‘Europe Destruction Of Commonwealth Nations Championed By British Govt’ – Prof Alexia Thomas, Chairman, TCLP United Kingdom

Prof Thomas

Alexia Thomas, Chairman, The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP United Kingdom
(UK), Chairman of Alliance Treaty Commission and President, Independent
Diplomat Commission (IDC) in this interview reveals her Oracle status with a
third-eye into the future, as she exposed sequence of danger and disaster that
awaits Commonwealth nations, even as 500million citizens of Commonwealth
nations would become victims of massacre 15 years from now as being orchestrated
and led by the British Government against the coloured people.

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Tell us how you were able to transit into the future in your latest revelation
as an Oracle?
Well, first of all, I knew that I am an oracle. I am a living god, a god that
will die. It is sad. And I have always said that my death will lead to
scientific discovery of the medicine that will see human dies no more, but that
would see human longevity. But before such invention and medicine will come to
my side to keep me alive, it would have come to me late. And I said that my
death will lead to where the world will mourn. They will see the mountain,
nature will mourn for my death. And in nature mourning for my death will lead
to man to go into the deepest discovery of the sea-bed to know what answers
that can bring human longevity, but before such would be discovered it would be
late for me. Now I am an oracle. My words are living, my words are life. I have
been singing as loud as the whales in the sea. Whale is the biggest fish in the
ocean. The breath of the whale when its take water is so deep, so also the
tears of the whale, the sound can bring deafness to the ears. If human does not
understand the mystery of why the whale will always shed tears because the
whale will hardly shed tears. I have been shedding tears and opening to the
people of the Commonwealth, I have done my teachings through the video,
different videos on YouTube; different videos on websites, I have done my
teachings through the medium.
the white people have taken up the wrath of destruction upon the black nation.
The black nation-the people of the coloured nation, it is sad that God failed
them when creation was made. If the world can go back to all my press
statements in the news release and they can read all the words-the advice, doctrines,
teachings, realities, you would understand that the world for the first time
wants to fail themselves. Human destruction will come in enormous, 15million
Jews died but 500million Commonwealth (citizens) deaths will be recorded. And I
saw it very clearly.
When is the 500million Commonwealth citizens’ death coming up?
It is coming up 15 years from today. So, 15 years from today the death
recording will start taking its eminent, recognition in the sense that people
will just start dying, but withing three years the wrath of death will sweep
through the nations of the Commonwealth and 500million will be massacred. Half
of the Commonwealth nations’ generation will die of famine and starvation. So
basically, Europe has brought destruction upon the people of Commonwealth. It
is a disaster, it is a destruction that humanity will never recover from in the
next 1,000 years. United Kingdom government is championing the destruction of
the Commonwealth. This is a mastermind of Angela Merkel and the whole European
Union (EU) in generality. The EU people feared the Commonwealth people will be
the biggest nation in the continent that will take over the world because the
called Americans are the bastards who are of the black nation; who has left the
shores. America as a nation belongs to nobody, it does not even belong to the
white man. So the likes of Donald Trump, Black American who think that they are
an island without the black nation, they don’t even know that the great nation
of America today is the offspring of the black brothers, the coloured brothers
who were stolen away as slaves that make that nation great. The future of the
Commonwealth nations’ greatness has been seen. The world wants to bring
destruction upon humanity which is called Apocalypse of Judaism. So, Apocalypse
of Judaism will see 500million Commonwealth people massacred to death. They
will die of famine and starvation. These are the layers of destruction upon the
Commonwealth people.
