The Ekiti Obas’ gesture and the empty skulls of Abuja

‘As a humane person, i think it is wrong for Government to be comfortable and her citizen uncomfortable’

First and
foremost, the responsibility of any reasonable government is to serve the
people that appointed it through the ballot by giving them a better option of
life to live with. But the Nigerian situation is far from that. Here, we have a
set of politicians who show up during rainfall and sunshine to canvass for masses’
votes but once elected into power,  they
disappear into a fastened elitist mood, totally forgetting the travails of the
masses that brought them on board.

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State….His State’s traditional council took an effective decision to save masses from hunger

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Today, on
the social media, the story of the noble act of the Ekiti State council of Obas
was reported. According to the report, the council of obas, after a brief  meeting, unanimously marched to all Ado Ekiti markets one after the other to
force food produce sellers to reduce cost of food stuff by 50% or face the
wrath of the traditional institution. 
For instance, a 25 Liter of Palm
which suddenly skyrocketed to N20K (All because of Dollar rise) was
forcefully brought down to N10K while a Derica
Cup measure of Garri which sold for
N200 was reduced to N100 and 5 tubers of yam which sold for N3K was brought
down to N1,500. The Obas, according
to online sources claimed that the farm produce which are not affected by any
form of land or sea importation could not be said to be affected by the rise in
the price of Dollars as none of the farmers could claim they import raw
materials or anything for their production.
Let me start by giving a BIG KUDOS to the Ekiti
and their breed for displaying an act of true leadership. Good
leadership is when you care about the feelings of your people, the feeling of
the masses and you genuinely try as a government, to cushion the effect of
hunger and mystery in the lives of citizens.
Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki….’His National Assembly is immune to the problem of the ordinary Nigerian’
To start with, the comedians we voted into power in Abuja
to protect and re-direct our everyday living condition appears to have  failed woefully in their simple duty of
making life better for all. I mean the political dealers (not leaders) who (t)asked
us for very expensive automobiles to drive them around town when Lagos, Ibadan, Kano, Portharcourt, Kafancha, and other cities are bursting with a conglomerate of beggar-men
who can no longer feed themselves or their families due to the cost of living
in Nigeria. Men who now live from hands to mouth because industries are being
knocked out of establishment, inflation is getting fatter on a debilitating
economy and the cost of every consumables up to Magi is skyrocketing by the minute.  The other day I asked on my facebook
timeline, I said ‘Who is the minister of
commerce and Industry?’
Nobody has answered that question up till now.
I mean what is good about it when some bunch of scallywags in
the lower and upper chambers of our National Assembly (I mean Representative of
the ordinary people of Nigeria) dress expensively, smell nice, drive expensive
automobiles, sleep around with expensive women and spend expensive monies
(allowances) on travelling overseas while the very people they claim to protect
or represent languish in abject poverty?. I am so sorry for President
Muhammad Buhari
, such a good man enveloped in the midst of

‘It is high time we start to write and talk about the matter or else..’

It is in the light of the attitude of these dry woods of Abuja that we must salute the courage
and leadership dynamism of the Ekiti
Obas. Today in Nigeria, almost every consumable have doubled up in prices. You
know why? Let me tell you, I will give you two reasons for starters. The black
man is permanently stupid and evil unto himself. Secondly, everyone in Nigeria
takes opportunity of any evil circumstance to oppress his neighbor and
practically make life terrible for him or her. It is our pastime. A pastime of
evil, the church is a culprit, the evil Bishops indulge in it and their G.Os counterpart
are also in the trade of robbing Abiola
to pay Abacha.

