Prophet Tibetan Launches Prediction 2017 today

Rev. Prophet (Dr.) MKO Tibetan, Leader, CCC, Elisha Parish (Europe & Africa)

Eminent Nigerians, Clergies and members of Celestial Church of Christ and other
Christian denominations will converge in Lagos to launch the book ‘Revelation
by renowned Prophet and Nostradamus of our time, Reverend
(Dr.) MKO Tibetan
The well
respected Republic of Ireland based man of God who recently finished a two
months spiritual vacation which enabled him to put together new revelations God
gave him for year 2017 will present the book today before a cross section of
eminent Nigerians which cut across members of the Armed Forces, Nigeria Police,
the clergy, the State Security Services and the media.

In a
statement obtained from the Prophet’s director of protocol, Elder
Fasanya, it stated “We
have come into the beginning of a New Year where a lot of things are bound to
take place but the Lord will always show things of the secret place to His
friend, the Prophet. The Prophet of God has come to give God’s mindset into the
future of His People to enable them journey through the new season and escape
it’s hostilities. Prediction 2017 is a bombshell, it pleases God to enable the
wise to have an understanding of what is obtainable in the New Year and that is
what the launching of Revelation 2017 will do”

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His Prediction book for 2016

His Past Predictions that came to
Prophet MKO Tibetan has given several predictions that
has come to pass in years past. One of them is the War in Egypt which was
predicted on Page 320 of his Prediction 2012. In 2013, he predicted the car
crash of Kogi State governor, Captain Idris Wada on page 110 of
his Prediction 2013. He warned the Governor to pray hard to avert the accident
but unfortunately, the event manifested.
He equally
predicted the disgrace of former People’s Democratic Chairman, Alhaji
on page 45 of same Prediction 2013. He categorically stated that
the man should be winding up and be ready to retire from politics. He even
predicted that Bamangar Tukur will be the last active PDP Chairman. Bamangar
was later removed in circumstances termed controversial till date.
Prophet MKO Tibetan gave an acurate prophetic revelation
of the illness of former NAFDAC DG and ex-Minister of Information under President
Umar Musa
Yar Adua, Professor Dora Akunyili. On  Page 166 of his 2014 book, the Prophet warned
the ex-anti fake drug czar to “Pray
Against any illness that would result into taking you abroad for treatment at
the tail end of 2014 and beginning of 2015”
. However, Dora Akunyili later died
of cancer of the blood during treatment in far away India.
It was also Prophet
MKO Tibetan
who gave the vivid prediction in his 2014 and 2015
Prediction books that ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will be
disgraced out of power and APC candidate, Muhammadu Buhari will emerge as
President.  In his 2014 prediction, the
Prophet warned Mr. Goodluck Jonathan on page 36 of the book saying “The Lord has preciously revealed that you
are good luck to yourself, wife, family, friends, concubines; Pentecostal Pastors
who never believed they could use jet but through your administration they got
jets, and not good luck to Nigerians. Nothing is good luck about you except that
you bear it as a name. You are good luck to your cartel and ill luck to
students, lecturers, good road, resident doctors and some companies because it
was during your time that companies left Nigeria for Ghana, they are still
leaving and nothing is done about it”

His 2015 Prediction book

Prophet Tibetan in that book warned Jonathan
not to test the faith of Nigerians in 2015 as he can only win the election if
birds of the air, stones of the soil and Edi-Ikaikong soup votes for him. Prophet
also predicted that the election will go peacefully without rancor. He was the only prophet who gave that prophecy in Nigeria.
In 2015,
(Mrach 28) Jonathan was voted out and Buhari voted in. Prophet
Tibetan equally predicted that even though, Buhari
will win the election, he is people’s choice, not God’s choice as his tenure is
bound to bring hardship to Nigerians.
On Page 123
of his 2016 Prediction book, Prophet Tibetan predicted the
re-election of Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa
State. It came to pass. On page 126 of same book, the Prophet predicted that
APC will win in Edo state election
and it came to pass as Godwin Obaseki succeeded Adams
On page  241 and 242 of his 2016 Prediction, Prophet
MKO Tibetan
predicted the retirement from Politics of PDP war horse, Chief
Anthony Anenih
. He categorically predicted that Anenih will retire from
politics in 2016 and it came to pass.
Hear him “It is time for you to wind up. Your 80
years of existence is not useful, as your foundation is faulty as a police
officer. You used your power to make many to fall and you know for sure that
you cannot use the power in the grave…Your expiring date on earth is getting
closer. Your properties will be seized by the government. All your accounts
will be frozen after your death”
Towards the
end of 2016, Chief Anthony Anenih announced his retirement from politics as
predicted by Prophet MKO Tibetan.
The Prophet
equally predicted the fall of President John Dramani Mahama in Ghana, he gave the prophecy in his 2016
prediction on page 285 and 286.  Hear the
Prophet “The country is in a mess because
there are a lot of fraudulent acts in the country….The election that brought
the President into power was rigged. The Leadership of the country will change
in the next election”.
The prophecy came to pass in the December 7 election
of 2016 as President Dramani was dramatically removed from power with over
one million votes in favor of his major rival, Mr. Nana Akofo-Addo who would
be sworn in soon.

His 2013 Prediction Book dedicate to Late Afro Beat King Fela Anikulapo Kuti

The Prophet
also predicted a crisis between South
students and the Police over School fees hike on page 278 of his
2016 prediction book, he revealed “There
will be unrest among the students. The students will protest against increase
in school fees”
. The Prophecy came to pass in August 2016 as the crisis was
well reported on TV across the world.
Inside His 2017 Prediction…
¨     Buhari will drop some of his
prominent ministers.
¨     Some ex-Ministers would be destroyed
politically in 2017

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¨     Many uniformed men will lose their
job because of corruption
¨     From April, the sufferings of
Nigerians will be removed over night.
¨     Church General Overseers who helped
politicians keep stolen monies would be exposed in 2017
¨     God will reveal the secret of the
biggest Pentecostal church in Nigeria controlled by a Gay Pastor
¨     Five General Overseers, 25 Pastors
would bury their wives and kids before year 2020
¨     God would turn around Celestial
Church of Christ in 2017….
And Many more… 
The Event
will take place in his Nigerian Cathedral Premises at 12 noon.  (For Direction to the Venue, call
080-37171-730 or 080-57070-783)