Standing Ovation, Cheering Encomium for Dayo Adeneye @ Odogbolu Declaration | “D-One is the One” Says Politicians, Media Barons & Artistes + Why I joined politics—D-One

Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) with Odogbolu Youth in a broom celebration for APC

11th November 2014 was a historic day in Odogbolu a sleepy town of about five kilometers from Ikenne, the ancestral town of the late
African sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo
in Ogun state, South West Nigeria.

The town which gave birth to great Nigerians
like former Nigeria’s Number 2 man, General
Oladipupo Diya
and soft-sell prose master Olakunle Bakare of Encomium
hosted top Nigerians from all walks of life as one of the sons of
the soil and entertainment great, Otunba
Adeneye (D-One) publicly
declared his intention to represent the people of Odogbolu constituency at the
Ogun state house of Assembly come 2015. The town which came with full fledged
activities as artisans, Okada riders, taxi drivers and other professionals took
to the street to welcome the convoy of  one of Africa’s most revered entertainment
guru, Dayo Adeneye aka D-One
witnessed a surge of people from Lagos, Ghana, and London who came to support
the dream of the TV and Radio great who has contributed immensely alongside his
partner, Chief Kehinde (Baba Keke) Ogungbe to the development of the Nigerian
entertainment sector in the last two decades. 

“He is one of the media gurus in this
country that is well respected across the world and if he can associate with
our party and feels that our party is the best party he can associate with, I
will say we are really grateful for such a great decision and gesture and I
will say he has a future in this party and I can assure you we are going to
give him all the necessary support he wants from us; we will surely do that by the
grace of God”

Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) being interviewed by Journalists

D-One who is the recent big fish in the
Nigerian entertainment industry to throw his belt into the soap box under the
banner of “Change” which his party APC is championing didn’t disappoint his
political fans as he was ushered into the carnival like event at 11:45am with
his beautiful wife and soul partner, Chief
Mrs. Caroline Adeneye
(Nee Negbenebor) and a host of top celebrity friends,
member of staff of Primetime
Entertainment, AIT
 and APC party stalwarts in Odogbolu land and a conglomerate of
student unions from various institutions in the state  was full of happiness as he waved hands
across to crowd of fans who have congregated at the center of the town where
the event held to welcome him and encourage him to represent their people at
the state house of assembly come 2015.

TV star waved and smiled amidst a crowd of broom wielding party men and later
gave a declaration of intention to re-build and transform Odogbolu as their representative in the state house of assembly
come 2015. Your Africa’s number one celebrity encounter blog asabefarika collated selected opinions
about D-One from friends,
well-wishers and party stalwarts at the Odogbolu
“We normally have our editorial
meetings on Tuesdays and the people in my office knows that under no
circumstance must you stay away from that meeting but I called them (Staff)
today to say ‘the publisher who made that rule is going to break it’ and it is
because D-One is a good man, you
know when good people are doing something you have to show support, you have to
show solidarity. But the long and short of everything is that D-One is a good man”
Some Members of Student Union from Tai Solarin College of Education who came to encourage Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One)
Famous Comedian, Koffi Idowu Nuel aka The Guru with a colleague at the declaration

D-One has a pedigree we can bank uponCity People publisher, Dr. Seye Kehinde

to asabeafrika at the event Dr. Seye Kehinde, Publisher/CEO of
Nigeria’s leading soft sell brand City People gave his reason for storming
Odogbolu to support D-One “I am here
to support my brother, Dayo (D-One)
who is aspiring for the house of assembly and I believe that he
needs all the supports that he can get from all us”. On why the City People publisher thinks D-One is the best man for the job, he
gave his views “If a man can set up a business empire and built it to the
height at which he has done, then we should trust such a man; and he has also
become a very big brand. I don’t think running for the house of assembly seat
will be difficult for him. He already has a clear picture of what he is going
to do there and he has a pedigree that we can rely on”. Dr. Kehinde spoke further on his relationship with the TV buff “D-One
is someone I know very well, we are all in the same entertainment industry, he
has done well. I admire his courage, I admire his success story and I know
these are the kind of people we need in politics. There are a lot of people who
don’t have a pedigree and who don’t have other things they are doing other than
politics, so the coming of people of caliber like D-One is a rare opportunity to enthrone change” The publisher
expressed his views on entertainers joining politics in Nigeria “I think it is
something that is very nice. I think it is high time all our celebrities and
entertainers go into politics. There is a need for them to hijack the system
from the current people who are playing it; we need people who have something
doing, people who have built a niche and a career before they go into politics”
Dr. Kehinde rounded his talk by advising
the people of Odogbolu on their
choice for 2015 “I advise the people of Odogbolu
to embrace D-One, he is a very good
ambassador for Odogbolu and the
entire Ijebu land and Ogun state in particular. I think there is a need for us
to embrace him and make sure that he wins.”

Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) making his declaration before a crowd of Odogbolu indigenes

D-One is The One—Dr. Ope Banwo
next big wig who spoke to this blog on D-one’s
Political declaration for Odogbolu
is old school friend and room mate 
at Ijebu-Ode grammar school
(1980 set)  Dr. Ope Banwo. Dr Banwo
an investment attorney, social analyst and IT guru gave a detailed background
of the personality of D-One with the
chief aim of assuring the people of Odogbolu
contituency that they made the brightest choice for 2015 “I am a very good
friend of Dayo Adeneye; as a matter
of fact his class mate. In the secondary school, we were room mates for three
years and that is why I am here”. 

The IT guru declared before defining  D-One
further “Like I said, I was a room mate with him for three years in Ijebu-Ode
Grammar School and I can tell you that Dayo
has always been an over achiever. Dayo
has always had love for entertainment even when we were in secondary school, so
I am not surprised he rose to the top in the entertainment industry in Nigeria
because he used to know the latest song at that time when we don’t even know
the song is out and he is a very amiable person and I can confirm to you that D-One remains the same urbane
personality I used to know back in the days, many people when they are in
secondary school their character differs from when they grow old but Dayo Adeneye has been consistent, he
has always been a perfect gentle man, he has been a peace maker and a very
progressive thinker. I am very, very proud of him. I asked him, I said ‘what
party are you?’ weather it is SDP, PDP, APC, I will be there to support you all
the way because he is a friend and you know friends you make in secondary
school last longer than anybody. I love him to death, I don’t care what party. D-One is the one as far as I am concerned”
Dr. Ope Banwo blamed the social
malaise of present times on the bad habit of voting the wrong candidates into
political power and advised people
of Odogbolu constituency to choose
dignity and good record above any other profile “Part of the problem we have in
Nigeria today is that we vote people who have no pedigree, people who have no
track record in anything, we vote them into power. With a D-One you know what you are going to get. He is one of the people
that revamped the music industry when we didn’t know there was one and he has
remained consistent for more than twenty five years; for somebody like that and
for a D-One to have been in the
entertainment industry, I should know because I equally own a record label
(Stingomania Records)
 So, that is the kind of person I believe
Nigerians can trust, people who have had success in business and I think that
is what we need more. We don’t need people who never have shoes, we don’t need
people who over feeds from government we don’t need people who don’t have
experience. They come in and take government’s money without an ability to do
anything. So, in D-One, you can
safely say, ‘we have seen this man for thirty years he has remained consistent
with the same thing that he does and he has been able to keep a clean reputation.
So, more than anything, you could bet on him”. The founding MD/CEO of Dove Media concluded.
“I said ‘what party are you?’ weather
it is SDP, PDP, APC, I will be there to support you all the way because he is a
friend and you know friends you make in secondary school last longer than
anybody. I love him to death, I don’t care what party. D-One is the one as far as I am concerned”
Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) with Publisher friends

