Inside the Home-to-Beach side 50th birthday dinner of Aima Willis

Celebrant, Mrs. Aimalohi Willis with husband, Mr. Sandy Willis and daughters, Toluwa & Tomi

Aimalohi Willis and her family woke up on Thursday,
July 13, 2017 to warm birthday greetings at their Victoria Island, Lagos
(South Western Nigeria) home. The greetings came from friends and well-wishers
across the globe, wishing the matriarch of the family—Lady Aima ‘a splendid 50th birthday
. By noon, her lovely husband, Sandy (Who has a striking
look with ex-American President Barrack Obama) and pretty daughters, Tomi & Toluwa in company of their
adorable friend Nicole Adeneye (first
daughter of TV Great, and Ogun State Commissioner for Information &
Strategy, Chief Dayo Adeneye (D-One) who flew down from the US, with
celebrant’s kids for the celebration) began to plan for the event which
promised to end with a birthday dinner at a posh restaurant on the Island of Lagos.

Ironically, Lady
Aimalohi Willis’s
50th  birthday
fell on same day she came to the world—Thursday
July 13, 1967
. She was born by parents from Sabon Gida-Ora, Edo State (Southern Nigeria). A global
entrepreneur by all standards, Lady Aima has conquered her industry
where she plays a leading role as one of the few black women taking a lead in the
American cosmetic business industry.

The Celebrant, Mrs. Aimalohi Willis, Founder, Xtreme Brite Radiant Lotion

Her product, Xtreme Brite Skin Radiance Lotion
offers a whole range of reliable anti-blemishes solution for legion of black
women and Caucasians in the United States of America and across the world.

A make-up artistes decorates Mrs. Aimalohi Willis inside her guest room
Mum caught on phone with greetings from friends wishing her a happy birthday
Dressing Mrs. Aimalohi Willis for the Night
Mum under the Make up heat for her 50th birthday  bash
Tomi under the make up heat for Mum’s bash
Tomi Willis being dressed by a make-up artiste for mum’s bash
She was
shortly in Nigeria to celebrate her 50th with family and
well-wishers. It was a good thing to appreciate God and celebrate humanity for
this enigmatic Edo State born
international business woman.

Birthday Girl being dressed for her 50th bash

Nicole shows love to Mum, Aunty Aima @ 50
Victoria shows love to Aunty Aima @ 50
Toluwa giving mum a kiss of love @ 50
Folashade Iyiola, Toluwa & Nicole poses for mum, Mrs. Willis on her 50th birthday
Victoria, Nicole & Toluwa poses with Mrs. Aimalohi Willis @ 50
Toluwa & Nicole giving Aunty Aima a selfies on her 50th birthday
The Girls & Aunty Aima @ 50
mid-evening, her Victoria IslandLagos home started to witness the influx
of  friends, business associates and
well-wishers who were set to join her and family to Shiro Restaurant & Bar,
a beach side multi Asian cuisine
Restaurant by Landmark Events Center
on Water Corporation Avenue, Victoria Island, Lagos. The restaurant which is an octane destination event center
for society biggies was chosen by Madam’s husband, Mr. Sandy Willis who already
made out the day to create fun and happiness for his lovely wife of over two

Toluwa dashes mum a look of love @ 50

A table for
25 exclusive guests (including Asabeafrika)
was reserved for a late evening bash at Shiro Restaurant. On her invite list
were; Chief Kunle Iyiola, Mrs. Bose Iyiola, Mr. Femi Orols, Lady Chinwe
, Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline
Adeneye, and Princess Adeola Kamson.

