(Part 2) Inside The Launch Of D-One’s Hotel In Lagos + Unpublished Pictures of the interior of DC Suites & Bar • How Jaywon, Klever Jay, Mingin, 9ice & others thrilled celebrities + Exclusive Pics of action

Service with humility
we bring you the lovely pictures of the exterior and interior parts of Otunba
and Yeye Caroline Adeneye’s new 3-star hotel called DC
suites and Bar
inside Bako estate along Mile-12 Ikorodu Road,
Lagos-South West Nigeria.

The hotel which is a multi-million naira project
boasts of best of state-of-the-art-equipments imported from America and Canada.
The Hotel which was opened on Monday July 28th with a star
performance by African Music Icon, Abolore Adegbola Akande aka 9ice of
the Alapo
Meji Records
fame was stormed by the high and mighty from every sector
of the Nigerian business world. Your African Number 1 Celebrity encounter blog asabeafrika
is the only medium that was allowed to have an access into the interior of the
hotel. Read more snippets and view more pictures from the one in town event
which was marked with style, glamour and panache. Enjoy.
The Proprietor & Proprietess of DC Suites and Bar, Otunba Dayo & Yeye Caroline Adeneye
The Baba Oloye turns ‘Bar boy’ in the greatest act of humility
A house of stars

11pm on Monday July 28th, it was like a heavy downpour of rain as top Nigerian
Music acts  like Jaywon, Klever
Minjin Sexy, DJ Xsmart from Raypower and Abayomey Alvin (Mr. Ideal 2012) all
stormed the bar side of the hotel for their creative expression. Their
appearance made the crowd of fun seekers to charge as they demand for
performance from these stars.  Not long
after that did they start to take the stage one after the other and their
performance really unleashed a new dimension of fun on the crowd of fun

Some beautiful ladies enjoying themselves @ the event
9ice, D-One, Caroline in a round-the-circle dance spree

MTN Big Boy, “Dollar” steps in @ 11:15

he arrived, he was the least expected of all guests at that hour of the night
but trust the power of friendship, it can do anything. That was what worked for
the Adeneyes when MTN big boy Adedolapo Bamgboye the Head of the
Events and Sponsorship department of the leading African network stormed the
event amidst pomp and style. A lot of young people especially artistes were
swayed by his arrival at 11:15 pm as he exchanged pleasantries with other
guests on the higher side of the bar. Dolapo who clocked 50 two years ago
and who is famously addressed as “Ade Dollar” was adoring a black kaftan dress
over a resource control cap which really made his gait physique look straight
and dapping. The big boy later took his seat beside ID Ogungbe after greeting
Dayo Adeneye
and his wife, Caroline and other dignitaries at
the event.

Ayo Shonaiya with Jaywon
Big Boys dedicate the Night for D-One
Howie Tee too 

Another big boy and entertainment buff that
made it to the event that night was entertainment promoter extra-ordinary Howie
of Kiss Events Ltd. He was seen seated beside a female guest and
you could see the light of good expression signifying that he enjoyed the event
written all over his face. He later stood on his feet and made some very funny
and interesting dance steps that drew mass attention to him.

D-1 thrilled amidst Hennessy Big boys
Hip-Hop Star Jaywon meets the Big Boys
How 9ice arrived.

many knew that the star artiste and man of the night Abolore Agbolade Akande
aka 9ice had already arrived the Bako
neighborhood since 4pm and was cooling his feat inside
one of the exclusive rooms titled Jasmine Royale, named after Dayo
first daughter from first wife Folashade (He named rooms
inside the hotel after his numerous children, Jasmine, Nicole, Bryan and
Ashley). 9ice was said to have arrived since 4pm under heavy police and
military security who took strategic position around the hotel to ensure
maximum security of the artiste.  With him
inside the hotel were executives of his management company, Dicotyledon
Entertainment ltd
under the leadership of Music management guru, Anthony
(Don T) Anifite
and Gabriel C. Ojini of Seekers
TV soap Opera series who is in charge of special duties at Dicoltyledon Entertainment Ltd with a couple of his Body Guards.   

Idowu Ogungbe (ID-On-The-Street)
Big Boy Abimbola Ogunmowo

Klever Jay shakes the hall

first entertainer who took the Deejay on break was Igboro ti Daru crooner, Klever
who took the microphone at some minutes pass 10 pm (10:36pm
precisely) and gave a very unique account of himself as crowd of fun seekers
surged forward to ask for more. He gave few of his popular tracks and made a
mad rush with his hit track “Igboro Ti Daru”. When he dropped the
ti Daru
track, the whole venue went berserk with fans asking for more.  By the time the Ogun state born hip-hop star
left the stage the venue has taken a new charge with fans asking for more while
the VIPs just kept their cool for the 9ice time 

Jaywon, Minjin with DJ Xsmart of Raypower
Some happy fans of 9ice
Osomo too

name is Oluwatosin Anifowose but he is famously known as Osomo in the entertainment circle. This
very handsome fair complexioned guy was the next act that nearly brought the
roof down after Klever Jay as he gave a good account of
himself in terms of raps music and other presentation. He left the crowd
clamoring for more action. 

