Late Iyalode Adunni Bankole’s mother, Gbemi Adesida’s last Interview with Asabeafrika + Her relationship with OBJ

The two in their life time, Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida and Chief (Mrs,) Adunni Bankole

Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola
was the Iyalode of Owu Kingdom and
the mother of late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni
the Iyalode of Gbagura land and Yeye mokun of Owu-kingdom who died on Saturday 2nd, 2015.  
Chief (Mrs.) Adesida passed away early this morning (August 7, 2017), 4am at the ripe age of
82. She allegedly clocked 82 last month (July 11) and passed away this morning
in her Okupe Estate, Mende-Maryland—Lagos home. She is equally the Iya Adinni of Mende, Maryland—Lagos
Sometimes ago, the agile and
brilliant Iyalode of Owu kingdom spoke to your Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity
Encounter Blog, Asabeafrika at her
late daughter’s Ikorodu-Lagos residence during the dedication of a new house
which had former Nigerian President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces,
General Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) in
Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola
who was looking trim and prim that
morning  joined a congregation of well-wishers
to offer prayers for her daughter who named the new building—Praise Court. The Iyalode of Owu
kingdom was alleged to have used her influence to bring General Olusegun Obasanjo to the 
event that morning as both of them, apart from sharing  childhood in Abeokuta, they are both chiefs
in the royal court of Owu. While Chief
is the Balogun of Owu,
she is the Iyalode of Owu kingdom in
Abeokuta—Ogun State (South West Nigeria) She is survived by 6 children (Her
first Child and the highly respected Chief
Mrs. Adunni Bankole
passed away in January 2nd, 2015, thereby
leaving her with only 6 boys); 15 grand children and 2 great grand children.
As her body is being prepared for
burial this afternoon, Asabeafrika re-present
her exclusive interview and pictures for your enjoyment. Enjoy the excerpts

Mama your daughter is opening a new
house today, how would you describe the experience?

Iyalode of Owu, Chief Mrs Gbemisola Adesida & Yeye Mokun of Owu, Chief (Mrs) Adunni Bankole

It is a
joyous day for me. I can’t describe it less. I have been thanking God all the
time and God have made it for me to see today. Today which is a pleasant one
for my daughter; I am very, very grateful to God for sparing my life to be
around. God is indeed merciful.
How did you feel when she became so
ill last year and nearly passed away but miraculously bounced back to good
health? What was your reaction like as a mother?

Late Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida

It was a
very, very challenging moment of my life but I put my trust in Allah because I know He will never do
anything at half for me. That is the only Person I put my trust in, the only
Person I have in life. And I thank God he heard my prayers, ALLAH is my strength and to Him goes all
the glory.
What were the things you taught her
when she was growing under your wing?

Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida

I remember I
always told her to depend on prayers, to thank God and give all glory to Him
because He is always behind those who worship Him in truth. Those who know Him
and come closer to God and I thank God that my daughter is very, very close to
God. I thank my God.
Do you often beat or spank her as her

Mama & her lovely daughter in their life time

You don’t
expect less from a disciplinarian mother. She will say “Mi o Mo boya iwo iya yi lo
bi mi?”
(I don’t know if you are my real mother) “To ma’a ma so pe nkan-nkan
ni kinse, nkan-kan ni kin see saa”
(That you will be telling me to do this,
do that) now she is telling me that all that I have told her, that all I have
been doing, slapping her, doing things for her, she is now enjoying it and she
is very grateful for that. She is a good daughter and I thank God for her life.
You are the Iyalode of Owu Kingdom
while your daughter Adunni Bankole is the Yeye Mokun of Owu Kingdom and Iyalode
of Gbagura. What is so unique about mother and daughter being Iyalode in two
different powerful Yoruba Kingdoms?

Mama & her daughter loved the kids in their life time

Iyalode omo iya l’ode that is what they call her now and
like I said, we shall return all glory to God, God has made it so and I am grateful
to Him for His mercy upon our lives.
So, what is unique about Owu Kingdom?
Is there something that we don’t know about Owu? Can you tell us as the Iyalode?