starts with propaganda whereby the people are made enemies before the people
whom they know. The propaganda simply means the Europe has set up an
excavation. Excavation will mean the depth root of the Commonwealth people
which has been a burg in them. The Commonwealth nations were not known to these
people called Europe. The Europe people went to harness them. And in the
harnessization of them, they had been in the European existence as a burg. For
the first time, the European nations want to evacuate them from their lives and
their settlement. From 2016, the evacuation of Commonwealth citizens from
Europe will begin. It has already started taking effect because it has come in
the layers of mass deportation. So all Europe nations will begin to excavate
the Commonwealth nations. They will excavate them: there will be no mercy, it
will be the bed of destruction. So from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and
2022, deportation of Commonwealth nations from Europe will continue. For six
years, they have to complete the first phase of Commonwealth destruction. For six
years, Commonwealth nations will be evacuated from Europe. Those who do not
have papers will be told they have to go. From 2023 to another seven years, by
that time the Commonwealth citizens who are now resident in Europe from their
generic foundation, the mixed-race will also be evacuated and dumped in land
they don’t even know.
next evacuation will be the revocation of residents. It will be called Generic
Extermination of the coloured inter-relationship. The coloured who are not the
pure race will be deported back to Africa. Africa will be the dumping ground.
The pure white race that Hitler called the ‘White Breed’ are going to be
excavated. They will also deport those who have their residence, who have their
papers. It is a shame because human does not know that injustice to one is
injustice to all. They will say: “it is none of my business, I have my papers”,
because African man has been buttered to be selfish to themselves. They only
like themselves and they don’t bother about their brothers. From next seven
years starting from 2023, all those with Permanent Residence will be evacuated,
excavated, deported, deployed and transferred to a land. Africa is currently
called the Dungeon of Hell. It is called the Dungeon of Hell because it is only
a breeding ground to harness gold and diamond. Once gold and diamond has been
harnessed there is nothing interesting again in the land. The white man is not
interested about the beauty and development of the African nation, other than
for themselves. As we go into the phases of 2030, Europeanism will now kill the
economy of the Commonwealth nations.
will kill their economy by devaluating their currency, because the economy is a
ghostly operation where you hear $1billion, $3billion. It’s all pieces of
paper. One person sits down, the Europe Zone decides. Have you asked yourself
who decides what the valuation of money will be? Nigeria owes America $1billion
that does not mean anything. $1billon simply means Nigeria needs to generate 1
million slaves to work harder to generate resources for America. Nigeria
(foreign exchange market) valuation is N420 to One pound sterling. Have you
asked yourself who determines the money ration, money equilibrium? How do you
know today Naira (in foreign exchange market) is N429 to One pound sterling?
Have you asked yourself who determines the ratio? But because the black man is
not wise, Nigerian currency like N500 going to One dollar? Have you asked
yourself, what that simply means is that the master decides the buying, selling
capacity at the valuation of buying and selling. It is like an appraisal.
you see right now is: the European zone has masterminded a plot which the Jews
called the ‘Holocaust’. But what will happen on the destruction of commonwealth
nation is called the ‘Grandocaust’. The Jews suffered the Holocaust, the
Commonwealth people will suffer the Grandocaust. In Grandocaust, 500million
Commonwealth nations’ citizens will be destroyed. The destruction has started
already because their currency is being devalued everyday. Essence of the
devaluation of their currency is to kill their civilization, exploration since
every time the Commonwealth nations come abroad, they are there to harness
knowledge. They don’t want them to harness knowledge anymore, they increase the
currency to devalue their currency. If N500 is to One Dollar, what that simply
would mean is that Commonwealth nations would not be able to buy, would not be
able to sell. The Commonwealth nation has been busy dealing on crude oil. They
have forgotten that there is nothing like crude oil. Crude oil is a European,
developmental schemology to be able to empower their industry. They found
similar resources in Africa which is related to their industry. They have so
much suppress the African government to continue to drill oil for them to take
to their land. So when Nigeria
1 million barrel of crude oil, American give them a billion dollar. That is a
billion piece of paper. Have you asked them the oil you give them what do they
use it for? To develop their own industry, but you sell your resources to them
at the cost of piece of paper. It makes no sense. The Nigerian and the
Commonwealth nations, I advised them today to start preparing their soil for
fertilization because there will be famine and starvation 15 years from today.
