How Witches took over the Church (Christian Witches)—Dr. D.K. Olukoya

Dr. D.K. Olukoya, Founder/General Overseer, Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries

The title ‘Christian witches’ appear
like a contradiction in terms when viewed ordinarily. But a second look at the
subject will reveal to all and sundry that there are certain mysteries which
need to be unraveled.
Is there anything like a Christian
witch? Yes. Witchcraft is not only found it the domain of so-called satanic
agents. It is an undeniable fact that witches and wizards abound in the camp of
the ungodly. But the fact that may well shock Christian believers today is that
witches and wizards can also be found within their ranks. Lack of understanding
in this direction has caused a lot of problems for many people.

Dr. D. K. Olukoya, a Deliverance Minister extra-ordinary
A lot of people have suffered untold
agony. Others have been held under bondage. More to that, multitudes have been
subjected to a lot of harassment form the camp of the devil. Therefore,
ignorance is costly. The price to be paid is too high. You must therefore
decide to seek knowledge in order to experience freedom from all kinds of
satanic manipulations.

In view of the importance of this topic,
we shall start on an aggressive note by taking the following confession and
prayer point.
the following words: “God has created me
for a specific purpose. God h as committed unto my hands something He has not
committed to another. Therefore, I must fulfill my divine task. I shall reach
my goal. God has not created me for nothing. I shall not come to the world in
vain. I shall do good. I shall do God’s work. I shall be an angel of peace. I
shall fulfill my divine destiny. For God is my rock and the lifter of my head.
For greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Therefore, I will
trust Him. wherever I am, I shall never be ashamed. I shall do good I shall
serve God, in the name Jesus”.
Every pollution in my destiny, be cleansed by the
blood of Jesus.
To put this message in proper
perspective, we shall start by examining 1st Samuel 15:18-24.
the LORD sent thee on a journey, and said, Go and utterly destroy the sinners
the Amalekites, and fight against them until they be consumed.
Wherefore then
didst thou not obey the voice of the LORD, but didst fly upon the spoil, and
didst evil in the sight of the LORD? And Saul said unto Samuel, yea, I have obeyed the voice of the LORD, and have gone the
way which the LORD sent me, and have brought Aga the king of Amalek, and
utterly destroyed the Amalekites. But the people took of the spoil, sheep and
oxen, the chief of the things which have been utterly destroyed, to sacrifice
unto the LORD thy God in Gilgal. And Samuel said, Hath the LORD as great
delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of the LORD?
Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams.
The above story
reveals quite a lot of subject of witchcraft.
People generally
think that witchcraft bothers only on flying as a witch in dark hours of the
night. People hardly consider the fact that a lot of actions and reactions
which emanate from men and women in seemingly ordinary situations can amount to
The story we are
considering appears very simple. A king was given a mandate by the Lord. He
stood up to obey. But he ended up doing things his own way. To the average
mind, there seems to be element of witchcraft manipulation in what the king
did. Human beings would even say that the king tried. After all, he captured Agag the king of Amalekites and destroyed most of the people and their property,
everything appeared alright.
There was only
one exception. He decided to spare the best things. H e even had a good reason
for sparing the best properties owned by the Amalekites. He was smart to give a religious reason for his
disobedience. According to him, those thing were spared for the purpose of
sacrificing them to the Lord. A very smart reason. Isn’t it?
He was smooth in
explaining himself. In his own estimation, the best thing which he preserved
for himself and the Lord did not sound like disobedience, but he was wrong. The
people saw the scurry of activities which Saul carried out. They would have
easily given him pass mark. Saul appeared magnanimus in battle.
He fought and won the battle. No doubt he was hailed by the people. Human being
gave him a pass mark but God did not.
obedience was unacceptable to God. God’s verdict was simple, clear and
unmistakable. What he did amounted to disobedience to word of the Lord. His
action led him to the realm of witchcraft. Thus he became an example of those
who go into witchcraft practice but deceive themselves by claiming that they
also belong to the Lord.
Witchcraft is
terrible. Surprisingly, it’s nearer most people than they ever imagine. The
characteristics and the attributes of witchcraft sometimes become so hidden and
subtle that we are generally unaware of them. Christians who live in these last
days must graduate from level of ignorance to the realm of knowledge.
The most
difficult group of witches and wizards are the hidden ones. It is often easy to
locate a blood sucking witch. But it is difficult to identify people like Saul who are labelled witches by God.
Witchcraft has
been aptly tagged public enemy number one. It makes men and women to follow the
devil and do his bidding. Witchcraft is not localised to one particular
environment or community. It is an evil universal phenomenon. Witchcraft can be
found among all races, cultures and communities. There is no people or group
that lacks the presence of witches and wizards.
Witchcraft is
run through a highly sophisticated method. Unfortunately, the modern age has
ushered more complexity into the practice of witchcraft. Witchcraft has
therefore become so complicated that children, youths, men and women are
involved in it without their knowledge. It appears that it is easier to get
involved with witchcraft these days than it was fifty years ago. Witches and
wizard have so simplified their manifestation that they have been able to catch
thousands of people with little or no effort.
Dr. D.K. Olukoya talks about International Witchcraft Strategies
The different manifestation of witchcraft in
Anglophone & Francophone African countries  
I had and
experience in the United Kingdom,
many years ago, which prepared me for the ministry. Actually, the Lord had laid
the foundation of this ministry when I was in Nigeria but I had a lot more to learn when the Lord gave me the
opportunity of doing my doctorate programme in U.K. As an African
student, I thought that I had known quite a lot in the area of spiritual
warfare, deliverance, breaking of curses and yokes, but my experience overseas
was much more revealing.
While in England, God raised me up to pioneer,
nature and lead African Christian Fellowship. The African Christian Fellowship consisted of Christians from many African countries. It was my
responsibility as the president to counsel, teach, pray with and conduct
deliverance for many Africans. That
experience exposed me to diversity of the manifestations of witchcraft and
demonic power in the African continent. I discovered that demons and witches
change their characteristics from one community to another.
The average Nigerian Christian knows little or
nothing about demonic or witchcraft operations when compared with his
counterparts from French speaking
countries within the sub-region. In fact, experience of Nigerian Christians
cannot be compared with that of his counterparts from neighboring French speaking countries, where there
is one idol per household.
My experience
made me to know that the level of bondage of Christians from some French West African countries was
higher. Although we were all Africans, I found out the Zimbabwean, the Ghanaian,
