah, ah, they
are helping him with voodoo. He is
not normal again, he is mentally unbalanced. They will pull him down. You know
the man from World Bank, Daramola that wanted to contest with
him that time and he killed, the blood is still hunting him. He is not talking
straight now, he said he want to build airport in Ekiti, is it to carry cow or

The People’s Prophet, Dr. MKO Tibetan

Maybe to carry some tomatoes and farm
vegetables across the country
To where?
Who needs Ekiti Tomatoes? Because
said a time will come when Fayose will still be
going to the road side to buy roasted corn and it is then we will know that he
is mentally unbalanced. You know he even said it publicly, that his mother is
using diapers, exposing his mother in the open and the Bible said in Proverb 20
verse 20 that ‘Whoever curses his father
or his mother, his
lamp will be put out in the deep darkness’
you can see that Fayose is now in deep darkness, even from the things he do.
(The Prophet
can be reached for consultation on his Local & International Contacts:
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