Lagos Pastor’s wife’s confession: ‘My husband declared marriage to me on the bed inside a dark room’

In what
appeared like a true life confession but which has gone bad with many Christian
theologians who understand the real doctrine of  a christian marriage, the confession of the
wife of a Lagos based Cele Pastor, Prophet
Ogundipe aka Genesis who declared to a Lagos
based soft sell magazine that her husband actually proposed marriage to her
while both were lying on the bed with the room light switched off, has
generated debates in many homes.

with CITY PEOPLE Magazine after a Christian program held at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos (South West
Nigeria) couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Sola Ogundipe the new wife of
the controversial Cele prophet
who have been engaged with several other women in the past
declared to the magazine reporter, Miss Tessy Moore that her husband
actually proposed marriage to her while both were lying on the bed with the
room put room light put off by her husband.
When the
magazine reporter asked Mrs. Sola Ogundipe how the Prophet
who recently promised to invite American Pastor Mike Mudork to his
program in Lagos but failed to do so propsed marriage to her, she simply
retorted “My husband proposed to me while
we were both lying on the bed. He switched off the light and stuck the ring
onto my finger and immediately asked me to marry him. Wow! I didn’t hesitate to
say yes and that was it”.

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The thorns of her  Confession
Christian ethic enthusiasts who found some filthy lines in Prophet Ogundipe’s
wife’s confession are now asking how a man of God and church leader of his
calibre propose to a woman in the darkness of a bedroom when both were lying
together?. A source who attended the revival and who was privy to the interview
session alleged that the Prophet’s wife even said more than what was published.
“I think some facts were even missing in
that report. She actually said
(alleged) that he hid the ring in his mouth, took one of her fingers into his
mouth, sucked the finger before using his tongue to put forth the ring on her
. The source who said she wouldn’t know weather both were naked or
clothed during the ‘love ritual’ agreed that it was not christian enough to
propose to a woman that way as a church leader.
source very close to the man of God’s church has this to say ‘When I saw the report, I laughed. I think
she was just being carried away and also being honest with her submission. She
couldn’t have told a lie. I know Oluso
(Shepherd) is a guy man but the way he married this new woman is suspect. I never
heard of any marriage. I think she is just a lucky one among his numerous
source, a male, very close to the Prophet’s Alakuko CCC, Genesis Model Parish
cathedral has this to say “I was shocked
when I read the interview. I think his media aides did a bad one on him. Does
he even have a reputable media aide? Maybe they didn’t know the capacity of
that statement”.
He added further “Well,
Oluso is a ladies man”

“My husband proposed to me while we
were both lying on the bed. He switched off the light and stuck the ring onto
my finger and immediately asked me to marry him. Wow! I didn’t hesitate to say
yes and that was it”.

However, a
renowned seer and  Republic of Ireland
based Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, the leader and shepherd of Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha
(Europe and Nigeria) sees Prophet Israel Ogundipe’s act as the
height of ecclessiastical indiscipline for taking a woman into his room,
rolling her on his bed and switching off the lights before he proposed to her.
In a recent video interview he had with Asabeafrika, Prophet Tibetan who said Prophet
was a former drummer boy in his Nigerian church choir said the
leadership of the Celestial Church in Ketu and Imeko needed to look into
some of the activities of Prophet Ogundipe “You know he fornicates a lot” Tibetan
noted with sadness written over his face “How
can you say you propose to a woman inside the bed room and lying on a bed with
her when the light is off? Something must be wrong with you to have done that.
If Celestial Church is strict enough, this kind of character should have been
expelled or suspended. You know he has moved in and out of Alagbon before?”

(Full interview to debut on our youtube channel)
How I met my wife—Prophet Ogundipe
In his own
confession to the CITY PEOPLE reporter, Prophet Ogundipe said he decided to
marry Sola Ogundipe, a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God
because he found his missing rib in her. Hear how he captured her “Sola is a paragon of beauty. She is the
bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh. I 
met her 6 years ago but we got married 4 years ago. I got to know her
when my younger sister who happened to be her friend came home with the
photograph they both snapped”. “I made my interest known to my sister
immediately I set my eyes on the photograph. It was sometimes later that she
came with her to the church to attend one of my services and that was where our
love story began”.
Prophet Genesis as fondly adressed, who claimed to
have given his life to Christ since 1995 said even though he prayed over
marrying his wife, Sola who attends Redeemed Christian Church of God but
his late father was the one who influenced the success of the union “Though it was love at first sight, my
father made me marry her by choosing her above any other lady that I was
involved with”
(Involved with?).
The petite
bodied Prophet added that since he married her after 2 years of courtship, he
has never for once regretted taking that bold step of heeding to his late father’s
advice.  Prophet Israel Ogundele
who came from a Muslim background and known as Wasiu Ogundipe before he
became a member of Celestial Church of Christ has been arrested in the past for
cases bordering on dating and duping ladies who came into his life at one time
or the other.
More on the brand new Mrs. Genesis
On what the
new wife of CCC, Genesis Model Parish leader does for
a living aside being a prophet’s wife, she answered “I am into buying and selling; permit me to say this, my husband is a
very liberal man. He gives me free hands to do the things that make me happy.
For instance, he still allows me to go to my church, Redeemed whenever I feel like going.  He never compelled me to join his church but
now, I have fully become his member”