The GDA with late Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida

Aah! Aah!!
(Sings) “Owu La koko Da o, bie dowu e
bere wo”
(Owu is the first town of our ancestors, if you get to Owu, ask
question)”. Because we Owu people are
always found everywhere, enterprising. We work hard for whatever we earn, very
agile, very industrious. We don’t depend on anybody. And we always associate
things to God. We are God’s own people.
Today, we saw a very great man, a General,
a politician and statesman extra-ordinary in the person of General Olusegun
Obasanjo who is the Balogun of Owu Kingdom coming down to this community  to open your daughter’s house. How would you
describe your relationship with General Olusegun Obasanjo?

L-R: Chief Obasanjo, Late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole & Late Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida

We grew up
together, me and Obasanjo we grew up
together. The Olowu of Owu Oba Dosunmu (Amororo II), Obasanjo, himself, Chief Bola Ajibola (Former Judge of International Court of Justice,
Hague) do you know him?
Yes ma, the former judge at Hague

Late Mama, Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida (M) her late daughter, Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole (R) with Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (L)

All of us
grew up together and my daughter knew all these people as her father. Her
biological father who is my late husband was a senior to all of them. He was
their senior at the Baptist Boys High
, so they respect him, you understand. So, every one of these people
that I mentioned are like fathers to my children, Bola Ajibola, The Olowu of
Oba Dosunmu and Chief Obasanjo. So, it is a matter of
age grade, we were age grades and we grew in the same environment and that has
remained our bond till today.
These days’ people don’t keep
friendship as you did in your days, so what is the secret of your long
friendship till date?

Mama & her daughter, Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole watches as Chief Olusegun Obasanjo blesses Mrs. Bankole’s new house in Ikorodu

Yes, then,
we always believed in our selves at that time and we were working towards
achieving a goal for Owu Kingdom or whoever
we meet or whoever surrounded us. We always aspire for good things of life
among our children; my own children are Bola
children. The Olowu of
children are Obasanjo’s
children and vice-visa. That was how it was within us. That was it and that is
it till today, we are still close knighted and for our age grade, unity comes
first. Love is our hallmark.
In making General Olusegun Obasanjo
come down to this extreme end of Ikorodu town this  earlymorning, 8 am is believed to be as a
result of your influence as the Iyalode of Owu Kingdom and he as the Balogun.
Can you tell us how you did it?

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo exchanging a joke with late Chief (Mrs.) Adunni Bankole after blessing her Ikorodu home in 2012

It was
indeed a short notice as you said. It was just under one week. I just said to
him “Baba, o n bo wa bami dedicate ile yi
bi mo kan se so fun niyen (Baba, you are going to help me dedicate my
daughter’s house o, that was how I told him). Then two days ago he now phoned
me that he was going to travel but he will be here by eight O’Clock in the
morning because he has to connect his flight by mid-day and he came. You were
here, he came and he just dedicated the house and he went off. That is him, when
he makes a promise he keep it. He does so for people who share the same like
mind with him, who believe in God, those are people he does such for. He is a
man of integrity.
 How would you describe General Olusegun
Obasanjo. What kind of person is he? Do you think a lot of people have a wrong
perception of him?

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Late Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida & Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele

Of course
some people do but some people don’t., some people who are close to him know
his aim and what he is aiming at for the greatness of Africa. In Nigeria, we
don’t know who Obasanjo is. We don’t
even appreciate him but as some of you are saying that he is the father of
Africa, the whole of African countries are always asking for him. I don’t know
where he said to me he was going to this afternoon that he left us. He is
travelling, they will send their (aero) plane to come and carry him in order to
benefit from his golden advice. What else do we want? We don’t appreciate him.
But we should learn to appreciate him. We should ask ourselves “what is it about Obasanjo?” And if we
start doing that, we will start seeing the light.
Can you tell me the secret of your
trim look at 77?

Late Mama, Chief (Mrs.) Gbemisola Adesida

I clock 77 this
very month. You see I don’t think much about anything and again I don’t put
things in my mind. I am free, when I love you, I love you. I always tell the
truth and I always tell people to say the truth in anything, in whatever
situation they find themselves. It is good to be truthful; it is good to be good.
If you have a like mind, nothing will worry you and for me that is the secret
of life.
What would you say about your late
husband who passed on early in the year?
Very quiet,
nice and ambitious man., he was a great father to his children and he inculcated
discipline into all his children. He was my husband and I cherish his memory.


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