Late African Business mogul MKO Abiola’s son, Jamiu speaks on new book; The Prisoner of Conscience • Gets OBJ, Dangote’s endorsement for 1st book, Realistic Hope ….As work begins on 3rd book, Going against the Odds (The story of MKO Abiola’s Political death)

Jamiu Abiola with the GDA

Right now across the Arab  world, one Nigerian and African who has
garnered so much respect in terms of presentation of intellectual works on Arab
literature is Abdul Jamiu Abiodun Abiola,
the Shetima Rasheed of Borno kingdom
and 5th son of late business mogul and symbol of democracy in
Nigeria Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo
Olawale Abiola

In a recent editorial ALBAYAN
a leading newspaper in United Arab emirate categorized Jamiu Abiola’s maiden book Realistic
as one of the best top ten books in the entire Arab literary world.
Another newspaper in Egypt described the MKO Abiola’s scion as The First West African to write a novel
in Arabic and such accolades has
continued to follow Jamiu since he
launched himself as a gifted author with his maiden work “Realistic Hope” which has since garnered so much back page
endorsements from credible personalities like former Nigerian president and
elder statesman, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
(GCFR) and African Richest man, Aliko
(GCON) among other notable personalities and organizations alike. Jamiu’s book also got an editorial
review from Vanguard Newspaper as
the book was tagged as one of the best literary works begging for a quick
conversion into a movie. But as the commendations kept trooping in, Jamiu
locked himself in the Library for a third work titled The Prisoner of Conscience which he
finished after just 50 days hiatus from
social activities. The period enabled him to write the first edition in Arabic
before translating it into English in another 60 days. In another couple of
months, Jamiu is expected to finish
his third work titled “Going against the odds”
which is going to
be his first reality book which sets to
chronicle the activities of his legendary father Bashorun MKO Abiola from
birth to death with other interesting facts that culminated in the dream that
eventually got him to death. Last Sunday August 24th, your Africa’s
number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika
met the fast emerging African author inside his Opebi, Ikeja Lagos-South West
Nigerian home. Jamiu who just
returned from a trip to the United Arab Emirate where he went for related
business on the new book told us about his new book The Prisoner of Conscience which has a storyline running across
Lebanon into the United States of America and as usual using common
happenstances of romance and religion to illustrate bigger political
consequences that denigrates society at large. The business man turn author
also told us reason why former President Olusegun Obasanjo who is largely seen
as one of his late father’s foes gave him a back page comment for his book.

The GDA after the interesting encounter with the author son of late billionaire MKO Abiola
The book, Prisoner of Conscience
Giving his
reason to asabeafrika for the new book, the MKO Abiola scion explained in
details why he decided to publish The
Prisoner of Conscience
“The idea of Prisoner of Conscience is
a very, very important idea in the life of our people because most people
unfortunately are prisoners of their own conscience and that is actually the
reason why it has been very difficult for them to make progress in their lives;
they are carrying the ghosts of the past with them and they can not get rid of
these ghosts. 
The book, Prisoner of Conscience has to do
with a lady, Mary who is a Christian and she fell in love with a Muslim and
instead of them to go and meet their family and tell them that, ‘well, we might
be from different religion but we want to get married’ and try to convince
their families they decided that they will run away to another country for two
years and come back. But on their way going they got stuck by immigration and a
lot of things happened and the girl’s father unfortunately had a heart attack
when he heard about it. Because the immigration officials believed that she was
travelling with this stranger who is not her husband probably because she was planning
to become a prostitute in the other country they are heading to; so when her
father heard that, he had a heart attack and died. And she now became the
prisoner of her own conscience due to this. And she equally decided to abandon Issac
(Isaac) the Muslim guy she wanted to marry and she and her mother now travelled
to America as Issac the man at the center of the whole crisis got stucked in
their country, Lebanon where there was an ongoing Civil war of more than
fourteen years and after the war, he decided to find his way to America where
he intends to find her and win her heart back to himself and that was where
another sordid episode began”.
The Author of Realistic Hope & Prisoner of Conscience Jamiu Abiola with kids and the GDA

“When people say Chief Obasanjo is not a friend of my father, it is actually wrong. They are very, very close, maybe they had some political differences. It is only God that knows but at the same time I gave him a copy of the book and he said he was going to read it and he did read it. And the kind of person he is, he is very straight forward and people have to give him credit for that because at the end of the day he ruled the country and he did a lot of good things in this country”.

