Koro, Fayose will go to jail in 2015—Lagos Prophet declared at book launch + Nigerians relive experiences with Prophet Tibetan

The Nostradamus himself Prophet Dr. Marcus Tibetan taking his seat before the event

 Famous Dublin; Republic of Ireland based man of God and
Prophet of the Celestial Church of God, Prophet (Dr.) Marcus Korede Oluwatosin Tibetan celebrated his 54th
birthday on Saturday December 20th 2014 in Lagos.  The event which came alongside the prophet’s
yearly prediction book launch tagged “Prediction 2015” took place inside the premises
of his Nigeria’s cathedral at CCC, Elisha Parish, 1-5 Celestial way off
Zawiyat Street (Victory Estate) Abule Iroko off Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, by
Ajegunle Bus stop, South West Nigeria.

Prophet MKO Tibetan giving his opening remarks before the event kick started

The event
which started at 12 noon with music ministration and entertainment by Emperor Chukwuma David, leader a Lagos based ChukwuGlory
had guests trooping in from all walks of life to launch the book and
also wish the man of God a happy birthday and many happy returns.

“It came to a stage that my son told the government that he doesn’t have a father and a mother and he doesn’t want to see anybody, we never knew it was not ordinary. It was spiritual.  When the case became worse and it was taking longer than ever I said ‘sebi this man is a man of God, let me look for his number. I searched for my old diary and got his number. I called him, he said ‘Mama, don’t cry”.

A veteran Celestial Church Prophet, Superior Evangelist Babatunde Adewale Sewedor launched a copy of the book with the author Dr. MKO Tibetan watching

In his
opening remarks after a review of past prediction coordinated by one of the
Masters of Ceremonies Prophet Tibetan
welcomed his guests to the occasion, thanking them for the sacrifice of time
and effort. He expressed his great appreciation at those who took the pain to
cross several borders around the world to grace his birthday and book launch in
Lagos. Giving a hint of what his 2015 Prediction book will look like; Prophet Tibetan said “2015 is going to
be an interesting year because it is the year that General Buhari will win election”. The prophet however shocked his
audience and guests when he said “General
is the people’s choice but not God’s choice. He is the Saul of our
time” The prophet also prophesied that “2015 will be the worst year for President
Goodluck Jonathan as he will be sacked in February and by September he will be
under house arrest”

The prophet
equally had bad news for Ekiti state governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose and former Minister of state for defense, Musiliu Obanikoro “By the beginning of
the second quarter of 2015, Ayo Fayose
will be impeached and this time around he is going to jail. Musiliu Obanikoro may equally go to
jail over past atrocities”.
Top Police officers from the Nigerian Police lead by Inpector Daramola Joshua also launched copies of the book with the author, Dr. MKO Tibetan

An unknown couple from Lagos launched two copies of the book with the author & Man of God, Dr. MKO Tibetan

Salutation to Gideon Orka

Prophet Tibetan whose 2013 Prediction book was
dedicated to late Afro beat Icon, Fela
Anikulapo Kuti said his 2015 edition
is a salutation to late Major Gideon Orka who saw tomorrow
and who tried to break the jinx of dictatorship, non transparency,
deceitfulness that characterized our 4 decades of fake unity between the north
and south of Nigeria with his April 22nd 1991 coup d’état. The
Prophet described Orka as a prophet
who saw ahead of time as Nigeria can never truly progress under its present
condition. “For Nigeria to be a strong nation, all power must go back to the
states, for instance, the resources extracted or gotten from Ondo state should
be used to develop the state to the fullest and this same policy applied to
other states in the federation” the prophet stated.   
Dr. MKO Tibetan with his spiritual father, Baba MKO Olasehinde

