The Esajeres & Okobis Wedding Part 2 | + Drama, Fun & Merry of 1st wedding of 2016

Ebere and Ik dances into reception in a very joyous mood

In this final edition of the story
of  our wedding of the year between  Ikechukwu
an IT expert and his beau, Eberechi
an Agric Economist, we bring you the thrills, frills and the
excitements of the moment at the Reception Party which took place at Quad T Events Center by Eco Bank Bus Stop (Opposite UPS) Gbagada, Lagos South West Nigeria. It
was an event that worth its own merit. Enjoy
the remainder gist only on your
Africa’s number 1 Celebrity Encounter blog, Asabeafrika.

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The Couple with GDA

The Spinsters Club waiting for Newly Wedded Mrs. Ebere Okobi’s Miracle Bouque that will make them marry in 2016

The Reception

Even though,
the reception which ought to start earlier began officially at 4pm due to long
hours expended on sermon by the Lady Bishop, Chioma Dauji of Amazing
Grace Pentecostal Church
, Palmgroove; the Quad T Event Center venue
of the reception at Gbagada had convoy of cars taking a large expanse of the
Express road (Eco Bank Bus Stop opposite UPS office) as people from all walks
of life stormed the venue and the event crowd filled. The Couple, bride’s maids
and Groom’s men who left church after taking group photographs with dignitaries
arrived the reception venue at exactly 4pm for further activities.
The Couple, Best Man, Best Lady with Groom’s men and Bride’s maids

Meet Groom’s men/Bride’s maid

The chief
Bride’s maid is Emem Umoh a very
close friend of the bride while the Best Man, Chinedu Nwachukwu is
equally groom’s best friend. The Bride’s maids are Ifeoma Ozoh, Lilian Okafor,
Ifeoma Esedebe, Thelma Ohiri-Anyanwu, Amaka
and Nkiru Dim. Groom’s
men are Valentine Okonji, Damola Shonubi, Etisalat’s ambassador, Bode
, Anthony Mbanefo, Nomso Anyatonwu and Nduka Zobeashia (Duke of Ibusa). They all filed with good dance step into
the filled to capacity Quad-T Event
of the reception at the invitation of Bridegroom.

MC Savior saving guests from boredom with his Alanta skills

How MC Savior & Cee-Y broke Guests’ jaws
into pieces

Comedian Savior Obi Akpiri aka The
Savior DCFR
who is equally known as MC Savior was the Master of Ceremony and he handled the ceremony so
brilliantly with a grasp of maturity and creativity as he took the over 1500
guests through several jaw breaking rib-cracking and laughter infused comedy,
reeling out one comedy after the other both of Calabar, Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa stories and he really impressed the crowd with more than
enough to laugh and smile for. He equally invited guest comedian Kingsley Oba aka Cee-Y (The Richest
Calabar Comedian in Nigeria) to spice the occasion for thirty minutes while the
event which ended at 7pm nearly turned into a carnival of sort at the comical
whims of MC Savior.

Couple with Lady Bishop Dr. (Mrs.) Grace Chioma Dauji with hubby
Apostle Edward Baba Dauji & other ministers of God after White
Wedding Service
The Chairman of the Event

What the Chairman said

Chief Nick Oniamwabi an international business man who
chaired Ikechukwu and Ebere’s Wedding Reception is a man of
very few words and minimal action. It is only an aristocratic family like the Okobis
or the Esajeres that can tolerate his discipline for few words and
minimal action. The well built Chief
first registered his displeasure over the long hours expended
into preaching of sermon at the church saying “We do not query priests in this
part of the world. If I had the opportunity, I would have stopped her (Lady
Bishop Dauji) by 3pm”. He later declared the marriage of IK and Ebere “a
marriage of blessing and great opportunities” urging the couple to embrace the
future with prayer, love and commitment to family building. He urged the guests
to enjoy their meals and drinks as time was no longer friendly to the event. He
later returned to his seat on the high table as other activities followed. 
Eminent Ladies of the Duchess Club of Ibusa, Delta State

Food, Drinks, Gifts everywhere

If there was
one area event analysts scored the IK
and Ebere wedding high, it was in
the area of food and drinks distribution. The manner the servers served
everyone who attended the event was highly commendable. All sort of quality
meals were on display as the caterer, La Cuisine Royale ensured
her beautiful lady servers went from table to table to take guests’ request.
Unlike some events among the Yorubas of the South Western Nigeria where a
particular segment of the party will be getting food at the detriment of
majority, the Okobi/Esajere wedding gave
guests more than enough with several meals ranging from rice brand (Jollof,
White, Ofada, Fried) to Pounded yam and other swallows (Which was in surplus
with assorted meat and fish) and several other local meals of the Isoko
and Ibusa
tribes of Delta State.  Drinks of
all brands from Wine, Fruit Juice, Soft drinks and water was served in equal
proportion to all guests; gifts ranging from umbrella, kettle, handbag etc were
also shared in abundance. It was a total hospitality and merriment galore for
all invited guests. Kudos to the organizers
Very elated guests serenade couple with great enthusiasm
A VIP Guest appreciating the couple with wads of Naira notes

