In 15 Years of our marriage, D1 only celebrated Val with me once — Caroline Dayo Adeneye

Carol, D1 &  GDA.
If you
mention the name, Caroline Adeneye in a banking hall, it is most likely that
majority of bystanders will not be able to put a face to the name immediately.
Yes, that is the kind of reputation this Edo State, South-South Nigeria born entrepreneur
and Founder/ Chief Executive Officer of Sierra Global Concept, an integrated
event management company in Lagos has adopted for herself over the years.  On the other hand, Caroline’s husband’s name
is like an anthem on the mouth of many Nigerians and Diaspora publics
especially entertainment freaks. He is the world famous ambassador for peace
and the better half of leading entertainment business guru, Kenny Ogungbe  (famously called Baba Keke) of the famous Prime
Time Africa Television Show and CEO, Kennis Music. Dayo Adeneye (famously
called D-One) is an entertainment phenomenon and nobody doubts that as his
professional antecedent has shown in the last one and a half decade through his
innovative contribution, in conjunction with his best friend and star-brother,
Kenny Ogungbe.  The duo is solely acknowledged
as Godfathers of modern Nigerian entertainment industry.

your Number One Africa’s Celebrity Encounter blog had a special session with
Caroline over some Chinese delicacies inside Zen Garden Chinese Restaurant
situated on the highbrow Isaac John GRA, Ikeja area of Lagos state after a
birthday party organized in her honor by her husband, D-One. The birthday event
which she shared with her third child, Ashley who clocked 5 on that occasion
had a cream of high class guests who made out time for the Sunday evening event
and a double cake designed to explain the exact reason for the occasion.
Caroline who is a very hard catch for press interviews gave us an hour
no-hold-barred interview on our honor. She spoke to us on certain ideas that
make her a success away from an average black woman married to a famous
husband. Take a sit and sip your choice drink as we unveil what makes Caroline
Dayo Adeneye a fair lady. 
  D1 is a great husband.
Caroline Adeneye with hubby, D1 with their state-of-the-art Rolls Royce Phantom
@ their Atlanta Georgia, USA home.
opened the chat with an appreciation for her husband, D-one who put his busy
schedule aside to give her a rare moment which any woman will cherish to have,
by bringing who-is-who and VIPs for her birthday, hear her “I feel very
wonderful and I will say there is nothing more than your husband appreciating
you and speaking at any given time, what you mean to him and how he sees you,
that goes  a long way; we women don’t ask
for much. We only ask for the commitment and the assurance from our husbands,
that ‘look you mean a lot to me and I love you so much, thank you for tolerating
me’, with that, what else can you ask or wish for?. So, I am very happy and I
am very privileged to be alive by God’s grace and having my whole family
celebrating with me another year. It is a God given privilege”.
What you don’t know about D1.
every other year going, Caroline had been the one throwing a birthday
celebration in honor of her husband and it has been the same tradition in the
last ten years but on this occassion, it was D-One’s turn to do same for
Caroline, what does it mean to her “Yes, you are right Dan, but it is because I
am more on the quite side, socially. You will never know this but I can tell
you that attitudinally, D-One is more quite than me. I make friends more than
Dayo; Dayo is shy and reserved but most people don’t know this, they often look
at the showbiz side of my husband but unfortunately that is his job and not his
personality. For the yearly birthday gigs in his honor, I have to do that
because he is my crown, the Bible says our husbands are the crowns that adorn our
head. I celebrate my crown because he is the head of my family. It is not that
he doesn’t celebrate me as well, but because he is more on the public side, if
I send out ten IVs for a party in his honor, I see hundred people turning up.
Last year was a peculiar experience. It rained heavily and the weather was not
too friendly, we set up the event for 2pm and the rain fell and knocked
everything down and we thought the event was over because of the kind of
weather we had but by 4pm when the rain stopped I couldn’t believe the number
of people who came in between 4pm and 6pm, the human traffic was heavy. It was
on a Sunday, you wont believe that as at 1am, I had to turn off the music and I
said ‘look, you are all going to work tomorrow’ and they said ‘no’ ‘we love
D-One, we appreciate him and we are not in a hurry to stop the party. For us,
we see it as a way of appreciating people and letting them share in our joy as
Why I had
our 2nd child after 8 years of marriage.          
King of world beat, King Sunny Ade in a tete-a-tete with the Adeneyes
@ their Atlanta Georgia, USA home.
his vote of thanks to guests who showed up for his wife’s birthday celebration,
 D-One equally thanked Caroline for
being a great and truthful partner, for being the mother of his 3 children, for
being a genuine wife and lastly for ‘tolerating his excesses as a husband’. The
very jovial peace ambassador and On-Air-personality garnished his commendation
with one of the popular numbers of famous Hip-Hop act, Whizkid “Carol dun o carry, Carol dun O loyin etc”
as the crowd burst into a rush of applauses and laughter. We asked Carol what
was the “excesses” D-One was thanking her for understanding? Hear her “I think he
is in a better position to answer that question” was the way she fired back her
response. But the mother of three (Nicole, Bryan and Ashley) choose to educate
us further “I think the good thing that happened to me was that I married Dayo
Adeneye, I didn’t marry D-One so, we are like normal couple.
D-One is the showbiz personality everyone sees and craves for while Dayo
Adeneye is my husband and father of my children, we go through what normal
couples go through and we get over things together. Yes, as a family, we have
more of his absence than his presence, it is a bit better now, I remember when
I was having kids he was not always there. You will discover there is 8 years
gap between Nicole and Bryan (Her 1st and 2nd child).
Those days when I go and see my doctor, my doctor will say ‘I don’t know why
you are coming here because your husband is never around, so the day you start
travelling with your husband you can come back to see me. Stop coming to give
me your money; I am not interested in your money. That was what my doctor told
me and truth to his word it was when I travelled with him (D-One) that I got
pregnant for Bryan because he was never there. He was always travelling to
cover one event or the other across the world. So, I went with him on that
particular trip because the Doctor said if I don’t go, I should not come back
to him; that I should not say I am not pregnant when my husband is not always
there.  That is that; and I think in 15
years of knowing Dayo, I think it is only once we celebrated valentine
together. So, maybe that is why when our birthday comes, he tries to celebrate
it for me in a modest way. Then, I celebrate him (Yearly) because most times,
he is not always around.
D1, ladies and I
his kind of popularity and professional success, you will think Caroline would
be in the class of women who run high blood pressure over female admirers who
run after the heart of their men for canal pleasure. But that appears to be the
least of Carol’s challenges “No! There is one thing I have to appreciate my
husband for, I have to give kudos to him for one thing, he respects me and he
would not go out of his way to do anything he knows a woman won’t like to see.
But you can also understand that female fans are crazy, they go all around him
and all that, but when we go for public events and they do their stuff to him I
don’t really care because he is going home with me. That is the most important
Why I don’t check my Husband’s phone
Otunba Dayo and Chief (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye @ an event.
then the tricky question came hitting her “Have you ever caught a love Sms
message from a female lover on your husband’s phone?” and she replies “I don’t
think there is none because my husband knows I don’t have the time, I don’t
check his phone, why should I desire to give myself unnecessary headache? You
check today, you see Bimbo, tomorrow you see Zainab and next tomorrow you see
Gloria. It is unnecessary; a man who loves you will do everything necessary to
protect his home and like I said, I give kudos to my husband; he tries to make
me happy. He tries to avoid things that will make me unhappy. So, what else
would I ask for? Snooping around? That means I am not busy”.
The benefits of being D1’s wife 
Caroline Adeneye, King Sunny Ade & Dayo Adeneye during
KSA’s visit to their Atlanta Georgia Home recently.
Mrs. Dayo Adeneye must have come with lots of good tidings over time, Caroline
shared her stock benefits with us “Yes, the goodwill my husband has from the public
rubs on me on many occassion. I really appreciate it because I feel very great,
I feel wonderful and I feel blessed to be Mrs. Caroline Adeneye because
anywhere I go people favor me, in as much as I try to hide my identity but
perhaps by chance, someone who has seen my face on one magazine or the other is
quick to ask, when I say ‘Caroline Adeneye’ they will say “Oh, are you D-One’s
wife? So why didn’t you let us know earlier? ‘Don’t you know D-One is our Egbon’ and before I know it they will
pull me out of the line and give me an express attention, what else can someone
ask for? So, his good name open doors for me and I pray God will continue to
prosper him and make him fulfill his dream.
D-One doesn’t mind if I am richer
than him.
asked if Caroline cares to have Dayo Adeneye as her husband again in a
reincarnation and her answers were as predictable as this blog imagined “Of
course I will because Dayo allows me to grow; he allows me to expand, he allows
me to do whatever makes me happy. If I say I want to do this, he will tell me
the way to go about it and all that, so what else can I ask for in a man? A man
who allows his wife to grow, like he tells me, ‘I don’t care if you are richer
than me, all that matters is that you are still my wife, so why would I be
bothered? Because whatever money you make belongs to the family and what is
life about? Life is too short, our biggest priority is to live as one in truth
and with sincerity of purpose’, and his prayer is that God should give me good
health to enjoy the benefit of my labor. That has always been my husband’s wish
for me. He is a much secured man without fear for his wife’s success”.
Why my parent delayed our marriage
for 2 yrs.