Jamiu, G D A & Azzydeen
It’s a book about the prison of the
When Jamiu
hinted the Nigerian press couple of months back that he was doing a second book
titled Prisoner of Conscience many thought the book will not only be a
political one but equally relate to the political situation of the people of
Nigeria but with the birth of the new book, it turned out that Jamiu
had a different idea which he defended “The book, Prisoner of Conscience is
not just about romance it is actually a psychological book, it has to do with
the inner part of the human nature or a human being. What is a human being
carrying with him at every trail of his life? Because at the end of the day
like they say, what is inward is what translates to the outward, your inner
personality will always manifest in your outward being.  Most people unfortunately carry a lot of
ghosts of the past with them either because they have committed a crime before
and they can’t get rid of it in their mind or by their act they have been
responsible in one way or the other for one unfortunate incidence of life and the
guilt keeps hunting them; they are not able to actually move forward with their
lives. So, they are prisoners of their own conscience. This book is a book that
will teach people how to set themselves free from the prison of their
conscience which is one of the forces that actually destroy people and make
them a living corpse. They are alive physically but they are actually dead inside,
Mr. Abiola the author of Realistic Hope
Jamiu Abiola…..My third book ‘Going Against the Odds will be strictly for MKO
The story around a Maronite Christian
& a Sunni Muslim
On why Jamiu chose to make his storyline out of a
relationship between a Maronite Christian and a Sunni
in Lebanon, the author educated this blog further “I chose the Maronite
sect because in Lebanon where the book started these groups of Christians are
very, very popular and the Sunni Muslims are very popular as well. So, I just
chose them to show the difference in religion and it is that difference that
actually created the event in the book where the protagonist of the book Mary
a Christian Maronite became
a prisoner of her conscience”.
Mr. Abiola
Arab literature by a Nigerian author
richest black man, Aliko Dongote in
his back page comment on Jamiu’s first book, Realistic
appreciated Jamiu’s verse knowledge of the
Arabic Language and how he was able to grasp with the socio-cultural events in
Egyptian society. If Realistic Hope talked more of the Egyptian society, the
new book The Prisoner of Conscience took its literary root from Lebanon,  we ask why the Middle East preference? “The
Middle East for more than five hundred years has always gotten a commendation
in terms of poetry and antique” Jamiu lectured our blog “People have
always said that the Islamic language is poetic and it is also a classic
language in terms of literature and poetry. When I write I always write in
Arabic language then I now translate it into any other language like English
and French. 
So, Arabic Language is often the source, it is the language I
learnt first outside my native language when I was 9 years old and it is almost
thirty-something years now that I have been speaking Arabic language so I am
very, very conversant with them over there and I just decided that it is time,
I will actually write a story from their perspective as it relates to the
entire world. My first book Realistic Hope took its plots and
storyline from Egypt which
coincidentally is the bastion of global civilization. Every great civilization
we are witnessing around the world today has its root in Egypt. For my second book Prisoner of Conscience I chose Lebanon
which is also very symbolic with a reputation of having an average number of
Christian crowd and Muslim crowd living on same geographical balance as a result
of their colonial heritage with France
which is a major global Christian force in the world. For your information Prisoner
of Conscience
is not like Realistic Hope which started and
ended in Egypt. Prisoner of Conscience actually started in Lebanon and moved out to America
and a lot of the stories is about American history, America’s everyday life and
relationship with other tribes of the world because I lived in America for more than fourteen years so
I know America very well; so I used the knowledge I have of both civilizations,
I mean America and the Arab world to
write this book”.
 318 pages in 50 days
The 318
pages book according to facts was written in 50 days; this blog wanted to know
how Jamiu did it? “Well, you know as they say ‘when you have a lot of things
bustling inside you it is very easy for you to come out’. Most of the things I
wrote in this book I have always had them in my sub-conscious. So, when I started
writing, it is very easy for me to come out. I have a lot of interest in
psychology I didn’t study it in school but I always read about psychology and I
always analyze people on my own. I don’t believe that every knowledge should be
learnt formally; one does not have to posses a Ph-D to be as smart as
those who posses one. I believe that a lot of people, the more they keep
putting themselves into this rules and regulations thing the more they just
keep limiting their own abilities. I have been telling people this for a very
long time and I have a very keen interest in psychology.  So, this book is more of a psychological book
because it goes into the mind of the protagonist; everything that happened was
as a result of the power of the mind. And everybody that read this book will
understand how the human mind works especially different kind of people because
I actually analyzed a lot of the characters in the book. But of course I am not
going to make it psychological to the point that it will give a lot of people
headache. It is actually fun to me as well; it is just a way of actually sharing
this knowledge I had. So, writing a book in 50 days was not a challenge at all,
as far as I am concerned it was actually very, very easy because I mean, it is
not that I wrote in two languages in 50 days. The Arabic edition I wrote in 50
days and the English translation took place in 60 days. And of course I did
some editing which of course took me another one month. All together, it is
three months for the entire project”.
The Author of Realistic Hope, Jamiu Abiola
Obasanjo’s back page comment for
Jamiu’s book
One of the
back page comments for Jamiu’s first book Realistic Hope came from former
Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo which says Let me hasten to
congratulate you for the plot, the style, the language and the
Presentation.  For a first serious effort
at writing a book which I believe it is, if I am not wrong, it is worthy of
praise and I say more grease to your elbow”.
   We asked how Jamiu had such a commendation
from a man widely believed to be his father’s biggest foe “When people say Chief
is not a friend of my father, it is actually wrong. They are
very, very close, maybe they had some political differences. It is only God
that knows but at the same time I gave him a copy of the book and he said he
was going to read it and he did read it. And the kind of person he is, he is
very straight forward and people have to give him credit for that because at
the end of the day he ruled the country and he did a lot of good things in this
The Shetima Rasheed of Borno Kingdom
Jamiu Abiola
So, when he got a copy of the book and he said he was going to read it,
when I was told I was actually not surprised because of the kind of person he
is. And he actually gave me the resume because he is somebody that actually
keeps to his words and that is one thing that you can not take away from him.
So, I was actually very encouraged by what he said about my book and by what a
lot of other people who have not served in government said about my book. To
me, all my readers are very important. Every reader is equal and every reader
is very, very valuable to me”.  
Jamiu Abiola…..Writting a book in 50 days is the easiest thing for me to do
The G D A taking his leave after the chat
(Watch out for the Concluding part of the
secret memoir on
MKO’s Death….coming on this blog in 48hrs time)