Sun Newspaper’s top shots stormed

Some top
Executives of The Sun Publishing Group (Publishers of Daily Sun, Saturday
and Sunday Sun) stormed the Reception in honor of Mrs. Sylvia Esajere, bride’s mother who is the Sales Copy Manager of the
newspaper company. Representing the MD of the newspaper, Mr. Eric Osagie who was out of town during the event was Mr. Damola Lajumoke, General Manager, Operations who stormed the
wedding reception with his pretty wife
. In the house was equally Mr.
Alao, (Assistant Manager,
Sales & distribution) and Mr. Amos
, (Assistant Manager, Internal Audit). Others are Mr. Tunde Adeyemo (Assistant Manger,
Sales) Mr. Vincent Momoh, Omo-Oba Ade Adebari, Seyi Idowu, Ikechukwu Polycap, Mr.
Melody Favors
, Bamidele Joseph and
a host of others too numerous to mention.
Drama of Love; Ikechukwu Prepares a meal of Jollof Rice & Moi-Moi for his Pregnant Wife
The Couple with Groom’s Parent and friends of Groom’s Parent

Groom’s mum also drew crowd to event.

Although she
retired as an academia last year but no one can tell how Mrs. Patricia Obiagheli
, groom’s mum drew the presence of the several women groups that
stormed her son’s wedding reception. Several groups from Ibusa town, Delta State (South-South Nigeria) stormed the Reception
and they were well catered for. Counting the number, they were almost four
various groups in their various traditional attires. Prominent among them is Duchess Club of Ibusa (Lagos Chapter)
led by Lady Duchess Cecilia Amadi,
the Vice President of the club and the second group is the Umuezebo Women Development Union led by Mrs. Beneditta Okonkwo.
All the groups wore nice attires and were well attended to especially the Umuezebo Women Development Union who
had all manners of assorted meals and drinks at their beck and call. It nearly
occurred to analysts at the event that groom’s mother who retired last November
16 (Her Birthday) as Vice Principal of Ogba Junior Grammar School in
Lagos-South West Nigeria might also be eyeing a political office in Delta State
at a nearer date.
A Very elated Mrs. Sylvia Esajere, Bride’s Mother relishes the beauty of the moment
…And the Bride feeds her Groom as Best Man looks on with envy

Couple entertains guests with a drama

It was after
the cutting of the majestic Wedding Cake designed by Patcy Cakes did it occurs to guests that IK and his new wife, Ebere
has a talent for acting. The Master of Ceremony MC Savior (The Savior DCFR) had asked Ebere to demonstrate how she will take care of Ikechukwu any time he returns home, tired from work which she
displayed by giving him loads of cake and wine to the admiration of guests.
When it was the turn of IK to
display his own affection for Ebere,
she was asked to act the role of a pregnant woman which she did perfectly. IK’s reaction and the way he treated
his wife with a plate of Jollof Rice (His Best Food) and Moi-Moi (Made from
Beans) sent the entire crowd reeling with laughter, applauses and commendation
as many were surprised to see IK
display such artistic talent. Many analysts equally felt that both IK and his Ebere can make a fantastic sitcom that will draw the attention of
millions of viewers on the Africa’s Magic channel.

The Drama of Love between IK and Ebere

IK & Ebere arrives for Reception

Akpo Esajere, the “Hip-Hop guy”

Politics journalist and Guardian’s Head of Political desk, Mr. Akpo Esajere who is the father of the pretty bride shocked his
guests when he was asked to come and do the “Hand-Over Dance” with his
daughter, Ebere. The Deejay
(De-Swag) had slotted in Cotonou-Benin Republic based musician Nel Oliver’s “Omo mi Baby Girl” tract into play which is a more
fatherly-daughterly ministration song as it relates to a girl leaving her
father’s house for matrimony but to the surprise of guests, the patriarch of
the Esajere family who is in his 60s
asked that the Deejay play him “I wan connect” by MC Fryo and by the time he displayed
his swag to the admiration of guests, it was generally agreed that the elder is
still a boy.  The song Elder Akpo demanded for is faster in
beat than the music of Nel Oliver.
It simply showed that Elder Akpo Esajere
is still very much in tune with the youth culture even if the music of today is
not music of his youth days. IK, the
groom also did a handover dance with Mum, Mrs.
Patricia Obiagheli Okobi who
specially asked that the Deejay plays her
Korede Bello’s “Godwin” and at the end of it all the Okobis (Son/Mum) won the
dancing competition against the Esajeres

The brand new couple, Mr. & Mrs. Okobi display their Wedding Certificate to the Congregation
And the bourque split into six for six lucky spinsters