And if they don’t start preparing the land for fertilization, they will die in
massism famine and starvation because Europe zone wants to destroy the
Commonwealth nations.
would be sad that 500million lives would vanish from the face of the earth. It
is happening already. Our coloured brother should look at Sudan farming. Have
you asked yourself why is there farming in Sudan. There is farming in Sudan
because Sudan, people have a generic trait, they are like camels, they have a
generic diamond in them They are unique breed of Africans. They are actually
the wisest species of the African race. They are like camels they never tired.
You can work them for seven days without water. So the white man saw this great
gift of God creating these people with that uniqueness. To kill them, they will
firstly stampede their economy. How could you tell me that in the civilized 21stcentury,
1998 people died of farming and disease? Go to the You Tube to watch Sudan’s
starvation. People died. Their coloured brothers did not even know why they are
dying. It is all the masterminded of the Europe zone to bring destruction upon
the commonwealth nation.
You talked about plans to extinct the coloured people of Commonwealth and
devalue their currencies…
Commonwealth governments have no brain. Have you asked yourself what they mean
by ‘Freeze peoples money’? They have frozen Iran’s money, as such Iran cannot
buy or sell? There is nothing like money. Every economy can sustain on
themselves, what is American, what is London? Every nation should begin to work
their ways into independence. Nigeria as a nation can survive without America.
Ghana can survive without America. Ghana does not need to do business with
America, Nigeria does not need to do business with America: they should sustain
their own economy. The reason for business relationship is called
‘Knowledge-Exploration.’ Nigeria wants to build bridges, America has a talent
to build bridges for them. They do what is called ‘Money-Equilibrium’. America
will bring 100 civil engineers labour force, Nigeria will bring 1000 labour
force. What America does not need, what America needs from Nigeria, Nigeria
supply in terms of human labour. But the truth is that, there would be
Apocalypse of Judaism which is the destruction of the Commonwealth race. The
dragon of hell has possessed the body of men. There would be Apocalypse of
Judaism. I called on the nations of Commonwealth today, to start preparing
storage and reservation. They need to create storage just like it was said in
the Bible where Joseph translated the dream, and the king stored for seven
years, because the famine lasted for seven years.
will be serious famine in Africa. And because this destruction will come upon
the Commonwealth nations, Nigeria right now should start learning to be an
island of its own, so that should this catastrophe come upon them, they can
survive without crying to America. If Nigeria whose population is 180million
and 90million dies, then Nigeria will perish. It is a premeditated master plan.
The Commonwealth nations’ government has not created sustenance for their
citizens because the white man gave them independence and taught them the lust
of life. Lust of life means everybody wants to build house, everybody wants to
build mansion, everybody wants to steal money to America. Every politics of the
Commonwealth nations have no ideology.: Democracy death and act of politics
birth on YouTube must be watched for government guidance. I am using this
opportunity to tell the Commonwealth nations to go and watch the video of
‘Democracy Death and Act of Politics Birth’ on You tube. We need to give up
Democracy and begin to practice Act of Politics. The sad reality is that
Commonwealth nations are producing…the greatest nation is a nation that have
enough Marxism. When the population is densely, what normally would happen is
that that nation is blessed. But if the Commonwealth nation cannot sustain
their citizens, I think they should start sterilizing their wives and sons, so
that they do not lead to densely populated human race. The Commonwealth race is
leading to densely populated human race and they cannot cater for themselves.
And because they cannot cater for themselves, the white European masters want
to now reduce the race by causing famine and starvation. That is the easiest
way to kill all of them. They died in their own waste. So when they are now
dying of famine and starvation, nobody bears the brunch, nobody carries the
cross. It would-be like they cannot feed themselves, there is no food. How can
there not be food?