the Beninoise, the Chadian, the Kenyan and the Togolese
all had their unique experience. I remembered particularly, the manifestations
of a Botswana lady when we ran her
through deliverance. It was without doubt a new experience for me.
manifestation cannot be pinned down to one mode of behavior. The African mode
differs from the European, Asian or American modes. The European witches and wizards behave in very
different ways. They don’t suck their children blood like most African witches do.
I remember a
particular incident which took place during my years of studying abroad. A
white couple was arrested and charged for kidnapping and killing little kids.
They could not give any reason for their obsession with killing little
children. That was what their own witchcraft demons compelled them to do.
witchcraft demons lead people in different ways. My own African experience gave
me a very different exposure. I came face to face with an example of certified
witch when I was a little boy. I ran into a crowd when I was coming back from
school as an elementary school pupil. The crowd gathered in order to listen to
the strange confessions of a haggard looking old woman.  It was such a scary sight. The woman wash
half naked.
She spoke
uncontrollably. It was obvious that she had no control over what she was
saying. She opened her mouth and made very fearful confessions. “I am a witch. Nemesis has finally caught up
with me. I have killed so many people in my family that I have lost count of
the exact number. I have eaten up many of my children and grandchildren. The
last straw that broke the camel’s back was the last incident in my family. My
daughter gave birth to twin babies. As usual, I had tried to eat both of them
up. I succeeded in eating the first baby. The second one led me into this
problem. The baby’s bone choked my throat. I couldn’t swallow it. The spirit of
those twin babies were so powerful that I couldn’t get away with it. I am in
trouble. The evil effect of witchcraft has taken a huge toll upon my life. I am
in trouble. The blood of the twin babies is fighting against me. I am a
The whole market
was thrown into an uproar. People gathered stones, broken bottles, sharp
objects, empty tins, rotten tomatoes and every conceivable object on which they
could lay their hands. Those objects were hauled at her from every angle. She continued
to make weird confessions while she was bleeding. The mob did not pity her.
That was how she
was stoned to death. Nobody was willing to stop the irate mob. Before any of
her relatives could arrive the scene, she had breathed her last breath. The
woman suffered on earth. She opened her eyes in hell the next second only to
begin an eternity of endless suffering. The devil is indeed, wicked. The same
devil who gave her witchcraft was the same devil who led her to confess her
wicked acts. The same devil went ahead to gather the crowd and mobilized them
to kill her instantly. The same devil who sent her to hell will also accuse
those who killed her of committing murder. What a case of different strokes
with different people.
I used to have a
very aggressive evangelist friend. His ways were very queer. He did not spare
witches and wizards. He used to share some of his experience with me. He told
us about a crusade which he conducted in a church. It lasted for seven days.
The church which invited him was notorious for being an abode of witches and
wizard. He warned the witches while the seven days lasted.
Every day, he
would go to the pulpit and deliver a terse one sentence sermon. “This is a warning to every agent to Satan;
you’ve had your own time. If you don’t repent, I will descend on you. Your days
are numbered. Repent or perish”.
He repeated the same message for seven
days. On the seventh day, the tide turned against the witches and wizards. The Holy Ghost began to torture them. They
started confessing what they had done one after the other.
He told us about
a particular woman who happened to be a prominent member of the church. The
woman was popularly called ‘Mother-in-Israel’ by the members of
the church. She came to the man of God complaining of backaches. However, God
open the eye of my evangelist friend and he discovered that right where the
woman was seated in the counseling office, somebody’s thigh was hanging right
in her mouth. Then the man of God became angry and told the woman: “Woman, I can see the thigh of a human being
in your mouth, if you don’t vomit it now. You will die instantly.”
The witch had no
option but to comply with the instructions of the man of God. She had to vomit
the person she swallowed.
I would like to
take this prayer point right now.
“Every part of
my life swallowed by witchcraft, be vomited now, in the name of Jesus”.
Dr. D. K. Olukoya, Author of the book, Overpowering Witchcraft
How People invite witches into their homes…
I have
discovered that some people often attract witchcraft into their lives and
families on their own volition. However, such people are not able to absolve
the consequences of their actions. Some people travel to their village only to
handpick a witch in the name of getting housemaid. When such witches join the
family, they go ahead to initiate all the children. By the time the parents
discover that they had wrongfully taken up a maid, a lot of damages would have
been done.
A housemaid was
brought into a particular family and the wife felt that she had been successful
in solving one of her problems. As she felt that she had no time to do all her
house chores. Things took a different turn when the woman slept in the night,
thinking that there was no presence.
Somehow, the
husband wanted to go to the toilet in the night and he had to pass through
where the house girl normally sleeps. To his surprise, her posture was
embarrassing and suggesting. She was lying on her back stark naked with her two
legs on the wall. The man was infuriated. Initially, he felt like screaming at
her and give her a dirty slap. But he soon found out that his emotion changed
from wanting to rebuke her to desiring to have affair with her. Immediately, a
force began to push him towards the direction of the girl. He tries to resist
but he could not. That was how he found himself on top of the housemaid which
they brought from village.
for him, the wife woke up at that particular time and discovered what both of
them were doing. That was how the housemaid broke their home. In any case, the
husband and wife were responsible for what happened to them. They wanted help
but got more than they bargained for.
There is a
growing consciousness of the activities of satanic agents. Specifically, there
is a burgeoning of interest in the body of knowledge concerning the subject of
witchcraft. This trend should not come as a surprise to anyone. The Bible has
predicted that the last day will be characterized by an increase of satanic
revival. Therefore, witchcraft is no longer the preserve of select company.
More and more people are now becoming unaware and gaining more knowledge
concerning witchcraft. However, there are people who are still in the woods as
far as the knowledge of witchcraft activities is concerned.
A brother once
thought that his mother was a witch and he decided to do something about it.
Having had a very powerful prophet who normally calls out witches openly in his
meetings, he decided to take her there for a deliverance ministration. He
succeeded in cajoling her by saying that she was only following him to a
The man of God
in his usual manner demanded and commanded that all the witches in that
gathering should come out in a single file. Then people started coming out. The
brother then had to open his eyes to see whether the mother was going out like
To his amazement
she stayed put. He decided to talk to her: “Mummy,
why don’t you join those who are walking out as instructed by the man of God?”

