Meet the 4 pillars behind the Asagba of Asaba Royal throne

Oba (Professor) Chief Edozien the Asagba of Asaba

That the Asagba
of Asaba
is a very powerful traditional stool is not in doubt. Neither
there is any iota of doubt as to the pervading influence of the current
occupant of the stool, Oba. (Professor)
Chief Edozien.

However, behind the
stool of Asagba are four prominent
traditional chiefs (Olinzeles); they are the Omu of Asaba, (Chief
warrior and Defense minister), the Onile
(Chief Consecrator) of Asaba land, the Iyase of Asaba (Traditional Prime
Minister)  and Odogwu of Asagba land.

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Each of these principal
chief has assigned traditional functions, for the clan and its head, Asaba.
is the Prime Minister, as the name implies, he is the Adviser to the throne of
Asaba. He is equally in charge of general administration of the entire Kingdom.
The Current Iyase is Chief Patrick
Onyeobi, a retired secretary to the
defunct Bendel State Government; Chief Oyeobi is a much honored person.
He has in excess of 29 different awards by many local, national and
international organizations.
The Odogwu
of Asaba
is the equivalent of the Hausa/Fulani: Title of Waziri. As Chief Warrior and war
commander, the Odgwu is in charge of
the general security and defense of the kingdom. He is the penultimate
commander next only to Asaba in that
regarded, of the royal army to Asaba
kingdom. The current Odogwu is Chief Patrick Nwamu. He holds a
decorated degree in Architecture and Town Planning/Transportation.
The Onile
is the chief Consecrator of the Kingdom. He is in charge of crowing the Asagba. The Onile also assist the Asagba in the installation of other Oniles
He sits in the Asagba-in-council over which Asagba presides.
The Current Onile
is Chief Ubaka Atoh. He is a
well-respected individual and is generally revered among the Asagba-in-Council.

Omu: Omu of Asagba is the spiritual icon
of the lot. She is the leader of the market women and performs all spiritual functions,
related to Asaba Market. The current
Omu is Chief (Obi) Ejima Chize,
who is highly respected by all.


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