till a land for fertilization, can take like six months getting the land ready
to crop seed, to be able to seed. And crop is the germination of the seed. The
Commonwealth nations right now not prepared for this catastrophe that is
coming. They are not settled, all they want is the best things of life.
American government is deceiving them to sell their crude oil. Blinding their
eyes with the big calling of the money, $10billin, $11billion. They don’t even
know themselves anymore. As earlier said, this famine and destruction will hit
the world in next 15 years. Lagos State is a big city. Have you asked yourself,
the food that sustain the people in Lagos, where does the farmer get it from?
The Nigerian economy cannot sustain their nation, because they did not produce
enough for them to feed themselves. Nigerians are eating food from abroad. If
you now tell me that N500 is One United States dollar, what does that say to
you? It only shows that the Nigerian economy cannot sustain because they cannot
even eat, buy, sell and trade. It is a premeditated ploy to destroy the nation
of Commonwealth. There is nothing like One United States dollar is 500 Naira,
or Naira is 429 to One pound sterling. Who decided the money valuation? One
person sits in his bedroom controlling the money economy. Nigerians cannot
fight back since it is a white man’s idea. If the white man tells them today,
N500 is going to be One United States dollar, they cannot do anything because
they are not the economists, they are not the one who decides who buys and who
sells. It is very sad, There would be destruction. The Commonwealth nations
right now should know that the brothers that are deported, the shamefulness on
one brother is a shame on you. When they are deporting your brother, you are
thinking…ohhh. But they criminalize the phases of their action, you don’t
have a reason to see that they are playing a propaganda.
will start deporting those people they say they have no papers to the ones who
have papers and relaxed. They will begin to deport the people that have papers,
and nations of Commonwealth are relaxed. Then they begin to devalue the Naira,
so nobody would be able to travel out of Nigeria anymore. By that time, those
who will be able to travel to Europe will only be the Billionaires. And the Billionaires
family members cannot begin to travel as they used to travel before because the
Naira by then will become N5000 to One United States Dollar or N5000 to One
pound sterling. What is that? That just tells you that that is the master plan
now. The only way now to stop them is not to come abroad because they don’t
need the African nations any more, they have finished exploiting their
resources. The nations of Africa, if they cannot manage their citizens’
productive rate and multiplication of human race, they should sterilize
themselves and stop having more babies. The more you have more babies, you
should be able to find a scheme because productivity and multiplication is a
gift to nature. Every nature that have human being is the biggest nation. America
right now is putting people to death because it does not know the vale of
human. Who decides which man dies or which man lives? I was watching the
American court system, in the American high court of justice they have two
sittings. They have the two parties having judges. How could that be? They are
going to kill a prisoner, you could hear the politics in America. One of the
political parties in the High Court agrees, the other disagrees. The justice
system in America is politicized. How should that be? Why should High Court of
Justice in America have two political parties with four judges in there? It is
madness. It is insanity.
think the Commonwealth nation should start working to be the island of their
own. They need to start getting their land ready for fertilization because
their would be Apocalypse of Judaism. If they can stand in unity now, they can
fight the white man’s decoy. They should not find themselves happiness. They
should stop selling their mineral resources. They should now use it to develop
themselves and sustain their human race, their race as a nation because there
will be Apocalypse of Judaism 500million Commonwealth citizens will perish.
There will be serious famine and starvation. The famine and starvation in
Commonwealth nations will lasts for 10 years, so we are actually looking at
2030 to 2040. If the famine lasts for 40 years, ¾ of the nations are all dead.
Even the rich people that would have stored food, after a while the food will
also finish. This is an eclipse of human destruction. It is sad.
