Secret of our 50 Years Relationship with Dupe Jemibewon – Joko Oni, Dupe Oshitelu & Jumoke Ayeni | + How they all grew in Ibadan City

Pastor (Mrs.) Jumoke Peters Ayeni & Reverend (Mrs.) Dupe Oshitelu in a pose with the GDA
The recent one in town funeral of Chief John Bosede Ajayi, a scholar and
former Principal of St. Patrick Grammar School, Ibadan in
Ibadan, Oyo State and Orin-Ekiti in
Ekiti state between August 6th and 9th has revealed the
brand of friend ship that exist between Chief
Mrs. Dupe
Jemibewon, JB Ajayi’s first
child and three of her friends, Captain
Mother Jokotade Oni,
MD/CEO Goldrush,
Reverend (Mrs.) Dupe Oshitelu ,
MD/CEO, Calvary Stitches and Pastor (Mrs.) Jumoke Peters Ayeni.

The four Ibadan “girls” grew together
in the same neighborhood of Ibadan and some of them extended their friendship
to educational institution which helped them to foster a strong relationship
that lasted 50 years.

According to one of the trio Pastor (Mrs.) Jumoke Peters Ayeni “We
knew ourselves when we were starry eyed and never ashamed to undress our body
before each other”. Two things that is so unique about the five decade
friendship of Dupe Jemibewon and her friends is that even though they are all
now in their 60s, they have remained very glued to each other doing things like
sisters and behaving as if they operate a fraternity. Secondly, three of them, Joko Oni, Dupe

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Oshitelu and Jumoke Peters Ayeni are all church
leaders in their various denominations. While Joko Oni is a Captain Mother at the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Dupe Oshitelu is a Reverend Mother at Church of the Lord, Aladura while Jumoke
Ayeni Peters is of the Pentecostal faith while Dupe Jemibewon is of Catholic