The G D A with 9ice
Steve Ayorinde, D-One with Ayo Shonaiya
The Ilaje Boys didn’t slack

group of young men who dazed everybody with their talents was the Eyinla
made up of three young men from the Ajegunle-Ikorodu West Side.
These boys who said they represented the Ilaje-Ondo state crowd living in the
water side area of Mile 12 and Ikorodu Road displayed their talents to the
best. The leaders of the band are Mr. Eyinla Kalakonga and Sunnex;
they made some Yoruba Hip Hop raps that made many keep their applause base up,
up, up. Those guys were really creative.

The Adeneyes dances for 9ice’s ‘Our Wedding Day’ Number
Big Boy Adebayo Odusami aka Howie Tee enjoys the night B-I-G
And Jaywon Baba took charge

By 11:25 pm when big act
and This Year (We Making Money)  crooner, Jaywon took over the music stage, it
was already a charged house asking for more and Jaywon not only gave more but took them to the next level with his
numerous tracks which elicited applauses, shouts of praise and fun surge among
the crowd of fun seekers. It was such a huge moment as the act took the
crowd  on a voyage of his various hit
tracks but not until he sang his famed hit track THIS YEAR did everyone left
him alone. He left the stage with more fans asking him to stay than those who
want him to leave. He was a success story that night and he got lots of patting
from MTN big boy Adedolapo Bamgboye aka Ade Dollar. When you see Jaywon
land MTN Deal, don’t be surprised o.

The GDA dances with Ghanaian beauty, Seme Azumah
MTN Events & Sponsorship Head, Dolapo Bamgboye with Hip-Hop act Jaywon
The Minjin Fever
Minjin Sexy the music act was the
next stage star at the event as he not only nearly brought the roof of the bar
down but equally nearly stripped pants down with his creative music style which
revolves around women and their beauty. The sexy crooner who hit the stage at 11:45pm did so much by storming the
crowd and dragging out some pretty, weighty ladies who were encouraged to dance
in favor of his sexy lyrics. Some of them danced and danced and even when the
artiste left the stage the whole show graduated into a dancing competition
which was quickly hijacked by MC Don as some ladies won several
gifts including wads of dollars from some big boys who cherished their dance
skills (Don’t let us mention their names as they might be reading with their
wives right now) Of course, some won something bigger than dollars as they
quickly launched their own massage parlors in the early hours of the morning
(See what going to 9ice show can do to a beautiful girl?)  It was such a fun-filled performance by Minjin
and for the records he was the only artiste that was sprayed with wads
of naira notes by notable personalities like ID Ogungbe and other big boys as
his girls
come dance with me
strategy also graduated into a life show with gifts
won by many beautiful girls who danced their waist out to the admiration of
Super-Mum producer & Troy Events Center CEO Sola Fajobi
Minji Sexy
….And The Nice One came to town

By the time 12 midnight came and there was
no sight of the star of the night 9ice, it became a heavy sigh for
many as they wondered what could be happening to their expectation. By then,
the house was already filed with over 2500 crowd of fun seekers bursting into
the sides where dignitaries and VIPs were seated expecting the man of the
night. No one knew 9ice could appear from the side of the hall where he appeared
from like an angel on a divine mission. But when the artiste finally appeared
with a team of heavily built body guards guiding him into the hall from the
very rear end of the bar, there was wild uproar in the house as voices raised
in welcome of the super star of the night. 9ice opened the stage with his star
track STREET CREDIBILITY as the hall erupts in joy at the sight and voice of 9ice.

Primetime TV’s John Ukhueleigbe with DAAR Communications Abass Ellams
Otunba Dayo Adeneye with Steve Ayorinde in a tete-atete
9ice lectures Deejay Fremedy
this night, one could see an element of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and a
kind of super deity image resting on the artiste as he was in charge of his
lyrics, his melody and his personality, driving the crowd crazy in and out of
moods. But one thing that caught the attention of many was the way 9ice charged
and lectured the Deejay, Deejay Fremedy not to ever super
impose techno-expressions on his tracks but should allow them to play normally
as he was capable of miming the songs without any techno expression. On three
occasions 9ice stopped and cautioned Deejay Fremedy to always let his
lyrics go normally without techno-hyping it. Seems someone needs to take some
lectures in Deejay engineering from 9ice and Fremedy was lucky to be a
student this very night.
Otunba & Yeye Adeneye with Hip-Hop Star Jaywon and Mrs. Tola Akintola enjoy the 9ice show amidst crowd behind
Jaywon with his crowd of fans
Osomo in the House
Big boys struggle for 9ice’s tracks

appears that majority of the big boys on seat were all
9ice fans as they sang
along with him all his anthems words for words. One of them, London big boy
of R-70 Records was
the most visible of the fan club. In fact he was the chairman of the club this night
as he nods his head, mimed and intermittently dashed to the stage to tap the
artiste’s head for dropping an anticipated number. However, the likes of
Kingsley James and MTN Dolapo Bamgboye with his friend, ID
made so many demands for various tracks that catch their fancy.
At times, the artiste had to throw it to the house for him to get the nod to
play the particular number that carries the highest votes from fans. The crowds
kept raising their voice asking the artiste to sing a familiar track that caught
their imagination and for the artiste, it was almost always a herculean task to
know which to drop or which to rise but anytime he raises a track, the house
goes crazy with high enthusiasm suggesting they enjoy his flow.