This two cakes are telling us about D1’s sport hubby and career line
….Caroline is the author of the expression.
her closing remarks, Caroline Dayo Adeneye who is the Yeye-Otunba of Odogbolu
kingdom in  Ogun state where her husband
hails from gave legion of spinsters out there her success tips for a successful
marriage life; hear her “The secret of a successful marriage life is three
things; they are Patience! Patience!! Patience!!! Those are the three things
you need to secure your marriage. My mum told me this when I was getting
married, you know my parent had reservations for showbiz people, they believe
they don’t keep good wives; they don’t keep good homes and all that. But when I
insisted that it was Dayo I want, because they refused for like two years and I
have had my baby before our marriage. My daughter was almost two years when we
had our marriage because there was resistance from my parent. But when they
finally succumb and gave their blessing, my mum said to me “daughter, you have
to wear a garment of patience because we that are not even married to people in
the public arena we romance patience not to talk of people like who are
marrying the real men. So, patience and friendship matters. When you are
friends, you build trust and trust becomes the tripod on which patience will
stand and with patience you will be able to do anything. Secondly, you must be
able to communicate; it is a very powerful weapon for a successful marriage.
But I equally found out that in Africa, majority of the men are not too open
for communication. They think you want to know so much. But I will tell you
that whatever your husband feels you should know, just accept it. Later, he
will start opening up to you, don’t force him”  


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