The mother simply smiled and said “Don’t
worry, that instruction is not for people like me. Those who are going out are
the ones we have just initiated. Hard-core witches won’t obey that kind of
general instruction. We operate at a higher level”.
That was how she
refused to go out.
The son was
shocked. What shocked him beyond that point was the fact that his own fiancée
was one of the people who went out. She had also been initiated. The man
discovered that he was surrounded by witches and decided to run to me for help.
I asked him only one question. “Have you
got the baptism of the Holy Spirit?”
He appeared surprised. “How much is it?” he asked me. May be he
felt the Holy Spirit was a book or
something, no wonder he was surrounded by witches.
Witchcraft had
become an open secret. The young and the old are now fully aware of the
activities of witches and wizards. It is even shocking that young people and
children are even fully entrenched in witchcraft.
The other day I
got a letter from a young girl. She was very angry with her father whom she
accused of calling everybody in the house agents of Satan. The young girl was
so bold to ask me to warn her father or she would deal with him. But how did
such a girl come about such a level of boldness. No doubt she must have been
empowered by witchcraft. We have so many of the innocent looking but very
powerful young boys, girls and children. They are young in age but they are
very old in the spiritual world.
We are for lots
of surprises today. Our concentration in the time past has been limited to
discovering among those who are outside the church. We have not yet looked
inwards to consider the possibility of the presence of the witches within the
church. Hence we have not been able to locate the enemy within. Many people who
talk about witches and wizards are not free. The so called witch hunters are
also bewitched.
It is
frightening to know that many of the places which we called Christian
gatherings are gatherings of the witches and wizards. We need to forget and
discard our traditional beliefs and begin to take a new look into Christian
environment. We may soon discover that the problems of most people are caused
by witches who turn Christian gathering into a hiding place. The moment you
begin to realize that witchcraft can be practiced within the church, you will discover
the solution to most of you personal problems.
(Excerpts from the book “Overpowering Witchcraft” by Dr.
. Olukoya, Founder/General
Overseer, Mountain of Fire &