The Valentine Blues: Women of valor on Love, Romance and Perseverance

As from next Friday, February 14th
of St. Valentine Day, one after the other among this beautiful women would
start to serenade you with the stories of their love life and what they have
learnt from the chemistry of love and romance in contemporary times. Are you
one of those bored with your marriage over the issues of life or certain
matrimonial challenges that is threatening the heart of your love life; then wait
for Aralola, the drummer, Sammie Peters, wife of Afro Juju Music exponent,  Sir Shina Peters;  Joselyn Dumas the Ghanaian famous TV star and
face of Range Rover; Kikelomo Ajibade a London trained massage and beauty
expert; Caroline Dayo Adeneye, wife of world famous presenter and entertainment
buff, Otunba Dayo (D-One) Adeneye and Safiya Demola Seriki, third wife of
ex-Nigerian Minister of the Interior, Prince Demola Seriki.

They all have tales
to share with you on Love, men, romance and perseverance. You will hear from
them what you have never heard before on how to operate the heart of a man.
Find their resume below and send your enquiries to us on who you will like to
hear talk first. We will be willing to take your request via . However, this blog has the sole discretion to take
decision on who comes first as subject to available interview materials from any
of the women who are mostly entrepreneurs in their various fields of endeavor


Ara is an artist with a peculiar
talent for talking drum. Her talent in talking drumming coupled with a voice
talent that is second to none comes handy with experience spanning two decades.
Yes, she has been there for many years and has visited various countries of the
world with the privilege of being honored with the special key to the city of
Miami- Florida. She is one of the highly paid artiste in Nigeria who drives a
hummer jeep and several other cars. But the mother of one had the underserved
privilege of going through a very turbulent marriage experience which left her
with more psychological scars than nostalgic endowments. She is pained but
never lost the lessons of marriage and romance. She has a great experience to
share with you that will whoa your head. Don’t stop visiting us for more
details starting from Val’s day.

Dayo Adeneye
: Who knows if her comes first here
even though she is not an easy catch to get for an interview but because of her
level of respect for Africa’s number 1 entertainment blog, she gave us a date
to speak with her on the roller coaster love experience with one of world’s
most busiest entertainment buff and Co-Founder of Prime Time Entertainment,
Otunba Dayo (D-One) Adeneye. The secret of the romance filled love life between
Edo state born Caroline and Ogun state born Dayo Adeneye is one thing that will
trigger your instinct for a better correction between you and your busy lover.
It is a must read lesson  to learn from
the 15 years relationship that had the privilege of having the two attend Val day
together only once. Follow us here and enjoy a monumental revelation from Mrs.

Demola Seriki
: Have you seen a woman blessed
with a motorized brain? Then she will raise her own family in the house of a
great man and not before an ordinary man. That is the story of Niger state born
beauty and former Deputy Director at the Bureau of Public Enterprise, Safiya
Demola Seriki. This London trained investment attorney and Information
Technology expert is the third wife of former Minister of the Interior, Prince
Demola Seriki. The mother of two is not only brainy she is beautiful and
charming as well. On beauty she has no reason to take a back seat after all,
her legendary mother, Bisi Dan Musa aka Bisket is a paragon of beauty as well.
But today, Safiya who is half north, half south west has learnt a new lesson in
romance and love; and because she is married to a Muslim, her world view is
totally different on the issue of romance and love. What this genius of a woman
has for you will make you to look at your love life and find more interesting
factors like good parenthood that can make it work for you.  For Safiya, love is more about the “Big
Picture” rather than tales and scales. Follow us and learn the truth on how to
love a man with many other hearts sharing attention with you.

You don’t need to look for the African
version of Hilary Clinton if you are lucky to meet Sammie Ayoka Peters, wife of
Afro Juju Music creator, Sir Irawo Akanbi Oluwashina Peters. If we are to have
a School of Love, Sammie’s principle would have stunned many students but could
mean the only thing they need to change status quo and enjoy a blissful romance
thereafter. For instance she said during a recent 54th birthday
encounter with us “I will rather share my husband with another woman rather
than losing him totally”. What!  Yes,
don’t break plates, don’t break your head over the wall, that is the legendary
principle of Sammie Peters or in America, Hilary Clinton on how to live with a widely
sought celebrity husband. Sammie Peters a teacher and school proprietress comes
with an over twenty five years’ experience in marriage and love affairs; and if
you don’t respect her for her principle, you will surely respect her experience.
Please, don’t miss Sammie Peters’ exclusive on this blog starting from Val’s
Day, February 14th 2014. It is a must read lesson for you women of
little hearts.

: She is equally beautiful and brainy.
The London trained systems engineer and beauty experts is one woman that
understand the real language of romance with an over two decades experience in
marriage and romance. Kike is not only beautiful but she is charming and
hearing her voice alone will melt your heart no matter your stuff as a man. All
these has worked in keeping her and her husband, Dr. ‘Labi Ajibade together
with 5 children in the last two decade. The proprietress of a Spa and beauty
center in Ogudu GRA is one woman that you will love listening to when it comes
to the unique issue of romance and love. She strongly believe that as the physical
massage sessions smoothen the nerves and bones of a client, a good attitude and
show of affection can smoothen the emotion of your man and equally put him in
proper check and respect for his woman for the rest of his life. Kike Ajibade
who is late Legal luminary Gani Fawehinmi’s niece will tell you how to do the
magic of love. Don’t miss her interview on Africa’s Number 1 Celebrity blog.

: Beauty, brain, charisma, (BBC) and
everything that makes a woman complete resides with this Ghanaian beauty and
On-Air-Personality. She is not only a very famous radio personality in her
country but the face of one of the most classy vehicle brand in Africa—Range
The mother of one who had her early education in America and the
United Kingdom is one super beauty to be with any day any time and the moment
you step into her ambience, you know you are communicating with beauty and
intelligence. This Ghanaian beauty mesmerized us in a recent encounter inside a
hotel in Ikoyi area of Lagos. What she told us about love and romance is
something every student of love must document in their diary and see how they
can leverage on it. Joselyn Dumas who divorced her first husband after a
whirlwind experience in America has a lesson to share with you on marriage and
romance. Her story will whoa you and you will want to make amendment in
whatever area you have gone wrong in your own affairs. She is our biggest catch
in the last couple of weeks. Don’t stop following us for her experience is what
you need to start your on journey into the game of romance. Stay tuned.