Shekau Honest Than The Federal Government

Abubakar Shekau
By ‘Dare Bashir
I have followed with keen interest the unfurling episodes of
events that have clawed the Nigerian state into a state of comatose for long
now and cannot but wonder at the comedy so portrayed. If it were in a stage
performance in a theatre, one would have rejuvenated some of the languid nerves
on one’s face; laughter I learnt is a panacea to stress.

And the producers
would have made handsome sale from such tickets. Unfortunately, it is not a
parody in a theatre house neither is it anything to joke about as it appertains
to the lives of the masses. Our lives!
It has gotten to a stage after reading news headlines from
the dailies, I grin from disbelief. The manner in which the lives of people are
traded for political reasons is alarming. It could be likened to weather
forecast where certainty is assured. As if that is not enough, the pathological
lies that follow are no less disheartening. One would have thought that between
the divides, the government would be more logical and closer to the truth but
the Nigerian government has constantly never failed to amaze me by its reactive tendencies syndrome – it will
stop at nothing to dissuade the masses from the truth! 
President Jonathan

I would have kept my peace and watch as events unfold without
uttering a word. But I owe it to posterity to unleash the burden of guilt I
bear within; burden of dying silently even when revival tools are right at my beck and call. I still would have
kept my cool even with the tools at my disposal if the putrid stench from
government flatulence did not reach my nostrils and left me in a state of
Just last week another clip of the dreaded leader of the
insurgents of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau
went viral. In that clip, he ridiculed the government with unabated sarcasms
and threats. He spoke with much confidence that sends jitters to one’s spine. Every
concerned Nigeria will fret by the thuds of his words, especially where he
backed them up by his pseudo-knowledge of the Quranic verses. I was quick to
utter a solemn prayer for liberation from the clutches of this dare-devil after
reading the transcript.
So, it leaves me with a
goading question; who is fooling who?  
If we are not quick to forget, this is the same man the
Nigerian Army claimed they killed and whose graphic picture went viral a couple
of weeks ago. With the news of his demise, we jubilated. We jubilated because
his exit could have breathed respite into the air and the obliteration of the
mania of a self-seeking cult would have been in the horizon. We jubilated
because it could have marked the dawn of peace in those parts of the nation
that suffered so much from the dividends
of his abject ignorance and unbridled fanaticism. The government was quick to
pride itself for achieving such feat. We praised the efforts of the gallant
soldiers for that landmark achievement. But as usual, our jubilation and
praise-chanting was short-lived when the Cameroonian soldiers claimed they took
him out. The claims and bickering by and between the two Nationals dragged for
long until it was quelled by the emergence of another clip by the said leader
of the sect, when he pronounced himself safe and alive. As its dominant
characteristics, the government cooked up another absurd ideology to shove off
the sand of shame off its back. The idea that the name Abubakar Shekau is a title has not ceased to amaze me!  
Dasuki Sambo

In this same episode, we were told that the Chibok girls were
rescued by the military intervention unit deployed to those zones on rescue
mission. We were relieved; at least we are getting somewhere, if not fast
enough, at least slow and steady. Some of us who are optimists refuted the idea
of showing the rescued girls on visual media for the sake of safeguarding their
identities should the insurgents plan on revenge launch to regain their booty. Weeks later, campaign banners and
bill boards bearing the face of the incumbent president with the caption #bringbackgoodluck
was unveiled. It was the height of all insults on the part of the
government to its citizenry; a smack on the face of the voters who lined-up in
hot sunny day to cast their votes. To replace the painful sore of teeming
Nigerians who are represented in the #bringbackourgirls slogan with a political
campaign is not only the height of absurdity but also the depth of
insensitivity by the government. It tells one what a caricature of government
we have. In the transcript recently released by the self-assured Shekau the claim of the government
about the rescued girls was against his claim of marrying them out to members
of the insurgents after converting them to Islam.
Aliyu Gusau

Again I ask who is fooling who?
We learnt that there was a truce reached by the government
and the leadership of the insurgent, an attempt to settle amicably the
difference that has bedeviled the country for long. High hopes pervaded our
minds as this may be the end of the wanton bloodletting and massacres unleashed
on the inhabitants of the northern parts of the country. In that transcript, Shekau refuted such agreements and
promised never to come to terms with the government; an outright declaration of
war inferred. Reading that transcript casted veil shadow on my spirit.
Then I ask who is truer?
Unless the government can prove that the physically dead can
rise again in this earth plane, unless it can show proof of the truce reached
with the leader of the insurgents it will have to do more than enough to convince
the masses of its credibility. If you ask me, I would say that the evidences
before me suggest that the government is being economical with the truth, ego; the
gavel will go in favour of Shekau. (Sarcasm intended)
‘Dare Bashir…..A United State of America based Social analyst sent in
this article from Washington DC


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