A  Professorial endorsement

Launching a
copy of the book with a token of two hundred and fifty dollars, Canadian based
Professor of Contemporary Theology, Professor
Adekunle Oshinowo,
and a visiting professor to the University of Manchester said the prophet’s yearly predictions has
come under a global study by foreign research bodies and that he will be
spearheading a global platform for the launching of the book come 2016 to take
it away from the Lagos, Nigeria affair. The professor while speaking to this
blog after picking his copy said “I have collected several copies of the
Prophet’s prediction in the last 3 years and my group has done a little bit of
analysis and the results of the prophesies are far beyond facts; so there is a
whole department (at University of Manchester) that is now using it as a case
study. I have already made that recommendation. So, when the students’ starts
studying it and the thing started getting approved; of course that will get it
(Prediction book) into higher quarters. The starting point is to get the book into
the departments of religious studies in several universities as a point of
Dr. MKO Tibetan with Mrs. Clara Ida from Germany

Asabeafrika later asked the Professor of
Contemporary Theology if Prophecy can be taught as a body of knowledge in
school to which he gave a response “Predictions can be learned, people can look
at trends, we have seen it in business world, people can make predictions for a
particular time in future. So, definitely as a human thing, it is possible to
learn prediction but for prophecy, that is from God and a different platform
entirely. When you are talking about prophecy, you are talking about what is in
the heart of God and it is not something anybody can learn, you just need to be
available for God to reveal things to you; of course the Bible tells us that He
will not do anything without telling His friend and his friend is the prophet.
Whoever He considers to be open and available to Him, He shows him the secret
of the mysteries of life. So, you don’t need to learn that”

Professor Oshinowo gave his opinion about the personality
of Prophet Tibetan “I just want to
believe that he is solid as we have seen in his prophetic works. What we are
seeing of him now is like an external view, I hope God will lift him and from
what I have seen; from his fame that has gone ahead I really believe that he is
good enough and we will see how far we go from here”

“I just got to the canteen one day and they said ‘they don’t want Niniolu party world as from today. I just bought a cow, bought lots of food stuff for my cooking. Immediately they told me I said ‘well, if today is going to be the end, let it not be the end of my life. I left. All those items wasted. So, I took Dangote to court but he asked for an out of court settlement. So, we settled amicably”.

Dr. MKO Tibetan welcoming guests to his birthday & Book Launch Ceremony

Testimony from Germany

Mrs. Clara Ida, an Edo state born German based
Nigerian who launched over 5 copies of the Prediction 2015 book with the aim to
give black community in Germany shared a testimony of how God used Prophet Tibetan to restore peace in her
household after a satanic storm that nearly tore the relationship between her
and her last son, Jefferson apart. Mrs. Ida who travelled down with her
son, Jefferson to Nigeria to honor Prophet Tibetan’s birthday and book
launch said she got the prophet’s contact through her junior sister in Germany
and that after she got series of spiritual advises from the man of God through
telephone calls and email from his Dublin  base the prophet later paid a visit to her
family in Germany “In fact when he was with us, we were thinking he is an
ordinary person like us until one Saturday, he sat us down and said ‘he love
our family, that he liked the way he met us, that we are so free with him but
we will not appreciate him or know who he is; that he just came to us, sitting
with us and spent quality time with us we don’t know him. But I took it with a
pinch of salt, I was taking German courses then, so I will leave the house in
the morning and resume school by 9am and return around 2pm in the afternoon. We
will leave only him at home; I will go to my school and my husband too will be
off to his work place and the children will go to their schools. When he
finally left we called him for about two times and we just forgot about him”
Dr. MKO Tibetan the author with Chairman of the Occassion, Dr. Femi Agbomire from HoustonTexas, USA….Launched a copy with 500k