President Muhammad Buhari, a good man suffocated by a gang of bad men

Now, let me show you a small sample; have you realized that
immediately there is a heavy downpour (rain) in Lagos for example, transporters
plying Oshodi to Sango-Ota or Agege to
elsewhere immediately hike the transport fair by over 300% and practically make
life terrible for commuters? On Monday (November 28th) while
returning from Lagos via Oshodi, there was a short but heavy downpour
which left a part of the Oshodi area
of Lagos-Abeokuta Express Road (by
Radio Nigeria training school) flooded and the gridlock was permanent for four
hours. However, hundreds and if not thousands of commutters were seen trekking
away from Oshodi down to Iyana-Ipaja, Agege and other parts of Lagos. Why? They have little or no money
on them and the evil Danfo and public
bus drivers have taken advantage of the flood situation to hike transport fair.
And the punishment was so severe and nobody could intervene. Here in Nigeria,
government is so daft, that any system can be easily erected on emergency to
cheat the citizens. Your Landlord or Landlady can wake up one morning and
increase your house rent and nobody will help you regain your sanity. A thuggery
tainted group like the National Union of Road Transport Workers or any
other funny group can keep harassing transporters, charging them all kinds of arbitrary
levies with direct implication on commuters and a docile Nigeria’s ministry of
transportation will do nothing to save the day.

‘I think it is high time we ask Government if it is not determined to suffocate us’

I asked the other day; I said we need to know who the
minister for commerce and industry is. We need to be enlightened on what that
ministry does for Nigerians. Who regulates the prices of consumable products/commodities
in Nigeria? Why is government so silent on the high rate of increase on the
prices of Indomie Noodles, tin of milk, satchet of Milo or Bournvita
, pieces of snacks like Gala
or Meaty, price of Satchet butter
(from N20 to N50) and many, many other consumables. Does it mean that
Government is so dumb and deaf to what people are saying about the kill &
go prices of food stuff in town? Can Government say they are sleeping over the
fact that many families are losing loved ones simply because food, quality food
is now scarce for many to cook and eat?

Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Day Star Church, a Leader that is very compassionate about ordinary people and disturbed for Nigeria

Who governs Nigeria? Who are his lieutenants? Does he
understand the dynamics of social psychology? Did he study psychology? Does he
understand the effect of hunger on the mind of an adult? The other day, a big
name in Nollywood stormed a phone shop in Ikeja—Lagos and attempted to steal 9 I phone 6 & 7 handsets worth N250k
per piece. Who knows what has hit him to warrant such odd act from a supposedly
rich man.
Now, the Ekiti Royal
have just told the Federal Government of Nigeria how anti-people
they are with their nonchalant behavior to Nigerians at this material time. If
you know there is no money in circulation; if you know civil servants are not
being paid their arrears for months, if you know bankers are losing their jobs
due to kill & go policies, if you know workers are losing jobs due to dying
industries, if you know that the general condition of the People is so
terrifying, why don’t you find a pragmatic way to make food cheap and surplus?
I give kudos to President Muhammad Buhari, who has
done well in catching so many thieves; political thieves, economic thieves and
even religious thieves. But shall we kill the entire populace because we are
busy catching thieves? Shall we continue to frown with our biological kids
because government is not considerate in her policies towards us? Please,
continue to catch thieves and jail thieves but please, please, and please,
don’t deny us of our daily bread so that the uprising of hunger do not bring
out the beast in us.

I am asking ‘Who controls the consumer aspect of this economy? Is Government concerned about the hunger of her people?’

I ask again, which agency of government sees to the need that
economy saboteurs do not kill Nigerian people with artificial hike in prices of
commodities? Who monitors and regulate prices of consumables in this country?
Is Nigeria serious at all? Do we really have a government or we should just
assume we are not lucky to have one in place? What is the English speaking
minister of finance doing? What is the innocent (though not innocent) looking
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo doing with his economic team portfolio? Is he an
elite economist? Is he a Talikawa economist?
I fear he is not the later but the former. Before now, he was a lawyer and he
manages an elitist church in Banana
, a highbrow Lagos neighborhood. He will never think or act for the
poor even if his look deceives the poor.
Who are the friends of the masses in this government? Can a
father see his son cry for Coke and Biscuit and he won’t provide one for him?
Can a mother see her girl child yearn for Fanta
drink and she ignores her? Why can’t government learn from this Ekiti Obas who moved pragmatically moved
in to save their people from artificial hunger? Why is Government so
Enough of Government’s Complacence in this hunger wan kill