Toluwa in a tongue-stunt for mum @ 50
Sandy, in a Barrack Obama style gives his wife, Aima a kiss of LOVE on her 50th birthday
Mum & Daughter giving the future a bright smile
Dad looks to the future while Toluwa looks at dad and mum steals a look  to the present on her 50th birthday
‘I love you, Aima’ Sandy tells his love at 50
Dad, Daughter & Mother
Sandy in a Barrack Obama look and style gives Aima a sexy look @ 50
Mr. & Mrs. Willis

included in the guest list are her lovely daughters, Oluwatomi Willis and her
sister, Toluwa Willis. Others are Nicole
, Jacqueline and Femi Oros,
Victoria Sonowo, Abisola Iyiola, Folashade Mavei Iyiola, Ikeoluwa Iyiola, Jemide Oritsekerundede(Dede) and Christopher Adeogun Philips among many other guests.
A family
photo shoot conducted by Asabeafrika
took place in the house. The 50 minutes photo shoot experience came with
interesting moments filled with sizzling enthusiasm and show of love and
affection for the celebrant by friends, well-wishers and relatives. All that came
with the celebration of “Lady Aima @ 50”.

The Girls gives a loud laugh to mum, Lady Aima @ 50
Sandy, Toluwa & Aima
Sandy & Aima
Victoria Sonowo, Daddy (Mr. Sandy Willis) Toluwa and Nicole Adeneye
Cheery look for mum @ 50
The Girls drinks and toast to Mum’s hapiness @ 50
The GDA with The Girls; Nocole, Toluwa & Victoria
The Girls are happy for Aunty Aima @ 50
Toluwa pets mum’s chin to the admiration of friends (Nicole & Victoria)
Toluwa, Nicole and Victoria gives mum a birthday hug
Nicole, Toluwa & Victoria

The Couple set for the Night at Shiro Restaurant
Sandy & Amia…at Aima’s 50th birhday dinner ceremony
Sandy & Aima Willis set for the evening
The Willis sharing a joke with Princess Adeola Kamson at the Beach bar of Shiro Restaurant
The Willis at the Beach front with Mrs. Iyiola (R) & Princess Kamson (L)
It began
with the make-up session for celebrant and her pretty daughters in one of the
guest rooms, and it moved to the upper living room and finally to the major
living room (downstairs) of the expansive Victoria
home of the Willis. Many
of her friends and associates who arrived to join for the Shiro bash later took part in the photo shoot which ended at

Mr. & Mrs. Willis

‘My Dear, which meal do you care for?’ Mr. Willis asks wife, Madam Aima at her 50th birthday dinner bash
The train
later moved in a convoy of SUVs belonging to friends and associates as they set
for the celebration venue at Shiro Restaurant and Bar
where the real event took place. Guests marked their arrival in various elegant
dresses and cheerful moods as they moved into the heart of the celebration of Lady Aimalohi Willis’s 50th
birthday bash
with choice drinks spiced with tasteful desert meals served
by a horde of Shiro service boys.  The
guests later had full course meal of sumptuous Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Indian cuisine were served in large proportion as they relished the
taste and feel of the moment.

‘Where are the meals?’ Mr. Sandy Willis seems to be asking Mr. Unni, Operations Manager, Shiro Restaurant

The event was much of eating, drinking,
networking and cutting of the Shiro
branded special birthday cake which happened at 11pm dot.

Mr. Femi Kevin Orols
Nicole Adeneye with Victoria Sonowo
The Charge De Affairs Mr. Sandy Willis (L) with Mr. Femi Kevin Orols (R)
Folashade Iyiola (R) with a female guest
More Service for Aunty Aima’s guests
The Birthday Girl gets set for her meal
Tomi & Chinwe sharing a talk
Princess Adeola Kamson in a tete-a-tete with celebrant
Hppy Ldy Guests at the event
Guests being served Shiro deserts
The Venue
The Birthday Girl enjoying her drink
Meal served by a Shiro Cheff
The Guests enjoying the night
Princess Adeol Kamson had more to eat for Aunty Aima’s 50th bash
The Shiro Staff served everyone
Chat, Eat & Drink
Many of the
guests had their wishes for the celebrant as your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity
Encounter blog, Asabeafrika spoke to
selected members of the exclusive guest list of Mrs. Aimalohi Willis.