D-One is determined to serveOdogbolu LGA boss, Honorable Shittu

Honorable Olawale Shittu the executive chairman of
Odogbolu Local Government Area who
stormed the event with a retinue of aides gave kudos to the creative governance
of Senator Ibikunle Amosun the
executive Governor of Ogun state before giving his verdict on D-one “Odogbolu Local Government is one
of the most peaceful local government areas  in Ogun state today. You would have seen
yourself that we don’t have security operatives around, it only means the local
government is security conscious and for the event that brought you guys here
which is the declaration of one of our aspirants for house of assembly, I can
tell you that Otunba Dayo Adeneye is
an eminent son of this local government and we are very proud of him. These are
the kind of people we want to come back home to give back to the society all
that the Lord has done for them. So, it is a good thing that he is representing
our local government as well as our great party APC. We all know that All
Progressive Congress as a party is a formidable party in Nigeria, it is not a
champagne party and it is not a money sharing party. It is a party that has the
people’s interest at heart and we are happy that people appreciate us and they
are coming. The respect they give to our party is not because of anything but
because of the performance of the representatives of our party. Like in Ogun state
today, our amiable governor, visionary and indefatigable leader, Senator Ibikunle Amosun has done a lot. If you look around Ogun state today you will
see the transformation that the re-building mission of His Excellency has done and all these projects are not cosmetic
projects, they are projects of necessity and they are not elephant projects at
all. These are projects that we need in Ogun state. For example in my local
government, the fly-over bridge around the express way at Mobalufon along Ijebu-Ode
Benin Express way, if we can recall the number of accidents that has been
happening there for years but since they started the construction of the bridge
before it was completed, it has reduced and since 2012 till date we have not
recorded a single motor accident on that portion of the road. This is kudos to
the visionary leadership of Governor
Ibikunle Amosun
and also us at the local government level as well; all the
five cardinal programs of His Excellency
as implemented at the state level are also replicated at all local
government areas in Ogun state as well”
Honorable Shittu went ahead to give his
comment on Otunba Dayo Adeneye whom
he described as “Very determined” the chairman opened up with a wide smile on
his face “Without mincing words, let me say I see the determination in him.
That is not an understatement but everything lies in the Lord, we just believe
and pray that the lord will guide us and put us through. We want formidable
candidates, people that can compliment the efforts of Governor Ibikunle Amosun at the grass root level and candidates
that can respect the genuine interest of the good people of this local
government and I can see that determination in Otunba Dayo Adeneye
Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) with wife and other party stalwarts observing the National anthem, APC anthem and Ogun state anthem
Otunba Dayo and Yeye Caroline Adeneye with Odogbolu Local Government Chairman (2nd left) Honorable Olawale Shittu at the decalration ground

D-One’s decision to represent Odogbolu
@ the state assembly is historic
Odogbolu APC Chairman,
Bar. Banjo

speaking to asabeafrika, Honorable (Barrister) Ayodeji Olatunji
the APC party chairman in Odogbolu
Local Government Area
said the coming on board of the TV great Otunba Dayo
Adeneye is a historic breakthrough in Odogbolu land “Today’s program with Otunba Dayo Adeneye joining us and
declaring his intention to go to the House
of Assembly
is big and a welcoming development because it is history in the
making. He is one of the media gurus in this country that is well respected
across the world and if he can associate with our party and feels that our
party is the best party he can associate with, I will say we are really
grateful for such a great decision and gesture and I will say he has a future
in this party and I can assure you we are going to give him all the necessary
support he wants from us; we will surely do that by the grace of God”  Barrister
gave kudos to the achievement of his party APC in Ogun state  “To the electorate in Ogun state, no stomach
infrastructure because Ogun works. Our government headed by Senator Ibikunle Amosun (FCA, CON) we
want them to see what His Excellency
is doing, the projects and everything and like we will always sing “Ewo
gboro wo (2X) Bee ri Ise wa”,
look at the city, look at the environment
and see what Ibikunle Amosun has
done and surely everybody I advise you to join APC, you wont regret it. D-one has made history today by joining
APC and coming with lot of pedigree, we are proud to have such an epitome of
enterprise among us. It is a good thing for the people and electorates of
Odogbolu Local Government” the chairman declared.

Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) with wife, Yeye Caroline Adeneye with an APC party leader arrives Odogbolu for the great declaration

D-One’s chances are bright—Odogbolu LGA Legal Head, Mrs. Ladejobi
Barrister (Mrs.) Adebukola Ladejobi,
legal adviser to the Odogbolu Local Government while speaking to this blog
praised Otunba Dayo Adeneye for his
giant decision of joining politics “Otunba
Dayo Adeneye
is a son of the soil, somebody we really trust and we know he
is going to make a change and that is why we are giving him the support today,
wholeheartedly. Everybody is supporting him. We people of Odogbolu are very elated and happy to have gained back one of our
best brains in Nigeria and Africa” On his chances of winning the election Mrs. Ladejobi said “D-One has a very good chance of
winning, I will not deceive you, he has a very good chance of winning because I
have really done the field work, I am not really from his ward, I am from
Aiyepe-Yewa but his goodwill is vibrant and we have seen how his coming in has
changed the entire political atmosphere in Odogbolu land” 
Mr. Azuh Arinze of YES International Magazine, IT guru and investment attorney, Dr. Ope Banwo with Celebrity blogger, Gbenga Dan Asabe of asabeafrika
Some Odogbolu Women who came to cheer Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One)

D-One is a man of truth and integrityFamous Comedian, Koffi

Comedian and TV host, Koffi Idowu Noel
aka The Guru who led a group of
Nigerian entertainers to the event spoke on D-One’s decision to join politics and his ambition to represent his Odogbolu constituency at the Ogun state
house of assembly come 2015  “Well, it
feels good to support a good cause” Koffi
told asabeafrika. “Right now, as
much as it is the party, we should celebrate and encourage people who have
genuine goals for the progress of Nigeria. This project is a Nigerian project;
it is not the party interest I am here to support. I am supporting a man who is
an honest individual and that is why I am here; this is what we need,
individuals should come first before we look at the party. Even if it was
another party and the individual is genuine I will give my support. I am one of
the few young people who speak out and finding me here in Odogbolu today just go a long way to say ‘I know that this is a
credible candidate”. On what Koffi who
also anchored the event with local MCs thinks Otunba Dayo Adeneye’s joining politics will do to the political
sector, he said “The same thing he brought into entertainment is going to
happen in the land of Odogbolu and Ogun state and Nigeria as a country”

Otunba Dayo Adeneye (D-One) greeting elders of Odogbolu before the declaration
Some religious women (Egbe Obinrin Rere) in Odogbolu welcoming the train of Otunba Dayo Adeneye into town for the declaration
I had to close down my editorial
meeting for him
YES publisher Azuh Arinze
of leading soft sell magazine YES
, Mr. Azuh Arinze Esq.
was also in Odogbolu for Otunba Dayo Adeneye’s declaration. he
told us why he decided to drop everything for the trip to Odogbolu despite a
hectic production schedule in Lagos “I am in Odogbolu to support my friend and my brother Otunba Dayo Adeneye, a
good man and one of the people that I think and I believe the people of Ogun
state should have in their house of assembly. I mean we need quality
representation, we need a quality representative; somebody who can deliver. D-One has the track record; he has the
good name he has always done very well. So, I know in my heart of heart that if
he gets there, that he is going to do very, very well. And I know that he will
get there, not if he gets there, he will get there because having looked around
I don’t think there is anybody who can upstage him from getting to his
destination”. Defining his friendship with D-One in the last two decade, Azuh
Arinze told asabeafrika how great it is to be a friend of D-One. Hear him “He
is a very good man, a very trustworthy man. I mean when I woke up this morning
I told my wife all my appointments for today I cancel just to be here because D-One is a good man, he is a reliable
friend, he is a dependable friend, he is a trustworthy friend. He is a friend
that you can count and depend on his word. His yes is yes, his no is no, he is
a very nice man, that is just the real truth; for me to cancel all my
appointments for him means a lot. We normally have our editorial meetings on
Tuesdays and the people in my office knows that under no circumstance must you
stay away from that meeting but I called them (Staff) today to say ‘the
publisher who made that rule is going to break it’ and it is because D-One is a good man, you know when good
people are doing something you have to show support, you have to show
solidarity. But the long and short of everything is that D-One is a good man.”

