Joke of the Day: The Beggar & the Pastor

The Pastor
of the Pentecostal Church of Salvation
in Ogba
Area of Lagos Pastor James Agbarilaye came to the church on a
Sunday morning with only a few coins in his pocket. Without thinking, he gave
the coins out during the offering time. As he was stepping out of the church
premises, one of the beggars at the church entrance asked him for alms.

of giving the beggar money, the Pastor invited him for lunch in a nearby
restaurant. After the meal, the Pastor putting his hands into his pockets
discovered that he had no money on him. As a way of avoiding any embarrassment,
the beggar settled the bill. The Pastor now said to the beggar, “Let us take a
taxi to my house and I will make a refund of the amount you have paid and the
taxi fair; and even add the alms.

“Thanks a
lot. You cannot fool me twice. You used trick to make me give you free lunch
and now you want to trick me for a free ride home. No way, Pastor!”
(Culled from
the book First 100 Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore)


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