The challenge that proved the
prophet’s worth

“Honestly, I
never really took him for his word until when my son’s problem came up; he went
to school and came late from school on four occasions and I caned him; on the
5th day when I took him to school he was afraid to return home. Then when his
teacher asked him ‘why are you afraid to go home?’ he said ‘My mummy used to
beat me’ and that was how we were invited to the government office by the
juvenile department and they said our son said he cannot leave with us because
we are hostile to him and he is now afraid to leave with us. That was how the
government collected our son from us, this happened in February 2012. We were
thinking maybe the experience will not last for long and before we knew it we
started visiting him at the place government gave him to stay.  We try to talk to him but he said ‘no, he
doesn’t want to see us’.  It came to a
stage that my son told the government that he doesn’t have a father and a
mother and he doesn’t want to see anybody, we never knew it was not ordinary.
It was spiritual.  When the case became
worse and it was taking longer than ever I said ‘sebi this man is a man of God,
let me look for his number. I searched for my old diary and got his number. I
called him, he said ‘Mama, don’t cry. I just finished my adult harvest in
Dublin. Call me back in thirty minutes time; after that thirty minute I called
him, he said ‘don’t cry again’. I said ‘we have not even seen him now for the
past two weeks’. He said he doesn’t want to see us, nobody knows his movement
but he goes to school everyday. I was crying, the prophet said ‘so, he comes to
school everyday?’ I said ‘yes’. He said ‘ok, you just go to his school
tomorrow, sebi he will be in school tomorrow?’ I said ‘yes’. He said ‘Go there
tomorrow, he will follow you home’. I doubted him but he insisted I go and that
was what we did. On getting to school, the government officials were there, we
saw him. He said ‘he doesn’t want to see me, he doesn’t want to see his father,
and he doesn’t want to see anybody’. I said ‘but, what is happening, what is
the problem, what do you want?’ He said he doesn’t want anything. ‘Why, what is
your problem? What do you want us to do for you?’ he said “Mum, I don’t have
problem, I don’t just want to see any of you”. 

The Author, Dr. MKO Tibetan with Dr. Abiodun Michael of The Beloved Church, Lagos

Prophet MKO Tibetan with his aide, Mr. Ola Fasanya (L) with Baba Olaseinde and a guest launching copies of the book

Then I said ok, I told the
father to leave, so the government official left us to have a private audience
with him. We were later invited to meet him and the head of the government team
said ‘now we no longer have any place for you to stay. We can no longer
accommodate you; it is better you go back to your parent. He said ‘ok, I will
go back’. They now counseled us and they said ‘are you going now?’ he said ‘No,
when I close from school, I will come’ that he will be closing 2:30 and by 3
o’clock he will be home. I said ‘ok’ and to God be the glory, by 3 O’clock he
knocked at the door and that was how he returned home after several months with
the government of Germany; a week later we had another encounter with the
government officials to find out how we are treating him and on getting to
their office, they said “Jefferson how are you?” he said ‘fine’, “do you still
want us to give you a place to stay?, he said ‘No, I want to stay with my
parent, they love me I love them’. ‘So, why did you say you don’t want to stay
with them initially?’ He said ‘I don’t know’. They said ‘Are you trying to tell
us now that what you did was right?” he said “No, what I was doing was wrong
and my parent have right to correct me when I am wrong. They have right to beat
me when I do something wrong. So, I am sorry, I want to stay with my parent”.  

Prophet MKO Tibetan with an elderly guest at the twin event

And to God be the glory that was how God solved
my case. In fact this is my first time of coming down to meet the prophet in
Nigeria” “I think Prophet Tibetan is
a great man of God. My message to people around the globe is when you are given
a prophecy, you must believe and when asked to carry out a work of faith, you
must equally do that as well. When  I was
coming down to Nigeria, I told him I will like to come down with my son, Jefferson so that he can meet him and
be prayed for, he told me my son will follow me down but I doubted him. I said
he will not want to come because he will think I want to drop him here, the
devil really wanted to play a game like that; we were to fly for 6:30am in the
morning of the 16th, my boy left home since on the 14th
of December and he did not come home until that very 16th morning. I
was very anxious but we just saw him around 3 am, he opened the door and in fact
I was to leave my house by 4 am to drive to the airport to catch up with the
flight to Nigeria. I must be in the airport for 6am sharp. But he was not at
home for 2 solid days, even at 2:59am of that 16th he was no where to be found
and when I called the Prophet he asked me to carry out prayer with a certain
Bible verse and I did. By 3am Jefferson
opened the door and entered the house. We didn’t just argue with him, we said
‘go to the bathroom and have your bath because we are leaving for Nigeria at 4
o’clock’. He said ‘ok’ he went and took his bath and that was how we landed

