Six Reasons you should watch Airtel Touching Lives

1.     The Dynamics
From beginning to end, each
episode will keep you on the edge of your seat, in your tissue box and wondering
how people manage to survive with the challenges showcased.

A half-hour of good
quality program might seem as too much to ask at first but, believe me, once
the credits start to roll, you’ll catch yourself wondering how can 30 minutes seem
so short.

Love, triumph, gratitude, hope,
devotion, LOVE – Touching Lives is
definitely meant to leave a strong impression on its viewers. The beneficiaries
are oblivious of what is coming their way – it leaves you with a plethora of
raw emotions invading your senses until you find yourself asking, “how can I
contribute?” Or “Am I really doing enough to make a difference?”


One of the best reasons to watch Touching Lives is, of course, the sheer
candour of the beneficiaries. They say it the way it is. It is also commendable
how the producers brought to the fore the mental and emotional depth of each
beneficiary vis-à-vis the story.  


Touching Lives is a harmonious blend of deep music, innovative
camera work and a smooth narration to weave an inescapable web that leaves you totally
breathless and thoughtful.


Another reason to watch Touching Lives is the subtle
introduction of the wonderful lands and landscapes discovered on the locations,
it sure reveals Nigeria in its glory as a truly beautiful place. A country
blessed with hills and valleys, plains and plateaus is something you’ll
definitely enjoy being a part of from time to time, yet the show is talking
about really serious issues.
Touching Lives is about real people,
real stories and the real effort of a corporate organization to uplift the needy
and underprivileged, emancipating thousands from the shackles of poverty,
despair and hopelessness.

Touching Lives is aired every Sunday, 8pm, on Africa Magic Channel 154 and a
repeat on Thursday the same channel and same time and on Saturday on NTA at
8.05pm. Please write to us on the Touching Lives website on reasons and why you
have enjoyed watching and being a part of Airtel Touching Lives. Which stories
and beneficiaries touched you the most? Visit the website for
more information/details.