Pastor EMF Oschoffa Sent in a Condolence Letter.

During one of his last encounter (Dec. 1st 2013) with Pastor EMF Oschoffa.

brethren in Christ Jesus,
Letter of
greetings to you in the name of the Most High God of Our father saint S.B.J
Oshoffa, May his peace continue to abide with all of us in Jesus name, Amen.
It was with
a great shock, we received the seemingly incredible news of the death of our
dear brother in the Lord, Superior Evangelist Joshua  Akande Ogunorunlaiyede, the Shepherd in
charge of Calvary Parish 1 and the pioneer Shepherd of all Calvary Parishes.

While as
Human being, we are unable to hold ourselves from asking why? But the more we
ask the less we comprehend, for a time like this, we have it recorded in the
book of Job 11, vs 7 & 8.
“Can you
solve the mysteries of God?
Can you
discover everything about the Almighty?
knowledge is higher than the heavens and who are you?
It is deeper
than the bottom of the seas, what do you know? Job 11 vs 7-8
We take
solace in the fact that he died in the Lord as he acknowledge Jesus Christ as
his personal Lord and Savior and Served Him diligently while on earth. We ray
that his soul finds eternal rest in the bosom of God, Amen.
On behalf of
my humble self and the entire Oshoffa family, the Board of Trustees and Pastor-
in-council, please accept our heartfelt condolence to all members of the church
and family.
May the soul of the departed rest in perfect peace in Jesus name, Amen.
Yours in
Christ Jesus.
                               REV. EMMANUEL
                                   Pastor and Spiritual Head CCC W/W



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