What are the immediate expectations of Commonwealth nations from your
revelation and what proactive steps can they take to avert this pending
What the Commonwealth nations should do right now is we need to summon the
Europe zone and the American economists who determine the money equilibrium
into a round table. Nigeria will no longer accept the devaluation of their
Naira, Africa does not owe the Europe zone. The Europe zone of saying Nigeria
is indebted is a premeditated decoy to suppress them to slavery. You don’t owe
the Europe. There is nothing like they owe you money, we write off your debts:
it actually means nothing. Every time you hear Nigeria is owing America money,
it only means helping Nigeria to generate more slaves to do America’s free
labour. America could say we want 100 barrels of crude oil, Nigeria you owe me
money. And then Nigeria begins to get men from their homes. The economic system
is a ghostly operation. It is just money from the printing paper, printing
machine being printed. It is sad that if other race do not like you, for
instance in the animal kingdom, you are not going to see the cat fish moving
with the snake fish. You are not going to see the tiger fish moving with the
tilapia fish. All fish look the same, fish that look alike, move alike. The
nations of the Commonwealth is not going to force themselves on the white man.
The white man had been very premeditated in their decoy. If you go and watch
the Commonwealth citizens’ doom and re-birth on You tube, you will see the
white man destruction had been very obvious. The black man have suffered for
years, and they are still suffering. The only black coloured brothers who could
have been able to fight for the beauty of the black had been catapulted to be
bastards. The blacks in America are like bastards because they don’t know their
roots. So if they don’t know their roots, the unity to fight for their brothers
is not there.
nations of the Commonwealth should start preparing for the famine and
starvation in 15 years from now which will lasts for 10 years. Now that they
know this revelation, I call myself an Oracle, as I am actually an Oracle. The
world should know that I am a living god, that will die. It is sad that I am
going to die. This human-god called Professor Alexia Thomas Her Knowledgeable
is going to die one day. I am happy that I have been able to stop the human
destruction, I have seen with the third eye. The eyes that sees with the wind,
cries with the wind. And I am revealing what I am seeing. I think the
Commonwealth nation has neglected my voice. I think they commonize me in their
minds I am not in power, I am not the one that run the economy, but they don’t
even understand the economy themselves. They are the most idiotic leaders in
the world I have ever seen. How could they be deporting your citizens? I told
the world Nigerians were going to be deported January 26th. What did
Nigerian government do? What did the Commonwealth nation do? Nothing. They
still managed to take some of them to the airport. This destruction is
on-going, it is a matter above the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. He is the
headship of the destruction, because UK is championing the destruction of the
Commonwealth. They are the Commonwealth colonial masters. They are put in front
to excavate them, to take them to their country of destruction to take them to
destroy them.
the end product like I said are three layers of destruction: the first layer
are those without papers will be evacuated in six years, those with residence
status will be revoked in seven years. As those without papers are being
deported you can see the Naira being devalued so much. The Nigerian Central
Bank I don’t know how people are kept there, they call themselves the Governor
of Central Bank. They have no brains. They never asked themselves how could a
white man turning your currency is now N429 to One pound sterling, and you are
still there. Where are the economists? Where are the professor of economy?
Economist is nothing but because they are not wise. Have you asked yourself how
is it rated? Who decides what should be what? It is just one person sitting in
Buckingham Palace or somewhere controlling the money supply.
In saner climes, don’t you think someone like Governor of Central Bank of
Nigeria should have been fired for facilitating Naira devaluation, creating
inflation through his economic policies?
How will you know when you are still a slave? The Commonwealth nations did not
have independence, they only have sovereignty. They have no economy. The white
man determines their economy. That is why the famine will sweep away 500million
people of the nations of Commonwealth. If they become economists being able to
lead their nations without interference of international involvement, then they
will be able to be wise and protect their nation. Like I said, if they cannot
manage their multiplication and production of their children, they should
sterilize themselves, so that they don’t make more babies. The more they make
more babies, and they are not intelligent enough to sustain their people, the
white man is planning a destruction that is above their own desire. Imagine out
of 180 million Nigerians, 150 million dies. What do you say to that? All those
lands would now turn to
vegetation, which is what the white man wants, so he can come back and take the
land and rebuild their own city. The more the people die, the more there are no
people to fight for the land ownerships. The land becomes their free land to
harness gold again. Their own population is getting bigger and bigger. They
don’t even have lands in their own country. The more ¾ of Nigerians or
Commonwealth nations die and exterminate because of famine and starvation, they
are happy to comeback and take those lands again. When ¾ dies from 2030 to
2040, Nigeria will no longer be a
to comeback under the management of the white man again. That means the nation
destroyed herself because she never prepares for her independence. Her
independence is the ability to feed and sustain her people.
