Joke of the Day: No answer from the Kitchen

Godwin Orokpe was a house boy serving the District
Officer of Bori Military camp. Every day, Godwin
took delight in drinking the wine of his boss. He would thereafter replace the
consumed volume of wine with about the same quantity of water.

Judging from
the taste of the diluted wine after the addition of water by Godwin, his boss, the District Officer of
Bori Camp became suspicious that the house boy must have been playing some
pranks with his wine since his wife was a teetotaler. On his wife’s advice, the
boss then went to purchase pastis (A French wine that changed color any time one added water)
Almost as
soon as the Pastis landed on the wine shelf, Godwin, as usual, went ahead to please himself by taking a gulp.
But no sooner had he added water that the wine became milky. When his boss
returned to the house after office hours, he made for the wine shelf, and saw
what became of his wine. He was happy that he had caught Godwin red-handed. Meanwhile Godwin,
on his own part, quickly ran into the kitchen to join his boss’s wife
immediately the boss arrived.
“Godwin”. He called. “Sir”, answered Godwin without
coming out of the Kitchen.
“Who drank from my bottle of Pastis?”
No answer.
I ask, who drank from my bottle of Pastis?”
The boss repeated his question.
Still no
The boss
angrily moved towards the kitchen in the direction that Godwin’s voice was first heard.
“You, this wretch, are you mad? I
called you and you answered,
“Yes”. But I later asked
you a
question, you chose to keep
“The truth is that I did not hear
your question because when one is inside the Kitchen, one does not hear
questions asked from outside. One can only hear one’s name.
“You are a
blatant liar”
“No boss”
“You must, in fact, be mad” the angry boss said almost losing
his temper.
“Ok sir, you stay beside Madam now in
the Kitchen while I go outside and ask you a question. Let’s see weather or not
you will hear my voice and answer the question.
“That’s ok.
Let’s try it! The boss reasoned.
“My boss sir”, Godwin called.
“Yes, Godwin”, the D.O responded almost immediately
“Who goes to the house maid’s bedroom
when the madam is not there?”
No answer
came from the boss.
raised his voice to ask,
“Oga, sir, I am asking, who made the
house maid pregnant?”
Still no
answer came from the boss.
Shouting at
the top of his voice, Godwin asked,
“Oga, my question is, “Who made the
house maid pregnant?”
“You are right, Godwin. I did not
hear you ask any question from me when I was in the kitchen. You are indeed
The D.O said as he pleaded with Godwin to sheathe his sword
 Culled from the Book, Read & Laugh…First 100 Jokes of Our Time by Olaleye Falore