Chairman, Odogbolu Local Government Area, Honoroble Olawale Shittu (2nd left) with Otunba Dayo Adeneye and Yeye Caroline Adeneye
Otunba Dayo and wife, Yeye Caroline Adeneye with APC fans and youths arriving for the declaration

D-One has been a kind boss for 22
DAAR Communications’ Elam Abass
Elam Abass, head of marketing, DAAR Communication PLC who had a
lasting relationship with Otunba Dayo Adeneye when the later was the
head of the group’s marketing department described D-One as his boss for life. Hear him as he told asabeafrika “To start with, D-One is my boss, and as of today he is
still my CEO at Primetime Entertainment,
I call him boss for life. Even right now he still remains my CEO; it is a giant
stride for him to go into politics. It is a mission to re-build just like the
motto said and we need quality people like him in the political sector. After
all he has achieved so much in the entertainment world and it is a good thing
that this great Nigerian invests his talent in politics. You can’t talk about
the development of modern day entertainment sector without talking about him
and his co-partner. Today he is going into politics I think Nigeria is lucky to
have him go there. And let me make one statement here today, people see
entertainers going into politics as a big deal. Bankers go into politics;
lawyers go into politics by the day I don’t know why people are making it look
as if the entertainers are not serious. Entertainment is a platform, it is an
industry, it is a career and if they are venturing into politics too, it is a
welcoming development. And you can see the entire atmosphere here; everybody
loves him (D-One). Everybody wants him there. You can see that the development
of this town is zero and he says he want to rebuild. So, we should give him the
chance. I believe he is a better person to be there”. Defining D-One’s
leadership skills as his staff of many years, Abass  said  “If you actually listen to his inaugural
statement, he said he is giving back to the society that benefited him and with
his kind of leadership, he is one person that everyone of us who have worked
with him in the last twenty two years find irresistible. I had an appointment
in Ibadan today and I just have to rush down here from Ibadan with my team to
ensure we witnessed this declaration.  We
have been together and today we remain very loyal to him and I can tell you we
will still be with him even in politics; fifty years, hundred years. After the
assembly, we will move with him to the next place he will be going because he
is a great boss”

APC Chairman in Odogbolu Local Government Area Barrister Ayodeji Olatunji Banjo with other party stalwarts in a broom mood
Crowd of fans and admirers of Otunba Dayo Adeneye arriving for the declaration party

D-One is a people’s manValue Discovery CEO, Mrs. Adeniran
Mrs. Chime Adeniran an entrepreneur and
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Value Discovery Nigeria Ltd, Lagos told us why the declaration
warranted her attention despite her busy schedule “I had to leave my entire
business in Lagos to come and support D-One
today in Odogbolu because he is a
real man. He is a man of the people, he has passion to educate and raise people
up. I mean what he did in the Nigerian entertainment industry is a long lasting
testament. He is one man that you cannot price his value, I just pray God will
help the good people of Odogbolu to
identify his potential and by 2015 I want to see him there in the Ogun state
house of assembly because I know he has the Midas touch, he will do it and he
is the best choice for the job” 

Otunba Dayo (D-One) and Yeye Caroline Adeneye (Nee Negbenebor)stands for CHANGE

D-One is a humble child—Deaconess Adeboye
elderly woman in the Odogbolu community who described herself as Deaconess Toyin Adeboye from Ladogun
Village showered lots f prayer on the Television buff while speaking to
asabeafrika, she said “I am so happy for Dayo,
he is our child and he is an achiever and will never be a failure. My prayer is
that when he gets there, he will continue to be humble and kind to us. In the
name of Jesus, may he continue to soar high” Mama Spoke further on D-One with more prayers which she did
in the native language of Ijebu and translated by this blog “I want to tell you
that D-One is one kid that has a lot
of respect for elders; he has a meek spirit, a humble spirit that draws both
the young and elderly towards him. Because of this humble spirit, I pray he
will grow fast in politics. For honoring us elders, I pray God will put him in
Oke-Mosan come 2015 in Jesus name”
 (Read D-One’s
exclusive “Why I joined politics” later
today on this blog)


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