The Ladies chtted and had fun @ Aunty Aima’s 50th bash

What Guests said about the celebrant…

The Celebrant, Lady Aimalohi Willis

Lady Carol & Lady Aima
Food for all Ladies @ Aunty Aima’s bash
Two Ladies of Timber & Calibre, Bar. (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye & Mrs. Aimalohi Willis
Bar. (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye share lughter with her friend, Aunty Aima
Bar. (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye shares drink with birthday gal, Aunty Aima
The Three Musketers, Aunty Carol, Aunty Aima and Aunty Deola
Barrister, Chief  (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye, wife of Ogun State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Chief
Dayo Adeneye
was first to speak about the celebrant “It is a blessing to reach the golden age of
50. We are grateful to God
for what
He has done through this wonderful woman. As you can see, we are all
here to celebrate her. We are celebrating
God’s glory in her life. We are
passion, we are celebrating industry and as well, philanthropy.

Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye with celebrant Mrs. Aimalohi Willis

She is a very
kind woman and a giver, a mother to hundreds of young people, benefiting
from her industry and kindness; Mrs.
is not just an epitome of
beauty but an
epitome of kindness,
humility and a bundle of intelligence”.
On what she wished the celebrant, Barrister
(Mrs.) Adeneye
replied “I wish
her God’s wisdom and the strenght to expand in her

celebrant’s husband Mr. Sandy Willis (Who
shares a look and height with ex-American President Barrack Obama)
had a
word for an industrious and enterprising wife and mother of his children @ 50 “I am very proud of my wife” he began amidst a hearty smile over a glass of
champagne “I will say my wife is
wonderful. Together we have made a great family. We have travelled the journey
of life and God has been very kind with His blessings. Our kids are wonderful;
I can only thank her for all the sacrifices she has made over the years”
On what he wished his wife, the very gentle and sophisticated Mr.
added “I pray God will
continue to bless her as I will continue to love her”.

Toluwani Willis enjoying her mood
Toluwa & her friend Dede in a tete–tete at Mum’s 50th bash
Between the Charge De Affairs, Mr. Sandy Willis and his guests
More Guests arrive for the Bash
The wine, the meals and the gist
Laughter in the air amidst sumptous meals
Some drinking, some eating, some chatting in the spirit of Aunty Aima’s 50th Bash
The Girls gisted away as the celebration continued
There was networking session for all on both sides
A Shiro Server serves more meals
The Charge De Affairs, Mr. Sandy Willis ensured everyone enjoys their meal
Cross Section of Guests enjoying their meal
The GDA speaks to the ‘Birthday Girl’ as Bar. (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye looks on
Tomi & FriendPhillips enjoying their moment at Mum’s 50th

Toluwani, celebrant’s daughter has words for
mum, “Even though she loves to shout my
name, especially, mum is my heart beat”.
She continued “I aspire to be like my mum in all aspect of life; from her pure heart
that always beats for others to her successful business that is known
worldwide”. “Mum made me believe that the impossible is possible. I thank God
for her every day, a thousand times over”
. On what Toluwa wishes mum @ 50,
she simply said “God’s blessings shall continue to rain upon her”.

Bar. Caroline Adeneye welcomes the Cake as Aunty Aima looks in great excitement
Arrival of the Cake courtesy Shiro Cakes

Princess Adeola Kamson watches as the Willis celebrate Mum @ 50
A smile of love from two friends to the celebrant
Barrister (Mrs.) Caroline Adeneye and Princess Adeola Kamson celebrates Madam Aima @ 50
Dad & Mum with Toluwani & Oluwatomi poses with the cake (s)
The Adeneyes & the Kamsons for the Willis
Toast time for celebrant
All Guests hails Aunty Aima @ 50
Dad surprised at the crowd’s cheers for mum @ 50
A rare celebration for the celebrant
Everyone giving a toast to ‘Madam Aima’ @ 50
The Adeneyes celebrates with the Willis
Dad & Mum getting the attention of ’50’ for Mum
The Men poses with Dad & Mum @ the celebration of Mum @ 50
The Shiro Boys unveils Madam Aima’s 50th Cake