Dr. Abiodun Michael of The Beloved Church with Dr. Femi Agbomire, Chairman of The occassion

What Nigerians are missing from Dr.
Hubert Ogunde’s son

Pastor Banjo Ogunde one of the scions of the late
Nigerian Theater Icon, Hubert Ogunde
equally launched a copy of the book and spoke to asabeafrika “What Dr.
means to Africa, we don’t value it and like it is in our character
we must not start to value great men when they are long gone. We must value
them now because Tibetan is original
and rightly among us. Yes, I know a prophet is never appreciated among his own
people but that should not apply to us. When Papa SBJ Oschoffa was alive, I could remember few years to his
demise, he kept asking people, that was between 1979, 1981 to 1982 or
thereabout, he used to say ‘You people should come closer and ask me questions,
let me tell you about deep things that will benefit you when I am gone or is it
when I am in the grave that you people will be asking me questions?” But we
never took him serious and today he is gone to be with the saints. We have Tibetan with us, we need to celebrate
him, we need to get closer and ask him to show us the way forward not after he
is gone we will now be confused. I think he is a blessing to this generation
because I have been following his prophecy in the last five years and at least
80% has come to pass both in Nigeria and oversea. That is why I came here today
to pick a copy of the Prediction 2015, I know the worth of the book and I
cannot afford to miss the spiritual goodies”
The author, Dr. MKO Tibetan with a community leader, Alhahi Nojeem Launching a copy of the book
Dr. MKO Tibetan with Mrs. Owoeye launching a copy of the book

He Stopped my Excessive Drinking
Otunba Mrs. Adebisi Gbenro  

speaking after launching two copies of the book for N50; 000 Otunba (Mrs.) Adebisi Gbenro gave God the glory for showing
her the way to Prophet’s Tibetan’s place “I came across his prophecy book at a
friend’s house and I asked the friend if I could call him and she obliged. I
called him in Dublin and even lied to him yet he was able to tell me all the
secrets of my life from abroad. At a time I was paralyzed, I couldn’t walk with
my two legs but this great man (Tibetan) helped me and today I can’t believe I
am standing with my two legs. When I met him I was having a rickety Toyota
Camry car but he said I should go and pack the car and he shipped in a
highlander jeep from Dublin to me and asked me to be paying the money bit by
bit at a very small rate. Today, the car has added value to my personality and
I am being given respect anywhere I go. By the time I came in contact with the
man of God, I was a heavy drinker and a party freak. You will always find me at
any party, my weekends were always over booked and I will drink, drink and
drink. My least consumption starts with at least six bottles of Small Stout and
you won’t believe I am still the same person today. Today, hardly can I attend
one social event in a weekend. I don’t drink again, my life is now balanced and
old things passed away and anytime I looked at him (Dr. Tibetan) I ask myself
‘is he a human being or a spirit?’ because nothing is too big for him to do and
nothing is too small for him not to do for anyone no matter your status. I
cherish him and I want to let Nigerians know that we are very lucky to have Prophet Marcus with us at these
interesting times”
The author, Dr. MKO Tibetan with a widow, Mother Celestial Toluwalase launching a copy of the book

Inspector Coker Victor of the Nigerian Police Anti-Bomb Squard with his father, Pa Samuel Coker launching copies of the book with author, Dr. MKO Tibetan

