June 12: Atiku Abubakar is another politician like MKO Abiola—Hajia Fateema Mohammed

Hajia Fateema Mohammed….Wants Atiku to survive Buhari in 2019?

home and abroad came together on Monday June
, 2017 to remember Nigeria’s number one hero of democracy, Chief MKO Abiola 24 years after his
mandate was forcefully taken away from him by the military junta of General Ibrahim Babangida.

events were organized in his honor across states in the South Western part of
Nigeria which includes Ondo, Ogun, Osun, Oyo and Lagos State. A special legislative
lecture was equally organized in his memory by the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Speaking about
June 12 and the remarkable political legacy of Chief MKO Abiola in Nigeria, a PDP woman leader in Lagos State,

The late Chief MKO Abiola….Winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential Election

Fateema Mohammed
hailed the late Abiola
whose dream for a great and democratic country was cut short. Hajia Fateema a philanthropist and grass
root politician noted that late MKO Abiola was the man who liberated Nigerians
from the shackles of dictatorship and thereby giving the golden key of
democratic dividends to majority of Nigerians in the political space today. Hajia Fatee regreted in a press release
obtained by Asabeafrika that ‘even though Abiola was used as sacrificial
lamb for democratic openings, a lot of Nigerians, especially the elite class
are yet to give gratitude to whom gratitude is due’

IBB….The Gentle Man who annulled MKO’s victory

She however
stated that hope is not lost, as Nigeria can still achieve those great heights
propagated by MKO Abiola through a
new leader with the same zeal and drive as the June 12 winner.
In this
vein, Hajia Fateema Mohammed reminds
Nigerians that only one man has shown the same zeal as Chief MKO Abiola in his political will to change the face of
governance in Nigeria and give Nigeria back to Nigerians;  and that person according to her is former
Vice President Atiku Abubakar.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar….Can he actually be like MKO?

The PDP woman
leader gave her reason for the Atiku choice  “Abubakar’s
dream and vision for this country is almost the same as the our hero of
democracy, Basorun MKO Abiola. He is connected to all the classes of the
society—grass root and elite cadre. He is as humble and unassuming as MKO. His
democratic credentials comes with a passion to lead  coupled with the knowledge of over two
decades in social engineering”

Hajia Fatee….’There is a need for an ‘Atikulated’ Nigeria’

concluded that for Nigeria to be thoroughly and truly ‘Atikulated’
(articulated), the country needs an Atiku
candidate to lead in the nearest future.

Hope 93, a hope aborted by Military stratagem

 “If we
have him at the top, there is every possibility that things will stabilize. His
experience as a former Vice President of Nigeria can never be wished away. His
experience as a public servant is an added advantage to leadership and his
experience as an entrepreneur comes handy as we put him up there to re-shape
our political destiny. Then the labor of our past heroes will not be allowed to
go in vain”.
Concluded Hajia Fateema
who is one of the cheer leaders for this year’s June 12 event.


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