“Ojugbele was at home at the time she was alleged to be arrested by SSS” – Aides and Neighbors

Chief (Mrs. Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele to the media….’I am a strong Muslim, I don’t fight enemies I leave them to God to take on my behalf’

Some aides
and neighbors of the Ojokoro APC Woman leader,
Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Ojugbele
equally spoke to this blog on her alleged arrest on Saturday March 28th
by men of the
State Security Services
over procession of INEC materials.

They told Asabeafrika how they came about the news of her arrest on the
internet and how their leader who was at home at the time the news was trending
online reacted to it. The first person to speak with
Asabeafrika is Mrs. Olayinka
a very close confidant of Chief
(Mrs.) Basirat

Chief (Mrs.) Ojugbele to Asabeafrika….’This election is a revolutionary election. People are in need of CHANGE

told us how the entire drama began “On Friday March 27th we were together
at the LGA (Ojokoro ) secretariat, we later went to the market to buy food
stuff to be cooked for our people that are going for election the next day
(March 28th). After we left the market, Alhaja came home and didn’t come out again. I later left her and I
went for my ward meeting for preparation of the next day election. I am one of
the delegates for my unit at Ward B, Jankara
market in Ojokoro land. I can
tell you that Mrs. Ojugbele is a
very nice woman, yesterday; she went out to vote and later came back to the
house in the night. I want to tell Nigerians that there was nothing like her
being arrested by SSS with INEC materials at any given time. If you know her,
you will know that she is no nonsense person and she will never succumb to do
such a ridiculous assignment”

Ms. Yinka Adeyemi Arigbede…..’Somebody called me to inform me of my boss arrest but when i called to find out i discovered she was at home’

Ms Yinka Adeyemi Arigbede is the Personal Assistant to Chief (Mrs.) Basirat Olayinka Ojugbele.  She gave her own version of the SSS arrest
drama “On that Friday night they alleged that Alhaja was picked by the SSS, we were here cooking and preparing
for the next day election. In fact, it was like a vigil because all of us were
sitting here, gisting and cooking. We later slept and left in the early hours
of Saturday. But yesterday somebody just called me that ‘did you hear anything
about Alhaja Ojugbele?’ I said ‘no’
and she said ‘did you check your facebook account?’ 

Mrs Olayinka Aderupoko an APC female leader says ‘It is quite ridiculous for anyone to say Alhaja Ojugbele was arrested by SSS when she was actually sleeping at home’

At that time I was already
at the pooling booth because I am one of the agents of our party at pooling booth A at Ajegunle, Nikky Africana
section. I said I wouldn’t know anything about what you are saying, so I called
Alhaja and asked “Ma, where are
you?” and she said “Ah, I am at home o” and I said somebody just called to say
they saw you on face book carrying INEC ballot papers and that you have been arrested’
and she said she knows nothing about the matter. Later, one honorable member
living around called Honorable Victor
Okeyemi came to the pooling unit and
repeated the same question and I said ‘Sir, I was with her yesterday, we didn’t
even go out as we were busy cooking and preparing for the election, so, how
come?. And I later educated him on the issue and the man came home and saw her.
She was indeed at home and was never with the SSS, she was not even aware as we
were the ones who alerted her of the entire situation”

Reverend Akinwale Akintunde a neigbor of Chief Mrs. Ojugbele to Asabeafrika….’I was the one who prompted her to report to the police’
Reverend Akinwale Akintunde is a neighbor to the very
influential female politician; he gave us his own version of what transpired on
that day with Chief (Mrs.) Ojugbele. Hear
him “Yesterday, she was inside this house when she came to me and said, “Uncle
this is what they wrote about me on the social media” and I said “the first
thing you have to do is go to the Police station and report. I actually advised
her to make an official report to the police because it could be propaganda and
you cannot take chances. Incase you need to forestall any embarrassment; which
she did immediately. It was when she got there that the police authorities told
her not to worry and she left to cast her vote and we were together through out
till night fall” “In fact yesterday we were together with my mother for several
hours, even Alhaja asked me for where she can get fuel for her generator and
later called one of the politicians living around called “Carry Go” who went to
get the fuel for her. So, she was never arrested and taken to the SSS gulag”.
Talking about her virtue, Reverend
says more of Ojugbele “Actually
Alhaja Ojugbele has been a very nice
woman, she is a mother, she is an Aunty and she has been so good to my family
even when my father was alive and due to my father’s counsel coupled with her
own integrity, my father said she is worth moving with that she is a very nice
person and ever before I moved into this area, she has been very nice to me and
my family”

Reverend Akinwale Akintunde, a neigbor to Chief (Mrs.) Ojugbele
Ms. Yinka Adeyemi Arigbede….PA to Chief Mrs. Ojugbele
Mrs. Olayinka Aderupoko…APC Women Assistant to Chief Mrs. Ojugbele