Joke of the Day: How Come that you are so popular?

Dr. Ojeaga popularly known from his secondary
school days as “Oje”, had taken up appointment as a Marketing Manager of U.A.C
Foods and stayed in Ibadan for almost six months before he ordered his wife to
relocate and come over to join him in Ibadan.

following Saturday after the wife’s arrival, Dr. Ojeaga decided that his wife should come along with him for
shopping at the Kingsway Departmental Stores. With Dr. Ojeaga at the wheel, the wife sat comfortably at the
passenger’s front seat of the Morris
, the car was driven out of the senior Staff Quarters at the Agodi G.R.A. in the northern part of
the town towards Dugbe market in the
Central District Area.
“Oje!  Isale Aafa! Oje!!!” the bus conductors of the
Danfo buses commuting the Agodi-Dugbe
route kept shouting as they solicited for commuters. After shopping, on their
way back to Agodi G.R.A. from Dugbe, Mrs. Ojeaga observed that the bus conductors kept shouting “Oje!
Oje!! Oje!!! When her husband drove past the buses; by the time they got to Mapo
, it appeared to Mrs. Ojeaga
as if the bus conductors had conspired to shout “Oje! Oje!! Oje!!!”  on sighting Dr. Ojeaga’s car.
At that
point, Mrs. Ojeaga had to ask her
husband “How come that you are so well known and popular in this town?” you
have only been hear for 6 months and everybody is shouting your name “Oje!
Oje!! Oje!!!”  on seeing you.
Smiling, Dr. Ojeaga replied his wife, “Whalai, they
are not calling my name. In fact, I don’t know them and I am sure that they
don’t know me either. The “Oje! Oje!!” that you are hearing is a part of Ibadan
township between Mapo and Agodi. It does not refer to my name.
It is not my own ‘Oje’.
 (Culled from the book First 100 Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore)


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