Why I bought a copy for N500KDr.
Femi Agbomire, USA

The Chairman
of the occasion, Dr. Olufemi Agbomire from the United States of
America spoke to asabeafrika after
purchasing a copy of the book for a whooping Five Hundred Thousand Naira,
he lamented the rate at which Africa as a continent is becoming ignorant about
great people like Prophet MKO Tibetan.
The Agenebode Edo state born
international business man who said he got to know the man of God 8 years ago
through a friend living in Germany Dr.
said he finally had an encounter with the Man of God last year in
Houston Texas, USA “The Prophet is a very awesome man to me, to be honest with
you if Africans and Nigerians know who they have they will come closer to him
and they could benefit a trillion from him. Speaking from my own experience and
the people I have introduced to him, it has been awesome” Dr. Agbomire buttressed his point with a testimony “I had a
particular friend, my good colleague and business partner that lives in the
USA, his wife was barren for 15 years. When I introduced the couple to Prophet Marcus, everything came alive
and they had a bouncing baby boy. Actually I am not a Christian, I am a Muslim
but I can tell you that Prophet Marcus
is a messiah”. On why he launched a copy with such a huge amount of money, Dr. Agbomire said “Because I believe in
him, I trusted him. I could launch the book with a million dollars because he
is an awesome man”
Mrs. Clara Ida from Germany with her son, Jefferson giving testimony for the good works of Dr. MKO Tibetan

His Prophecies are very accurateMrs.
Ayodele Ojumu Olomiye

Another very
important dignitary that launched some copies of the book at undisclosed sums
of money is Mrs.  Ayodele Ojumu Olomiye, speaking on the
credibility of prophet Marcus, she
said “Prophet Marcus Tibetan is a
man of God, I can define him as God sent to many homes; I can define him as
pillar behind the ministry of a lot of people especially myself and my family.
I can define him as a re-decorator of life” “In Nigeria he is man of God, in
the USA he is a man of God, all across the world he has manifested his gift of
prophecy. Sometime this year he was in Toronto
for a revival and it was like a carnival that day. My daughter told
me that a lot of cars parked, ‘oh, we want to take daddy home, we want to host
daddy but he said ‘no, I have my daughter here. So, Mrs. Adeola Oshunbiyi (Her Daughter) and her husband took him home.
I pray God in His infinite mercy will spare him long for us for benefit” The
MD/CEO of  Niniolu Party World shared her own unique experience with the
prophet with asabeafrika “Something
happened some years back and in fact, it crossed my mind today as I was coming
down the staircase. I came to him and said ‘Daddy, Dangote Refinery gave me a job. 

The Prophet & author Dr. MKO Tibetan, aide Mr. Ola Fasanya with professor Adekunle Oshinowo from Canada Launching a copy of the book

They employed me as a caterer to
their refinery canteen. He prayed over it and said ‘Mrs. Ojumu, you are not
going to last there. I looked at him and said ‘ah, ah, a place everybody is
looking at and happy for me that I am going to make money. But he insisted that
I won’t last there, that something will happen that will take you away from
there and when you leave that place your life will change. I just look at it
and I said ‘this man is just talking his own from his flesh jare’. So, I was in
Dangote, it was booming, booming,
millions, millions here and there but all of a sudden the job stopped
unexpectedly. I just got to the canteen one day and they said ‘they don’t want Niniolu party world as from today. I
just bought a cow, bought lots of food stuff for my cooking. Immediately they
told me I said ‘well, if today is going to be the end, let it not be the end of
my life. I left. All those items wasted. So, I took Dangote to court but he asked for an out of court settlement. So,
we settled amicably. And on the day he gave me the prediction, he said ‘you
wont work for somebody, people will work for you; to God be the glory today I
have a cleaning company with 18 staff and for my catering outfit I have 14
staff on the team. I also do other businesses by the side. I never believed the
day he told me that people will work for me and I will not work for people”

Marcus Tibetan’s 2015 prediction book can be purchased in Nigeria & Dublin
through +234-8037171370, +234-8054853828, +353-861033987, +353-899609994, and

(L-R) Mr. Ola Fasanya, Otunba (Mrs.) Adebisi Gbenro with the author, Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan


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