I-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-c-e D-a-y M-e-s-s-a-g-e | 55 is Nigeria’s Era of Good Feelings—Hajiya (Dr.) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu


The National Women Leader of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) Hajiya
(Dr.) Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu
has described today
s 55th Years Anniversary celebration of Nigeria as
the most interesting era in the trajectory of the former British colony,
describing it as
The Era of Good Feelings. Speaking through a 
Press Release signed by her yesterday in Abuja, the APC National women
leader noted that it was the first independence anniversary Nigerians were
celebrating after a successful change of government from the old order (PDP) to
a new order under the leadership of APC.

The Woman leader noted with enthusiasm, that, the country and
her people is actually witnessing
an era of good
due to the good intention of the new government of APC under
the able leadership, of President
Muhammad Buhari
and Professor Yemi
which signifies dedication, transformation and all round development
for the generality of the country
s masses.
Dr. Tijjani Aliyu a Doctorate Degree holder in Public
Administration from Commonwealth
, London, traced the joint destiny of the Nigerian people to what
she termed
The circumstances of history; Five and a half decades ago, our
s birth was a milestone in the long quest for freedom and
development, but the bold and brilliant dream which excited our founding
fathers still awaits the fruition in our great nation. Ours is the first nation
in Sub-Sahara Africa that witnessed a traditional interface between a northern
protectorate and a Southern protectorate in 1914. That interface led to a
marriage in 1960. Last year our interaction grew a 100 years successful and
today the marriage is 55 years progressive. We have no intention to dissolve
the relationship because the marriage is beyond divorce. We really have no
reason to start afresh today, but rather to set a fresh faith in the old dream
of our founding fathers who dreamt for a great nation bound in peace and unity
Hajiya Ramatu Aliyu agreed that the country has witnessed
some of the worst moments in her 55 years of existence.

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in the last 55 years and especially in the last 16 years before our March 28,
2015 breakthrough, our joint prospects, promises and potentials were threatened
by the widespread problems of lack of patriotism, inconclusive census, rigging
of elections, politics with bitterness cum do-or-die politics. Not to mention
religious bigotry, It-is-my-turn mentality and a zoning culture that has zoned
out merit, and zoned in mediocrity, indolence, worship of money and conspicuous
culture of consumption
obnoxious indices have generated a set of young people including women who fawn
for money and corruptively, too. The new name for such debasing
money-over-values culture is
Stomach Infrastructure. Indeed, Nigeria has failed enough owing to lack of trust
among our people which has led to shortage of democratic dividend and a
disregard for our social contract with the state. Predictably, our Children and
our Women are the greatest victims. But today, we are all in the era of good
feelings, the era that will usher in the Nigeria of our dream
The APC National Woman Leader gave her word of encouragement
to Nigerians and Nigerian Women, advising them to embrace the change attitude
of APC
At 55, Nigeria is a successful nation because of the hard
work, creativity and enterprise of our women, who came out to every frontline
of the battle for change to lend
their voices. Women have a divine sense of intuition, the 6th sense;
they are the true strength of our democratic change from hopelessness to
hopefulness. Today, as we move from
dashed hope into the realm of great
under APC and President Muhammad Buhari, it must be emphasized that the work of
nation building is for all and not for Mr. President and his cabinet alone. We
must jettison the
Pontius Pilate attitude of washing our hands off issues that affects our
common liberty, our common development and our common destiny. We must join the
new government in standing up to what we know to be the truth and especially
when it comes to defending the course of justice and fair play; when it comes
to standing up in defense of the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden

The era of
good feelings is the era of progress and happiness, the era of developmental
politics and the end of the era of bitter partisanship because the new captain
of the nation
s ship is a captain to all and not to
Hajiya  Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu regretted the cruel fate that befell
many Nigerians who died alongside other nationals last Thursday September 24th
at a stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia
while observing Hajj
Today is exactly a week our country
became a joint victim of this unfortunate accident of nature that led to the
death of our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers at Saudi Arabia. Please, continue praying for the repose of their
souls and for their families. We should also pray for victims of terror and
their families, for our men in Uniform and for our great country. Prayer has
comforted us in sorrow and will help strengthen us for the journey ahead