movement of exodus of the Commonwealth nation started from them not been able
to feed themselves going abroad to work like slaves. The Europe zone have had
enough of the slaves now and
slaves are becoming wise. They (Europe zone) have refused to give them papers.
Everybody want to go abroad. Nobody wants to live abroad. Everybody want to be
sure they can come and go easily. By the white man’s decoy, he knows that when
the Commonwealth people are going, they are stealing their knowledge away, they
deny them access not to have papers and the Commonwealth people become afraid,
because they want to be sure they can come and go. Before you know, all the
best brains in Commonwealth nations are abroad working like slaves. They
thought that they have worked, there is a future, unfortunately, the white man
fears the Commonwealth nations becoming the biggest continent of the world,
because they continue to produce more babies, they cannot look after, that is
why I said they should sterilize themselves. Rather than the white man bringing
a premeditated decoy to bring famine and starvation. Until the Commonwealth
nation begin to manage their economy, until they begin to control their
economy, until the Commonwealth nations can begin to sustain themselves without
United Kingdom or America; they should stop thinking oil is the means of money
making. Are you going to eat oil? Americans are buying oil from you because
they want to build their lands. The building of America today started 60 years
ago. Since 60 years they have been tilling your oil. You have no sense selling
them your oil.
they don’t need your oil anymore, because they have stored enough reserves.
What they now need to do is kill your economy, because they can no longer
sustain your people, your people were only sustained by them since they needed
them for labour. Now that they have built their 21st Century
City, you can see the invention of America building atomic bombs, building
missiles because human has gone mad. Even the destruction of the Commonwealth
nation is the American ideology by selling them weapons. How could you be developing
weapons to destroy humanity? It is madness.
Eritrea is a nation that broke away from Ethiopia. Eritrea’s Prime Minister
made an announcement that Eritrea men are short in supply. As such it is now
compulsory for Eritrea men to marry a minimum of two wives, if not they go to
jail. Same jail awaits Eritrea married women who will not allow their husbands
to marry more wives. What is your take on this?
As an Oracle, the president of Eritrea has gone mad. If you look deep into his
ideology, the human enactment of love energy, the humans are jealous. You
cannot force a man that he must marry two wives. What it simply means is that
the conceptology or the visionology of the Eritrean president means that they
want to begin to build an economy of themselves, and they realized that they
are less populated. So, to expand the race for a new 21st Century Eritrea, that
would compete with other neighbouring Commonwealth civilization and nations
they need to make more babies. It is like me saying the Commonwealth nations
should begin to sterilize themselves so that they don’t born more, because the
more they have more (babies) the more the white man is feeling troubled. How do
you give birth to 15 children and you cannot look after them? How can Nigeria
not be creative to feed the people. Nigeria right now, even the fertilizers and
manure they use in the farm, they have to import them. That is what it is: if
you look at the deeper conceptology of that man, I think he has a future. You
could see as he said the men there are not much. He’s actually seeing them
extincting away. He is trying to balance the race because if a man marries two
wives: one wife can produce two children, two wives should be able to produce
six children. What the guy is trying to do is a culture, it is futuristic
perception of Eritrea to solidly develop in an equation if Eritrea were a
million people, in the next 30 years, they could be like 50 million people. It
is just a conceptology. People have freedom of free opinion to express what it
is. I don’t think he has rights to enact it into law. It is totally