How i discovered New Sex Drug, ‘Testament of the Testicle’-KSB + Why she is re-marrying @ 50

Kenny St Best, Gospel Singer/Politician/Minister & Author
In this concluding Part of our
exclusive encounter with Kenny St. Best—KSB
(Formerly Kenny St. Brown) the gospel musician turned politician revealed the
secret of her biggest discovery to Asabeafrika.
It is a story she has never told any blog or newspaper/magazine before. The
story of her new research—organic sex medicine for men!
KSB who will turn 50 in May is also
rounding up her autobiography which encapsulates the story of her
cradle-to-stardom with highlights on marriage, music, ministry and politics. It
is story like never before. She revealed other big secrets you will never find
She spoke to your Africa’s Number 1
Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika
inside her Opebi GRA, Ikeja—Lagos home on Friday 10th of March and
gave us the full story. Enjoy!

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The GDA meets the KSB
Someone scooped to us that you are actually
writing a book about your life experience, is it true and what is the content
of the book, why a book now?

KSB to Asabeafrika…’I am a singer and a minster of God. I have experiences to share with the world’

Okay, I am a
minister of God. And I am not just a minister; I am a singer, a worshiper and
a preacher. You understand? And there have been some fundamental messages that
have been coming and there are some other messages I preach. And these
fundamental messages have evolved into a lot of things. It is just like when a
pregnancy matured to 9 months. By the time it is 10 months and it doesn’t come
out there is a problem. So, this child has to be born such that the other books
can come because I have manuscripts of about ten books.

KSB to Asabeafrika….’I have over 10 books i am writing simultaneously’

Jesus Christ! I can’t believe this!
So you know
now, because it is a very cerebral exercise. It requires when you are calm.
When you are in tune with the inside and in tune with the spirit of God, you
will probably use a particular experience to start to develop a voice from
within you. So series of experiences have developed the voices from within me
and it is high time humanity benefits. I have the documents, so many.

Kenny St. Best to Asabeafrika….’I am ready to share my life with the public at 50′

If I have
to document on music, people see me talk about music and they will say ‘Have you documented this? Have you
documented that?’
Then in ministry, people see me preaching, and they will
say ‘Ah, KSB can you turn this thing into
a book, we will keep. We want to read it’.
And if it is the experience of
marriage, they will say ‘oh, what have
you documented?’
So, on this project, I have a friend like a mentor, Dr.
, he has been on my case for over three years to write a book on ‘Turn
it Around’
which is the story of my hit track ‘Turn Around’. So, this
is the first one. The thesis of Turn Around has been on for three
years even before politics. Out of every other thing, I am also 50 this year.

KSB to Asabeafrika….’My 50th birthday memoir is a compendium of my experiences in life’

Wao, the story of 50?
And so, it
is the time to consolidate on the experiences and the journey and then,
document. And not only document them, you could share your life out there.
Share your life out there in print; share your knowledge out there in print.
People don’t actually know me. Just few people know me and the few who know me
don’t know the depth of knowledge that is resided in this house (Points to her
body). So, the more of books I push out the more of the kind of consultation,
the more of remuneration, the kind of honor, the kind of address, the kind of
networking that you get.

So, my first book is called ‘STOP! TURN IT AROUND’. We
are planning to launch it 1st of May and it is amazing. I thought I
have finished writing the book. I am still writing because I just saw that I
wrote the foreword of the book and what I put down, it was mind blowing. I
don’t know where the inspiration came from. What came to me was what actually
happened at creation.