The GDA with Abolore Agbolade Akande (Epon Agbo ton mi)
MTN Big boy, Dolapo Bamgboye aka ‘Dollar’ with Otunba Dayo & Yeye Caroline Adeneye & a guest
Why 9ice divorced Shalewa
if being sensitive to the young ones among the crowd of fans, when a group in
the crowd demanded that the artiste drop one of his sex-sensitive tracks BO
(Shalewa Se Mo Ti Fe o ri?) where he asked girls to strip
down, 9ice simply declined saying “That one is too hard for this
crowd now”. And that was how it ended and the proposal for Bo kini Yen died on the
Yeye Caroline Adeneye dances to her best 9ice number ‘Orin yin ni’ with the Alapomeji act
Baba Oloye serves Hennessy
Minjy Sexy with Deejay Xsmart of Raypower
 Yeye Caroline Adeneye’s best track revealed
tried as much as possible to assuage the ego and emotion of his host
the Adeneyes
when he rendered the song “On our Wedding Day” where he encouraged D-One
and Caroline with other male patrons who came with their real
spouses to come out and dance to the admiration of the crowd. Of course it
worked as Carol and her husband, D-One stormed the stage and danced
their heart out with two other couple who joined the train. But that track
seemed not to catch the interest of D-One’s wife. But the moment 9ice
sang the track “E fi won sile, e je kan
maa so lo”
(Ohun to ba wu anybody lo’le fenu won so…bebe o ni gba, bebe is
too much) Yeye Caroline Adeneye stormed into her best mood and danced her
heart out with 9ice. It was such a wonderful sight as the Number 2 of DC Suites and Bar danced her heart
out with 9ice. Many wondered how the Edo born lady was able to
understand the melody and message behind the song. She really entertained
everyone with her dancing skills and her hubby had to take a seat and watched
how 9ice
“snatched” his wife off his arms in ten minutes. What music can do, no man can
Yeye Caroline Adeneye with Abolore Agbolade Akande (Epon Agbo ton mi)
CEO & Co-founder, DC Suites and Bar Ltd, Otunba Dayo Adeneye
And NDLEA Ambassador Dayo Adeneye
held his grand
some fans didn’t realize that the owner of the new Hotel and bar, Ambassador
Dayo Adeneye
is a Nigerian
National Drug Law Enforcement
(NDLEA) Goodwill Ambassador as they
continuously asked 9ice to sing a particular track “To the Ganja” where they can
shark their Ganja (Indain Hemp) in public but when 9ice asked if smoking of
Indian hemp was permitted in the arena D-One with a very straight face rejected
the offer. He said it was not allowed at all. Before that moment, few hours
into the show, there were severe gun shots by mobile police men who arrested
some hooligans who smuggled cannabis into the event place and they were simply
arrested and taken out of the place in a jiffy. That is the lesson of
leadership for all entertainers and role models.
Yeye Caroline Adeneye with friend Mrs. Tola Akintola shares a laugh with 9ice during an after show dinner at the upper lounge of the DC bar
Lovers enjoying their moments @ the event
MC Don cordinating the Raffle Draw Session by Nigerian Breweries
And 9ice closed the stage with Gongo
the end of his two hours thirty minutes performance, which started with hit
tracks like “Street Credibility” “Photocopy” “No be mistake”, “Everyday”
“Gbamu-Gbamu”, “Life Drama”, “Angeli Ton Pinre”, “To the Ganja” etc, the star
artiste of the night closed stage with his famous track Gongo-Aso. And how 9ice
stormed off stage is another unique lesson for all stars on how to save self
from crowd growling after a great show. 9ice simply asked some fans who
could sing the track to come out and take the microphone and by the time they
were all exchanging the microphone trying to outdo each other, 9ice
was out of the crowd while Deejay Fremedy continued the show till fade.

MC Don
Klever Jay in the House
D-One turns Hennessy brand specialist
Lagos big girl Tola Akintola with Ghanaian beauty Seme Azumah

Three Musketeers
A patron wins a Plasma TV @ the DC Suites & Bar Launch
All Africa Music Awards big boy Kingsley James (L) enjoys the event with a guest
London Big Boy Ayo Shonaiya rushes to the stage to give 9ice a ‘Thank you my boy’ hug for a special number he rendered in his honor
The GDA with Chinko Comedians Gbenga Ayodele & Adiala Iyanu