Independence Day Exclusive With Adorable Ghanaian TV Star, Joselyn Dumas: | How Dad’s absence made me become a strong woman – Ghana’s face of E-Vogue Range Rover, Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas The Face of Range Rover E-Vogue, Ghana
“My father is
somebody I don’t really like talking about because he didn’t have a role in my
life and I don’t hate him for that. I think that he made me a very independent
minded child. He made me strong; nothing has been given to me (freely) in my
life. I had to work for everything that I have.

So, if I had a father that I
can always lean on and go back to and say ‘Dad, I need forty thousand dollars’
I will probably not be where I am today. So, I thank God for everything that
has happened in my life because I know that it is all in His plan to set me up
for greatness. Because my mum struggled to raise me and that is why till this
moment I salute the courage of that woman”. 

Joselyn Dumas

On How she became the Face of Range Rover E-Vogue
“We talked about the car, what it represents, it is sexy, it
is sophisticated, it has the power of presence and that they think that I
epitomize all these features. And I said “oh, I am much honored, praise God”
(laughs heartily). From there on, we had few other meetings where we talked about
the terms and conditions that apply to me being the face of the car; that the
car is for young elites who are up and coming. It is an economical car, it has
the power of presence, when it passes people turn their heads in the direction
of the car”

Joselyn Dumas the face of Range Rover in Ghana
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