Joke of the Day: The Smart Bride

A smart
Lagos boy married a typical good looking lady from Ekiti at a well attended traditional wedding ceremony in Ado-Ekiti. A day after the wedding
ceremony, on getting to their Isale-Eko
home, the Lagos boy laid down the following rules

I will come home when I want, if I
want, and at anytime I want; and I don’t expect any hassle from you.
I expect my super to be on the
dinning-table before my arrival unless I tell you that I won’t be home for
I will continue my hobbies of
hunting, fishing, boozing, and card playing when I want to do so with my old
buddies and i don’t expect you to give me a hard time about it.
The Lagos
boy ended up by saying, “these are my
rules for now. Do you have any comments?”
The new bride replied, “No, that’s fine with me, but I want you to
understand that I will have sexual intercourse in this house
at Seven O’clock every night…weather you are
here or not. Am I clear?”
Culled from
the Book, Read & Laugh…First 100
Jokes of Our Time
by Olaleye Falore


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