Her second
daughter Oluwatomi said her wish for mum “Mummy, words can’t describe what you mean to me. I love you to bits.
You make me so extremely happy and my hope is that a smile continues to be on
your face every day of your life. I love you beautiful”
Nicole Adeneye a blogger and producer of Afromixtalk
on YouTube had kind words
for the celebrant whom she described as her second mother “I appreciate her more than she knows. On her birthday I want to thank
her for being another mother to me, thank you for accepting and loving me”
who is the first daughter of Chief Dayo Adeneye, the Honorable
Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Ogun
State (South West Nigeria)
reveals more of Lady Aima “She has shown me
more ways to appreciate God by bringing me closer to Christ through her act of
motherhood. I will forever be grateful to her for bringing me closer to Christ.
I love her more than she knows”
. On her wish for her 2nd mum @
50 Nicole
replied “I pray God’s blessings never
depart from her life, may her new age bring about endless joy, peace, happiness
and love”.  
Victoria Sonowo, an American based law student and friend of the celebrant’s family
described the celebrant as a very generous giver with no bias for any one “I thank her for her unlimited caring and giving towards me. Since I met this family; she (celebrant) has showed me love and great hospitality by welcoming me into her home
with open arms countless times
. She
has showed me that I can come to her
a daughter and talk to her as a mother
. I
appreciate that greatly”
She said
more “She is a compassionate, loving and
wonderful mom”
The pretty and gentle Victoria Sonowo gave her wish for
the celebrant “I pray that God’s
blessings continue to reign upon her and her family and grant her the good
desires of her heart. Happy birthday to you, I love you so much” 
Jacqueline Oros gave her wish to the celebrant “You have reached the golden age of 50. Your
50 years in this world is a blessing to humanity. I pray God to fill the rest
of your life with happiness, good health and success” 
Ikeoluwa Iyiola brought emotion to her speech for
the celebrant “I wish her a happy
birthday. She has been a strong pillar to my family, supporting me right from
my secondary school education and I will forever be grateful”
she got more
words for Lady Aima “You are the
most hardworking and resilient person I know and I hope to attain and supersede
your heights. I know somehow you thought I am far off, but I usually don’t
express myself. This is me; you are the best and I appreciate every bit of you.
Thanks for being you, I love you”
young guest Miss Midumor has this to say of the celebrant “Best girl, Aunty Aima; the love of my life,
I could speak on and keep speaking until I fill the entire tape and still not
express my love for you. Thank you for being my second mother. Thank you for
putting a permanent smile on my face and that of my family. I love you, God
bless you and your new age”
Chinwe Ihemere, a Lagos Island based banker and exclusive guest of the celebrant had
a wish for her “My Lovely No 1 and most
esteemed mother and client. You are
than a client to me and my second mother
. I adore and admire you so much because
you inspire me a lot”.
On her wish for Lady Aima, she said “I wish her long life and more prosperity at her golden age”.

Dad & Daughters takes care of the feels behind mum….
Dad & Mum in a jolly mood @ Mum’s 50th bash

Princess Adeola Kamson in her own word gave kudos to the
celebrant for being a mother and helper to many young people in Nigeria and
Diaspora “She is a beautiful and kind
lady, I
wish her happy birthday”,
prayed. She continued; “I
am happy our path crossed in
life. She is my darling sister from another mother. I look forward to growing

old with her and her lovely family, I
love you, Aima”
she enthused.
Chief Kunle Iyiola simply described the birthday girl
like this “Aima is a wonderful creature by Almighty God. She is God’s gift
to everybody that come close to her
” while his wife, Mrs. Bose Iyiola prayed
thus “Many more cheers, long live and
more prosperity”
In his own
words, Femi Kevin Orols thanked the celebrant for being selfless in
her service to humanity “I thank her for
always being selfless and standing up for what she believe is right. She is a
very honest and passionate person. May the Lord continue to bless you; more
life, more love, more money”
; he concluded.
A toast was
later shared with the celebrant at 11pm with Deejay Jara (an Indian Deejay) playing some old tunes as the birthdaycake
was cut and shared amidst laughter, banters and celebration and the event
closed at 15 minutes to mid-night.


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