Kenny St. Best to Asabeafrika….’My 50th birthday memoir is about Turning it around’
What about Creation and what are you
turning around this time?
Stop all the
pity-party about your problems. You are not the first to go through that
experience. Stop the pity-party, stop the name blaming, stop the ‘hey, I want to commit suicide’. Stop the drama, you understand? And again, not
only are you stopping because you are not the first victim. It has to come.
But, you can turn the issue around, you can dream it again. This time by the
time you are dreaming it, it gets bigger. Yesterday, when I was writing the
foreword and I said ‘this book in your hand is about the dream’. The
number one person we talk about in the whole world when you are talking of a
dreamer is Joseph. But what is peculiar about Joseph’s dream is the
story of the slave boy to the king. From slavery to the palace, that is what we
celebrate. What we do not see is that the story of the dream of Joseph
is about preservation of the next generation of Israel.

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Kenny St. Best….’The story of Joseph’s dream was much of the preservation of the next generation of Israelite’

God knew a big
famine was coming, it is like recession. It is like what we are going through
in Nigeria today and the guy just had
a dream that there was going to be a time that your brothers will prostrate
before you and say ‘Kabiyesi’. He
didn’t understand because he was a kid then. But the guy was now pregnant with
the future and so every move they made was for the pregnancy of the future to
grow. So the future of him becoming a king was unfolding but most importantly,
the future of preservation of the nation of Israel. But what I
realized at the introduction of the book is that when God spoke to a man ‘be fruitful’, he was speaking to two
things. He was speaking to the testicles and He was also speaking
to the mind. That is the real meaning of fruitfulness; it doesn’t mean
fruitfulness is just having children. They say ‘procreation’.  There is
procreation via sex; there is a procreation of the mind. So, when God showed
the dream, he had to hide the ugly season because if the ugly season is shown
alongside the end game of the dream, the ugly one will not let the conception
take place. You will not even want it to come. I mean if they show me that these
husband wey dey come, go show me shege o, I no go wan marry now. Do you

Kenny St. Best to Asabeafrika….’The worst sides of visions are always hidden in order not to scare the bearer’

So in a situation where they are showing a marriage that is blossom,
beautiful, he is the king and you are the first lady but they did not show me
all the beatings, betrayals that require that I persevere and be loyal to be
deserving of being called the first lady. So, if all of the ugly sides are not
hidden, I will run and leave the marriage. That is how it is with our dreams.
If God shows us what has happened, the challenges that have come, the dreams
you has is the future you are to deliver. It has a due date. It has due
delivery date. Every dream has a date and a location. It is a journey, so you
must stop the complaint that the dream has been shattered; stop the drama. Just
stop and then, pick it up and let’s turn it around. For any man who cannot
dream, he is barren.  Barrenness is not
limited to someone who cannot impregnate his wife, when you cannot dream you
are barren.  That is why I said ‘Stop!
Turn it around’

Kenny St Best to Asabeafrika….’You must stop the bad stories and turn them around to good stories’
I know this will stun you but I want
to ask and plead you tell me the truth. Someone squealed that you equally
discovered an organic drug for male erection. Is this true and how did it
happen from music to science?

KSB to Asabeafrika…’Yes, i just found a new organic drug for sex libido’

It is
absolutely, absolutely amazing. I will not talk much, I will not even disclose.
I am just going to say ‘yes, I just discovered or invented a medicine. It is
organic. It is a lot of cure most especially for weak erection. Weak erection,
low sperm count and low quality of sperm. It is not enough that the count is
low. But even the production, so it is for that. The drug is also very, very
potent for ulcer and high blood pressure. The patent is what we are working on
right now, it is purely organic. It is from a plant, a Nigerian plant. In fact, it is from a food, purely organic. The
whole world is going organic, because they found out some drugs has side
effects but this one is purely, purely organic. And how can I claim that I am
the one that invented it? We carried out a research and found out that it was
nowhere on the internet. So, our lawyers are working through on the patent

KSB to Asabeafrika…’I have done enough research to enable me claim originality for my new sex boosting experiment’

They have done a further research because they said if they find it
existing elsewhere they will drop the project. They have done all the
researches and they can’t find it. And if
cannot bring out any information right now, it simply means the
information does not exist and it exists with me. So, we are working to make
sure the patent right is fully done so that we begin to talk to international
bodies, institutes and pharmaceutical companies.

KSB to Asabeafrika…’My new sex drug is a huge priority’

So, the project is huge. It is
also a drink whereby we will also be talking with distillery companies because
it has a level of alcohol. By the time we fermented it, it became a bit
alcoholic. So, it is a major, major breakthrough for me. It hasn’t yielding
money yet but the knowledge is magnanimous. God looked at me and just turned me
into a scientist which I never believe could happen through me (Laughter) I am
really, really grateful for that. You know when the Bible says that ‘I can do all things through Christ’. This is a pure case of God’s
divine benevolence upon me.

KSB to Asabeafrika….’I am a restless person when it comes to creativity’
I have known you in the last 15 years
and it appears to me that you are just a restless person…
(Cuts in) I
So, how did you get the inspiration
to inspire medicine?

KSB to Asabeafrika….’God showed me Isaiah 45 verse 3 and i became an inventor

There is a
scripture I use all the time; Isaiah 45
the verse 3 says “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret
places. That you may know that I, the Lord, who call you by your name, am the
God of Israel”
; this is the scripture that God has given me for over ten
years. He didn’t say you will find the riches of secret places, he said ‘I will give you’ and any time I pray I
say ‘Lord, you said you will give me the
riches of secret places, the hidden treasure of the dark secret places, when
will you give me now?’
KSB to Asabeafrika…’I kept disturbing God until he gave me a brand new invention’
So, you kept disturbing God?
heartily)And He said ‘remind me of my
and I said ‘Lord, I am reminding you o’. When will you give me?
And just recently, he now told me to do something and that thing led to that
and until I found it and He said ‘this is
what I
promised I will give you’.
So, it is how you handle it. It is just like when Mrs. (Folorunsho) Alakija
was bidding for an oil block. How can a fashion designer be looking for wealth
in the rig? But there is a covenant between you and God that will definitely
speak, though it may delay, wait for it. So in my own case that was how I found
my wealth, I cannot say I knew that thing existed. It was God that gave me the
clue, He said ‘this, this and this will
do this, this and this’
and I have tested the drug on few people and it
worked instantaneously.
The KSB & the GDA talks about ‘The Testament of the testicle’
I think you have a very huge industry
for this drug in Nigeria when it is finally brewed for consumption?

The GDA and the KSB shares a laugh over her new sex-libido drug for perfect erection

God is
amazing. Do you know God also gave me a book; it is called “The Testament of the Testicle”.
The testament of your testicle! So, I keep asking God ‘What is this thing about
testicle’ (Laughs heartily)
(Cuts in) Men’s testicles…
 I am telling you.
 I think testicle is even the place where the
entire world started from?

KSB to Asabeafrika….’God gave me the ‘Testament of the Testicles’

God will
bless you. When God spoke His word, ‘Be
He was actually referring to the testicle because that is the
seed. He also spoke about a seed that produces fruits after its kind. A seed
that has herbs that is producing herbs or seeds after its kind but when he now
came to the case of man after he created man, and he said ‘I have created you after my image and my likeness’. So, he just
spoke, he spoke to the part of the man that will cause reproduction. He said ‘Be fruitful’.
So, that is the testicle. The mind also received because at that time, it was
body, spirit and soul. A mind was created in the soul that could cause
recreation. So, that is why they said we are creative people, we are creative.
So, for this one that happened I just cannot claim the glory. It is God
Will you be re-marrying now that you
are turning 50?

KSB to Asabeafrika….’I have stayed 10 years without a man. Now, i am ready for marriage’

The Bible says
‘it is not good for a man to be alone’.
So, I have been alone for ten years. If the Bible says it is not good for a man
to be alone that means it is not good for KSB
to be alone any longer. There is a help mate for me and I am ready now. My
children are grown now, you saw them this afternoon. I was waiting for them to

up and they are grown now, so by the special grace of God, I am ready for