Joke of the Day: The fallen heroes of Oke Mosan Catholic Church

The Catholic
Priest at Oke Mosan, complained that
he was getting sick of hearing members of his parish who kept confessing to
committing adultery.

One Sunday
morning, while delivering his sermon, he said, “If I hear one more person confess to adultery in this church, I will
ask that the Bishop posts me out to another church”
That was not
pleasant message to hear from the priest and because the church members liked
him very much. They were not prepared to lose him to another parish.
Since they
had the duty of confessing their sins to the priest, they decided to invent a
coded word that they could use when making their confession. They resolved that
anyone who committed adultery would say that he had ‘fallen’. Weeks later, the priest seems satisfied that his members
were no longer confessing to committing adultery and things went on well. When
the Priest died at the age of 70, another priest was posted to the church to
replace him.
The new
priest, on hearing that the parish members were always confessing to have ‘fallen’ decided to call on the Local
Government Council chairman, Honorable
Wellborn Adejare
 “I am here to request you to put all the road
sidewalks in this Local Government Headquarters in good conditions. I have
discovered that most members of my church at confession claimed to have
‘fallen’ several times”.
The Local
Government Council Chairman, being a member of the new priest’s parish, burst
into laughter on hearing the code word ‘fallen’
Amazed, the
new Priest asked, “What is so funny?
After all, your wife confessed to have ‘fallen’
three times in the last one week”
Culled from the Book, Read ‘n’ Laugh: First 100 Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore