Moneywise 4: Your mind is your biggest asset

Famous Fashion buff, Mudi Enajemo of MUDI Africa

It was the most
surprising visit of the year. It was a Saturday evening, at about 5.30 p.m. I
was putting my luggage together getting ready to go to the Murtala Muhammed
International Airport
, Ikeja, Lagos,
Nigeria, to check in. I was billed to travel to London that evening.
Suddenly, I had a gentle knock on the door and my daughter rushed in to inform
me that I had a visitor.

Guess who was at
the door? My Financial Mentor! I was confused. How did he know this place? Was
that his ghost or his true person? I really never expected him to ever come to
my house. He noticed the confusion on my face. I welcomed him in and offered
him a seat. But he simply asked me to lead him to my study. I did. He did not
say much, he just looked around the place carefully, examining my collection of
“This is not bad” he muttered as he further
examined my book shelves. There were few books I had packed on the floor to
take along with me to London. My Mentor’s attention caught
one of them, Think Big by
. “Have you read this book?” My Mentor asked and I
answered in the negative, informing him that I had just bought it. “Read it, and also get his first book, Gifted
, they will do
amazing things to your mind”
my Mentor said as he hinted he would be
leaving. He refused to take the drink I offered him. I accompanied him to his
car and he drove himself off. I stood there still wondering….

Ben Carson

With God, nothing
shall be impossible.
I could not describe the feeling that
overwhelmed me inside the plane as I read Think Big. The book is an
extraordinary account by Ben Carson of how he transformed himself from a “ghetto
kid to the most celebrated pediatric neurosurgeon in the world”.
By simply
reading two books a week as instructed by his illiterate mother!
was fired up. I did what I considered impulsive when I was returning to
. I withdrew a substantial amount of money from my account and
went straight to Waterstones (formerly Dillon’s), my favorite bookshop in London.
I simply invaded the shop, voraciously picking books I considered to be of
interest. I was able to fill two big boxes with assorted books.

“Do everything possible to read at least
a book per week and cut off from friends who are averse to reading. If you must
starve to read, do so. If you must let go momentary pleasure to read, do so. If
you must withdraw from your savings to buy good books, please spend. You can’t
be an insightful reader and not stand out from the crowd”

In Nigeria,
I drove straight to my Mentor’s house from the airport. I was there ten minutes
after my normal appointment. He led me to his study and the lesson for the
month was about to start in earnest.
“By the way, what have you made of the topic we
treated last month? Have you considered the materials from Murdock and Adeyemi that
I sent to you”?

The questions came in quick succession, as he walked up to his notice board to
paste this quotation: Every man who
knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the way
in which he exists, to make his life full, significant and interesting.
I told him I was
greatly moved by his rendition of last week’s topic. I told him that I am
familiar with the authors of the books he gave to me. I have followed Adeyemi’s
series religiously. I finished his Strong Desire in less than ten minutes and was
greatly inspired by the message which is this: That ‘a strong desire can command any miracle into existence’.

Mike Murdock

When you really
desire a thing, Higher Power steps in to make it happen. I first came in
contact with Mike Murdock three years back through his cassette titled: Seven Ingredients of a Perfect
which a friend gave me. It is a powerful material and it
richly blessed me. From then on, I desired to know more about the man. I bought
many of his books and I continued to dream of meeting him in real life.
Something happened that surprised me. Murdock was in Nigeria sometime in July
2001 to speak at a seminar organized by Winners Business Fellowship. Guess
what? I was selected to join two pastors in the church studio to interview him.
I was excited. After the interview, he collected my business card. In exchange,
he gave me his phone number and a private e-mail address, which he said he had
so far given to only fifteen individuals worldwide. We have been in contact
ever since then. I did a beautiful newspaper piece on him later and dispatched
few copies to him in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.
Surprise number
two: Shortly before the interview, I was privileged to be invited by Bishop
David Oyedepo
into his best house at Canaanland where he
shared some success tips with me. The tips have been ingrained in my spirit
ever since. Do dreams come true? Yes, of course! I met my dream models in a
single day. My Mentor was inspired by my testimony.


Monuments can fall but mental excellence is
“That is quite interesting. That means we
can proceed to the next lesson which is this: Treat Your Mind as Your Most
Important Asset.
I came to your house last week, were you surprised that I went straight to your
If I did not like what I saw, I probably would have
discontinued the capsules I had been giving you. Your mind is the only thing
that I consider indispensable in your quest for wealth.
As one author
puts it, “Monuments can fall, properties
can be destroyed, cars can be stolen, businesses can go bankrupt, beauty can
fade, but once your mind is intact and sound, you have everything it takes to
make money. Mental excellence is permanent.”
“I am amazed by what we attach value to in this part
of the world. Let me illustrate this with a personal experience. About seven
years ago, some heavily armed men invaded my house and ransacked everywhere.
They carted away everything in sight: televisions, cars, jewelry, money and any
other thing they fancied. They went to my study and took all the fanciful
things there. They even carried away my reading lamp! You know what? They left
all my books intact. How stupid! To me, my books are my most prized
possessions. I would have been greatly upset if they had stolen my books and
left my other possessions. But today, every single item they stole has been
“Informed millionaires spend a large part of their
time reading and analyzing good books because they know that books are the best
sources of insights and creative money ideas. Read, read, and read everything
in sight; you will find it useful one day. I am amazed when I hear some people
say they over-read. There is nothing like that. You cannot over- read! Do you
know that this wonderful machine called brain has twenty-four billion cells? I
have not come across any computer that can perform the task a brain can perform”.
“Your brain is elastic. Just like you go to the gym
to exercise your muscle, insightful reading helps to stretch your brain and
renew your mind. Try to meditate on what the Bible says: “I am fearfully and
wonderfully made.”
“I have told you about my educational background. My
dad could not sponsor my education beyond the secondary school level. All my
educational achievements today came by way of personal study and development. I
believe very sincerely that anybody can become whatever he or she wants to
become by insightful learning. As someone said, reading is the solution to
racial prejudice. I agree with him absolutely.
Even if you come from a poor background, once you
have superior insights into a problem, people must listen to you. This is
“You cannot be wealthy beyond your level of inner
strength. The mystery about good wealth is that you can only have it in
proportion to the level of development that has taken place inside. In wealth
acquisition, you can’t travel faster outside than the speed of your race
inside. God knows that if you get wealth that is more than your level of
spiritual development, you are going to mess everything up. A fool and his
money are soon parted. If you want to acquire lasting riches, work on your
inside. Read the books millionaires have written, listen to audio and
video-cassettes they have put together, attend seminars and workshops on
personal financial management and investment”.
“By doing this, you are investing in your most
important asset, that is, your mind. I see people walk into restaurants and
spend up to N3, 000 on a meal. Six hours later, everything is out of their
digestive system. Amazingly, these same people are not willing to invest N2,
000 on good books that can change their lives forever. My advice to you as I
close this lesson is: ‘Do everything possible to read at least a book per week
and cut off from friends who are averse to reading. If you must starve to read,
do so. If you must let go momentary pleasure to read, do so. If you must
withdraw from your savings to buy good books, please spend. You can’t be an
insightful reader and not stand out from the crowd. Besides, a life of
abundance is just around the corner if you persist in reading.”
“Enough for today”. Next month, we
are going to do a memory exercise. This is vital in your quest for wealth. It
will last for approximately eight hours. Be prepared. Don’t take heavy food.
Refrain from sugar, white flour and fried food.”
As usual, we
both walked together to my car, and I bade him good bye.
 (Excerpts from the book: “THE MILLIONAIRES
CAPSULES” by AYO AROWOLO. Read “How to Let your imagination work for you”
tomorrow on this blog)
Ayo Arowolo, Publisher The Millionaires’ Capsules


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