CITY PEOPLE’s Contributing Editor
GBENGA DAN ASABE spoke to the three friends of Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon in on Saturday August 8th in
Orin Ekiti
The Three Musketeers; Jumoke Peters Ayeni, Dupe Oshitelu & Joko Oni
The GDA meets Madam Joko Oni
I am her Oldest FriendJoko Oni
What is your perception about Chief
(Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon?
To start
with, many people will not believe I am the oldest friend of Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon. We went to school
together, although not the same school but we grew up in Ibadan together. She
attended St Theresa’s College while
I attended Ibadan Grammar School.
So, I have been a long standing daughter of the Ajayi family; at that time Uncle
David Jemibewon
was our governor that was how and where he met Dupe. After her secondary education at St. Theresa’s College, Dupe went to University of Ibadan. But I have left school then and they later
met and became friends. The late Pa
Bosede Ajayi
has been my good father; he was the Principal of St. Patrick Grammar School. He was so
strict and never took any nonsense from anybody; he was a model father, a
father you can use to measure other fathers. Well, he came to this world, he
saw and he conquered. I am very happy for him, all his children are well to do,
and they are all well read. They all went to the university, red masters, and
got further education and today they hold very great positions in the society.
I thank God for their lives. I wish them more prosperous years and will only
pray that Daddy will live in the bosom of the Lord for ever and ever.
Captain Mother Joko Oni
Can you tell us the story of how
General David Jemibewon fell for Aunty Dupe?
I don’t want
to talk about that right now, all I know is that General David Jemibewon met Dupe when she was in the university and
I was the Alarena. She is a very beautiful woman, beautiful at heart,
sincere, original and will never compromise. We have been together since 1969.
That is all I can say, you can read the remaining in her memoir
The Best Friend in the World; Dupe Jemibewon
Dupe Jemibewon has remained humble
despite success
Jumoke Peters Ayeni
You are a childhood friend of Chief
Mrs. Dupe Jemibewon, how will you define her?
All I can
say is that I thank God that I met her. She is a very reliable woman, very
loving and she does not compromise on her standards, in spite of her success
she has remained very humble and loyal to friendship. I am proud of her and I
can define her as a genuine sister.
How old is the friendship now?
Ah, (Kept
silent for a while) I am calculating, our friendship is more than four decades.
We started it when we were young and starry eyed. We started our friendship
when we were never ashamed to undress our body before each other. That was far
away in Ibadan then, it was a friendship built on trust, fellowship and a great
sense of sisterhood. We lived in the same neighborhood and went to the same
school, so our friendship was more like a sisterhood. We did almost everything
Dupe Jemibewon
How was life at the time?
Life was
sane; a sane life with lots of honesty and decency was highly esteemed. We were
all young girls but we were decent. We don’t go behaving indecently, no
indecent behavior.  Of course we played
our tantrums but it was limited to youth exuberance, nothing more. Fortunately Dupe and I had parents that were
Christians and they monitored us. Our parents were principled, disciplined and
committed. And that is what reflected in Baba JB Ajayi that we are all
celebrating today
Pastor (Mrs.) Jumoke Peters Ayeni
What were the tantrums you girls
played in your younger days?
When we were
younger, I was called “Youngy” and she was called “Dupsy Babes” or “Dupsy Abaybay”. I was “Youngy” but we have relinquished those
names for age sake. I am a bit older than her but we have mutual respect for
each other and sense of maturity.
What do you do at the moment?
I serve God
and I am also a business woman.
Dupe Oshitelu and Jumoke Peter Ayeni
What do you think girls of today can
learn from your own days?
The advice I
have for them in a nutshell is that they should take it easy. When you take it
easy, you take your time and listen to your parents, you don’t join the long
rope so that peer groups will not destroy you and above all, stay close to God.
If you are honest, disciplined and committed to the standards of life you will
grow old and succeed.
You and Aunty Dupe Jemibewon attended
same school; can you tell us the name of the school?
St. Theresa’s College, Ibadan at Oke Bola and we equally
attended the University of Ibadan
together. I read Sociology in UI before going to University of Suborn in Paris
for my post graduate studies; she (Dupe Jemibewon) read languages.
Joko Oni & Dupe Oshitelu
She respect me despite our friendshipDupe Oshitelu
Can you tell us ma, the secret of
your childhood friendship with Chief (Mrs.) Dupe Jemibewon?
Dupe Jemibewon and I have come a long way, way back
in our university days at University of
Ibadan. We met in the 70s and our
friendship has been strong since then, and it is not only with her. A lot of us
in our generation are still keeping up with our friendship because society was
saner then than now. She is a very strong personality, a beautiful and
conscientious lady. She does not pretend and she can be very, very caring. Dupe is a family person and I am proud
to be identified with her.
Did you also study languages like
I have a
second class upper division in Theatre
but I did not practice theatre arts because I wanted a quite life.
With theatre arts you cannot have a quite life you will always be on the
screen. I later worked with Nigeria
Re-Insurance Corporation
as a public relations officer; I retired from
there and went into fashion designing which I inherited from my mother and I
thrived so much in the business. My company is called Calvary Stitches.
Reverend (Mrs.) Dupe Oshitelu
When you were growing, what kind of
tantrum did you play with Dupe Jemibewon?
I won’t say
we were not rascal as young people, we had our own fun but it was limited to
academics; we didn’t go to extreme and we were not out of order. We were rascal
but excellent in our studies. That was how it is then, I for once was a bit
rascally while growing up but I love good things. I attended Queen’s School, Ede that is one of the best schools in Nigeria because the
discipline there is so high and that really helped me in all ramifications of
life. I am a Reverend in my church. I am ordained Reverend, I am ordained
Pastor and I am ordained Evangelist at the Church
of the Lord, Aladura Worldwide.
Jumoke Peters Ayeni (L) Dupe Jemibewon (M) and a guest
What do you think girls of today can
learn from your own days?
I know that
the bad economy of Nigeria has led a lot of people into all sorts of immoral
attitude but there is still room for decency. I believe the new government will
look into this issue and help. I believe in General Buhari, I believe he will do something because the society
is really going through a lot and the only way out of it is for government to
regulate society in one form or the other. Our girls of today have gone out of
their innocence to do all sort of immoral things and that is not too good for
society because these girls are supposed to become mothers. We need to come out
of it. I believe the Government of General
would be used to transform this nation. That is my belief.
Dupe Oshitelu & Jumoke Peters Ayeni
Learnt you are the oldest among the
trio, how do you feel?
That is
another area where you appreciate Dupe
(Mrs. Jemibewon) I am older than her with four years and do you know she has
never called me by name before, she gives me so much respect and because we
share same name, she calls me “ Sisi Dupe” 
and when I call her, she answers “Ma” to me which I find so humbling.
And that is one of the things that endear her to me.


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