Joke of the Day: Father, remember Mathew 7 Verse 7

A Priest, Rev. Father Emeka Obiozor was driving
along the road in Ibeku town in Umuahia and saw a Nun by the road side.
He brought his car to a halt and offered her a lift, which she accepted. When
she got in, the Nun crossed her legs, forcing her gown to open and reveal a
lovely leg. When the Priest had a look at the legs, he nearly ran the car unto
an oncoming trailer.

Managing to
control the car, the journey continued. After some minutes, the Reverend Father
skillfully slid his hand up the Nun’s leg with intent to run the hand to her
fleshy and succulent buttocks. The Nun looked at him and immediately said
“Father, remember what is written in Mathew 7 verse 7”
The Priest
felt embarrassed and apologized profusely, forcing himself to remove his hand.
But all the while he was not able to keep his mind off the Nun’s beautiful legs
later, while changing the car gear from gear two to gear four; he allowed his
trembling hands to slide up the Nun’s leg again.
The Nun
again said, “Father, remember Mathew 7 verse 7”
Words of
apology came again from the Priest, saying “Sorry sister, but the flesh is
No response
came from the Nun
Arriving at
the convent, the Nun opened the car door and said to the Priest, “Father, I
have no doubt that you don’t read your Bible”. She got out of the car, gave the
Priest a seducing glance, and menacingly walked away.
On his
arrival at the church, the elderly Priest rushed at a copy of the Holy Bible to
find out what was contained in Mathew 7 verse 7. In it was written “Go forth and seek, further up, you will
find glory”.
The Priest regretted not being versed with the Bible passage.
He bit his finger for missing such a “glorious” opportunity.
 (Culled from the book, Read & Laugh: First 100 jokes of our time by Olaleye Falore)