And the Bouquet split

Throwing of
bouquet (garlands) was the next most anticipated segment of the IK/Ebere wedding Reception and Ebere was the woman of the moment as
she was prepared to pick the next marriageable spinster. Everyone waited with
suffused anticipation as she called about 14 of her spinster friends out of the
gathering to see who will be lucky to grab the fancy gift which in many
cultures is a spiritual indication of who will be marrying next. The very
dramatic event came with lots of drama, and anticipation as MC Savior coordinated it, making the
bride to dance for couple of minutes, backing the 14-dertermined-to-marry
spinsters. After several stunts and rigmarole lasting up to ten minutes, the
bouquet was finally thrown but to the surprise of guests and onlookers the
bouquet broke into six garlands and by the time the 14 ladies scrambled to get
a portion, 8 missed out while 6 caught a piece. It was then clean-clear that
newly wedded Mrs. Ebere Okobi had
just signed on 6 female adults for marriage in year 2016. It was a spectacular
wedding event and every one who attended was fully treated to the messages and
the theatrics of the occasion.
IK firms his love for Ebere with a kiss

How I fell in love with EbereIK

The groom, Ikechukwu Okobi spoke to Asabeafrika
on his reason for choosing Eberechi
as his beloved wife and life partner. Enjoy the excerpts
How do you feel today?                                                                               
I am very
excited because I am married to the woman of my dream, a woman that completes
me. This is just a wonderful day in my life and a dream come true.
What makes Ebere different from other
women that have crossed your path?
We actually
met six years ago and we have been best of friends; and the friendship grew in
leaps and bound and today we are here. We have been planning this event
gradually and today it came to pass.
Happy Ebere Okobi (Nee Esajere) beside her Lincoln Navigator navigating into a blissful life of Joy & Happiness

How and where did your path crossed?

We met at
the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, I studied Computer Science and she studied
Agric Economics, I was actually leaving (Graduating) when she was coming into
So, what really attracted her to you?
She is
someone that makes me happy; yes I have had friends but there is something
different about her that is always drawing me to her and I think that is the
character balance. I am the quite one and she is the aggressive one, so she
kind of complements my personality. That is the secret of our love.
You are from where?
I am from
Ibusa and she is from Isoko all in Delta state.
Is she a good cook?
Oh, very,
very, very well. She cooks very well.
The Okobis cut the Wedding Cake

Can she cook your favorite meal and
what is your best meal?

My best food
is rice; I can eat rice anytime any day. Different types of rice, fried rice,
white rice and Jollof rice and I can tell you that my wife is a professional in
them all; she is damn good in making all my delicacies. I am proud of her.
How many kids are we expecting from
this union?
We pray God
should just bless us with three.
What do you have for bachelors in
You guys
should hurry up and get married. It is a good thing that can happen to a man,
it makes you a complete human being.
Ebere a happy-ready made Wife in a happy-jolly mood

Why I chose IK as my LoveEbere

The brand new wife, Mrs. Eberechi Okobi (Nee Esajere)
shared her story of love and affection with Asabeafrika on how she found love in Ibusa born Ikechukwu Okobi. Enjoy.
How do you feel today?
I am happy;
it is my day of great joy.
So, how did Ebere and IK met?
We met way,
way back in school and the friendship grew from there into an affectionate
partnership. I think it was a friendship ordained by God and today I am happy
for it. I have no regrets.  I am married
to the man of my heart.
The GDA with Etisalat’s model, Bode Taylor (2nd R) MC Savior (L) & a guest (R)

What makes IK different from other

He is kind,
he loves; he is caring. He is very special to me and he is good looking
How many kids are we expecting from
this union?
It seems both of you have agreed on
Yeah, three children
by God’s grace
…Always pray
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The Happy Lucky Spinsters who got pieces of the bouque
The Couple in their first Public Dance to a soul-jazz rendition by a Gues artiste
The Couple with an old couple friend takes a shot @ the reception
The Couple with Bride’s Parent, Elder Akpo Esajere & Madam Sylvia Esajere
The Couple and the Dancing Crowd
The Cake & The Stage
Some top Ladies at the event
Son & Mum’s Dance; IK and Pretty Mum, Patricia in their final hand over dance as Ebere prepares to take him home
Some Pretty & Friendly Ushers @ the event
Some of Ebere’s banker colleagues came to celebrate with her
Some Delectable Ladies at the Event
Mr. Ikechukwu and Mrs. Ebere Okobi
Some Beautiful Ladies at the event
Mrs. Sylvia Esajere with a friend
IK, Dad, Mum and Guest in a joyous Victory Dance for the gift of Ebere
Guests enjoying the frills and thrills of the event
Groom’s Men & Bride’s Maids waits for the arrival of the Couple at Reception as MC Savior directs the affairs
Groom’s Dad, Elder  Joseph Amaechi Okobi (R) with friends
Everyone joins IK the Groom on the dance floor
Drama of Love; IK feeds his Lovely Wife, Ebere in a show of great love and affection
Drama of Love; A show of affection from Ebere to her Ikechukwu
Another Couple takes photo op with the newest couple in town
Dad & Daughter’s Dance; Ebere & Dad, Elder Akpo Esajere in a final Handover Dance as IK prepares to take her home for ever
Drama of Love; A Caring IK honors wife with a drink in a very rare pose of affection
A Top Executive of Daily Sun Publishing appreciates Bride’s Mum, Mrs. Esajere with a dance and few notes of Naira
A Very Elated Elder Akpo Esajere, Bride’s Dad relishes in the mood of his daughter’s wedding bash


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